Sunday, July 30, 2023

Is San Francisco Becoming a Ghost Town?

What happens to a once vibrant city after it is captured by the far left?  In a nutshell, this:

1. Crime soars and goes unpunished as police services are curtailed and defunded
2.  Businesses close and move out due to massive shoplifting
3.  Homelessness and joblessness grow exponentially
4.  Streets become filled with camping tents, used drug needles, graffiti, rubbish, human excrement and the stench of urine
5.  Streets become dangerous for muggings, robbery and rape
6.  Drug dealing, drug use and prostitution become rampant

The following recent video shows the effects of progressive policies on the downtown business sector.

Progressivism is anti-human and anti-civilization.  It is more of a form of madness than a political philosophy.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

My New Dell Solid State Laptop

 This month I got a new Dell laptop computer.  It is solid state, no hard drive, and boots up and operates very quickly, running Windows 11.  I love it.  It is the best computer I have ever owned, and I have owned many.

Since there is no hard drive, files that are created are stored in the Cloud, so if you are not connected to the web, you can't access them.  I work around this problem with an external hard drive, i.e., a 2 Terabyte Seagate Portable Hard Drive (Cost about $69).  I put all of my files on the portable hard drive, as well as in the Cloud.  Eventually I will delete the files in the Cloud to make room for more.

So I am back to writing in my blogs.