Wednesday, July 31, 2013

George Zimmerman In Texas?

Zimmerman Pulled Over In Texas
George Zimmerman is in Texas.  He was recently pulled over by a cop for speeding and told the cop he had a gun in the glove compartment.  He is permitted to carry a gun under Texas laws.

The cop gave him a warning and let him go.

Read about it here.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Anthony Weiner: the Walter Mitty of Masculine Sexuality #Weiner

What a Sex Pot
Anthony Weiner is an embarrassment, not only to the Democratic Party, but to men in general.  He is running for Mayor of New York, but it recently came to light that he has been "sexting," sending salacious text messages to young women, posing online as "Carlos Danger" and displaying his genitals digitally.  This week he held a joint news conference with his wife, admitting his online foolishness while his wife dutifully stood by him.

This is not Weiner's first forage into madness.  Back in 2011 he accidentally tweeted a picture of his crotch with an erection, which led to his resignation from Congress after it was revealed he lied about it to the media, falsely claiming that his Twitter account had been "hacked."  I wrote about his foolishness here.

After resigning from Congress, he kept right on doing his online pursuits, meeting women online and sending sexy texts and revealing images of himself.

The man has a serious problem.  He apparently has a deep need for young women to find him sexy and masculine and desirable.  Unfortunately, he has only the sex appeal of Don Knotts or Steve Urkel to fulfill his Sean Connery fantasy.  Anthony Weiner is not only not handsome, he is rather homely, nerdy and utterly forgettable.

Weiner reminds me of the Walter Mitty character featured in James Thurber's short story, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty."  Walter Mitty is a senior citizen, not terribly competent at anything, and led around by his wife who manages him closely.  During a shopping trip to the city, Walter Mitty engages in one heroic fantasy after the other.  He imagines himself to be the commander of an airship during a fierce battle, a defendant in a murder trial who is a crack shot, a World War I Airforce captain who must fly through hell:
. . "The cannonading has got the wind up in young Raleigh, sir," said the sergeant. Captain Mitty looked up at him through tousled hair. "Get him to bed," he said wearily, "with the others. I'll fly alone." "But you can't, sir," said the sergeant anxiously. "It takes two men to handle that bomber and the Archies are pounding hell out of the air. Von Richtman's circus is between here and Saulier." "Somebody's got to get that ammunition dump," said Mitty. "I'm going over. Spot of brandy?" He poured a drink for the sergeant and one for himself. War thundered and whined around the dugout and battered at the door. There was a rending of wood and splinters flew through the room. "A bit of a near thing," said Captain Mitty carelessly. 'The box barrage is closing in," said the sergeant. "We only live once, Sergeant," said Mitty, with his faint, fleeting smile. "Or do we?" He poured another brandy and tossed it off. "I never seen a man could hold his brandy like you, sir," said the sergeant. "Begging your pardon, sir." Captain Mitty stood up and strapped on his huge Webley-Vickers automatic. "It's forty kilometers through hell, sir," said the sergeant. Mitty finished one last brandy. "After all," he said softly, "what isn't?" The pounding of the cannon increased; there was the rat-tat-tatting of machine guns, and from somewhere came the menacing pocketa-pocketa-pocketa of the new flame-throwers. Walter Mitty walked to the door of the dugout humming "Aupres de Ma Blonde." He turned and waved to the sergeant. "Cheerio!" he said. . . .
Weiner is the Walter Mitty of masculine sexuality.  Carlos Danger's desired prowess exists only in his imagination.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"I Am a Racist" -- Paul Weston, Head of the British Liberty Party #Diversity #Islam #Britain

Paul Weston makes a lot of sense in his "I am a racist" speech.  Great Britain is well on the way to becoming a third-world, Islamic backwater, because of the traitorous left's obsession with "diversity."  SCREW DIVERSITY.   It is poison to western civilization.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Melissa Harris-Perry's Bloody Tampon Earrings #abortion

Melissa Harris-Perry, a host for the leftist cable network MSNBC, recently wore tampon earrings on the air to protest Texas's new laws restricting abortion to fetuses under 20 weeks.  Ms. Harris-Perry thought wearing Tampon earrings on the air would illustrate this protest.  However, I think she should have worn recently used Tampons with a lot of blood, to illustrate the bloody policy that she endorses:  unrestricted abortion.

Of course, the real blood on Harris-Perry's hands isn't menstrual blood, it's baby blood.

My Personal Journey: Reconsidering Blacks, "Racism" and Civil Rights #Travyon #Zimmerman #Racism

Black Racism and Black Hypocrisy Is Obvious In The Zimmerman Case

A member of the Congressional Black Caucus spouted more nonsense about the Zimmerman trial yesterday. Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.) said:
“The tragic death of our young man, Trayvon Martin, followed by the acquittal of the man who pursued him and killed him, has reminded us that although it may seem as if African Americans and other minorities have achieved full equality in our civil society, we are still victims of racial profiling in violation of our laws and our morals,”

“The lives of black men and women are not accorded the same value as the lives of white Americans,” she added. “This is a reality for far too many black Americans.”
 This is sheer hypocrisy.  The truth is that many, if not most blacks consider the lives of non-blacks to be inconsequential and totally expendable.  George Zimmerman is unable to defend himself from a savage beating because his assailant was black.  George Zimmerman must be punished for killing a member of "the Sacred Other," the Dalai Lama Tribe of the Black Epidermis.  All laws, facts and logic must be dispensed with and an innocent person punished for his sacrilegious forsaking of this holy truth.

In the murder of Yankel Rosenbaum, the white victim was totally unimportant to the all black jury who acquitted his murderer, a punk who was caught with the bloody knife still in his pocket, and identified by his victim before that victim died.

In the savage murder of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman, both white, the nearly all-black jury acquitted the black perpetrator in spite of incontrovertible DNA, fingerprint and blood evidence, in an obvious example of jury nullification.  Simpson and Goldman didn't matter, only the fellow member of the Holy Tribe of the Black Epidermis.

The truth is, blacks (as a group) absolutely do not value non-black life at all, and so Clarke's statement is sheer hypocrisy.  So to Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, I can only say:  DROP DEAD, you flaming hypocrite, you died-in-the-wool racist!

Defending Blacks From "Racism":  My College Days
Like most young fools, when I was in college, I was an ardent supporter of "civil rights" for blacks.  I believed in racial equality and thought that the ONLY significant difference between black people and other races was skin color.  For that reason, discrimination against blacks angered me mightily, and I spent a lot of time deriding my Texan relatives for looking down on black people.  One of my favorite lines was "The only reason you don't like black people is because they are not a dainty pastel pink like you are."  Oh yeah, that would get 'em!

I believed that if you took any black infant and raised the child in a white home with white values and opportunities, that child would grow up with the same values, attitudes and IQ as the average white person.  Racial differences were all environmental, or so I believed.  I never considered that there might be a genetic reason for black dysfunction, especially in the area of I.Q.  I sarcastically derided the book The Bell Curve, alleging that blacks have a lower I.Q. than other racial groups.  I was quite sure it was racist nonsense, full of facts and figures selectively cherry-picked to confirm preconceived biases.  I dismissed it out of hand.

A Door Opens In My Mind
Then came the verdict in the O.J. trial, and the widespread glee among the black populace that their fellow black had gotten away with murder.  As I have mentioned before, it was a paradigm shift for me.  A door in my mind had opened wide, and I was ready to reexamine all of my assumptions and beliefs concerning race.

I bought and read Dinesh D'Souza's 1995 book, The End of Racism.  That book examined questions formerly forbidden in polite discussion, like the terrible statistics on black dysfunction, the number of young black men in prison, the soaring illegitimacy rate, the many fatherless households, the rotten attitudes of many blacks, the sick, dysfunctional culture of the majority of the black population.  There was also quite a bit of evidence discussed that pointed to lower I.Q.'s as the cause of many problems, and a lot of evidence suggesting that this difference was genetic, not environmental.  I didn't like these facts one bit, but reality has a way of ignoring what I want.  It just keeps on being reality, damn it!  I went through a period of depression and mourning, following the death of my idealism -- but I had to accept the obvious:  blacks are not just white people with dark skins.  They think and act quite differently than we do.

My Hopes For Racial Reconciliation Rise Again, Only To Be Dashed
Like most people, I'd be tickled pastel pink if blacks would finally, after 400 years among us, finally assimilate into American society like so many other ethnic groups have done, and Martin Luther King's grand hope for a colorblind society would be realized.  So I ignored my O.J. related epiphany, and began to hope again.  Someday, blacks would successfully assimilate, become conservatives, move to the Republican Party, and all would be hunky-dory.  What a schmuck!  I am referring to myself.

Then came the George Zimmerman-Travyon Martin affair.  At first I had no opinion on what happened that night in Sanford, Florida.  Pictures emerged in the media of Zimmerman with a broken nose and bloodied face, and a bloodied back of his head.  Hmmm.  Looks like self-defense to me.  The trial confirmed beyond any shadow of a doubt that George Zimmerman's account of the events was accurate.  Even the prosecution's witnesses testified to facts supporting the self-defense claims of the defendant.  The prosecution's case against Zimmerman was revealed to be a complete farce, a politically motivated show trial.

Zimmerman was acquitted, as well he should have been, but 86% of American blacks were dissatisfied with the verdict.  They wanted Zimmerman nailed for Violation of the Holy Ebony Epidermis.  Blacks, or 86% of them anyway, don't care a rat's rear-end about facts, truth or justice.  Once again, the same truth that was obvious in the O.J. verdict was glaringly obvious to me:  blacks are the worst racists in America.  They are the biggest "haters," to use a term so often used by the Left.  To a very large extent, blacks hate other races.  Not just dislike, not just distrust, but HATE.

I Will Never Again Defend Blacks, Rationalize Their Behavior, or Make Excuses for Them
So I give up on "racial equality," and the hope for blacks becoming another seamless entity within American society.  I no longer believe that blacks can be helped, or that we can ever trust them to be responsible for themselves, or to become anything but a hostile, unassimilable minority within our population.  They will always be one huge, free-floating bad attitude among us.  That doesn't mean we have to be hateful to blacks, or commit crimes against them, or deny them equal protection of the laws.  It DOES mean that all affirmative action laws should cease immediately, all race norming and racial quotas and set-asides should end abruptly.  Blacks deserve no more consideration than is given to any other racial group.  They should be left to sink or swim on their own.

I will never again try to help blacks as a group (selected individuals, yes, but the group, no).  Other naive fools full of hope and optimism can try to do so, and I wish them well in their efforts.  However, I will not be among them.  There comes a time when one should cut his losses and move on.

Related article:  Leading From Behind Al Sharpton by Pat Buchanan.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Crazy Old Coot Murders Black Teenager For No Reason

Murderous Old Coot John Spooner
There's a big difference when a white man shoots and kills a black teenager without any provocation:  We non-black folks recognize murder when we see it, and do not view the crime through a racial lens.  Personally, I hope they strap this asshole to a gurney and start the drip, sometime soon.

A 76 year-old white coot did the deed, shooting and killing a 13 year old boy who was gathering the trash bins in front of his house.  John Spooner, 76, confronted the boy and accused him of burglarizing his home.  He demanded to know what the boy had done with the shotguns he had allegedly stolen from Spooner's house in Milwaukee.  The boy denied anything to do with the theft, but Spooner then executed the boy with a shot to the chest.  The boy died, cradled in his mother's arms, after she rushed to his side.

Spooner was convicted of the murder; in fact, he admits to killing the boy, claims it was "justice, not murder."  Spooner's own surveillance camera filmed the murder, providing absolute proof of his guilt.

Now there's the difference between the black population and the rest of us.  The former wouldn't care a damn if a black man shot a white kid -- in fact, black on white murder is fairly common.  But we non-blacks care about an innocent kid being killed, no matter what his color.  We are able to recognize right from wrong, justice from injustice.  Unlike most blacks, we do not determine guilt or innocence by skin color.  

Having said that, let me assure the black population that you are NOT going to murder George Zimmerman, or frame him in any future trial, and you are not going to beat up, rob or murder random whites or Hispanics as "pay back" for Trayvon Martin, who quite frankly earned the bullet that killed him (and I say that with no joy in that awful truth, as I deeply regret Trayvon's waste of his own life).  You are not going to perpetrate these injustices, not without incurring repercussions.

What goes around comes around.  Continuing show trials of Zimmerman, and continuing black on white/Hispanic racism and crime will not be tolerated.  We are sick of the hypocrisy and double standards.

Life Long Democrat and News Reporter Helen Thomas Memorialized In Stone #HelenThomas

Ms. Thomas is the figure on the right.

Helen Thomas, former White House reporter, has died at age 92, proving once again that only the good die young.

Ms. Thomas was continuously acerbic, hostile and aggressive with every Republican president, not so much with Democrats, the party to which she belonged.  Her lasting memorial should probably be to Media Bias.

Thomas's long journalistic career finally ended some months ago when she was asked what the Jews of Israel should do, and replied "Get the hell out of Palestine."  Her pro-terrorist, antisemitic remark stirred up a firestorm of rage and criticism, and she quickly retired.

Now that she has died, there is a rumor that Ms. Thomas will be memorialized in stone, overlooking ancient European cathedrals and historic buildings (see picture).

If you don't like this memorial, don't blame me, I only read about it at Blazing Cat Fur.

Update:  American Power also has words of praise for Ms. Thomas at this link.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Was Trayvon High on Codeine When He Attacked George Zimmerman? Skittles and Watermelon Tea Used To Make "Purple Drank."

Ingredients for "Purple Drank"
Here's an interesting article that includes Trayvon's Twitter feed with fellow gangstas, where he discusses his desire to get some liquid codeine to make a druggie drink called "Purple Drank" or "Lean."

Apparently, the drink is made with Skittles, Codeine and Arizona Watermelon drink.  On the night that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman, he was carrying Skittles and Arizona Watermelon drink.  Was he going to use it to make "Purple Drank"?  Was he already high on the stuff?

Reportedly, the drink makes the user aggressive and paranoid.

Read the article to learn more here.

UPDATE:  Bill Whittle at Pajamas Media explains the framing of George Zimmerman and also describes the druggie drink "Lean."  Hat tip:  Moonbattery.

Barack Obama and the City of #Detroit

Found on Facebook:

Keep electing those Democrats, Detroit!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jared Taylor's Open Letter to Eric Holder: Explains a Lot About Black Behavior and "Racism"

Jared Taylor has accepted Eric Holder's public invitation for a new discussion on race, and has asked Holder for a face to face discussion.  He won't get it of course.  Liberals are not interested in defusing black racial animus but only in organizing, rationalizing and focusing it into a potent political force for socialism.  This they have done and will continue to do.

However, Taylor's letter makes some points on blacks that are worth repeating here, because knowing the true facts of the racial divide cannot do harm, and may do good, if only to encourage non-blacks to arm and defend themselves.

His first point is on black crime:
I would imagine you used statistics from your own Justice Department to show that blacks are at least seven times more likely than people of other races to commit violent crimes, and that young black men are the most dangerous people in America. I hope you explained that Americans will be suspicious of blacks for as long as they continue to commit so many crimes. This may be unfortunate for law-abiding blacks but the fault is not with the police or with neighborhood watchmen; it is with other blacks.
This is correct.  It is why profiling of blacks is necessary for our own safety and survival.  Young black men like Trayvon Martin are the largest contributors to violent crime in America.

His second point is that a bias against blacks does not in itself constitute a "hate crime," and does not invalidate the right of anyone, including an open "racist," from defending himself against a black attacker:
This is not an academic question, Mr. Holder. I hold unorthodox views on race and have expressed them publicly. Does this mean that if I am attacked by a black and have to defend myself with lethal force you will investigate me? What if it could be proven that I am the wickedest racist in America? Does that mean I have forfeited my right to defend myself against a black attacker? I hope you understand my dismay, but this is very clearly the logic of your investigation: that I will lose very important rights if I have views of which you disapprove.
Finally, Taylor mentions the horrible truth of which no one in society dare speak, that of IQ differences between the races, which is undoubtedly the major cause of black dysfunction:
Finally, on an entirely different matter, you seem to think that blacks and whites are precisely equal in ability and temperament, and that if there are any differences in outcome between the two groups, it can only be due to white “racism.” In the interest of the honest discussion you want, I invite you to reflect on the fact that American blacks have an average IQ of 85 whereas whites have an average of 100. I also invite you to consider the huge body of evidence that suggests this difference has a substantially genetic cause.
Because of this natural variability in IQ, blacks, as a group, are not going to equal the achievements of other racial groups, not anytime soon.  Maybe after another 500 years of interbreeding with other racial groups and the enlargement of their accessible gene pool, or through scientific achievements in genetic engineering, but most certainly not in our lifetimes.  Their dysfunction is most assuredly not the result of irrational non-black racism, and any policy initiatives that are based on that myth will not solve any problems and will more than likely make them worse.

Read the whole essay at this link.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Which Vicious Beast Is Angela Corey? #AngelaCorey #Zimmerman (Photoshop)

Angela Corey is the Florida prosecutor who used highly unethical (and possibly illegal) means to indict and try George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case.  NRO today has an article about Corey's "checkered past."  Read it here.

Young Hispanic Attacked by Six Foot Tall Black Thug (Picture) #Zimmerman

If the Right used the tactics of the Left, this is the picture we would have seen in media throughout the country:

And here is a graphic explanation of the position of  Leftists and many blacks in the Zimmerman outcome:

Racial Profiling is Rational and Necessary, Based on Crime Statistics - #Zimmerman

There is a great editorial today in the Wall Street Journal, posted on Jason Riley: Race, Politics and the Zimmerman Trial.  (Hat tip:  American Power)

Riley's editorial, whether he intended it or not, makes a sound case for racial profiling of blacks. He writes:
Any candid debate on race and criminality in this country would have to start with the fact that blacks commit an astoundingly disproportionate number of crimes. African-Americans constitute about 13% of the population, yet between 1976 and 2005 blacks committed more than half of all murders in the U.S. The black arrest rate for most offenses—including robbery, aggravated assault and property crimes—is typically two to three times their representation in the population.
And he quotes a Harvard Law professor:
"High rates of black violence in the late twentieth century are a matter of historical fact, not bigoted imagination," wrote the late Harvard Law professor William Stuntz in "The Collapse of American Criminal Justice." "The trends reached their peak not in the land of Jim Crow but in the more civilized North, and not in the age of segregation but in the decades that saw the rise of civil rights for African Americans—and of African American control of city governments."
And finally, Martin Luther King:
"Do you know that Negroes are 10 percent of the population of St. Louis and are responsible for 58% of its crimes? We've got to face that. And we've got to do something about our moral standards," Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. told a congregation in 1961. "We know that there are many things wrong in the white world, but there are many things wrong in the black world, too. We can't keep on blaming the white man. There are things we must do for ourselves."
So let's see...13% of the population is responsible for over half of all murders, and commits other violent crimes at a rate 2 to 3 times their representation in the population. 

So black people, tell me again why profiling is bad?  Tell me again why people shouldn't fear or be suspicious of black strangers?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Word Up! Trayvon Martin Was Not the Only One Who Wore a Hoodie

My frustration with the black population's totally improper reaction to the Zimmerman verdict compels me to blog and Photoshop more.  There are those on the radical left who are trying to stoke the fires of racial hatreds to create more violence.  There are too many blacks who are too willing to to comply with these calls for death and destruction.

So here is my Photoshop message to those who refuse to accept the just verdict in the Zimmerman trial.

Al Sharpton, Merchant of Bigotry and Hate

Some years ago, I created this graphic of the human vomit known as Al Sharpton. Sharpton's entire career has been one massive attempt to kill white people, and he has succeeded several times by inciting mindless mobs into doing his grisly bidding. Now this human excrement is trying to do it again, in the name of a dead juvenile delinquent named Trayvon Martin. Read about Sharpton's past exploits and marvel at the madness.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Ted Nugent Agrees: Black Racism On The Rise

Ted Nugent has weighed in on the Zimmerman trial and verdict.  He writes:
no one can possibly dispute the recent surge in black racism increasing throughout Barack Obama’s presidency. To attempt to claim otherwise is a laughable lie.
And he furnished this gem:
America also believes that the entire prosecutorial team should be ashamed of themselves and disbarred for ignoring the obvious and kowtowing to the pure racism that forced the politically correct lie that only black lives killed by non-blacks matter
Nugent says much of what we already know, but it is still nice to hear truth amidst all the bogus cries of foul from the race-baiters and hucksters:
  • That George Zimmerman was unjustly, physically attacked by Tryavon Martin
  • That Zimmerman had reason to fear for his life
  • That Zimmerman acted properly, reasonably and lawfully in defending himself
  • That the irrational hatred now being poured out by blacks nationwide is undeniable evidence of their racism.
Which reminds me of a quote from my late cousin Doug, who said of blacks:  "If we hated them as much as they hate us, they'd all be dead."

Read Ted's article here.

The Prevalence of Black Racism: Or Why Trayvon Martin Had It Coming; Or Why White Prejudice Is Largely Justified

In my humble opinion, blacks are the most racially-conscious group in the United States, and in fact, the most racist.  Whenever a crime involves a black, the black populace will support him or her, no matter what they did to their non-black victims.  Black people, as a whole, have no empathy or sympathy for the non-black victims of black crime.  To most black people, the color of their skin is all that matters; it is their one great unifying principle.  Every other consideration is secondary.

Most Blacks Are Incapable of Overlooking Their Race In Any Controversy
After O.J. slashed two innocent people to death with a butcher knife in 1994, 90% of black people didn't give two hoots in hell about the victims.  They were white, and totally expendable.  O.J. was wearing the magic uniform of black supremacy, an ebony epidermis, so was magically dissolved of any and all culpability in the crime.  When he was wrongfully acquitted by a largely black jury, blacks throughout the United States stood up and cheered.  The freeing of this butcher-murderer was a source of great joy to them.  This was an epiphany for me, a paradigm shift.  Until the O.J. verdict I had assumed that black people were simply white people with dark skin.  Suddenly I was seeing them in a whole new light, and I didn't like what I saw.

In 1991, after a black child was accidentally struck and killed by a car driven by a Jewish man, blacks rioted for three days, following incendiary comments by Al Sharpton.  The mob found someone to punish in a Jewish student from Australia:
About three hours after the riots began, early on the morning of August 20, a group of approximately 20 young black men surrounded 29-year-old Australian Jew, Yankel Rosenbaum, a University of Melbourne student in the United States conducting research for his doctorate. They stabbed him several times in the back and beat him severely, fracturing his skull. Before being taken to the hospital, Rosenbaum was able to identify 16-year-old Lemrick Nelson, Jr. as his assailant in a line-up shown to him by the police.[4] Rosenbaum died later that night. Nelson was charged as an adult[18] with murder and acquitted, but later convicted of violating Rosenbaum's civil rights in federal court; Nelson eventually admitted that he had indeed stabbed Rosenbaum.[19][20]  (Link:  here)
Get that?  Lemrick Nelson Jr., a poor teenager, was caught with the bloody knife still in his pocket, and yet an all-black jury acquitted him, then joined with him in a party of celebration after the trial. This was pure racism, black racism.  To those black jurors, Yankel Rosenbaum was entirely expendable and forgettable.  A black thug who would never make any worthwhile contribution to civilization or to humanity, was excused for killing a doctoral candidate who would have made significant contributions.  Except the latter was the wrong color to the black jury.

George Zimmerman, Victim of Black Racism
Now we have the trial of a Hispanic, one George Zimmerman, a man who took a black girl to his high school prom, who was held in high esteem by his black neighbor in his homeowners association, and also by his black law professor.  He was a man who had voted for Barack Obama for president.  Then in 2012, a black thug named Trayvon Martin, who had been suspended from school for fighting, who liked to fight for sport, and who bragged about bloodying people's noses, suddenly punched Zimmerman in the face, breaking his nose, then jumped on top of his prone victim, pummeling his face with fists, and pounding Zimmerman's head into the concrete.

Now according to black folks, Zimmerman should just have laid there and taken it, even allowing himself to be killed if necessary, in the name of civil rights, in memory of Rosa Parks, in the glorification of black epidermises everywhere. He should have realized that his non-black life didn't count for anything, that he was expendable, that he should suppress all natural instincts for survival and accept the sacrifice of his life so the black underclass in Oakland wouldn't break windows and set things on fire.

In the few moments of pain, terror and panic, Zimmerman was supposed to have cooly pulled a law volume out of his waistband and consulted the Law of Self Defense, or perhaps taken his cell phone out and called the NAACP for the proper protocol when one is being beaten, possibly to death, by a black thug.  But no, the impetuous Zimmerman, no doubt seeing stars from the pounding of his head into the cement and not thinking clearly, pulled his gun from his waistband instead, and shot his assailant.  He totally blew it. Somehow, he had failed to suppress the natural instinct for survival and had forgotten the No 1 Rule of Society:  blacks never commit any crime, they are eternally innocent, perpetual victims of white racism, and cannot be held accountable or responsible for anything bad they may do.  And, more important, anyone who opposes black criminals from rioting, robbing, raping, looting and assaulting non-blacks, is a racist.

Is White Prejudice Justified?
Trayvon Martin had it coming, not because he was black, but because he was a violent punk who picked the wrong victim.  Many of us non-blacks are reaching a tipping point in our tolerance of black dysfunction and black attitudes.  Are we biased against blacks?  Hell yes, how could we be otherwise?  Though most of us will never admit it, white prejudice is justified by black crime and black attitudes.  Our discrimination is rational, because we desire to preserve our physical safety and remain untouched by black violence and crime.  That to us is more important than mouthing socially polite inanities about racial equality and the evils of profiling.  For those who would survive, profiling is entirely rational and justified.

However, most of us know there is a remnant, a small minority of blacks, who are not racists, who are good citizens, and who productively add value to our society.  They too are often the victims of black crime, even more so than whites.  They serve in our military, they serve as police officers, they are doctors and philosophers and professors.   Many of these good folks are personal heroes of mine.  For that reason, we must judge every black person we meet by their individual qualities and attributes; but until we know them, it is prudent to be cautious.  My personal feeling, whenever I meet a black stranger, is "He hates my guts because I'm white."  In cases where I learn that this is not true, I am more than gratified, I am grateful.  However, I have my doubts that these good people will ever be more than a small minority of the black population.  I do hope I am proven wrong, but the only people who can teach me that are black people themselves, by their own actions.  I won't hold my breath.

Am I being unfair?  I don't think so.  Too many black entertainers, educators, athletes and musicians have let it slip, at one time or another, that they hate white people and wish them harm. Some of those quotes follow:
  • Miles Davis (black jazz musician) “If somebody told me I had only one hour to live, I’d spend it choking a white man. I’d do it nice and slow.” [Miles Davis Can’t Shake Boyhood Racial Abuse, Jet March 25, 1985.]
  • Chino Wilson (in an editorial in the Daily Collegian, campus newspaper at Penn State University) “After looking at all the evidence there is only one conclusion: white people are devils ... I believe that we must secure our freedom and independence from these devils by any means necessary, including violence ... To protect ourselves we should bear arms (three handguns and two rifles, maybe an M-16) immediately and form a militia ... So black people, let us unite, organize and execute.” [Chino Wilson, “African American Students Should Not Trust ‘Devilish’ White People,” The Daily Collegian, Penn State University, January 28, 1992.] 
  • Bell Hooks (black professor of English at City College of New York) “I am writing this essay sitting beside an anonymous white male that I long to murder.” [From her book A Killing Rage, quoted by David Horowitz in Hating Whitey, Spence Publishing, 1999, p. 31.] 
  • Amiri Baraka (black poet and writer)
“You cant steal nothin from a white man, he’s already stole it
he owes you anything you want, even his life.
All the stores will open up if you will say the magic words.
The magic words are: Up against the wall this is a stick up!”
[Quoted in Anne Wortham, The Other Side of Racism, Ohio State University Press, 1981, p. 257.] 
Source for the above quotes.

It is interesting to note that these black commentators were expressing hatred of white people in general, not any specific white person for an act of wrong-doing.  They simply hate white people for being white, no matter what their other qualities, and long to murder them.  This is the classical definition of racism, and again I say, blacks are the most racist element of American society today.

So what's the solution?  There are no simple answers, but one of the most necessary and important things we can do is to tell the truth.  Blacks are solely responsible for their own bad attitudes, poor life choices, dysfunctional families and criminal acts, as well as the aftermath (like getting shot while attacking someone).  As a society, we must stop providing them with cover, with rationalizations, with excuses for their bad behavior.  Institutionalized anti-white racism must cease, including that by President Obama, the universities, and the media.

Related article:  The Zimmerman Spectacle and the New Black Panther Party

Linked as Blog Post of the Day at American Power

Saturday, July 13, 2013

THANK GOD: Zimmerman Walks

FINALLY, some good news.

God bless the six ladies of the Florida jury who carefully weighed the evidence and came to the right conclusion.  George Zimmerman is NOT GUILTY of either Second Degree Murder or Manslaughter.

Of course, his life is largely ruined, but at least he's not behind bars...yet.

The Federal Government could retry him for "violation of Trayvon Martin's civil rights," as they did in the case of the Rodney King cops.  But they damn well better not.

Texas Sluts For Infanticide Reveal Their True Allegiance

Texas Republicans have passed a bill barring abortions after 20 weeks.  The bill is to prevent late term abortions, where viable fetuses are removed from the womb and killed with a scissor stab to the brain.  Many people believe that late term abortions are infanticide, the killing of infants.

Democrats, always in support of whatever is anti-human and thoroughly evil, have a passionate desire to preserve a mother's right to end the life of their unborn infants.  It is almost a holy cause with them.  Or maybe a Satanic cause, as pro-abortion protesters chanted "Hail Satan" last month when they disrupted the legislature in order to stymie the vote.  It was refreshingly honest of them to finally identify their god, their inspiration, their motivation.  Life News reports:
This week saw a death threat issued to the Texas Lt. Governor and abortion activists screaming “F— the Church.”
And Hot Air further reports:
Whether it’s the attempt to hijack the legislature while attempting to pass a popular bill, chanting “Hail Satan” at pro-life demonstrators, or bringing urine, feces, and tampons (and bricks) to throw at elected officials, the opposition to this bill has managed to make themselves look like absolute nutcases at every turn, but their extremism is worse than it looks. They’re clearly uninterested in democracy; they want to intimidate the majority with violence and disgusting tactics from the minority. They’re proto-dictators with bad taste, at the least.
Before the vote this week, a bevy of ugly, fat and old women, along with some brainwashed children (see pic herein), picketed the state house carrying signs with disgusting messages (the one herein, now Photoshopped to make the meaning clearer) read "Jesus isn't a dick, keep him out of my vagina!"  Indeed, Jesus probably doesn't have a quarter to pay for it anyway.

Fortunately for all those unborn babies, Texans support the new bill by 64% to 30%, with the rest undecided.  Texas sluts will have to find a new form of birth control.

Two Trayvon Martin Must Read Articles

Here are two great articles on the travesty of the Zimmerman trial:

1.  Why the Zimmerman Prosecutors Should Be Disbarred
Jack Cashill, writing at the American Thinker, cites a Supreme Court case Brady vs Maryland, that shows prosecutors are charged with proving guilt honestly and fairly, not lying or withholding evidence in order to win a conviction at all costs:
The State's job is to make the case for the defendant's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Fifty years ago, in Brady v. Maryland, the U.S. Supreme Court established that a prosecutor's responsibility was "to seek justice fairly, not merely win convictions by any means." In the case at hand, this meant that the State of Florida had the responsibility to share promptly all exculpatory evidence with the defense. It did not.
The fact that the Zimmerman prosecutors went all out to convict an obviously innocent man only further proves that Florida v. Zimmerman was sham trial that was staged for political reasons, not justice.  The prosecutors have deliberately attempted to railroad George Zimmerman, and they should pay for that with their law licenses.

2.  Zimmerman Case's Legal Absurdities Astound
Mark Steyn writes:
If, for the purposes of American show trials, a Hispanic who voted for a black president can be instantly transformed into a white racist, there's no reason why he can't be a child abuser, too. The defense was notified of this novel development, on which the prosecution (judging by the volume of precedents assembled) had been working for weeks or more likely months, at 7:30 that morning. If you know your Magna Carta, you'll be aware that "no official shall place a man on trial ... without producing credible witnesses to the truth of it." But the rights enjoyed by free men in the England of King John in 1215 are harder to come by in the State of Florida eight centuries later.
 Read the two articles at the links provided above.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

State Mandated Show Trial: The Fix Is In

Lots of commentary on Rush and the web about the outcome of the Zimmerman trial.  Most pundits are pessimistic about the verdict.  They believe that the government has entered into a new phase of tyranny and totalitarianism, the use of show trials with predetermined outcomes to achieve political ends.

This morning, the prosecution in the Zimmerman case presented a last-minute motion for the court to provide a third possible verdict, Third Degree Murder on the basis of "Child Abuse."  The incompetent, yet ruthless prosecutors are trying to get a felony conviction at all costs.  The defense objected to the last minute nature of the motion, and the judge (thankfully) denied the motion.

The fix seems to be in, in the Zimmerman trial, and the leftist government and leftist media are totally invested in convicting an innocent man for racial reasons.  They believe that there is one standard of justice for black people, and a different one for everyone else.  My understanding is:
Bill Lee, who testified Monday in Zimmerman's second-degree murder trial, told CNN's George Howell in an exclusive interview that he felt pressure from city officials to arrest Zimmerman to placate the public rather than as a matter of justice.  "It was (relayed) to me that they just wanted an arrest. They didn't care if it got dismissed later," he said. "You don't do that."
  • The Department of Justice helped organize and support protests and demands for prosecuting Zimmerman, in effect, throwing the might of the federal government behind demands for a show trial.
  • Informed pundits like William Jacobson have a bad feeling about the trial outcome.  Although the evidence for acquittal is overwhelming, the jury may feel pressured to provide a politically correct verdict, in order to avoid criticism and violence while covering themselves in liberal glory.  Jacobson writes:
I’ve said it before, this was a case which never should have been brought, and it wasn’t. Not until a carefully orchestrated professionally managed publicity campaign based on false racial accusations, resulting in a Special Prosecutor.
"Progressive" politics corrupts everything.  Science, academia, media...and now the system of justice.  Where will it all end?  And what can we do about it?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Deep Thought For Today: "Give a Man a Fish..."

How Does the Supreme Court Differ From the Ku Klux Klan?

From the emailed newsletter "Snippets"

Saber Point Banned In Britain?

This past week I noticed my daily visitor numbers took a nosedive.  Looking through Sitemeter's stats, I notice that no one from Great Britain has logged on, and visitors from Great Britain have been my second largest source of daily hits.

I have a feeling, as yet unconfirmed, that my blog has been banned in Britain because of my criticisms of the insane leftist demagogues who are now running that nation into the ground.  One such post was "Truth Is The New Hate Speech In David Cameron's Britain."  In that post I linked to a post of the same title by Paul Weston, a British subject and Chairman of the British Freedom Party, who excoriated the far left government of the U.K. for their recent banning of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from entering Great Britain.

Banning websites (and speakers and publications) that oppose, criticize and refute leftists is a common tactic of the left.  Censorship is an integral part of their totalitarian mindset.  They can't take the heat, they can't handle the truth, not about themselves or the evil, destructive nature of their politics and policies.

Meanwhile, the sorry fools who are Islamisizing Britain continue apace, labeling all who oppose their destructive and wrongful policies as "haters," when it is they who are the haters.  The haters of truth, of western civilization, of capitalism, of limited government, of Christianity and Judaism...of common sense!  They love only that which will destroy the freedom, culture, traditions, and prosperity of their once great nation, and that which will steadily undermine the safety and security of their own citizens.

The Cameron government is a government of cowards and fools.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Ready for the Riots? Zimmerman Trial Nearing End, Defendant Looking Like a Winner

If you have been following the Zimmerman trial over at Legal Insurrection, you are aware that the great majority of witness testimony has supported Zimmerman's claim that he acted in self defense.

There is no way anyone remotely objective could come to any other conclusion:  George Zimmerman is innocent of second degree murder or manslaughter.

There has been a lot of discussion over the 911 call during George Zimmerman's scuffle with Trayvon Martin.  Someone is screaming for help.  The Martin witnesses claim the screamer is Trayvon, while the Zimmerman witnesses claim the screamer is George.  The Zimmerman witnesses are by far the most credible -- and, there are more of them.

So why would Trayvon Martin scream for help while he was straddling Zimmerman's chest and pounding the man's head into the cement?  The claim that the screamer was Martin is entirely laughable.

This is a case that should never have gone to trial.  It was tried in support of Democrat racial politics, assisted by some conservatives like Michael Savage and Rich Lowry (there are always those who seek to ingratiate themselves with the liberal establishment and media).  Now, as the obnoxious prosecutor tries desperately to fend off the flood of defense witnesses, the trial would appear to be headed for an acquittal.  Or so one would hope.  You can never be sure.

A lot of underclass blacks on Twitter and other forums are swearing to commit violence and riot if Zimmerman is acquitted.  I really hope that isn't true, because I really do desire genuine racial harmony and peace, even as I insist on a color-blind justice system (i.e. one that doesn't stage show trials in order to motivate and appease a key constituency).

There's an even more pressing reason why the would-be rioters should reconsider.  George Zimmerman isn't the only "crazy-ass cracker" with a gun.

Deep Thought For Today

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Famous Hollister Bike Rally Returns After Five Year Absence: Big Success

My small, rural town of Hollister, California is most famous for the great biker rally of 1947.  Well actually, it became known as the Hollister Riot.  Biker gangs filled the downtown area over the July 4th weekend of 1947, getting drunk, racing their bikes, making noise and breaking things.  According to some, the bikers didn't harm, rape or rob anyone, and didn't destroy any private property.  The whole thing was blown out of proportion, they say, by the San Francisco Chronicle looking for headlines.  A famous photo in the Chronicle shows one drunken biker sitting on his motorcycle surrounded by a sea of empty beer bottles.  The scene was staged, the bottles gathered, a cycle borrowed, and a drunk shanghaied to play the biker.

Maybe so, but Hollywood decided it would make a great movie:  biker gangs take over small California town, terrorize the populace, and create havoc!  So in 1953 they made a film about it, called "The Wild One," starring a young Marlon Brando as the chief protagonist and rebel.  (One lady character asks him "What are you rebelling against?" The Brando character replies, "What've you got?")
Bikers in Downtown Hollister
In any case, the July 4th Hollister Biker Rally became an official event, and for many years bikers (mostly on Harley Davidsons) have flocked to our small town every July 4th to party, party, party, fully welcomed by the town.  Bring money.  Then one year the Hollister City Council added up the revenues, costs and expenses and learned they were losing around $100,000 per rally.  So the rally ceased, at least until private promoters could be located to fund the event.  This year they did that.

The Hollister Biker Rally took place over July 5th and 6th this year, and the town filled with thousands of brilliantly painted and decorated Harley Davidson motorcycles.  There were booths, street vendors, food vendors, bands and even a couple of prostitutes, all watched over by an army of local cops from surrounding towns and counties.

This was the most successful biker rally that I have seen here.  People really enjoyed themselves, and I think the addition of many different bands (of the musical variety) was a major factor in that.  Twenty different bands took turns playing at three different locations, providing a variety of music.  My favorite was the eight piece latin-based band in the Civic Auditorium, a band seemingly modeled after Santana.  They are called "the Chicano Allstars" and played Santana favorites, latin jazz, and some Sam and Dave soul tunes.

Of course, there was lots of flesh on display, an unofficial contest of biker ladies on who can show the most cleavage without getting arrested.  Aye Chihuahua, I'm a leg man but found myself almost persuaded to convert.  This may require further study while Mrs. Chomper is looking the other way.

South Korean Jet Crashes On Landing in SFO

Last night a South Korean commercial airliner crashed on landing in San Francisco, killing two teenage girls and injuring 182 others.  The crash appears to be pilot error -- apparently, he came in too low, too soon and clipped a seawall, tearing off the tail.  It's amazing how everyone but the two young girls survived, considering how charred the plane is.  Those inflatable escape slides worked very well to save so many.

I read (in one of the Freakonomics books) that Korean airlines have crashed more than other airlines due to the cultural aspects of the Korean pecking order:  copilots would not speak up to warn the captain of danger, or dare to disagree, or even to take matters into their own hands to avoid crashes.  After the third crash or so, they finally investigated and arranged for a different protocol to avoid crashes, and it seems to have worked, at least up until now.

The black boxes have been recovered and it will be interesting to see what the pilot and crew conversations reveal.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

150 Years Ago Today: Pickett's Charge; How Bro and I Refought the Battle of Gettysburg

Stogie at Gettysburg
Today marks the 150th anniversary of the "high water mark" of the Confederacy when 12,500 Confederate soldiers attacked Union defenses on Cemetery Ridge.  The Confederate troops were told to focus on the Copse of Trees on Cemetery Ridge, and began a fast walk forward towards the Union lines.  The Southern lines were showered with canister, shells and musket fire and few actually reached the stone wall (a barrier of loose boulders piled in such a way as to make a kind of fence).  The great Confederate General Lewis Armistead was shot down just before reaching the Angle, a bend in the stone wall.  A monument today marks the spot where he fell, and I have been there.  The Angle is still there as well, a quiet, pastoral scene with no hint of the desperate fighting that occurred there.

There is an excellent photo essay of reenactors at Gettysburg this week, and they have recreated the sights and scenes of that momentous battle with incredibly authentic detail.  See it here.

I was at Gettysburg in August of 1992, as a Confederate reenactor and extra ("background artist") in the Ron Maxwell movie "Gettysburg," based on the novel "The Killer Angels."  Bro and I had prepared for the filming for weeks in advance; I had grown a salt and pepper beard and we flew to Virginia where we rented a car and drove to Gettysburg.  We arrived and set up our tent in the Confederate camp, where we stayed for the week, constantly wearing our heavy woolen uniforms and marching at daybreak with other Confederate reenactors over grounds where the actual Confederates marched and died 129 years before.  With our uniforms, 1857 Enfield muskets (working replicas), canteens, haversacks, cartridge belts, rough brogan shoes, bayonets and other gear clinking and clanking to the tramp of marching feet, we took our places in the lines and prepared to once more assault the Union lines beyond the wooden fence bordering the Emmitsburg Pike.

                                                                                      Reenactors at Gettysburg, 2013

It was a hot, uncomfortable, busy week, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  It was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life, and not because we were in a movie, or rubbing elbows with famous actors like Martin Sheen (as Lee) or Stephen Lang (as Pickett), but because we were paying homage to our courageous forbears on the same sacred ground where they fought and died.  It was almost a religious experience.  As we the Confederates quietly passed the statue of General Lee on Seminary Ridge, where the real Confederates began the charge, we entered the actual Hallowed Ground to form our battle lines.  The Copse of Trees on the horizon is still there, and the grassy green expanse in front of us seemed silent and sacred.  How very different from that day in 1863, when the field between Seminary Ridge and Cemetery Ridge was filled with roaring cannon and the rattle of  musket fire, billowing gun smoke, whistling shells and the screams of dying men, a scene of  blood and carnage and death.  Though the field before us was now silent, we could see, hear and smell the battle in our imaginations.

Soon our long gray line was marching forth, our red battle flags unfurled to the Pennsylvania breeze.  Many Confederate descendants, overcome with emotion, wept.  Bro and I marched forth with fixed bayonets, shells exploding on either side, rockets streaming over our heads, around dead horses here and there, onward toward the wall!.  We were finally shot down at the Angle (filmed later at an alternate location), and it was an honor to "die" for the Southern Cause.  One of our members actually did die, of a heart attack, later that week.  Actor Sam Elliot later led a memorial service for him and one other reenactor who died as well.

Bro and I were members of the First Virginia Infantry.  After the filming, we drove to Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond and walked among the graves of the Confederate dead.  General Pickett is buried there, as well as many of his men.  We found one tombstone that identified the dead as a member of the First Virginia who fell at Pickett's Charge.  We also visited the graves of Jefferson Davis and Jeb Stuart, who are buried close to each other.


That's my Pickett's Charge tale, one that I and Bro actually experienced in the flesh.  Somewhere in the film "Gettysburg," there is a scene of grizzled, smoke stained Confederates marching toward the camera at the outset of Pickett's Charge, and for a few brief seconds, I am visible in the line, black slouch hat on my head, shouting at the other troops to "straighten that line."  Bro appears right behind me, for only a second before the scene ends.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Truth is Now Hate Speech in David Cameron’s Britain - Must Read Article by Paul Weston

Paul Weston, a British subject and Chairman of the British Freedom Party.  He is opposed to the Islamization of Britain and the growing loss of freedom and safety of British citizens there.   Today he has a righteous rant against the far left British government and its incredible sell-out to radical Islam.  Read it here:
Truth is Now Hate Speech in David Cameron’s Britain.

Rick Darby at Reflecting Light has an essay on Weston's article at this link.  As Rick points out, being anti-Islamization in Great Britain today involves two very real dangers:  (1) the Muslim immigrants there may murder you for criticizing their religion of barbarity and (2) that the far-left British government may imprison you for criticizing their religion of multiculturalism.

Western civilization rests on shaky ground these days.  Where will it end?

H.L. Mencken and the Gettysburg Address

As the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg approaches, I think it is appropriate to pierce the self-delusion of Yankee apologists and dreamers with a quote from H.L. Mencken.

by H.L. Mencken

The Gettysburg speech was at once the shortest and the most famous oration in American history...the highest emotion reduced to a few poetical phrases. Lincoln himself never even remotely approached it. It is genuinely stupendous. But let us not forget that it is poetry, not logic; beauty, not sense. Think of the argument in it. Put it into the cold words of everyday. The doctrine is simply this: that the Union soldiers who died at Gettysburg sacrificed their lives to the cause of self-determination – that government of the people, by the people, for the people, should not perish from the earth. It is difficult to imagine anything more untrue. The Union soldiers in the battle actually fought against self-determination; it was the Confederates who fought for the right of their people to govern themselves.