Friday, August 31, 2012

Barack Obama and the Empty Chair; Clint Eastwood's Skit (Video)

Clint Eastwood's skit at the GOP Convention involved him speaking to an imaginary Obama, appropriately symbolized by an empty chair.  Now empty chairs are appearing all over twitter and other social media to signify Barack Obama.

I made the simple graphic at left for anyone who wants to use it.  Let the empty chair continue its viral ascent! (No need to give attribution).

Clint Eastwood's skit has now gone viral on YouTube.  If you missed it, here it is again, below.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

GOP's Fantastic Finale: Republican Convention Ends

Mitt Romney Addresses the Convention
I can truthfully say I have never seen a more inspiring political convention than the one the GOP put on in Florida this week.  The last day (today) was the best.  People who know Mitt Romney personally and have been close to him revealed him to be a magnanimous and caring man, one of great principals and high standards, who has led both businesses and the Olympics to great accomplishment.

Clint Eastwood Speaks to GOP Convention
Many hispanic Republicans spoke, indicating there is a growing hispanic addition to the Grand Old Party.  I was most impressed with a young Mexican-American man and athlete who, after 911, was asked to carry the American flag taken from the World Trade Center into the Olympic arena when the American team was introduced.  That was the torn flag that was recovered after the massive terrorist attack on New York in 2001.  He said that when he touched the flag, it touched him back, to his very soul, and he carried the flag with tears streaming down his face.

There were lots of tears as Romney friends told of his support during difficult times.  One was of a 14 year old boy dying of cancer, whom Romney visited often in the hospital.  The boy asked Romney to write his will, and Romney did.  The boy asked to be buried in his scout uniform, and Romney gave the eulogy at his funeral.  In another example, Romney gave care and support to a mother whose baby girl was born three months premature, with severe medical problems, visiting her and the child in the hospital.  The little girl survived, but died at age 26.  Romney was there again to support the family in their grief.

There were also comical moments, like when Clint Eastwood spoke to the convention.  He was indeed the mystery speaker, as many had speculated.  He had an imaginary conversation with Obama, explaining that politicians are employees of American citizens, and when an employee isn't doing the job, you have to let him go.

Other personal stories underscored the fact the Romney is a caring man who has sought all his life to help the people around him, and provide moral support to those going through hard life changes.  Romney was shown to be a warm and loving man.  Business associates described how he turned their companies around, saving or creating thousands of jobs.  One of those companies was Staples.  Another was an American steel company. Representatives from these companies praised Romney's personal ethical standards and leadership skills.

Former Olympic athletes told how he saved the 2002 Winter Olympics, beset with corruption and waste, making it into a highly ethical and prosperous enterprise.  The stage was lined with former Olympic medal winners there to support Romney, some telling of their personal relationship with him and how he inspired them.  It was an impressive sight.

Finally, Romney gave his acceptance speech and told how he would turn the economy around, strengthen the military and reverse and replace Obamacare.  When he told how he would work to make the U.S. energy independent by 2020, I was sold.  He would do that by exploiting our massive domestic energy sources, including oil drilling, coal and nuclear energy.  He made no mention of investing in the dubious "alternative energy" sources which so far have proved an impractical pipe dream.  Mitt Romney made his case well.

It was a fantastic finale.  I can't see how anyone watching would want to vote for anyone else.

Taylor Hicks Performs at the Republican Convention, Sings "Taking It To The Streets" (Video)

Taylor Hicks Performs at Republican Convention
Less than a week ago, my wife and I enjoyed seeing Taylor Hicks up close and personal, at his last performance in Las Vegas.  That was last Saturday, at the Bally's Hotel on the strip in Las Vegas.

Taylor Hicks was an American Idol winner a couple of years back, beating out Katharine McPhee for the top spot.  He performs as a country/rock singer.

We saw him in a room only large enough for 100 people.  He put on a great performance and I liked his band.  It included a hot saxophone player.  Hicks told of smoking Kool cigarettes with Simon Cowell during commercial breaks on American Idol.  My dad smoked Kools.  They are heavily mentholated and Hicks remembered them with disgust.  In any case, Cowell told him he should really sing Elvis's song "In the Ghetto," and he performed it for us, giving a nice rendition.

I Snapped this Pic of Taylor Hicks Sign at Bally's in Las Vegas
Hicks also sang a song he wrote called "Nineteen," about a young Marine from the South who dies in Iraq. Hicks showed his Southern pride at the end of the song, when he had his Saxophonist pick up a flute and play a line from "Dixie" three times to end the song:

Oh a way down South in the land of cotton
Old times there are not forgotten
Look away!  Look away!  Look away, Dixieland.

I love the song "Dixie," though some consider it controversial, being the anthem of the Confederate States of America.  I knew then that I like Taylor Hicks, even though I voted for McPhee.  I felt a kinship with him:  we are going to celebrate our Southern heritage and if you don't like it, get bent Yankee.

Tonight I was surprised when Taylor Hicks took the stage at the Republican Convention and sang one of his songs for the Republicans.  I assume he must be a Republican or he wouldn't be there.  Now I like him even more.  This time he wasn't wearing jeans and a black leather jacket, but a nice gray suit.  Taylor my man, I'm a fan.  Sorry about that little McPhee misunderstanding.

UPDATE:  Taylor sang his song "Taking It To The Streets."  See his interview and performance in the video below.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paul Ryan's Sizzling Speech to the Convention

Paul Ryan Speaks to GOP Convention
Paul Ryan displayed his substantial speaking skills before the convention tonight.  Some of my favorite excerpts:
Right now, 23 million men and women are struggling to find work. Twenty-three million people, unemployed or underemployed. Nearly one in six Americans is living in poverty. Millions of young Americans have graduated from college during the Obama presidency, ready to use their gifts and get moving in life. Half of them can’t find the work they studied for, or any work at all.  So here’s the question: Without a change in leadership, why would the next four years be any different from the last four years?
And also:
College graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life. Everyone who feels stuck in the Obama economy is right to focus on the here and now. And I hope you understand this too, if you’re feeling left out or passed by: You have not failed, your leaders have failed you.
You can read the entire speech here.

Condoleeza Rice's Speech to the GOP Convention

Condoleeza Rice
Rice gave a rousing speech to great applause.  Her money quote:

But the American ideal is indeed endangered today. There is no country, no not even a rising China, that can do more harm to us than we can do to ourselves if we fail to accomplish the tasks before us here at home.

Read her speech text here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We Love Mia: Mia Love's Speech to the GOP Convention

Mia Love
Mia Love, a rising Republican star from Utah, gave a great speech at the GOP Convention tonight.  She showed fire and grit and the ability to tell the blunt truth, e.g.
President Obama’s version of America is a divided one -- pitting us against each other based on our income level, gender, and social status. His policies have failed! We are not better off than we were four years ago, and no rhetoric, bumper sticker, or Hollywood campaign ad can change that. Mr. President I am here to tell you that the American people are awake and we are not buying what you are selling in 2012.
Mia is running for Congress and we wish her the very best.

Artur Davis, Reformed Democrat, Gives a Great Speech

Artur Davis, a recovering Obama supporter and former Democrat Congressman from Alabama, spoke to the Republican Convention tonight.  He gave a rousing speech, explaining why he switched and how Obama has failed the nation.
Remember, too, when he said, “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal?”  Who knew the plain English version of it was, “middle America, get ready to shell out 60 bucks to fill up your car?”
He concluded with this line:
“May it be said of this time in our history: 2008 to 2011: lesson learned. 2012: mistake corrected.”

I like this guy.  Here's a screen capture from his speech.  A video of his speech is below on the right.

Media "Fact Checkers" Mostly Biased, Left-Wing Shills

Ann Coulter once wrote about liberal  bias in the news media.  She pointed out how the major networks have so-called "experts" ready to attack any Republican policies or initiatives or arguments with so-called "expert" opinions.  Contrary opinions by other experts are generally not presented.

Using computer search software, Lexus-Nexus, she found that the same "experts" are quoted over and over, from one controversy to another.  The ruse wasn't confined to "experts," but also to the opinion of the common "man on the street."  One "common man on the street" was quoted several times in several different news stories.  Hardly a random choice, the man was someone whose liberal opinion could  be counted on.

It was obvious that the mainstream media are biased and attempt to present a false picture of objectivity in any controversy.  The truth is, they are utterly biased, left-wing shills.  Their object is not to present facts, but to influence public opinion leftward, by any mean necessary.

Today we learn that the so-called "Fact Checkers" in the political campaign of 2012 are again, fake, false and phony.  John Nolte at Breitbart gives this background in his expose of the phony "fact-checkers":
All throughout 2008, I watched as Obama's Media Palace Guards at Politifact, CNN, the Washington Post, and elsewhere, did everything in their corrupt power to blunt criticism of Obama by, at best, spouting their left-wing version of the truth and, at worst, outright lying.
Happily, Mitt Romney isn't so easily manipulated as was the compliant and ineffective John McCain.  False "facts" by the liberal shills in media will not influence his stated opinions nor blunt his attack on Obama's record.  Read it all here.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back From Las Vegas: the Titanic Exhibition

I just got back from my trip to Las Vegas.  I didn't gamble (I don't do that) but wifey and I saw some great shows, including the Titanic Exhibition, the Rat Pack is Back, Taylor Hicks and Cirque Du Soleil, "Love," an aerial acrobatic performance to Beatles' music and imagery.

One night wifey snuck downstairs to the casino and resolved to spend $1 in pennies playing the penny slot machines.  She won $75 and quit while she was ahead.

Cup and Saucer from the Titanic
The only show I really cared about was the Titanic Exhibition at the Luxor Hotel.  Upon entering the exhibition, you are given a card with the facts of one of the passengers, their name, cabin class, and the facts of their voyage.  Mine was of a gentleman traveling third class, on his way to Detroit to take a job open for him there.  At the end of the exhibition, you will confront a large white board listing all of the passengers and crew of the Titanic, and whether they survived the sinking.  I knew mine had undoubtedly died, being a male, third class passenger, who had almost no chance of gaining one of the too-few seats in a lifeboat.

We saw a recreation of  a third class cabin and a first class cabin, as well as a replica of the Grand Staircase, complete with the clock and the cupid figure, the ornamental railings and the white floor with black tile inlays.  There was also a replica of the large round skylight above it, with the decorative iron grill.  It was truly impressive.  We had our photograph taken, standing on the fifth step. (See an example here of some other couple on the Grand Staircase).

Actual artifacts recovered from the Titanic's debris field included pots and pans, saucers and cups, and ceramic "au gratin" bowls.  These are the bowls found stacked neatly in rows in the sand of the debris field, their wooden storage box long ago eaten away by sea organisms.  The bowls are still perfect, white and unblemished.

Au Gratin Bowls in Titanic's Debris Field
There was a lady's diamond ring, still beautiful and brilliant in the soft lighting, as well as various personal effects, including wallets. dollar bills, coins and clothing, postcards and letters with the writing still visible.  A perfume salesman's fragrance samples were also on display, still smelling sweetly after 100 years, most of which was spent on the ocean floor.  There was a pair of sink faucets from a first class cabin, one marked Hot and the other Cold.

The display has back lighted signs in each room, telling the history of the Titanic, as well as films running showing the building of the Titanic, the retrieval of artifacts, and an illustration of how the ship sank and broke up during sinking.  There is a huge model of the sunken Titanic, showing how it looks today in its watery grave.

One of the diplays is a mock-up of the promenade deck, where you walk on the deck, viewing a black sea at night, the black and moonless sky brilliant with stars, as it was on the night the great ship sank, April 15, 1912.

The most impressive display is the last one, which is a huge chunk of the Titanic itself.  You walk into a dimly lit room and find yourself face to face with a metal wall, actually a piece of the hull, complete with rivets and portholes, still containing glass, though it is broken and much of it missing.  This is the famed "Big Piece," which broke off when the Titanic broke in two.  It was recovered in 1998 and weighs 15 tons.  Viewing it, you feel you are looking at the side of the Titanic, and you are...well, a comparatively small piece of it anyway.

Viewing these artifacts, I felt I was communing with the dead.  Seeing them is a reminder of the terrible loss of human life that occurred when the Titanic sank.   These objects are more than curiosities, they are the bits and pieces of hundreds of human lives.  The mood is somber, respectful and almost reverent.

Consulting the listing of passengers and crew, I learned that my passenger, Frank John Goldsmith of England, had indeed died on the Titanic.  Mrs. Chomper's passenger survived.

Before leaving, we visited the gift shop where I bought a small piece of coal from the Titanic, and two third class coffee cups (exact replicas), white with the dark red insignia of the White Star Line.

You can view a lot of these displays at the links provided above, as well as here and here.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Todd Akin Still Alive in Missouri Race - Leads McCaskill

A couple of weeks ago, Missouri senate candidate Todd Akin led his Democrat rival by 11 points.  Then there was that gaffe in an interview where he poorly chose his words.  The Democrats saw their chance and broadcast far and wide a false meaning to Akin's comment that he did not intend.

The Republican Party, seeing once again a chance to pull defeat from the jaws of victory, did what lemmings do naturally:  they tried their best to self-destruct.  They joined the Democrats, hysterically screaming for Akin to step down.  In fact, the hysterics on the Right overshadowed those on the Left.  The Dems just sat back and let the GOP do their dirty work for them.  Once again the "Stupid Party" allows the Democrats to play them like a cheap fiddle in a rowdy bar on a Saturday night.  And the Republicans dance to their tune:  "Grab your partner, round and round, dosey doe!"

Akin's gaffe was completely insubstantial.  It does not reflect who he is, what he believes or how he will vote.  As a matter of fact, his voting record as a Republican congressman is solidly conservative.  And, last time I looked, being an expert in female physiology is not a requirement for a senate seat.  Except for the propaganda angle, who really cares?

In spite of the Republicans' attempt to hand the senate seat to the Democrats, Akin still leads in the Missouri senate race, 44 to 43 over Democrat Claire McCaskill.  That lead would be much wider had not the Republican Establishment demanded Akin step down.  The best thing that the GOP could do right now is to SHUT THE HELL UP.  Let the controversy blow over.  We still have more than two months to go until the elections.  That gives Akin time to build on his lead, assuming his own Party is able to extract their heads from their nether regions and get on board.

So my advice to fellow Republicans:

Michelle Malkin - SHUT THE HELL UP

Robert Stacy McCain - SHUT THE HELL UP

Republicans Everywhere - SHUT THE HELL UP

Let Todd Akin overcome this otherwise meaningless controversy and get back on track.

ABC's John Stossel Likes Paul Ryan

Even though he works for one of the alphabet networks, John Stossel is pretty conservative.  His first impression of Paul Ryan was that he wasn't conservative enough.  Now he reassesses that impression in his article today "Who Is Paul Ryan?"

You have to read it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blogging May Be Light or Non-Existent

I am leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow morning and won't return for several days.  I may not have an internet connection available, so blogging may be light to nonexistent until I return.

Why I Support Todd Akin

Todd Akin is a U.S. Congressman running for a senate seat in Missouri.  The seat is currently held by a liberal moonbat, one Claire McCaskill, Democrat.

Akin stuck his foot in his mouth during an interview this week.  Asked if he could support abortion for pregnancy due to rape, he stated that maybe, if it were a "legitimate rape."  Of course, no rape is "legitimate," being a serious and violent crime.  What he meant to say was if it were a "legitimate CASE of rape," as opposed to a woman faking a rape in order to abort an unwanted child.

Of course, the liberals swarmed over this guy like maggots on an overripe corpse, and the Right chimed in.  Akin apologized for his choice of words and clarified his meaning, but no matter.  The majority of Republicans and conservatives called for him to step down and allow another Republican to seek the senate seat.

Akin refused to step down and will continue his senate campaign.  However, this hasn't stopped all of those Republicans who have been well trained by the Left to react to controversy like hysterical women confronting a mouse.  "Look at me, I'm so morally pure and upright!  I oppose a member of my own party because his choice of words offended radical feminists, wherever they may be."  In other words, a lot of the Republican outcry seems to me to be simply moral posturing.  Why are we giving ammunition to the enemy?  You can bet that McCaskill will quote a lot of Republican criticism in her political ads.  Yep, that'll save the seat for the GOP for sure.

Yes, Akin stuck his size 14's down his throat, but who among us have never misspoken and embarrassed ourselves in the process?  Should a man have his life and career permanently marred by a verbal mistake?  Does the incident change who he really is and what he really believes?  More importantly, does his gaffe make Claire McCaskill any more desirable as a senator?  Shall Missourians vote for Obamacare, huge budget deficits, high unemployment, high taxes and reduced individual liberty, in order to punish Akin for being human?

If the Republicans' actual positions are so fragile, and the voters so sensitive and so easily manipulated, perhaps Missouri can't be saved.  In any case, now that Akin has made it clear that he is staying in the race, shouldn't we be supporting him?  If not, maybe the Republican Establishment can borrow the vagina costumes from Code Pink and go to the Convention as pussies.

Related article from Powerline:  Is Todd Akin Unfit to Serve in the U.S. Senate?

2016: Barack Obama's Political Motivations

Dinesh D'Souza's new film "2016" documents the political motivations of Barack Obama.  Upon seeing the film, you will have a better understanding of the skewed paradigms that heavily influence the plans and actions of Barack Obama -- and why his continuing presence in the White House is a disaster for Americans.

Obama was heavily influenced by his father -- a Kenyan socialist who was obsessed with "anticolonialism." D'Souza explains:
Anticolonialism is the doctrine that rich countries of the West got rich by invading, occupying and looting poor countries of Asia, Africa and South America. As one of Obama's acknowledged intellectual influences, Frantz Fanon, wrote in The Wretched of the Earth, "The well-being and progress of Europe have been built up with the sweat and the dead bodies of Negroes, Arabs, Indians and the yellow races."
Colonialism has faded into the mists of history and is no longer a force in the world.  However, now we have neocolonialism --  and that is what Obama is sworn to fight to the last.  D'Souza explains neocolonialism:
Anticolonialists hold that even when countries secure political independence they remain economically dependent on their former captors. This dependence is called neocolonialism, a term defined by the African statesman Kwame Nkrumah (1909--72) in his book Neocolonialism: The Last Stage of Imperialism. Nkrumah, Ghana's first president, writes that poor countries may be nominally free, but they continue to be manipulated from abroad by powerful corporate and plutocratic elites. These forces of neocolonialism oppress not only Third World people but also citizens in their own countries. Obviously the solution is to resist and overthrow the oppressors. This was the anticolonial ideology of Barack Obama Sr. and many in his generation, including many of my own relatives in India.
Leftists say that "Neo-Colonialism is the Last Stage of Imperialism."  What it all boils down to is this:  if anyone, anywhere, at any time, is making money, it is only because they are somehow "exploiting" some poor victim.  One cannot create wealth; one can only steal it from others.  The Third-World critics of capitalism will never be satisfied until every last penny produced by industrialized nations is transferred to them.  Like most leftists, all political argument and economic analysis can be distilled as follows:  Gimme, gimme, gimme.  The world owes me a living.  Hand it over.

Barack Obama believes the United States is one of these "neocolonial" powers, and Obama seeks to reduce the American footprint on the world by redistributing its economic power and production to third world countries.  As D'Souza points out, this is the major difference between Obama and prior Democrat presidents like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.  Whereas the latter wanted to redistribute American wealth within the country, among Americans, Obama wants to redistribute American wealth outside the country, among other nations.  He wants to "return" the "stolen wealth" to America's victims.

Obama's carbon trading scheme, thankfully never implemented, would have achieved this goal by a massive transfer of wealth from the producers to the nonproducers, from the so-called rich to the poor.  This is why the global warming hoax has such appeal to leftists:  if true, it would prove the perfect rationalization for massive wealth transfer.  To produce, manufacturers would have to "buy" the unused carbon credits assigned to non-producing nations and individuals, thus keeping carbon dioxide production within specified limits -- and at the same time, effecting a massive transfer of wealth.

Further, the far left believes that, in order to compensate our victims in other countries, we must "de-industrialize" the United States, export whole industries, factories and production facilities from the US to the Third World.  We must give the Third-World our investments, our productive capacity, our jobs and our standard of living.  After all, we stole it from them in the first place.  I wrote about this nonsense two years ago, in "Democrats Want You to Suffer:  Plan to De-Develop the United States."

This overall leftist attitude explains why they do everything they can to discourage American drilling and investment in energy production.  Keeping the cost of energy high results in greater wealth transfers to the energy-producing nations, which are outside of the United States.  High energy costs are another form of wealth redistribution.  D'Souza further explains:
Why support oil drilling off the coast of Brazil but not in America? Obama believes that the West uses a disproportionate share of the world's energy resources, so he wants neocolonial America to have less and the former colonized countries to have more. More broadly, his proposal for carbon taxes has little to do with whether the planet is getting warmer or colder; it is simply a way to penalize, and therefore reduce, America's carbon consumption. Both as a U.S. Senator and in his speech, as President, to the United Nations, Obama has proposed that the West massively subsidize energy production in the developing world.
At the heart of the left/right political disagreement is the nature of wealth, how it is produced and distributed. The left seems incapable of connecting productivity with consumption -- those who produce more get to consume more.  Instead, they see that those who consume more only do so by taking more than their "fair share" (as determined by them).

Whatever the error in leftist thought, it is clear that, if implemented, the American standard of living will continue to decline, ultimately resulting in widespread poverty, less opportunity, and a lot more misery among the American people.  To defeat these neo-anticolonialists, we must first understand their mindset.  D'Souza's new film is a great help in doing that.

Read D'Souza's article on the film here.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Will 2012 Presidential Debates Be Fair? All Moderators Will Be Partisan Democrats!

Will the 2012 presidential debates be fair?  It appears all assigned moderators will be died-in-the-wool Democrats, and in a position to influence the debates with their questions.    Will there be hostile questions to Romney and soft-ball queries to Obama?  Will the array of questions be designed to make Romney look bad and Obama look good?

You can bet on it.

Obama Says His Political Rallies Are Smaller On Purpose!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Joe Biden Photoshops from 2008: If Anything, He's Worse Today

Back in 2008 when Joe Biden became Obama's running mate, I was unimpressed with the choice.  Biden seemed like a clutz, a phony, a bore.  I expressed my feelings in a few Photoshops, which appear below for your reference.

An Advertisement for Joe Biden
Joe Learning to Eat Ice Cream
Joe Learning to Lick a Sucker

Joe Biden Giving a Scintillating Speech to an Excited Crowd

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Islam is an Insult to All Humanity

An Insult to All Humanity
Iranian followers of the false prophet, Murderous Mo and his hand puppet, Awful Allah, are promising (again) to destroy Israel.  This vicious, disgusting, inhuman, backward and rotten nation of Iran dares to insult a culture much greater, more advanced and infinitely more valuable than itself.  Ahmadinejad, the swarthy and short President of Iran, has promised the near-term destruction of Israel, calling it "an insult to all humanity."

Israel is not "an insult to all humanity," it is ISLAM that is an insult to all humanity.  The fact that Mohammed was a lust-filled thief, pedophile, sex fiend, rapist and mass murdering fraud is bad enough -- it is an insult to all humanity to revere such an odious man or to assign him the status of "prophet of God."  However, since Mo's followers want to emulate this ancient criminal, their religion becomes the business of the rest of the world.  We don't give a damn how much reverence or holiness or sanctity you Muslims give to your evil religion, its prophet, or its violent and intolerant traditions -- you are simply not going to commit mass murder in their name, or conquer peaceful nations that do you no harm, or force more developed cultures to replace modernity and enlightenment with ignorance, darkness and backwardness.

You attack Israel, you attack the rest of us.  You wipe out Israel, we wipe out Mecca and Medina in response.  We reduce every great mosque and Islamic shrine to rubble, no matter where they are located anywhere in the world.  We desecrate the bodies of the mujaheddin, dress them in women's lingerie, paint a Star of David on their forehead, bury them face down and facing away from Mecca, hugging the carcass of a pig.  We will send the great martyrs of Allah back to him in surprising new ways.

We are sick of your perverted hatred, your unrelenting war on the non-Muslim world, your glorification of violence and evil.   Fourteen centuries of Islamic evil is quite enough -- no more will be tolerated.  You are going to learn to behave yourselves, and soon, because what you are going to pay for your continued barbarism will quickly prove much too steep a price.

Think about it.  And while you're at it, change to a civilized religion.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Screw You, Touré Neblett

Touré Neblett, Race-Baiting
Jive Turkey
Touré Neblett is what you would expect as MSNBC's resident black race-baiter:  young, angry and filled with accusations and slurs against the evil white folk, all the while artfully dancing around personal accountability and responsibility.

You see, young, angry, hip, radical black men never accept responsibility for their own life choices, and accountability just ain't gonna happen.  Everything that's wrong with them (and that's plenty) is the fault of white folk.  White folk, you see, are constantly seething with race hatred, and if they are Republicans, have created a set of "race code words" to denigrate the eboniferous folk with the nuclear hairdos.  This "code-word" claim is very convenient for jive turkeys like Touré Neblett, who are given high profile jobs in media because they are so talented in communication and news analysis considered status symbols by leftist news networks.  As the cliched angry black, they are  carried about and paraded for effect the way rich ladies in mink do pedigreed Pomeranians.  Given an undeserved pulpit, such may claim any and all criticisms are "code-words," and can again escape personal responsibility while insulting one's detractors.  

As Neblett has pointed out, Romney is involved in the "niggerization" of Obama, by referring to Obama's campaign as one of anger, deception and hate. "Anger" and "hate," you know, are Republican code words for the nasty n-word, the word that cannot be written or spoken, lest Touré Neblett be turned into a pillar of salt.

For years we've all been told how insensitive we are to black folk, how utterly and thoroughly "racist" we are, and how we can never criticize any black person or hold them accountable for any of their choices, deeds or actions, since those are only a natural response to our racism.  In other words, when a black person screws up, it's always a white person's fault.  So when a black man gets elected president and proceeds to destroy Western Civilization as we know it, we cannot complain, we cannot criticize, we can't even vote against him.  No, we must sit there quietly while a professional victim like Neblett proceeds to insult and defame us, accepting all charges and accusations as gospel, enduring the stripes of his whip while begging forgiveness for our non-existent sins.

Personally, I am sick to death of talentless, dishonest, race-hustling frauds like Touré Neblett.  They have for too long used race and skin color as a cudgel, an excuse, a rationalization for rotten attitudes and low standards.  It is time to tell the Nebletts of the world where to get off.  It's not that we hate you, Neblett -- you aren't worth the energy.  Our feelings for you tend to be one of mild disgust, the same feeling we have for any low class, excuse-making slacker, no matter their color.  We don't respect you.  You have no credibility.  Your opinions carry no weight.

HATE WATCH 2: Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center

If you don't know who Mark Potok is, go here.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Joe Biden Pushes Grandma Off a Cliff! (Photoshop)

This image was inspired by Rush Limbaugh's commentary this morning.

Months back, the Democrats ran a below-the-belt political ad, depicting Paul Ryan pushing "grandma," an old woman in a wheelchair, off a cliff.  Ryan, the Democrats lied, wanted to destroy Medicare, and the imagery supported that lie.  Ryan, of course, wants to reform Medicare, which is currently on track for bankruptcy in twelve more years.  Without reform, Medicare will disappear for lack of money.

In actual fact, it is the Democrats who want to destroy Medicare by distorting the real issues involved.  Without reform, it is the Democrats who are "pushing grandma off a cliff."  But Democrats just can't help themselves.  When an opportunity arises to scare seniors, Democrats will scare the seniors in order to get votes.  Honesty is not a consideration and there is no long view:  simply win the next election, stay in power as long as possible, even at the cost of Medicare and Social Security going broke.  Grandma is merely cannon fodder for the next election cycle, as far as Dems are concerned.  "Grandma" is not their worry or their concern -- their only motivation is retaining power.

This grandpa, however, isn't fooled.  Don't you be either.

Full Screen, Panoramic View of Mars

Stop whatever you're doing and go look at Curiosity's panoramic view of Mars.

This would be a great new home for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  The only question is, how can we get them there, and soon?

See it here.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Must Read: "The Most Divisive Campaign in American History" by Daniel Greenfield

Daniel Greenfield, who blogs as "Sultan Knish" (knish being a Jewish pastry), often writes essays that are breathtaking in their accuracy and insight.

His essay today is "The Most Divisive Campaign in American History."

A couple of his salient points:
Romney appeals to voters who are dissatisfied with the last four years. Obama appeals to voters who are dissatisfied with America.
To vote for Obama after years of grotesque economic mismanagement that has no precedent in history, that exceeds the worst actions of Andrew Jackson or Ulysses S. Grant, is not the instinct of an American, but a selfish greedy looter scrambling to grab a few dinner rolls off the tray while the ship is going down. There is no policy justification for voting for a man with the worst economic and foreign policy record in the country's history. There is no American justification for voting for him. Only the UnAmerican motivation of carving up a dying country into group fiefdoms privileging identity politics over the common good.
If you read nothing else today, read this essay here.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos Sweating Bullets Over Obama's Chances

Markos Moulitsas Sweating Bullets
With the pick of the handsome, young and articulate Paul Ryan as VP candidate under Romney, Markos Moulitsas appears to be having a nervous breakdown.  The obnoxious leftist jabbers like a squirrel on speed in his Daily Kos column this morning (via American Power).  See his caffeinated jabberings of "We're winning!" and "We need to go for the jugular, run up the score!"

Alas, poor Moulitsas.  He appears more in the midst of a nervous breakdown than in an ecstasy of expected victory.  The old Shakespearean observation would apply here:  Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

No doubt Moulitsas has been happy with the dismantling of American prosperity and freedom.  With just another four years of Obama, we could all be wearing red berets and kerchiefs around our necks, singing the  Internationale.  Now Moulitsas, appropriately tagged "the Daily Kos Rage Boy" by Donald Douglas, sees his glorious Red Dawn suppressed, cut short, terminated, kaput.  No more free lunch.

Oh boo hoo hoo, what's a radical rage boy to do?

How Will the Democrats Slander New VP Pick, Paul Ryan?

Paul Ryan, Next Target 
of the Democrat Smear Machine
Mitt Romney has chosen Congressman Paul Davis Ryan of Wisconsin to be his Vice Presidential running mate.  Ryan, who is 42, is married with three children.  He is a Roman Catholic by faith, is a graduate of Miami University in Ohio, and has a BA degree in both economics and political science.

Ryan has been a member of the U.S. House of Representatives since 1999 and currently chairs the House Budget Committee.  I wrote about Ryan in November of last year and was quite impressed with his ideas and his understanding of economic issues.  Follow the link to learn some great things about Paul Ryan.

The only question now is:  how can he be properly slandered and slimed by the Party of the Poison Pen, the Democrats?  Believe me, they already have the slander well researched and written.  The only question for them now is, when is the best time to disseminate the political poison, which Democrat house organ or talking head will start it off, and what should the first barb be about?

The Poison Propaganda has already started to fly.  You can see it in the first headlines of leftist columnists:
    • "The Most Daring Decision of Mitt's Career," the New Yorker
    • "VP Pick an Admission of Fear from Mitt," Ezra Klein, Washington Post
Just from reading the above titles, one might get the impression that there is something terribly wrong or radical about the Catholic economist and father of three.

Stay tuned.  They're just getting started.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Lying Liberal Media Tries to Spin Obama's Vicious Political Ad, "They Both Do It."

Rush has a serious of soundbites this morning by the Democrat Propaganda Machine (formerly "the Mainstream Media").  The soundbites are a collection of media voices claiming that Romney's just as bad as Obama in making lying political ads.  Of course, the propagandists (formerly reporters) don't come right out and say that.  They do it obliquely, by saying things like "Both sides are boiling mad at each other tonight, accusing each other of lying, and they're both right."

I've seen this tactic in every major election.  It's the "both sides do it" gambit, an attempt to lessen the impact of negative disclosures about their candidate's latest shenanigans. The message:  One guy is no better (or worse) than the other.  You can't get mad at our guy when their guy is just as guilty of these improprieties.

Of course, Romney told no lies.  He stated, correctly, that Obama had gutted the welfare reform that President Clinton and a Republican Congress created some years back.  Obama removed the work requirement in order to receive welfare.  When Romney complained about it, the Obama camp exploded in paroxysms of outrage, saying it was all a lie, a gross misrepresentation, etc.  However, no Democrat has yet pointed to the alleged falsehoods,errors or misrepresentation, let alone refute them.  Obama claimed that some Republican governors had asked for waivers, allowing them to give out welfare without a work requirement.  However, no such governors exist.

Obama had simply lied again.  If caught, expect the Democrat media to start another round of "both sides do it."  Be not fooled by this well-worn gambit.  Without the lies, the Democrats would have no arguments at all.

Caroline Kennedy on Barack Obama

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Thomas Sowell on Greed

Romney Needs to Get Off His Ass and Fight

Any man or woman who seeks the Republican nomination has a duty:  he must do everything possible to win the general election.  A less than full effort is a betrayal to the people who nominated him in the first place.

Now we have another fine "gentleman" in Mitt Romney, who is just above all the nastiness.  Yes, a man in a fine suit with Emily Post manners who never gets his hair mussed is just too elegant to dirty himself with tactics that actually win.  That worked so well with John McCain, didn't it?

Now the pot-smoking radical college sophomore, one Barack Obama, is ready to mud-wrestle:  he's accused Romney of killing a woman (a brazen lie) and has stated that Bain Capital, where Romney worked, was funded through terrorist drug money!  The claims are so absurd that they belong in Mad Magazine rather than the New York Times.  Romney's milque-toast response (delivered by one Andrea Schull) to the "killed woman" (who died of cancer):  "Well if she had lived in Massachusetts, she would have had medical care."

Brilliant!  The Romney camp's response was to issue an argument for Obamacare!  ("Du-u-uhh, what town am I in?  What day is it?")

The truth is that Mrs. Soptic was diagnosed with cancer and died very soon thereafter.  Her diagnosis came too late.  No amount of free medical care would have saved her.

Mitt Romney needs to launch an effective counter-attack.  Right now he seems weak, ineffective and out of touch, like a Sunday School preacher invited to a cock fight.

WAKE UP ROMNEY.  It is time to mount an effective strategy and counterattack to WIN.  It wouldn't hurt to find a good VP candidate as well.  Time is of the essence!

Monday, August 06, 2012

A Road Map to Learning to Play Bass

I have another blog devoted to playing bass, and just now posted an article "A Road Map to Learning Bass."

For my bass playing, blogging friends out there, take a look.  Here's the link.

Sikh Temple Shooter Identified (Photos)

The dead shooter of the Wisconsin Sikh Temple has been identified as one Wade Michael Page, a 40 year old former Army soldier.  Apparently, he was a member of some sort of White Supremacist gang.  His motivation in shooting the Sikhs appears to be that they were just the wrong color for his tastes.

Page was a guitar player in a band called "End Apathy." found their photos and logos on MySpace, and two of them are posted here.  The "End Apathy" graphics display a desire to beat up brown people and then to "self-destruct."  The first image shows a white fist smashing into a brown face, with the captions "Definite Hate" and "Violent Victory."  The second image shows a dead skinhead, festooned with tattoos, lying dead in a gutter, a police car nearby.

Apparently, Page followed his own propaganda to the letter:  attacked brown people and self-destructed in the process.  This was clearly a "suicide by cop" by an extremist who wanted to go out killing people he hated.

Page's "End Apathy" Myspace page is still up, and you can listen to "End Apathy" music there if you so desire.  The link is here.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Lying, Libelous Left

Some kook shot several people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin before the police terminated his sorry ass.  Now the lying, libelous Left is claiming that Michele Bachmann caused the shooting by making critical comments about Islam.  Being brain-dead ignoramuses, they apparently don't know that Sikhs aren't Muslims.  They are but one of many religions that Muslims violently attack.

But if Bachmann didn't cause it, then Beck, Savage and Rush did.  How did these brainless twits come to this conclusion?  

They came to it through their own virulent hatred of conservatives and anyone who stands in their way of creating a socialist paradise on earth.  When it comes to hate, the Left is in a class by itself.  The only thing worse than their hatred is their hypocrisy.  They slander with impunity, take no responsibility, make horrible accusations without facts or proof, jump to conclusions and make up stories on the spot.  If they think at all, it is with their adrenal glands, not their brains.

Entire books have been written to document the Left's over-the-top hatred.  Try Malkin's "Unhinged" or Coulter's "Slander:  Liberal Lies About the American Right."  Liberals believe that they can be reckless and incendiary in their steady stream of hate speech, knowing full well that the liberal media won't hold them to account.  By telling the most odious lies about people like Bachmann, Savage, Beck and Rush, they themselves may be indirectly  encouraging violence against individuals.  And if any of those people are killed, you can bet leftist joy, openly expressed, will be the result.

Check out for a steady example of Leftist lies and hate.  These folks regularly call for conservatives to "die" or to "kill themselves," and express open joy when a conservative dies.  They destroy property, bully and slander their political opponents, and generally make asses of themselves.  Yet they accuse conservatives of being the ones who are suffused in hate.

There is nothing more hateful than a lying libelous liberal.  I will oppose these evil people with my dying breath.

Robert Stacy McCain Joins the Anti-Jihad Movement (Finally)

Although late to the battle, Robert Stacy McCain has lent a welcome voice to the battle against Islam.  (I know I am supposed to say "Radical Islam," but I like to refrain from using redundant terms.)

McCain has written an excellent article today called "Why 'Moderate Islam' Is Doomed."  In it, he tells how Muslim leaders who refrain from violence will be murdered by the Muslims who do not.  Violence, it should be noted, is a commandment of Muhammad and his Sock Puppet, Allah.  McCain then describes how the Left always attacks the messenger of bad news rather than the object of the message.  He writes:
We are seeing a re-enactment of a familiar theme: The confusion caused by those who insist that we should not fear our enemy, but rather fear those who warn against the enemy. In England during the ’30s, the advocates of appeasement insisted that Churchill was a greater danger than Hitler. More recently, during the Cold War, there were those who claimed that anti-Communist “extremists” like Ronald Reagan were a greater danger than the Communists themselves. And now we find that many fools have been persuaded by those who say that “Islamophobia” is a greater danger than Islam.
Well said.  We see this convoluted logic applied in many ways.  It is why the English Defence League is so hated in Great Britain.  Kill the messenger!

Read McCain's entire article here.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Another Chick-Fil-A Vandalized by the "Love" Crowd

Vandalism Is an Act of Hate
Another Chick-Fil-A, this one in Missouri, has been vandalized by the "Gay Love" Crowd.  It reads, "Don't Hate."  Yeah sure, vandalize property and act like the punks and thugs you are, that'll sure convince me of the "power of love."

I am not for men marrying boys either.  Does that mean I hate boys?

I am not for anyone marrying roosters.  Does that mean I hate roosters?

I am not for polygamous marriage either -- do I hate crowds?

The radical gays are very convincing in their methods.  I am convinced.  To never vote for gay marriage.

Radical Logic examples, turn-about:

Oh by the way, if you are for gun control, that must mean you hate gun owners.
If you are for higher taxation, you hate businessmen and women.
If you don't vote for Romney, you must be a reverse racist.

Don't hate, lefties.  You can prove you're not a "hater" by doing everything I like and nothing I don't.

Photo credit:  Michelle Malkin's Facebook Page.

120 Years Ago Today: Lizzie Borden Took an Ax....

120 years ago today, in a small town called Fall River, Massachusetts, Lizzie Borden decided she was tired of being a member of the 99% and decided to off the 1% and take his money.  Ah, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

On August 4, 1892, Lizzie Borden "found" her father hacked to death as he reclined, sleeping, on the living room sofa.  The maid went upstairs, and, voila!  The stepmother had been hacked to death too.  What a mess to clean up.  The maid should have asked for a raise at this point, but for some reason she left instead.

It would have been very difficult for an outsider to enter the house undetected and murder first the stepmother, then the father, without detection.  However, the maid was outside washing windows and Lizzie was in the backyard eating peaches off the family's tree.  Or so they claimed.

In any case, Lizzie was acquitted in a murder trial and lived out her life in luxury, spending dad's dough.  The case is still unsolved, though most people believe Lizzie did the deed.

Read about it here.

Always on Watch is practically an expert on the case, having even visited the scene of the crime, the Borden house in Fall River.  She got me interested in the case and I subsequently read three books on it.  Fascinating stuff.  I am not sure of Lizzie's guilt, and I would have voted to acquit for lack of evidence.

August 4 is also Barack Obama's birthday.  Last year AOW and I conspired to create a graphic that commemorated the two events, since they share so much in common.  See it here.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Chick-Fil-A Gay "Kiss-In" Incredibly Effective!

Yes, the big Chick-Fil-A gay "kiss-in" was incredibly producing yawns.  The Blaze reports there were more media leftards there than gays.  At the Hollywood Chick-Fil-A, the reporters were hoping to spin some propaganda, but were escorted off the premises when Chick-Fil-A called the cops.  It seems the very objective reporters were harassing the restaurant's employees, trying to get some reaction to the 3 or 4 protesters who showed up.

Some gay activists spray painted "Tastes Like Hate" on the wall of the Hollywood Chick-Fil-A.

Do I hate radical gays who destroy property and use fascist tactics to bully the public into endorsing their repugnant lifestyle?  No.  But I'm getting there.

It will be a cold day in Hell before I ever vote for gay marriage.

Harry Reid: Slimy, Unethical, Pathetic Little Man

I have often noted Harry Reid's utter sliminess as a human being.  He's a ruthless liar, a bitter little man.  He told lies about Rush Limbaugh some time back.  Rush had denounced "phony soldiers," referring to the several leftists who never served in the armed forces, but pretended they did for political reasons.  In other words, they lied -- must be a thing with Democrats.  Reid tried to create a false public impression that Rush had denounced real soldiers, and disingenuously wrote a letter to Rush's employer demanding that Rush be forced to issue a public apology for demeaning the armed services!

It was typical Democrat demagoguery, a dishonest and ruthless misrepresentation of the facts.  Reid hoped to create another Democrat fake scandal, knowing full well the true facts all the time.  The little man's scheme blew up on him and he fooled no one.

Now Harry Reid's telling lies about Mitt Romney.  "Someone" told him that Romney "hasn't paid taxes for ten years."  The only person who could know Romney's tax situation would be his accountant, and an accountant is sworn to secrecy about such matters.

Harry Reid is a senator from Nevada because of the powerful unions there who support such trash.

I don't have to create any new Photoshops of this small-minded creep.  Here are some I have created in the past . Use them if you like.

Sorry for the crude lingo in the second image, but it so perfectly sums up Harry Reid's worth to humanity.

My New Rickenbacker!

My son Stogie Jr. delivered my new red Rickenbacker 4003 yesterday afternoon, and a gorgeous work of art it truly is.  Paul McCartney has a 1965 version and lots of professional musicians use the Rickenbacker.  I have time off from work so plan to spend a lot of time practicing.

This bass left the factory only a month ago.  It's brand new.  Stogie Jr. bought it on E-Bay at a nice discount.  These babies aren't cheap.  The neck has these mother-of-pearl inlays (see the triangular shapes) that really help navigate the neck.  Thanks son!

Here's a video of Paul McCartney playing his blonde ("Mapleglo") finished Rickenbacker, left-handed version.  His is a 4001 model, identical except for the pearl inlays on the neck (mine is better!).