Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Academy Awards: The Enemy In Black Tie

I've always loved movies, but they aren't what they used to be. Today Hollywood is patently leftist and largely anti-American. When I watched the Academy Awards tonight I felt I was looking in on a meeting of the enemy. Film is used so much for propaganda purposes now and it takes a lot of mental effort to screen out the leftist messages and premises buried in the scripts. It is often not worth the effort to watch.

Biased movies with liberal themes are not the main problem. Movies today are largely just plain terrible in quality. My wife and I drop by the local Blockbusters once a week or so to see if there are any movies worth watching. Frequently, there aren't any. Hollywood has become a cultural wasteland, as barren of meaning, inspiration and entertainment as Death Valley. After wandering through the aisles filled with sex movies, vampires, murderers, hate-America films and other trash, we leave emptyhanded and feeling disgusted. I did have one moment of pleasure, however, when I noticed that Al Bore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth" had a shelf full of unrented DVD's. No one is rushing out to rent that pap.

Al Bore got an Oscar for his mythical propaganda film about global warming. The award was strictly political, as the film is scientifically inaccurate and highly boring. The woman who scored the film also won an Oscar and thanked her "wife and their four kids" for supporting her in the effort. Next year I expect a PETA member to win an Oscar and then thank his wife Bossy and their four calves.

Hollywood continues to annoy and irritate me. Every vacuous starlet and wannabe feels the need to mouth off about George Bush or Americans or the United States, saying something that is insulting or ridiculous. Now when I see Gwyneth Paltrow I remember her juvenile diatribe about how Americans are shallow and greedy, and that's why she now lives in England. I will never watch one of her films again. It's not that I demand a political litmus test in those I allow to entertain me. It's because I do not patronize those entertainers who feel it necessary to insult me and Americans in general.

The latest airhead to make this mistake is America Ferrera, star of the TV comedy "Ugly Betty." Yesterday she made some lame comment that America will not be free again until we get rid of George Bush. "Ugly Betty" was my favorite television show but now I feel irritation at the thought of watching it. Maybe I won't bother. It's not that I think George Bush is the second coming. In truth, he is a mediocre president and a weak leader. I too will be glad when he leaves office. But to make an asinine statement that America isn't "free" because Bush is in power tells me that Ms. Ferrera is just another liberal airhead, a typical pull-string vocal puppet of the faddish Hollywood left.

And we have enough of those already.

Not All Westerners Are Chicken: Dutch Pol Geert Wilders

Well my last post was a bit pessimistic. Realistic, but pessimisic.

Not all Westerners are cowards, just their governments. There is a French school teacher in hiding for criticizing Islam in print, with death Fatwas issued against him by the Religion of Murder.

Now there is Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, who is a hero in my book. He got in trouble (I almost said "in Dutch") this past week for saying Muslims who want to live in the Netherlands must tear out half of the Koran and throw it away. The jihad parts, the murder of infidel parts, would have to be discarded. Saudi Arabian officials demanded a retraction and an apology, but he refused to give it. He said he had nothing to learn about freedom of speech from totalitarianists.

Yesterday Wilders had a few more things to say that won't play well in Ryadh or Tehran. He said:

"I do not want to live in a country where some day six or seven members of cabinet could be Muslim," adding that Islamic laws were "barbaric", referring to four people who were beheaded in Saudi-Arabia this week.

"I want to encourage Muslims to leave the Netherlands voluntarily. The demographic development should become such, that the chance is small that we again have two Muslims in the cabinet." About 1 million Muslims live in the Netherlands out of a population of 16 million.

Last week Wilders called on Muslims to ditch half the teachings in the Koran and said he would chase Islam's Prophet Mohammad out of the country if he were alive today. The Iranian embassy called those remarks "spiteful", while the Saudi Arabian embassy held talks over the comments with Dutch foreign ministry officials.

Damn, we complain a lot about the Euroweenies, but there are also some EuroSTUDS out there too. Wilders is one of them. Long may he wail. I absolutely agree with everything he said.

Playing Chicken with the Madman of Iran

Iranian President and Muslim Fascist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is playing a dangerous game of "chicken" with the West. In high school "chicken" was played by two punks in hot rods driving towards each other at high speed. The first to swerve from the path of head-on collision was the "chicken." If neither driver was chicken, then both drivers were dead. Real cool, man.

President Imadinnerplate says he won't stop his nuclear enrichment program. He is betting that the West is too chicken to stop him. I think he's right; we won't. Iran will soon have the bomb and already has the missiles to deliver the bomb. A mushroom cloud (or several) over Israel seems likely in the near future.

With the Israelis dead the Left can then bring out new conspiracy theories of how the nuclear attack was really carried out by the Bush Administration in order to influence the polls and the 2008 presidential election. Kooks from New York will make movies showing how Tel Aviv's fiery end was really a controlled demolition that has Dick Cheney's fingerprints all over it. Arab leaders will swear that Israel was nuked by the Jews themselves in order to slander the name of Islam. Some paleocon nutball from Texas will give speeches in an evangelical style saying "I don't think the Tel Aviv holocaust was a controlled demolition, I KNOW IT WAS A CONTROLLED DEMOLITION!" At this point he will be drowned out by the thunderous applause and cheers of maniacal moonbats. Some Democrats will demand a congressional investigation to determine Bush's complicity in the disaster.

Yesterday there were reports in the news that Israel had asked for rights to an air corridor over Iraq so they could attack Iran's nuclear facilities. The story was probably a plant. Our intelligence agencies are good at head games but, with the Democraps in power, we are a toothless tiger. We can growl a lot but no longer have any bite. Propaganda is the best we can do.

President Madmood will not be playing chicken with the US or anyone else in the Western world anytime soon. In order to play chicken you have to have two cars on the road, and right now there is only one, the car from Iran. The Western World doesn't have to "play chicken." We're the real thing. We are authentic, thank you very much.

Gore's Film Is "Science Fiction"

Al Gore is expected to win an Oscar tonight for his film "An Inconvenient Truth." However, climatologist Patrick J. Michaels says the film is a work of Science Fiction, not fact. Michaels gives as an example Gore's claim that Greenland's meltdown will cause sea levels to rise 20 feet by 2100. More objective scientific data predicts a rise of 8 to 17 inches. As for Greenland's meltdown, it is losing ice at the rate of 0.4% per century. Why the incredible exaggeration and fear-mongering by the Left over climate change? You can bet greater governmental control over industry and the private sector is the goal, with mythical global warming the justification. Don't believe Gore or the other liberal kooks who dessiminate this baloney - they are not to be trusted.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cowboy Wimpy in Texas (Barack Obama)

The wimpoid known as Barack Obama mouthed off in Texas today about Dick Cheney, a man with more testosterone in his little toe than Obama has in his whole body. There was a picture in the news of this lightweight posing in a cowboy hat.

Of course the Dems love Obama, he's a former Muslim, he's black, he's a leftist and he hasn't a clue. What's not to like? Of course his skin color trumps everything else. Liberals care more about gender and ethnicity than competence or experience.

The alternative to Obama is Hillary Clinton, a posing, posturing airhead who must have every interview scripted with questions presented in advance, and who is on a "listening tour" of America. She is "listening" so she won't have to speak and reveal the utter vacuity of her knowledge of politics or anything else. Obama and Hillary had a nasty spat this week after a liberal rich supporter backed Obama instead of Hillary. I loved it.

D'Souza's Destructive New Book

Dinesh D'Souza's destructive new book "The Enemy At Home" is apparently a best seller. D'Souza has done a tremendous disservice to the cause of truth and Western resistance to Islamic aggression. Basically, his thesis is that the West should suck up to Islam more while rationalizing its aggression and denigrating those who resist. D'Souza reinforces old errant myths and invents a few new ones in his ignorance of Islam.

D'Souza's attempt to blame 9/11 on liberal morals is mere scapegoating and is easily refuted. Devout Muslims would not approve of the morals of the most devout Christian conservatives either - we don't cover our women in burqas nor segregate by gender. To Muslims, those who reject Islam reject "God" and have committed a crime against "God" and thus deserve death. There is no sucking up to Islam nor any other action save that of conversion that will placate Islamic radicals. To pretend otherwise does a disservice to conservatives as much as to liberals.

Powerline blog has a good post today describing D'Souza's insipid nonsense. Read it here.

A more comprehensive rebuttal can be read here.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Muslim Standards: Murder Anyone You Disagree With

There's an article in Reuters today about a Muslim woman who was murdered by a Muslim fanatic just before she was to give a speech. The article (h/t Little Green Footballs) says:
LAHORE, Pakistan (Reuters) - A suspected Islamist zealot shot dead a Pakistani woman provincial government minister on Tuesday because he believed women should not be in politics, officials said.

Zil-e-Huma, social welfare minister of the Punjab government, a women's activist and supporter of President Pervez Musharraf, was about to give a speech to dozens of people when the lone attacker shot her in the head. She died later in hospital.

The gunman, identified as Mohammad Sarwar, was immediately arrested.  Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat told Reuters the gunman had been implicated in six previous murder cases but had never been convicted because of a lack of evidence.

"He is basically a fanatic," Basharat said. "He is against the involvement of women in politics and government affairs."

The shooting occurred at Huma's party office in the town of Gujranwala, 70 km (43 miles) north of the provincial capital, Lahore.

"He considers it contrary to the teachings of Allah for a woman to become a minister or a ruler. That's why he committed this action," the police said in a statement.
That's one of the disturbing things about the world's most violent religion. If you believe someone does anything that is contrary to the teachings of "Allah" or the Qur'an, you have the right to murder them. You, acting under your own assumptions, beliefs and biases, can kill someone in the name of "God." Where this stops is anyone's guess. If someone roots for the Cowboys and you are a 49ers fan, can you kill them? What if someone has a slightly different interpretation of the Qur'an than you do? Can you murder him? What if they are wearing a shirt with a color you don't like? Bang-bang, you're dead?

Muslim violence is not limited to non-Muslims. Sunnis and Shiites have been killing each other for centuries, and the current violence in Baghdad is just a continuation of the same. Your Islam is not the same as mine, so you should die.

I have no doubt that if the Sunnis ever wipe out the Shiites, then Sunnis will start killing each other under the assumption that your Sunni Islam is not the true Sunni Islam like mine is.

Islam is a horrible religion.

UPDATE: In the UK, a Muslim man set fire to his house to kill his entire family for being "too Western."

What is it about Islam that turns human beings into monsters? Oh yeah, the guy with the horns. Islam is Satanic.


Monday, February 19, 2007

Strange Psychology Update: The "Truthers" Movement

The BBC, generally not to be trusted due to its strong anti-american bias, outdid themselves with a television special investigating the claims of the "Truther" conspiracy theorists about 9/11. The Truthers believe 9/11 was staged by the US government, that the towers were felled with staged demolitions, and a lot of other bizarre notions. One of the leaders of this movement is a 23 year old kook named Dylan Avery, who promotes the theory through a highly deceptive film called "Loose Change."

To everyone's surprise, the BBC documentary turned out to be a debunking of the Truther movement and makes the Truthers look rather stupid. Dylan Avery seems quite full of himself but gets a bit edgy when some of his claims are debunked to his face.

Little Green Footballs has three excerpts of the documentary (linked to YouTube videos) that everyone should see. The viewing is enjoyable and the results satisfying: the Truthers are left with egg on their faces.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Strange Psychology of the Political Left

For years the Left (the liberals, the Democrats, etc) have seemed suicidal, self-hating, even downright crazy. With radical Islam conspiring to murder thousands, if not millions, of Westerners, the Left embraces the terrorists, wearing Muslim clothing and gear to their anti-war demonstrations, making excuses for the terrorists' murderous attacks, and blaming it all on American Imperialism or capitalism or Western arrogance or cultural hegemony or swamp gas or whatever bogey man they can dream up.

However, as a seasoned American (a little oregano, some chili powder, a dash of paprika) I remember the sixties and seventies and the atmosphere on college campuses. Then the Left identified with the Marxists who wanted to undermine, sabotage and conquer the rest of the world. The Left showed up at their anti-war rallies wearing Che Guevara T shirts, carrying Viet Cong flags or wearing old army jackets and berets to pretend that they too were romantic revolutionaries.

A question that has puzzled me for years is this: why does the Left always side with Evil? Why are they always so quick to sell out their own people to totalitarian aggressors? Don't they know that if we lose, they too will lose their freedoms and maybe their lives?

The American Thinker has a great article that explains the mechanics of Loon-Thought. Their article describes the Jewish Kapos, the Jewish police that were an arm of the Nazis in the concentration camps, wearing cast off Nazi uniforms and helping in the persecution of their own people. They sought to distance themselves from the ovens by serving the seat of power, by identifying with the source of their greatest fear. If we are with you, how can you be against us? If we hate the same people you do, are we not allies and friends?

This psychological phenomenon was named "the Stockholdm Syndrome" in the 1970's, after
bank customers were taken hostage by armed robbers and held for days before being released. The former hostages spoke glowingly of their captors. They had come to identify with their tormentors, seeing themselves as part of them. A psychologist in Stockholm explained that this misplaced identification was a psychological coping mechanism, an attempt to curry favor with the captors and be spared from death. The former hostages' reaction was similar to that of the Kapos of the concentration camps.

I read somewhere that this behavior is similar to that of certain wild beasts. Wild dogs, for example, exhibit their submission to the pack leader by laying on their backs and exposing their throats to the leader's fangs. By assuming such a vulnerable position, the subservient members of the pack signal their willingness to be dominated, and it spares them from death. In some situations in the animal world, pacifism works.

Today when we see liberals reaching out to Muslim fanatics, or arguing that their hostility to us is our own fault, or that 9/11 was a Zionist plot, or that we should be in awe of the splendid civilization built by Musims and the grandeur of the Koran, we should know what's happening. It is the Stockholm Syndrome, the baring of the throat. The Left, in terror of their own mortality, are in deep denial of a reality so terrible it cannot be faced. Instead of taking courageous and proactive action to thwart Islamic aggression and terror, they instead seek common ground with the enemy in the hope that they may be spared.

This phenomenon probably explains why so many modern Jews (both in and out of Israel) act in ways that appear contrary to their own best interests, e.g., funding projects for Islamic societies, voting for Democrats, liberals and leftists, denouncing Israel, parroting Palestinian propaganda about occupation and oppression.

The American Thinker article makes a lot of sense and gives a lot of clear examples of why the Left behaves as it does. Read the article.

Nancy Pelosi Introduces Her Pet Dog

John Murtha is such a patent leftard that even the liberal Washington Post has criticized his dishonesty regarding the war in Iraq. He is the ultimate lapdog for the Surrender Queen, Nancy Pelosi.

One can only wonder how the country will survive these two.

I am including a transparent gif file of Lapdog Murtha below. Feel free to use it by putting it into photos of your choice. I use Photoshop and Xara X, but there are probably a lot of simple graphics programs that will allow you to overlay images.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Nancy Pelosi Carries On A Proud Tradition

It's a Democrat thing. You wouldn't understand.


Nancy Pelosi, Wicked Witch of the North

If the Iraq War were a movie western, the heros would be firing at thousands of whooping savages shooting swarms of arrows at the circled wagons. But wait, what's that? Ta ta ta ta ta ta TA ta TA ta TA ta ta taaa-aaa-aaa!

Yes, it's the CAVALRY! We're saved! Saved, I tell you!!

But wait, who's that crazy woman in the calico dress, running towards the cavalry, waving them away? Is she out of her frigging gourd?

It's settler Nancy Pelosi, and she's yelling something at the cavalarymen! Let's listen....

"What are you trying to do, you war mongers! DO YOU WANT TO ESCALATE THIS WAR???
We need a new direction, the direction of PEACE, not more WAR!"

Pfoot! Pfoot! Pfoot! Pfoot! Pfoot! Pfoot! Pfoot!

Calico Nancy couldn't say anymore, as the whooping savages had just turned her into a pin cushion.

Happy Trails to you, until we meet again....happy TRAILS to you.....keep smiling until then.....

My New Laptop Is LUNCHED and Other News

This past week I was working feverishly on my new notebook computer with Intel 2 core duo processor and spilled a big cup of tea directly into the keyboard. My new laptop, though drenched, continued running Vista. I shut it down as quickly as possible and began the drying process, but the notebook was damaged. Now when I try to boot it up it sounds an alarm. I suspect the cooling system. The fan comes on briefly and then shuts down. It probably has a short.

So on Monday or Tuesday, I will take it to a repair shop and say "fix it"! And I will pay the $200 - $400 fee for being an idiot. If my computer could talk, it would look at me, spit out a mouthful of stale tea, and say "What a Schmuck!"

Pastorius, the brains behind the Infidel Bloggers Alliance blog, has gone over to Atlas Shrugs to work for Pamela Geller. Lucky stiff. Pam is gorgeous, smart and relentless against our common enemies, namely, Muslim terrorists and their supporters, generally, the Democratic Party. Pam gets more hits in an hour than I have in the past year of this blog's existence. But I am not really in it to change the world. I just want an avenue for sounding off when something bugs me or when I want to create insensitive and insipid cartoons.

I had a great week at work. I was working on the accounting for stock options using something called the Black-Scholes financial model, and I decided to master the concept of stock volatility (so I could check the rates used by corporations in their SEC reporting). I ordered some books from Amazon and learned that historical stock volatility is merely the the standard deviation of the change in the natural logarithm of the stock price over time, annualized. Hey no sweat! That gave me a great feeling of satisfaction to be able to compute it. Plus, as a financial consultant, I can sell the knowledge to corporations who need to comply with FAS 123R.

Maybe I can even earn enough to buy a water-proof computer.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Rush Limbaugh is Wrong about Abraham Lincoln

As a Confederate descendant, I am not a fan of Abraham Lincoln. I know a lot of Americans and fellow Republicans and fellow conservatives greatly admire the man, so I generally keep quiet about him. No point in offending political comrades over events that happened 145 years ago. We have modern battles to fight, after all.

It’s not always easy to do, however. On Rush Limbaugh’s site today, he prints a conversation he had with a caller whom he calls “Confederate Kook” from Louisiana. Rush lost the debate with this guy, but is too damned ignorant to know it. His fill in today, Roger Hedgecock or Hedgehog or whatever, was equally ignorant and intellectually dishonest, likening the modern Democrats to the “peace” Democrats of 1861-1865. They have tried to take the past and project it onto the present, using ancient history to prove modern political points. It is a dubious enterprise and it has been tried before. Carl Sandburg used Lincoln to justify the New Deal during the era of Franklin D. Roosevelt. His four tomed volume on Lincoln: the War Years had a modern political agenda. He misused history just as some Republicans are misusing history today for their political ends, namely , Rush Limbaugh, Roger Hedgecock and even Powerline Blog. The situation in the 1860's is not analogous to the situation today in Iraq, and to pretend otherwise is intellectually dishonest and poor history.

I detest the modern Democratic Party, but trying to compare it to the 1860’s Democrats is farfetched in the extreme. During the 1860’s, Americans were fighting other Americans, not some barbaric savagery that is intent on killing us. The South is not comparable to Iraq. The South simply wanted to secede in peace, form their own country, and be left alone. They did not want to conquer the North. They were not a threat to the North, except economically. With the South gone, Southern ports would become free trade zones not subject to the high Northern tariff on imported goods, and economic activity would shift from Northern ports to Southern ones. Tax revenues to Washington would be dramatically slashed, since most of those revenues came from the South, and most of that was spent in the North.

Abraham Lincoln didn’t like slavery, but was willing to accept it to save the Union. The South, on the other hand, was willing to give it up if they could secede and be left alone. The reason North and South could not compromise was that neither was willing to change their position on the issue of secession.

Lincoln wrote a letter to the New York Sun and stated unequivocally that if he could save the Union by freeing the slaves, he would do it; if he could save the Union by not freeing the slaves he would do it; and if he could save the Union by freeing some of the slaves and leaving others alone, he would also do that. Whatever he did with regards to the slaves he would do only if it helped him achieve his major goal, to save the Union. Saving the Union by making it mandatory, of course, was not in keeping with one of our founding principles, the “consent of the governed,” but that’s another issue.

Lincoln hated slavery, but did not believe in the equality of man, as the wishful thinkers at Powerline would have you believe. He publicly stated that he would not be in favor of intermarriage with them, nor would he support making voters or jurors of them. In the early days of the war, he had a plan to deport all black people to South America or Liberia. In 1861 he told a group of free black men visiting the White House that both races suffered greatly in the other’s presence, and that “not a single man of your race is equal to a single man of ours.” He was not the enlightened crusader for justice that many modern school children have been led to believe.

Of course, Lincoln was a slick politician. He said different things to different audiences, based on the sentiments of his listeners. Powerline has found one speech that makes Lincoln sound like a flaming abolitionist and have used it until it’s worn out, while ignoring all of his other speeches that undermine their chosen beliefs about the man.

I will tell you what I believe, however, and you can ignore it as much as you like: I don’t mind. I believe that Lincoln was a tyrant; that his years in office were a reign of terror; and that he is the biggest fraud in American history.

You don’t have to agree, and we’ll still be friends.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Obama Confronts His Blackness

Barack Obama made the poignant observation today that, if one is African-American, one tends to be treated as such.

We assume he meant, if one is an African-American US Senator, he tends to be treated as such: with great deference, a complete absence of criticism and wildly enthusiastic support from media and politicians, assuming he's a Democrat, then drafted for President and heaped with adulation and admiration.

If one is African-American and a conservative, however, then one tends to be treated as such also. Namely, caricatured as Aunt Jemima, Uncle Tom or someone insane, called "House (N-Word)" by commies like Harry Belafonte, or wished an early death by Marxist black female journalist Julianne Malveaux.

Click the cartoon to see it full size.

My Friend, the Squirrel

My friend Guido over at the Savage Farmer has a poetic heart. If you love nature and good prose, try his posts. In one post he talks about feeling safe and warm while listening to the "sweet susurration of rainsong." I looked susurration up at - that's a new one on me. It means a whispering sound, a murmur, which is exactly what rain sounds like.

Guido loves wildlife - so do I. From his farm in Oregon he watches eagles flying overhead. From my cubicle in Silicon Valley, I watch squirrels. Okay, squirrels are not as impressive as eagles. However, my squirrels are pretty interesting anyway.

I first realized this when, one day while approaching the front door of the office building, a red squirrel ran up to my feet. He sat there right in front of me looking up. I was impressed. He wasn't afraid of me at all. I quickly surmised that people had been feeding him and so he did not fear humans.

I brought some peanuts to work, shelled and unsalted, and went looking for my squirrel friend. He scampered up to me and I handed him a peanut. He took it right out of my fingers and began chewing on it. I decided to give him another, so I walked around the complex to give him time to finish it. When I saw him again, he was chasing some Chinese guy down the walkway. The guy was looking over his shoulder at the pursuing squirrel and laughing nervously. I think the squirrel mistook him for me and was insisting on another peanut.

I threw another peanut to him and he let the Chinese guy depart in peace.

Now I ususally have a few peanuts in my pocket in case we meet on the pathways around the complex. Damn, he's cute. The squirrel, not the Chinese guy.

More Confusion At The Kaba

We're beginning to understand how all those pilgrims get trampled each year in Mecca.....


Global Whining Is Real!

The Chicken Little Chapter of the Global Warming Will Kill Us All Society had to cancel their weekly meeting Saturday. Eight foot snowdrifts made the roads impassable, and, with more snow on the way it seemed the prudent thing to do.

When a reporter asked President Ima Kuk if this latest blizzard undermined her chapter's belief in Global Warming, she responded:

"Oh no! We're liberals. We'll believe anything!"


A Photo of Big Boobs: Honoring Anna Nicole Smith, RIP

With the recent passing of Anna Nicole Smith, icon of pop culture and poster child for big boobs and female gigolos, we felt it was necessary to have a post honoring her. But what can we say?

Anna, rest in peace, and take heart in the fact that there are bigger boobs than yours, left behind to carry on.

An Embarrassing Moment at the Kaba

And you think you got problems......

If you don't know what the Kaba is, click here.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Muslim Fanatics: Be Careful What You Wish For

Yesterday Atlas Shrugs had a post about a Muslim Imam calling for the beheading of Muslims who serve in the British armed forces. The Imam should watch his own neck. We are sick of you vile fanatics and it's time for a little tit for tat.

Nancy Pelosi Gets Her Plane

It seems the Defense Department has limited the size of the plane that Nancy Pelosi may use in her bid to be an arrogant, self-important blowhard.

The plane approved for her is at the right. It took a while before they could remove the crop-dusting equipment but now it's all ready for her use.

Moonbats Plan Anti-War Protests

Strangely enough, I received this email from Moonbats Against American Victory. I can only assume they got it from Airy-nanna Huffington's mailing list and assume that I am one of them.

When the troops come home from Iraq, we should employ them against the communist campuses across the US. Maybe we should fight with the home-grown enemy before we take it to the Islamofascists abroad.

Here's the email:


Latest list of campuses organizing actions on Feb. 15:

Mills College

Georgia State University

UC - Berkeley: Anti-war rally at Sproul Plaza (time TBA)

Occidental College (LA)

University of North Carolina - Greensboro

Fordham University (NYC)

UCSB - Santa Barbara

Columbia University

Columbia College (Chicago)

San Francisco State

Let us know when your campus decides to organize a strike against the war Feb. 15th - email:

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Muslim Imam Prays for Democrats!

This just in! We have obtained an actual photograph of the Imam who gave the prayer for the Democrat meeting. We also were able to get the meaning of his prayer!

This event reminds of us of how, after the Japanese destroyed Pearl Harbor, the Democratic Party had a Buddhist give the prayer for their meetings, followed by a Japanese tea service hosted by Geishas.

During the Cold War, they had a Russian give an atheist prayer and a bunch of Russians in boots and fur hats performed cossack dancing and shouted Hey! Hey! Hey! Shots of vodka followed the performance.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday - Yawn

The Super Bowl today was slightly interesting, if just for the rain in Miami. Man, it poured. I don't identify with either team, but was leaning slightly towards Chicago, only because I have a brother in law from there and he's a die-hard Bears fan.

Lots of depressing stuff going on. The Dhimmicrats had a Muslim Imam give the opening prayer at their party retreat. Retreat. Yes, that's a good name for their gathering. The Imam was certainly appropriate too, representing as he does, the only religion the Dhimmicrats approve of (as Ann Coulter has pointed out).

So now the Dhimmicrats are going to push a non-binding vote of "no confidence" for President Bush, doing all they can to sabotage the war in favor of the enemy. More than fifty years ago, Senator Joe McCarthy described them accurately as "the Party of Treason." They are joined this time around, however, by fake Republicans like Chuck Hagel, the bloviating ass from Nebraska, where they grow corn and fools, apparently.

The pompous and arrogant empty suit known as Nancy Pelosi now wants her own version of the Presidential Jet, "Air Force One." If she gets it, let's hope they give it an appropriate name, maybe "Air Force None" or perhaps "Air Flatulance One."

Finally, there is news that Britain foils a new Muslim bomb plot at least once every six months. That's great guys. The Brits have been pounding themselves on the head for years and wondering how to stop the pain. Of course, I am but a simplistic right winger who fails to see the subtle nuances, the delicate shades of gray, the complexities of the situation. I'm so simple that if it were me, I'd just stop smacking myself in the head with a frying pan and, illogical as I usually am, would conclude that this might stop the pain in my head.

I am so simple, I think that 2 and 2 equals four, but our nuanced and complex liberals will quickly point out, it is really the logarithm of pi R square divided by the square root of Chuck Hagel's IQ divided by Dennis Kucinich's address and multiplied by Hillary's phone number. Shucks, I didn't learn higher math like that in school. I'm just a simple country boy.

Hey Brits, let me spell it out for you. Why don't try expelling a few million of the damn Muslims and see how that lessens the terrorism problem? Or is that too obvious?

Right now some Brit is cursing and saying, "no you fool, the solution is to finance the building of more mosques and getting rid of piggy banks and taking the Christian cross out of the Union Jack!" Oh no, smacked down again by the righteous brain of liberal wisdom!

I'm off to bed. Oh yes, I do hope my relatives aren't arguing about religion any more on this blog (I'm afraid to look). People will think we are a bunch of hicks from the sticks. C'mon boys, let's get back to practicing "Dueling Banjos" and making corn liquor.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Relics of a Past Tyranny

When Bro isn't lecturing me about religion, he can be an interesting guy. He recently was given this authentic Nazi helmet from one of his customers. The customer had it laying around on his workbench for years and doesn't even remember where he got it. Bro took it home and looked on the internet and found out it's worth $1,500!

Our Uncle Theo was in the invasion of Normandy in 1945 and returned from the war with a suitcase full of Nazi memoribilia, including a black Nazi helmet. I have possession of that one. Since Bro had to research his new relic, he found information about Uncle's war prize as well. Uncle's helmet was a Nazi Police helmet, not a combat helmet. It's also worth around $1,500. We got the helmet in 1957 right after Uncle Theo died and I have kept it carefully preserved since then. It is in far better shape than most Nazi helmets. Unc's helmet is below.

Unc's helmet is not for sale for any price.