Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year Y'all

I'm ready for the New Year, 2016.

New Year's Eve is a time to take stock.  What did I accomplish in 2015?
  • Well, I had cataract surgery on both eyes and my eyesight is now the best it has ever been in my lifetime,  I can now drive at night without killing myself.  And, it's nice to see the world in high definition.
  • My bass playing improved substantially, and playing jazz has become comprehensible, and not the mystery it was only one year ago.  I plan to continue my mastery of bass.  That will be my biggest goal for the new year.  
  • I increased my knowledge of taxation (and my disgust with our tax system grew right along with it) and my knowledge of Lacerte tax software, the most popular program for tax accountants, which makes me more marketable for seasonal tax work.
  • I read some good books on the War for Southern Independence, and armed myself with great facts for refuting Yankees and other purveyors of the Northern Myth.  I have two more books on the way, and will no doubt spend New Year's Day reading one of them.
And that's about it.

We are having friends over this evening to eat goodies and drink bubbly stuff and have conversations and watch the ball drop on television, welcoming in the new year.  It should be mildly fun.

Here's hoping you have a great New Year's Eve and a happy 2016.

Barack Obama's Last Year In Office -- My Thoughts

Tomorrow begins Barack Obama's last year in office.  Thank God.  He surely qualifies as one of the most damaging and destructive presidents in U.S. history.  Some folks say that 2016 will be "the end of an error," and that Obama's presidency was "One Big Ass Mistake America, O.B.A.M.A."  Yes, they are right.

It is scary and surprising that American freedom is so fragile and precarious, so easily swept away by cultural fads like electing the "first African-American President," without giving much weight, if any, to his philosophical underpinnings, his lack of experience and wisdom, his radical ideology.  As a president, Barack Obama has been a disaster, doubling the national debt, weakening the military, damaging the economy with his foolish health care plan (which doubled the cost of health care while reducing the coverage for most Americans), his opposition to domestic energy production, his naive moral and other support for Islam, his flooding the country with third world immigrants, thus increasing crime and welfare dependency but increasing the voting base for the Democratic Party, which was his main objective all along.

In 2016, Obama will do his best to further his leftist goals, including more wealth redistribution schemes, using taxes from productive citizens to buy the votes of the non-productive, import more low-skilled immigrants from Mexico and the Middle East, regardless of the economic cost for the former and the terrorism danger from the latter.  The Republican Party has become a joke, and will not seriously oppose Obama's policies.

One more year.  Let us survive it with as little damage as possible, until January 2017, when we will finally be rid of this incompetent, radical ideologue, and perhaps finally able to begin repairing the damage and destruction that his presidency has wrought.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pamela Geller Named "Woman of the Year" by World Net Daily (#PamelaGeller)

Pamela Geller is the WND "Woman of the Year."  Donald Trump was named "Man of the Year."  I like both choices.

That's Pamela below, sunning in Florida with a poka-dot bikini.  She's definitely all woman.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Another One Bites the Dust: Paris Terror Mastermind Killed (#ISIS #Islam #Terror)

Another Muslim low-life has been removed from the Earth.  Charaffe al Mouadan, who was tied to the recent Paris terrorist attack, has been killed by a military airstrike.

Sweet dreams, scumbag.

Ain't Sharia Law Wonderful? (#Islam #Sharia)

Sharia is the brutal, backwards and barbaric law that governs Muslim nations.  Muslims are dedicated to spreading Sharia everywhere in the world.

Islam is the vile religion that is responsible.

Here are some examples of Sharia from Indonesia.  Note the woman being caned in public for getting too close to a man to whom she is not married.

Recently, the Party of Treason, the Democrats, have taken steps to criminalize criticism of this violent, anti-human ideology.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

WE ARE ALL MUSLIM (#Photoshop)

Photo:  In 2004, over 300 school children were murdered by Muslims in Beslan, Russia, for no particular reason -- except that the children were not Muslims.  In December 2015, Michael Moore, leftwing pro-Muslim spokesman, carried a sign in New York claiming that "We are all Muslim."

No, we are not.  Thank God.

I extracted Moore's image from a news photo, holding his sign, and put it into this 2004 photo of the Beslan dead.

The Future Must Belong to Those Who Insult the Prophet of Islam

A bit bored on this day after Christmas.  So I am changing the messages on the London Muslim hate signs of 2010.

This one used to say "Massacre Those Who Insult Islam."  I like my message better.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Michael Moore Pledges Undying Love for Muslims

This past week the human blob known as Michael Moore, professional America-hating apologist for Islamic barbarism, donned a sign and picketed Trump Tower in New York.

Moore's sign reads "WE ARE ALL MUSLIM."  Whaaaaat?  You mean we all commit mass murder of infidels?  Support Sharia law as a replacement for the Constitution?  Set off bombs at the Boston Marathon?  Shoot 30 or so soldiers at Fort Hood?  Fly planes into skyscrapers?  Behead non-believers?  Kill our daughters for acting too western?  Clitoraly mutilate young girls?  Beat our wives?  Drink camel pee?

It is no surprise that a far-out leftist like Michael Moore would openly demonstrate in favor of evil.  The more odious an ideology is, the more leftists love it.  

Lots of folks have been photoshopping the image of Moore holding his sign in front of Trump Tower.  Some have changed the message on the sign, others have cut Moore and his sign out of the photo and pasted it into a scene of Muslims committing atrocities.  My contribution is at the top, left.  Another interpretation is below that, Photoshopper unknown.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015: Christmas Tree and Falling Snow (Moving Gif)

Merry Christmas to my readers, my fellow bloggers, my friends and family who sometimes wander this way.

Note:  I created this moving gif with Photoshop back in 2013.  If you just logged on, you may need to wait a few seconds for the snow to fall smoothly and continuously.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fierce Fall Fells Fellow Blogger

Yesterday I tripped in my own driveway and seriously sprained my right arm.  I also bloodied my right knee.  The knee is no big deal, but the arm has been partially disabled for the next couple of days.  At first, I couldn't use the arm for anything, as it hurt too much.  After seeing the doctor, wifey and I had lunch in a Japanese restaurant.  Eating with the left arm only (I'm right handed) was a challenge, a messy one at that.

Now, more than a day later, the arm is mending well.  See?  I'm typing with it.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

U.S. Airforce Band Plays Christmas Jazz! The Performance is Remarkable.

Three things I love: Jazz, Christmas and the US Military. This video combines all three for a really special performance of Christmas cheer. Enjoy!


Monday, December 07, 2015

Trump Gets It Right on Muslim Immigration: Stop It Completely

Donald Trump stated his planned policy on Muslim immigrants today.  He said:

"Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life."

He further explanined:
"there is great hatred towards Americans by large segments of the Muslim population."

His planned policy is the only one that makes sense.  I have been advocating this policy since 9/11/2001.  The late Lawrence Auster advocated this policy.  Inviting in millions of believers in a murder/suicide death cult is an asinine, insane idea.  Yet some of the political "leaders" on both sides of the aisle are savaging Trump for wanting to do the obvious.

Republicans who oppose Trump's stand include Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina.  Needless to say, Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are dead set against it.

That settles it for me.  I am voting for Donald Trump.

Read more about it here.

Pearl Harbor Day, 2015

Seventy-four years have passed since the Japanese Navy attacked our ships and planes in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  December 7th, 1941.  Never forget.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

A MUSLIM CHRISTMAS TREE....Celebrating Multiculturalism and Diversity...Mutual Understanding....and Coming Together


When Tashfeen Malik and her hubby Syed Farook arrived in Hell following their mass murder of innocents in San Bernardino, they were greeted by the Prophet himself, Muhammed, or as we are used to calling him, SATAN.

Muhammed's first words to them were "Well Done!"  However, he was referring to what they would soon become roasting in the fires of Hell.

As we leave this scene, we hear Tashfeen ask Syed, "Do you smell pork cooking?"

Syed couldn't answer.  He was too busy screaming.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Mass-Murdering Muslims Kill 14+ in San Bernardino, California #jihad

A small group of Muslims have murdered 14+ people in San Bernardino, in Southern California.  Are you shocked?  Neither am I.   Mass murder is what Muslims do. Not all Muslims, just the ones who are serious about their religion.  If they die for Allah, they go straight to Muslim heaven, bypassing the Day of Judgment altogether.

We are at war with Islam -- their choice, not ours.  For our own defense, open carry and concealed carry should be the right of every American citizen.

It seems that the murderers are native-born Muslims.  The same is true of some of the Muslims in the recent Paris attack.  Also, the Muslim murderers who attacked London a few years back were also born in the U.K.  The common thread is the violent, vile ideology known as Islam.

This is why the notion of "vetting" Muslim immigrants is so brazenly stupid.  Some Muslims are peaceful, but they have children, and some of those children grow up to be devout followers of the bloody prophet Muhammad -- and therefore, terrorists.  Anyone who follows Islam is therefore a threat -- either an immediate threat, or a delayed threat through their offspring.

The only practical solution is to outlaw Islam and stop all Islamic immigration into the West.

I am too disgusted with our so-called leaders to say more at this time.