Friday, September 28, 2007

Stogie Invades Europe

My wife and I have decided to see Paris before it becomes the capital of the next Caliphate. We are leaving for France tomorrow morning at 4 AM. So there will be no more postings until our return.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

San Francisco Rebuffs US Marine Corps

Coming home from work last night I heard a disturbing story on KSFO Radio, Brian Sussman reporting. The U.S. Marine Corps has a unit known as the "Silent Drill Platoon." The Silent Drill Platoon goes around to various US cities and makes videos of them marching in their precision drill, presumably for recruiting purposes.

A few days ago they came to San Francisco and requested permission to march on California Street and be filmed doing it. The anti-military, anti-United States and anti-everything normal Frisco Fruitcakes who hand out permissions for such things refused to give them a permit. So the Drill Platoon filmed across the Bay instead and visited San Leandro High School where they were welcomed and presented to the students.

The Frisco Fruitcakes told the Marines they could film California Street just as long as there were no Marines in the shot. This is the same city, the same Citadel of Sedition, that refused the USS Iowa a berth in San Franciso, refused to allow student ROTC on its campuses, and who recently attempted to ban the Blue Angels from their little Commie Cesspool by the Bay.

A few dozen angry callers to Sussman's show stated they would stay out of San Francisco if at all possible and not shop there anymore. Sounds like a plan to me.

Boycott the unamerican, slime-ball Frisco Weirdos! Stay out of Frisco and don't buy a damn thing there if you can help it. San Francisco, where the city philosophy is to be as weird and as mean as possible at all times; where once a month radical bicyclists take over the city and shut down major traffic lanes; where the idiot Mayor, all on his own, legalizes gay marriage; where they have naked men in feather boas marching down California Street but not U.S. Marines.

San Francisco is another name for weirdness, perversion, drugs, welfare, high taxes, bad traffic, freezing weather, no parking and high crime; a City with an Attitude, a BAD ATTITUDE. It is the home of Hippies and Marxists and weirdos of every stripe and persuasion. San Francisco is a scabrous and syphlitic canker sour on the ass of California; its population so strange and odd and abnormal that they ought to put their jeans on over their heads, view life through the open fly, paint eyeballs on their butt cheeks and walk backwards.

Yes, they really are just that weird....and worthless.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Things That Excite Liberals

From No. 86 in our Conceptual Series: Things That Excite Liberals.

Debby Schlussel's Father Passes Away

Debbie Schlussel, who has fought the good fight blogwise for quite sometime, recently lost her father. She already has Islamists trying to add to her grief over it, but I don't think mere insects will bother Debbie.

Debbie posted a scan of one of her father's pictures while he was in residency, when he was young. The picture, however, was printed on paper and had folds and creases in it. I downloaded it and removed the creases with Photoshop. I hope Debbie likes it. I emailed it to her but I am not sure she will open email with attachments, for virus reasons.

Anyway, here is the original, followed by the Photoshop.

He was a fine looking man. May God grant him rest.

It's a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

There's an old rumor that the late Mr. Rogers of the TV show "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" was formerly a Marine sharpshooter who bagged his quota of Commies. Don't know it's true but I sure hope so. [According to, it isn't true. Pity.]

In any case, it is a lovely Fall day. Actually, it's the FIRST day of Fall, as it officially begins today. It feels more like the first day of winter.

So, like Mr. Rogers, I'm singing "It's a lovely day in the neighborhood" and getting ready to go outside with a cup of coffee and a cigar and continue reading my latest book, which, by the way, is "Left Illusions" by David Horowitz.

Horowitz is probably my greatest living political hero. What a mind, what a writer! And what guts. He goes into all those extreme leftwing universities and talks to all the little Marxists. They yell at him, throw pies at him and try to shout him down but he goes anyway. David, you da man.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

President Ahmadinejad Arrives In New York

Here's an interesting news photo of President Ahamdinejad relaxing in his hotel "with a friend." I wonder who the friend is? I wonder if Mrs. Ahmadinejad knows about her?

Oh well, I guess when you're the President of Iran you can do whatever you like.


Ahmadinejad Caught With Lap Dancer

In an incredible display of hypocrisy, President Ahmadinejad of Iran was caught sampling a bit of the local culture in New York as he prepared to address the United Nations this week.
Yes, President Ahmadinejad decided to visit a strip club to see what lap dancers were all about. Although he claimed to be "doing research" for a "cultural exchange" we have to wonder if the exchange he had in mind involved bodily fluids.
I was so outraged. I was just getting ready to go down to the local mosque and sign up when the news came in. I decided to tear up my application and join a bowling league instead.

The Frost is on the Pumpkin, the Wolf is at the Door

Ah, tomorrow is the first official day of Fall. However, it's already been cool here in the Bay Area the past few days. Yesterday I had to turn on my heater for the first time when I got up.

Last night and this morning it rained hard here in San Benito County. Baby, it's cool and getting colder. This, after a mild summer. The more they talk about global warming the cooler it gets.

This time of year we have Halloween out here in the farmland. We see black cats silhouetted on fences at night, cardboard bats and skeletons appear. The scariest thing, though has got to be Hillary Clinton, pandering to the something-for-nothing crowd. Halloween puts candy in your jack-O-lantern, whereas Hillary will just take it all out again and redistribute it to the poor, i.e. those too lazy to trick-or-treat on their own. These supine grabby types are sometimes known as Democrats and Hillary is leading the charge.

It's bad enough that she robs you, but she does it with such attitude. She wears this very dour, pissed-off look as she describes her new universal health plan, as if you have somehow inconvenienced her by not turning over all the loot voluntarily.

Ah yes, that's D.C, but this is California! Land of the Big Wimp, the Governator, the emasculated liberal lap-dog known as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who would have ever guessed that "the Terminator" would have as his major accomplishment "terminating" the economy of California? Perhaps in reprisal of his role as a Soviet Police Captain, Ahnahld is now attempting to socialize medicine in the State of California so that everyone will have universal health coverage. Yes, yes, a few million illegal aliens will cross the border each day to apply for coverage, but let's not blow it out of proportion. We will have health care for all!

You know what this means of course? That no one will ever get sick again!

No, you idiot, it doesn't mean that.

It means we who work will already have even more of our California income drained away in taxes so that Democrats can buy the votes of the lazy, unproductive and indigent. Doctors will flee the state, waiting lines for medical care will expand exponentially and 98% of the businesses will relocate to Nevada. Well, they will if they're smart. The other 2% will just go bankrupt.

Meanwhile, if you see a grizzled old guy in a cowboy hat with a stogie in his mouth, hitchhiking towards Nevada, give him a ride, will ya?

Whatever Happened to "Islamic Evil" Blog?

A while back Ken Lydell, the proprietor of "Islamic Evil" blog got tired of the constant pressure to update his blog so took a few days off. Those few days have now extended beyond a year. His last post, still up and running, is dated September 19, 2006.

Islamic Evil came out of the blocks fast, quickly extended its reach amongst the blogosphere and gained readers at a rapid rate. Ken Lydell did this by organizing his blog to link to any topic you could name on the subject of militant Islam. These organized links provided a kind of on-line library to everything Muslim, especially the things that Muslims might now want you to know. Like their sexual practices with infants and goats, as one example. Accompanying this was the author's daily update of events in and around the Muslim world and the war on terror. It was very well written, entertaining and informative.

Many people enter into blogging and many people leave. I guess you can burn out on anything. Even cigars. No, wait, anything but that.

In any case, Ken, wherever you are, I miss your contribution to the blogosphere. You are one of the best.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dan Rather In Denial: Sues for $70 Million

This is the week of the Weird. Dan Rather tried to sway a Presidential election in 2004 through a CBS segment that claimed Bush had received preferential treatment as a member of the Air National Guard. To prove it, Rather published documents purporting to be from Bush's former commanders in the Guard, disdaining pressure for them to provide such treatment.

Unfortunately for Dan Rather, the whole thing blew up in his face when the Blogsphere proved dramatically that the documents were forgeries that had been typed with Microsoft Word, not on a 1970's typewriter. Bush was reelected and Rather forced to publicly apologize. He later lost his job with CBS. Good riddance to bad journalism.

Incredibly, this week he filed suit against CBS for ruining his reputation, claiming that the "facts" in his presentation were true and that the documents had never been proven to be forgeries.

If this goes to trial, it will provide the defense with the opportunity to show just how transparently fraudulent the documents actually were.

But Dan Rather isn't crazy - he's just in deep denial.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

O.J. Simpson Gets the "Real Killer" At Last!

This week we saw the strange new case of O.J. Simpson, who was arrested in Las Vegas on suspicion of armed robbery and kidnapping. They say he could face life in prison if convicted of all charges.

I have no doubt that Simpson murdered Nicole Simpson and Ron Brown; the evidence was overwhelming, particularly the blood evidence and DNA. But he got off, a clear case of jury nullification - that's where the jury renders a verdict opposite to what the evidence suggests.

I hear O.J. hasn't been living in pig heaven since the black jury let him off the hook. He is a pariah, shunned wherever he goes. He has neither respect nor a steady source of income, other than his pension fund. So how does this all equate to his recent new arrest?

My feeling is that O.J. sees himself as a criminal and someone who should be behind bars. I think his subconscious merely guided him to fulfill the role of a convict, a role he knows full well that he deserves. I think that O.J. punished himself.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Barry Manilow: In Touch With His Feelings

Barry Manilow, corny 70's singer extraordinaire, canceled an appearance on the TV talk show the View this week. Seems Manilow doesn't like the show's lone conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who Manilow claims holds opinions that are "dangerous" and "offensive."

How absolutely chicken-hearted you are, Barry-boy. You slander Hasselbeck without describing any specific views or opinions and without any explanation as to why they are "dangerous" and "offensive." Who is put in danger by her views? And who is offended and why?

In a real debate, you'd get your ass handed to you because you don't really hold any "views" per se, you just hold squishy-soft, saccharine-sweet "feelings."

Feelings...nothing more than feelings...Woh, woh, woh! Sorry, got carried away.

So listen up, Barry boy. You just insulted 50% of your fan base and you can't affort to lose any. I am (was?) one of those fans. Well, not a real strong one, mind you, but I do have your latest CD of love songs from the Fifties. My wife got it for me last Valentine's Day. I even listened to it. Once. And my wife and I once went to see you when you appeared at the outdoor theater in Mountain View. Enjoyed the show. At the Copa, Copa Cabana...the hottest place north of Havana....

So anyway, Barry-boy, this whole episode makes me think about your last name, Manilow. The first three letters seem a bit inappropriate for a pretty-boy like you, but the last three letters describe you pretty well. If you ever grow a brain I may even buy one of your CD's again someday.

But don't count on it.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sally Field Mouths Off

At her acceptance speech at the Emmys Awards the other night, Sally Field got passionate about the Cause of Peace. She noted that her show was about mothers and then exclaimed, "If mothers ruled the world there wouldn't be any God-D*** Wars!" Fox quickly censored her profanity so it didn't go out over the air.
I have no doubt that Sally is right: if mothers did rule the world, there wouldn't be any wars. Well, except for those Palestinian moms who encourage their kids to blow themselves up while murdering strangers. But in general, she's probably right. Let's concede the point.
There's one problem, Sally: mothers don't rule the world and it is unlikely that they will anytime soon. Meanwhile, many mothers are killed by Jihadists and radical Islam. A lot of moms died at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Other moms in Iran and elsewhere have either been hanged or stoned to death for following their natural instincts to engage in sex, albeit outside of marriage. Moms die everyday in places like India and Israel and London, where their trains or buses are bombed by hateful fanatics.

You know what? If frogs ruled the world, there wouldn't be any wars either. Where is Kermit when we need him? I'm really surprised and disappointed that Sally didn't expand on this important and obvious point. Well, flies wouldn't like it but you can't please everyone.
Yes, the practical way to confront and oppose murderous fanatics is to act self-righteous in Hollyweird while making stupid, profane comments. That'll stop wars for sure.

There is just one more important and obvious point to make: you're an idiot, Sally.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Che Guevara Is Dead - Get Over It

One of the conservative counterprotesters in Washington carried a sign of Che Guevara. It depicted Che with a skeleton face and bore the words "Che is Dead - Get Over It."

I was so impressed with the idea that I did my own photoshop version from images found on the web. It is below. Enjoy it, use it as you see fit.

Alan Greenspan: Sell Out

Alan Greenspan, the old goat, has sold out. Greenspan, a Republican and head of the Federal Reserve for 18 years, is about to publish his memoir. Greenspan is a finance guy, not a political, military or history specialist. Nevertheless, he writes: “I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil.”

What a sophomoric argument - that something is true because "everyone knows it." Just like "everyone" knows that 9/11 was an "inside job," or that industrial activity is what causes global warming. No Alan, I don't know any such thing, and neither do you.

Perhaps senility has set in, or perhaps the old fart is currying favor with what many believe to be the Democrats' rising political fortunes. In any case, his statement is stupid as hell.

You're a liar and a sell out, Greenspan. Whatever good you have done for conservatism will forever be marred by your asinine statement at the end of your career.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bout of Nasty Depression Flattens Blogger

I haven't posted anything in a couple of weeks. I was undergoing a rather nasty bout of chronic depression. Several years ago, when the depression first hit me, I got medication for it and it has been in remission every since. Except for the last couple of weeks. When it hits you, you don't feel like blogging. Every waking moment is one of pain.

In any case, the clouds seem to be lifting. I'll post more later.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Must See: "Wake Up America"

There's a new website called "Wake Up America" that describes the Islamic threat and our destruction, which is well underway.

Be warned, when you first log on to the website, you will get a video with images, music and graphs, so don't log on at work or somewhere where the sound will draw unwanted attention.

The site also has a page of online movies about Islam that are very interesting.

Disturbing Facts About Islam and Muslim Immigrants

Foehammer's Anvil lists several disturbing facts about Islam:

FACT #1:
The goal of Islam is the subjugation of the entire world to Islam through the establishment of a global Islamic rule and the eradication of all non-Islamic populations, cultures, religions, thoughts, knowledge, symbols, traditions and ways of life. This goal is non-negotiable in fundamental doctrines of Islam and in the eyes of true Muslims.

FACT #2:
Islamists will not stop their assault (open or clandestine) on the non-Muslim world as long as they have not achieved Islamic rule.

FACT #3:
IN ISLAMIC TEACHING, THE END ALWAYS JUSTIFIES THE MEANS: Islamists have no respect for the rules, laws or values of the non-Islamic world, to them only the rules of the Islamic world are legitimate. In their mind, when they destroy the non-Islamic world then the rules will change to Islamic rules, laws and values.

Read the whole list here.

Illiterate Conservative Reads Book Number 28

As an update to my last post, this illiterate conservative added book #28 to his list of books read in a year. This one was "The Truth About Hillary" by Edward Klein. The book is a couple of years old. I bought it at Costco, put it on the shelf and never read it. Then last week I ran out of books to read so found it and used it for my book fix. I was getting the withdrawal shakes so had no choice.

It's a good book about Hillary Rodham Clinton and her radical past, as well as her burning obsession with power. She's one scary chick and she could easily wind up as our next President. She is also politically savvy, smart and ruthless. Don't ever underestimate Hillary Clinton.

UPDATE: I read another book and found a second that I had forgotten reading. My final tally of books read in the space of a year was thirty books. Dang, I are an intellect-you-all!!