Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On Right-Wing "Hate": Don't Take the Democrat Bait

Answer a question for me.  Will you agree to stop beating your wife?  Yes or no.  Why won't you answer?  Well there you have it folks.  Mr. Reader has REFUSED to stop beating his wife.  YOU CUR!  You LOWLIFE!  Have you no SHAME?

Hey wait a minute!  You might object to the question because it implies guilt on your part.  No matter how you answer it, you are found guilty.  It is a question designed to put you on the defensive, to make you sweat and look bad.

Democrat operatives know this trick well.  Consider this.

MoveOn.Org, is planning a rally outside of Republican headquarters tomorrow to "condemn the hate."  What hate?  First off, no one has proven that there is any problem with Republican "hate" that requires a rally.  MoveOn's rally is built on a false premise and they know it.  The schemes and subterfuges of the Left are so transparent it is positively embarrassing.  In the political arena, hate is prominent and vicious from the Left, but far more scarce and muted on the Right.'s gambit is not to "condemn the hate," but to insinuate into the public mind that conservatives are dangerous crazies who are boiling with rage, ready to go postal at any minute.  The falling popularity of Democrats and the success of the Tea Parties are not the result of widespread opposition to Obama's radical policies. No, they are the result of some baseless and inexplicable "hate."  

When Democrat pundits and reporters ask GOP and Tea Party leaders to "condemn the hate,"  they are really asking for a tacit admission that the charge is true, that "hate" is a major problem on the Right.  Conservatives cannot and should not give credence to the false charge.  They must not become unwilling stooges in the Left's bogus drama.

If you are new to politics, this latest initiative by the Left should prove instructive.  Politics are largely a mind-game and often the game gets dirty.  Don't fall for it.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lawrence Auster of "View From the Right" Discusses Secession

I find myself reading "View From the Right" almost daily now.  I've had my disagreements with Lawrence Auster in the past, but he seems to have moderated his stance against other conservatives.  In any case, his site is filled with very intellectual discussions on the events of the day and provides great food for thought.

Lately Auster has noted that America is bitterly divided between conservatives and progressives, and it is obvious that we cannot abide progressives, and they can't abide us.  He sees two possibilities, one is a civil war where one side invades the other, bringing death and destruction to much of America.  The other is the division of the country into two different sections where each side can govern itself as it sees fit.  The problem with that possibility is that there is no clear delineation between the red states and the blue states; the reds and the blues intermix quite a bit throughout the country.  Auster theorizes that, if the political argument becomes too extreme, the two sides may voluntarily segregate themselves from each other, with conservatives moving to red states and liberals to blue states.  Then a division of the country might be feasible.

However, I doubt that would work very well either.  Progressivism needs productive citizens to milk, and if the productive go South and the nonproductive go North, the South would prosper while the North would stagnate economically.  Parasites need a host.

Alas, there is no clear and simple solution to our dilemma.  Auster believes the best hope is that the Democrats will be so badly defeated in the 2010 and 2012 elections, that the conservatives will gain sufficient control of the country to thwart progessive goals.  I hope he's right.

However, as Auster points out, the solution will not be found in electoral victories alone.  The liberal culture is so embedded in this country that elections alone will not solve the problem of creeping socialism.

So what's the answer?  Beats the hell out of me.  We need more discussion and a search for solutions.

FBI Raids and Arrests "Christian" Militia for Planned Violence

There's a story on the news about how the FBI raided a fanatical sect of "Christians" in Michigan who were planning to murder police officers.  Naturally the Left is trying to make political hay, saying that this is evidence of "a rising risk of far-right violence."  Nine men were arrested.  Wow, that's quite an uprising all right.

There have been various kooks and nuts who claimed to be Christians in the past, and yes, such nuts do exist.  Look at the sick group who celebrate the deaths of soldiers by picketing their funerals. However, neither they nor the Hutaree militia are typical and Christian doctrine does not command Christians to commit acts of violence on police officers or anyone else.  This is quite different from Islam, a violent religion that does indeed preach violence, murder, plunder and rape as part of its religious doctrine.  See Moscow for a recent example.  Nevertheless, the Left will bring up the Hutarees as moral equivalents the next time there is a Muslim terrorist attack.

This morning Officer Vic on KSFO radio questioned the timing of the FBI raid -- on the same weekend of the hugely successful Tea Party in Searchlight, Nevada.  One might surmise that the planned raid had a dual purpose: (1) to arrest potentially violent fanatics, and (2) to create a connection in the minds of the public between "Christian" extremists and Tea Party members.

Related Post:  the SPLC Strikes Gold in Michigan

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Au Revoir, DRZZ: a Great French Blog Discontinues Operations

UPDATE: is saved!  Three French conservatives have agreed to take over operation of the site so that it will continue!

The French conservative blog DRZZ has announced it will cease operations on April 2nd.  That makes me sad, as DRZZ is a great blog, a great defender of liberty and freedom.

Most of the DRZZ writers will be continuing their efforts on other blogs and venues, so I will post new links as soon as I have them.

DRZZ, mes copains, au revoir, à bientôt, until we see you again.

My translation of their announcement is below.
Today we are announcing sad news concerning the publication of Drzz.ino. will disappear April 2nd, due to new plans and directions.  Actually, it is the blog itself that will disappear, as several of our authors have already decided to continue writing on other sites.
They will tell you about it themselves in the posts they will publish up until the termination date.  Stay in touch until next Friday to learn where and how you can continue reading the posts and analyses by the best authors of this site.
Since August of 2006, has covered national and international issues with 50,000 visitors each month, 500 subscribers and 120,000 pages read each month.  5.000 articles have been published in little more than three years.  Interviews with uncommon personalities allowed us to be noticed in several countries, and to gain access to notable people. has been an uncommon adventure, a novel site in the French blogosphere.  It will continue -- in another form certainly -- but it will continue.
We warmly thank you for your interest and support of  We invite you to take note of the links that our authors will post, and to follow them in their new battles for liberty.
The seeds that were planted by have borne magnificent fruit.  Our articles have allowed us to define the civilizational struggles of our generation, for democracy and the rights of individuals; for Divine and universal principles that unite under our common banner, that of the Israeli patriot and the Iraqui voter, of the divine power dear to Pascal, that has inspired us to oppose green totalitarianism.
Nothing will be lost when disappears from search engines on April 2nd.  On the contrary, thousands of readers from throughout the world have been inspired by its arguments and have carried the fight forward.   New sites have been created and the debate carried forward, and allies convinced by what was written, defended and analyzed on this site.  This is the best compliment that has been paid to the intriguing concept known as Drzz, created one 5th of August, 2006.
With our warmest thanks,
The publishers of

Democrats Are Playing the Race Card Big Time

What does a Democrat do when the public is outraged at his party for passing an unpopular health bill?  What does he do when he knows he had better dust off his resume and begin looking for a new job come November?

Simple:  he does what Democrats always do in a tight spot, he starts screaming "RAA-AA-CISM!"

The Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are now doing their best to paint Republicans as "racists."  It is their usual Saul Alinsky style dirty tricks.  They can't win an honest argument so they attempt to create a false controversy to divert public attention from the real issue of Democrat-imposed socialism.

After using extreme measures to pass their unpopular health bill, Democrats claimed that they were being "threatened" by Republicans, and that certain Democrats were insulted with racial or homphobic epithets.

Frank Rich of the New York Times wrote that members of the Black Caucus were called the N-word 15 times by the Tea Party protestors in DC last weekend.  However, there is no video or other evidence that it happened even once.  No video evidence, in spite of Jesse Jackson Jr. earnestly scanning the crowd with two video cameras in an effort to collect some.

See Michelle Malkin's column today for full details, i.e. "Who's Perpetuating Lies, Stereotypes and Ignorance?"  Even better is her column "How the Left Fakes Hate:  A Primer."

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Democrat Grayson Threatens Republicans: Bring It On, Wimp-Boy

Donald Douglas has an  interesting post up at American Power this morning.  It features a video of a Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson stating that "all Republicans have left is fear and hatred" and that "we have to get rid of Republicans entirely."

Brave words from a member of the Party of Treason, to which I reply, "Bring it on, Grayson."

Douglas has another video of a liberal calling for the deaths of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly.

Earlier this week, these sick bastards were claiming that Republicans were inspiring and instigating violence against the Democrat traitors who forced socialism on an unwilling nation.  Now Douglas has shown it is the Dems themselves who are violent, hateful, intolerant and dangerous.

American patriots have long defended themselves from stronger and better thugs than our modern Democrats, and we will defend ourselves and the Constitution from the internal threat that they now pose.

The Republic may yet be preserved, but it is not clear whether that preservation will proceed via the ballot box or through a new American revolution.  Or as Bro says, "Buy ammo."  Just in case it is the latter.

It is time, as I have been saying for many months, for the red states to form a new coalition and alliance, for their common defense against the political abuses and usurpations being foisted upon us by the Party of Treason.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ann Coulter at Ottawa: Please Don't Feed the Skanks

Ann Coulter was supposed to speak yesterday at the University of Ottawa in Canada.  However, the leftwing campus trash showed up outside the auditorium carrying rocks and sticks and screaming at the top of their lungs.  Naturally, the cowardly faculty canceled Coulter's speech.

One of the screamers was a woman with a cavernous mouth, which she opened wide for all the world to see.   Here is the original picture of this Skank-on-Steroids, shouting at Ann Coulter.

I Photoshopped Skankzilla and now Ann Coulter is feeding her breakfast.  Ain't that nice?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Articles of Secession? The Sovereign Resolves of Bob Belvedere

Bob Belvedere posted the following at his site, the Camp of the Saints. I agree with his sentiments.  Bob may not know it, but Thomas Jefferson would have agreed with him   Thomas Jefferson said: “Whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force.”  In other words, we don't have to obey them.

Here's Bob:
The Leftists who are in control of the Executive and Legislative Branches of the national government of The United State have been staging a silent coup d’état — what Victor Davis Hanson is calling a ‘a quiet but insidious revolution’. Without resorting to guns and physical force, they have been systematically converting the federal government from a constitutional republic into a non-representative government.

With the signing of the health care reform bill today, the Congress and the Executive have violated their oaths of office and have delegitimized their authority over we the people of United States, who are the sovereignty, the source of emanation of all power in this country and from whom the government of the United States Of America derives it’s just powers by which it may legitimately govern. We are no longer under any obligation from this day forward to recognize the authority of the Congress and the Executive. Any of the ‘laws’ and regulations or Executive Orders they promulgate have no standing.

I am not advocating, at this point, that we take up arms and force the Leftists and their minions and useful idiots out of Washington. I do not believe we have reached that point yet. I am merely stating the fact that we are free, at this point, to disobey any of the ‘laws’ and regulations and Executive Orders they have issued, or will issue in future, with a clear conscience.

I have drafted a set of Resolves that I now place before you for your consideration. Please let me know your thoughts on them specifically and as to whether they are even needed and, if you approve, any changes you would suggest. These Resolves do not advocate we take up arms, but, rather, that we, when possible, as much as we are individually able, resist the tyrants who control the Legislative and Executive Branches of the national government.


RESOLVED: The government of the United States Of America in its Legislative and Executive branches is no longer the legitimate government representing the sovereign people of the United States Of America – the consent of the sovereignty is withdrawn. As a result of this fact:

a) Henceforth, all of its laws, orders, and regulations, from this day forward, shall be deemed to have no standing as legitimate because the Legislative and Executive branches no longer derive their just powers from the consent of the governed;

b) Therefore, the sovereignty is under no obligation to obey said laws, orders, and regulations from this day forward;

c) The President Of The United States and those members of the Congress who voted in favor of the health care bill, as signed by the President on 23 March 2010, are declared tyrants, deemed unfit to rule a free people, because of their overthrow of The Constitution Of The United States Of America and the imposition of a lawless regime;

d) Therefore, the sovereignty is permitted to do all Acts and Things which a free people may of right do as necessary to restore legitimate authority to the Executive and Legislative branches of the national government, including, but not limited to:

(1) resisting those laws, orders, and regulations promulgated by the Executive and the Congress from this day forward, in whatever manner, or to whatever extent, is possible,

(2) disrupting the operations of the tyrannical part of the national government, and

(3) undermining the efforts of the Executive and Legislative branches to impose their unconstitutional laws, orders, and regulations on the sovereign citizens of The United States;

RESOLVED: We shall avoid any acts of physical violence in carrying out this set of Resolves, but reserve the right, as it is our right as the sovereignty, to void this provision if necessary in self-defense of our life, liberty, and property against the actions of these tyrants.

RESOLVED: We swear, upon our Sacred Honor, to preserve, protect, and defend The Constitution Of The United States Of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Health Bill Passed

The Senate-passed bill cleared the House on a 219-212 vote, with Republicans unanimous in opposition. Obama is to sign the bill as early as Tuesday.

Let's make them pay dearly for this travesty.

Dems Have the Votes: We Move from Opposition to Active Resistance

According to Roll Call, the Democrats now have more than the 216 votes they needed to pass Marxist health care.

We now move from opposition into active resistance:  nullification, litigation, civil disobedience and open refusal to go along, possibly leading to secession of some states.  I suspect this will lead to new political associations and alliances, some of which cannot be immediately foreseen.  Imagine a new coalition of states willing to share state militias and national guards for their common defense against Washington.

It could happen, but only if it becomes obvious there is no legal redress at the ballot box or before the Supreme Court.  A ballot box revolution is preferable to a shooting one.  However, I suspect we will have our revolution sooner or later, in one form or the other.

A Conservative Teacher writes:
Some Democrats, liberals, and Loyalists even seem a little scared that the continual erosion of liberties and freedom and the increasing taxes and regulations and fees might even spark a revolution. They accuse these patriots of being divisive, feeling that people should just roll over when faced by a determined tyrant.
America was built on the concept of "the consent of the governed."  With the coming of socialism, many of us consent no longer.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Obamacare is Hard to Swallow

Hat tip:  Theodore's World

Hooray for Hollyweird! Famous Hollywood Sign In Danger

Apparently the famous Hollywood sign is in danger of destruction by development.  This is the sign made of 45 foot high wooden letters, painted white, that was constructed for advertising back in 1923.  Various parties are trying to raise funds to save the sign by purchasing the land around it.  I hope they succeed -- I am in favor of historical preservation.

However, based on new "truth in adverstisng" laws, it is rumored that the sign will now appear as depicted below.

WimpyCare: a Cartoon by Guy

A reader named Guy sent me his cartoon of "Wimpy Care."  After taxing us into oblivion for four years, Obamacare will provide government issued health care in four years.

Most people don't know that the taxes start now and the "benefits" start later.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Battle for America: Already Lost?

The Democrats are moving heaven and earth to pass their socialized medical bill, using highly dubious means that appear unconstitutional and ruthless.  Anger over this is at the boiling point, not only among conservatives, but many Americans of differing political persuasions.

I, however, remain calm.  I suppose it's because I have almost reconciled myself to the end of America as we know it.  The situation, as I see it, is no longer to defeat the socialist juggernaut that sees its goals within reach, but to find ways to nullify and resist the increasingly tyrannical rule being foisted upon us.

Many states are planning to sue the federal government over Obamacare, and constitutional challenges to its passage are being planned.  Obama's impeachment is now being discussed as a real possibility.  We should try and remove this radical leftist from the presidency by any legal means possible.  He is a disaster, just as we predicted he would be.

It is obvious that the Democrats' pursuit of a new, socialist America will not be deterred by the will of the people or the unpopularity of their schemes.   The question now is how can we best resist and nullify the damage that they have wrought.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Only a Fascist Would Oppose Nazi Immigration

I was too occupied being occupied this past week, so neglected to comment on Glenn Beck's comment about Geert Wilders.  Beck called Wilders a "fascist" for opposing all Islamic immigration into the Netherlands.  After all, not all Muslims are terrorists.   I believe Charles Krauthammer also voiced some similar naive nonsense.

That about does it for me with regards to Beck.  What a schmuck.  Wilders opposes Muslim immigration because of their core ideology of violence, hatred and subversion.  True, some are less enthusiastic about practicing it than others.  Heck, I even know a few Mormons who like to drink.  There's hope for everyone.

But facts are facts.  A lukewarm Muslim may see the light and become a zealot.  Many of them do.  Or their kids do.  They have this nasty little book called the Qur'an.  It tells them to ambush infidels, chop off their heads, rape their women, steal their booty, etc.  Apparently, there are some people who think all religion is good, even when it preaches and practices evil.

Would we hold the same immigration standard for millions of practicing Communists?  How about practicing cannibals?  Head hunters?  Practitioners of human sacrifice?  Practicing Nazis?  After all, not all of them were members of the SS.

No, of course not.

Should these nasty folk wish to come to America (or the Netherlands) and kill us, they will first need to establish their ideology as a religion.  Then it will be okay and even tax-exempt.  Just ask Glenn Beck.

See also:  Carol's excellent essay on the controversy.


I went into work today expecting it would be my last day, but then I found a paycheck in my inbox.  It was for a decent amount, too, just in time to pay the mortgage.

Okay, says I, I'll stick around for awhile.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Insurrection by Insolvency & the Coffee Party

Apparently, there is a new liberal/left movement called "the Coffee Party" that is trying to simultaneously emulate and oppose the Tea Party movement.  Of course, the Coffee Party is a pretentious put-on, not a genuine grassroots groundswell like the Tea Parties.   To use the proper word, the Coffee Party is astroturf -- fake.

Left Coast Rebel and Another Black Conservative have been covering the story quite well; refer to their blogs for lots of background and up-to-date information.

The Democrats' Marxist health care bill is still under heavy bombardment and it is not certain that it will ever pass; but don't assume it will not.  We are having a war here in America, one that does not involve violence, except the violence to the Constitution and our economic health.  The radical Democrats are using debt to destroy America.  It is revolution by bankruptcy, sedition by insolvency.

If you hate American sovereignty, economic prosperity and national security, do indeed join the Coffee Party (also known as "the Commie Party").  Flavor that brew with a little arsenic and you too can be a member of the self-hating, suicidal left -- and with the same result.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Strange Feeling of Happiness

Every so often I feel happy, light-hearted and optimistic.  I am having such a moment on this glorious, spring-like day in Northern California.  California doesn't care what Punxultany Phil has to say about it, California always has spring way early.  The fields and hills are velvet green, splashed with a bit of yellow color from wild mustard and bits of orange from wild poppies.  My lemon tree is heavy with ripe fruit.  The state legislature is heavy with ripe fruitcakes, but that's another story.

I think the subconscious mind often knows things that the conscious mind is not yet privy to.  I hope that's what's going on with me today.  Maybe I just feel good from getting over the flu this past week; an absence of retching does wonders for the mood.

I've always loved the song embedded below.  It describes well how I feel right now.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Strange Things Are Happening

Years ago I used to watch Red Buttons on black and white television (before there was color) singing "Strange Things Are Happening."  Now when something weird comes my way, I think of that song from the misty recesses of the ancient past.

I just finished my fourth week of working for a financial consulting firm, but am yet to see a dime in pay.  So on Monday I am turning in my laptop, saying "Sayonara" and walking out the door.  The lady who runs the company is just very strange:  secretive, manipulative and odd.

So on Monday it will be adios, arriverderci and goodbye.

Yeah, yeah, I know Bro, you warned me.  I knew it was a risk, but I did want to get my hands around some complex tax returns and managed to prepare four complicated partnership returns for a venture capitalist and a Subchapter S return for a small company.  I have some very recent tax experience to add to my resume, so maybe it will help me get some actual paying work.

So continues the Soap Opera I call my life.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Etta James Sings "Damn Your Eyes"

My band continues to practice regularly and it is paying off. We feel very comfortable making music together and we have noticed a growing polish to our performance. The latest song we are learning is "Damn Your Eyes" by Etta James. It is embedded below.

Our female soul singer does a very good rendition.

Friday, March 05, 2010

A New Bombshell in the Amanda Knox Conviction: She Didn't Do It

Another development in the Amanda Knox murder conviction has come to light.  Amanda Knox is an American university student who was studying in Italy when one of her house mates was murdered.  In a very controversial trial, Knox and her boyfriend, Rafael Sollecito, were convicted of taking part in the crime.

Rudy Guede is the man who raped the murder victim.  He was convicted of the murder of Meredith Kercher based on strong evidence:  his semen in Kercher, his bloody fingerprints all over the crime scene, and his confession at trial.

A cellmate of Rudy Guede says Guede told him that Knox was not present when Guede murdered Kercher.  He also stated that Rafael Sollecito, Knox's boyfriend, was not present either.  The Italian prosecutor theorized that Knox and Sollecito were present and participated in a "sex game gone wrong."

The Italian prosecutor in the trial, one Giuliano Mignini, has been subsequently convicted himself, of prosecutorial irregularities in a different murder trial.  This adds credence to charges that Mignini was both ruthless and dishonest in the trial of Amanda Knox.

A lot of observers have noted that the evidence against Knox and Sollecito was dubious at best, and that their convictions were based more on the prosecutor's speculations rather than hard evidence.  She and Sollecito are appealing their convictions.

Read more about it here.

Update:  Since I posted this, I have come to believe that Amanda Knox and Raffael Sollecito are innocent of the crime.  See Injustice in Perugia, a site detailing the wrongful conviction of Amanda Knox and Raffael Sollecito.

John Patrick Bedell: So Much in Common with Me! The Wing Nut Connection?

Yesterday, a nut named John Patrick Bedell walked up to two police officers at an entrance to the Pentagon, drew a pistol and opened fire.  He wounded the two police officers but they killed him with return fire.  Now the mainstream media is trying to connect Bedell with the Tea Party movement and/or "right wing extremists" (what else is new?).

You see, it is a belief in limited government, low taxes and adherence to the constitutional basis of America's founding that causes such behavior.  This is why the Founding Fathers were all Wing Nuts, Christian zealots and racists sporting Saturday Night specials that they bought at Gun-O-Rama.  It's why they often walked up to British guards and opened fire with their flintlock pistols.  There is something about personal responsibility and human freedom that drives men mad.  It's why the public should fear with great dread, the Tea Party movement, and any and all resistance to Obama's socialist initiatives.  Thank you so much, MSM, for pointing all of this out.

I was surprised that John Patrick Bedell and I have so much in common.  He and I both live (or in his case, lived) in Hollister, California.  He was a graduate student at San Jose State University and I graduated from San Jose State.  The connection is pretty clear:  either living in Hollister or attending San Jose State drives men to acts of irrational violence.  Don't be judgmental.  Have you ever BEEN to Hollister?  Have you SEEN the girls at San Jose State?  I rest my case.

Bedell received his B.A. degree from U.C. Santa Cruz and so did my youngest son.  David Horowitz has called U.C. Santa Cruz the most left wing university campus in the country.  He isn't far wrong.

Yes, I too am a Wing Nut, and proud of it.  I think Obama is a flaming commie, that he ought to make his birth certificate public, that 9/11 was NOT an inside job, that Oswald killed Kennedy all by himself, and that states have the right to secede from the union.  I believe in gun ownership, disbelieve in anthropogenic global warming, believe in drilling for oil off our coasts until they bleed, love driving gas guzzlers, wearing Stetson hats and smoking big cigars.  Ah ha ha ha!  (It's difficult to express a truly wicked laugh in text.  Use your imagination.)

The only problem is that we Wing Nuts love the military.  We'd never fire on the Pentagon.  We believe that peace protesters who lie down in front of trucks or tanks should be flattened like toad frogs on the Bayshore Freeway.

Oh, and one more thing, we don't register as Democrats.  John Patrick Bedell was just another left wing loonie, a Moonbat, not a Wing Nut...and a registered Democrat!

In other words, he was one of YOURS, lefties.  You lose.  Again.

However, I suspect it isn't politics that makes someone crazy.   They choose the politics that is most in line with their predilections.   Paranoid, angry people will often become conspiracy theorists and hate certain authority figures while identifying with others.  Bedell's politics were a product of his psyche, not the other way around.

Update 1:  Left Coast Rebel posted the voter record that gives Bedell's address in Hollister.  I hopped in my car, punched the address into my GPS and tried to go over to his house.  However, my GPS led me to the Ridgemark Golf & Country Club, where Bedell lived in a gated community (complete with a guard shack), so I couldn't complete my journey.  In any case, it appears Bedell wasn't economically depressed.  Update 1a :  I put Bedell's address into Google Maps and saw his house from both an aerial and street view.  The house is huge and has a pool and spa in the back yard.

Update 2:  Here's an interesting article about Bedell.  Apparently, Bedell was a 9/11 truther, hated the government and had mental problems.  You have to feel for his family and what they are going through right now.  Both his mother and his father are pillars of the Hollister community.

Victoria Jackson: "There's a Communist Living in the White House"

Former Saturday Night Live entertainer Victoria Jackson is a conservative.  She sings a song to Obama, "There's a Communist Living in the White House," and the video is embedded below.

I heard about the video from Brian Sussman of KSFO radio, 560 AM, out of San Francisco.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC: A Torrent of Invective at Tea Party Organizer

MSNBC and CNN pundits have a simple strategy to derail the Tea Party movement:  continuous, nonstop slander, fake charges of "racism" and "extremism." Their strategy is transparent and by now we are all well aware of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals."  To energize your base and put your opposition on the defensive, paint them as thoroughly dark and evil.

A rather incompetent student of Alinksy's tactics is one Dylan Ratigan (pronounced "Rat Again"), a midmorning program host of the far-left MSNBC.  Yesterday he invited Tea Party Express organizer Mark Williams to appear on his show.  There, Williams was the target of Ratigan's vicious invective, accusing him (and the Tea Party movement) of being anti-black and anti-Jew, and in bed with Nazis.

Ratigan is an extreme caricature of a leftwing crackpot.  He continually yelled at Williams, demanding that he answer Rat Again's ridiculous accusations, but without giving him a chance to do so.  Williams countered by answering Rat Again's accusations, talking over Rat's nonstop harangue, which really annoyed Rat Again.

The nasty exchange is embedded below.

Vince Guaraldi's Last Gig Site (Butterfield's) All Boarded Up

Since I am working in Menlo Park this week, I went by the site of Butterfield's Nightclub on the way home.  It's the club where the Vince Guaraldi Trio played its last gig on February 6, 1976.  Guaraldi died between sets in his room at the Red Cottage Inn, right next door to the club, ostensibly of a heart attack.

I visited the site a year ago and posted my thoughts at this link.  At that time, Gaylord's Indian Restaurant had just closed business at the site and the place was beginning to look shabby.  Today, however, I noticed that no other business has used the site in the past year:  Gaylord's sign is still on the awning, and now all the windows and doors have been boarded up.

I have added three pictures I took late this afternoon.  The boards over the windows and doors are pretty obvious.  This is not a good sign...will the old Butterfield's site be torn down?

With the terrible economy and California's extreme anti-business policies, it would be an uphill battle to get this old building renovated and back to productive use.  One can only hope.

UPDATE: You can view the site of Butterfield's Nightclub using Google Earth or Google Maps. Go to Google Maps and enter the address of Butterfield's, 1706 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA.  You can view Butterfield's (Gaylord's India Restaurant in its latest incarnation) from an aerial view or also from a street view.  The street view can be manipulated so you can see all sides of the building and how it relates to the Red Coach Inn.

Bottom photo:  This was the front entrance, under an awning, to Butterfield's.

UPDATE 2:  I googled the street address of the building and found mention of it at the Menlo Park website.  Apparently, the owners of the building intend to demolish it and replace it with a two-story medical office building.  Read it here.

UPDATE 3:  A reader writes to say the plan to demolish the building fell through for lack of financing:
I found your tribute to Vince Guaraldi. Good job! I work in the area, and as of today (7/7/2010), the building where Butterfield's nightclub was is still boarded up. I talked with the owner of the Red Cottage Inn, which is a totally separate property, and she said the building (formerly Gaylord India Restaurant) was planned to be replaced with a medical building, but the owner couldn't get the funds together, so the project was scrapped, and the bank owns the building now, and currently there are no plans for it.


UPDATE 4:  Butterfield's has been demolished (8/11/2010).  Reader JD works in Menlo Park and has regularly checked the site.  JD writes:
Found your post, "Vince Guaraldi's Last Gig Site (Butterfield's) All Boarded Up." Since I'm in Menlo Park quite a lot, I stopped by Wednesday to see if anything had changed. Oh, it has. Butterfield's is gone. Photo attached.

Had to shoot through the temporary construction fence. Looks like this is pretty fresh demolition, since the heavy gear is still on site.

And so it goes.