Sunday, March 07, 2021

Stoicism and Marcus Aurelius

Lately I have been drawn to the philosophy of Stoicism, as famously taught by the ancient Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius.  Stoicism teaches that it is not external events that make us unhappy, but our reaction to them.  You can avoid unnecessary, fruitless stress and worry over events and situations that are beyond your control, and achieve serenity in the process.  For example you can alleviate anguish over Biden’s destruction of the economy through a stoic response.  At times you must “trust the universe” to deal with such situations.

Of course you should do everything that is under your control to avoid unpleasant outcomes.  However, when the outcome is beyond your direct control, stressing over it has no purpose.  Accept it and move on.

Marcus Aurelius

Saturday, March 06, 2021

Grief Takes Many Forms

For the past two years I have experienced my severest depression of all time, praying for my own death, beseeching my dead father to “come and get me.”  Today there was a slight break in the clouds and a small ray of sunshine came through.

I took a three hour nap and when I woke up I felt better.  Then I realized my death wish was simply borne of my grief for my two brothers who died in less than a year of each other.  Grief takes many forms and mine has resulted in a feeling that I want to join my brothers on the other side.

I’ll be with them in time.   No need to be impatient.  Meanwhile I need to seek a reason and a purpose for remaining in this realm, to be happy.  I’ll work on that.

A Yearning for the Past -- "No Not Much"

Yearning for a simpler and saner time.  When a 10 cent soda only cost a dime.

The Last Farewell - Lyrics - Roger Whittaker

One of  my favorite songs is "The Last Farewell" by Roger Whittaker.  It was popular in 1974 when I was separated from my sweetheart while living and working in Arizona.  The song reminded me of her.  I still love the song.  I came home and married the sweetheart.

Here it is.  Enjoy.

Friday, March 05, 2021

“Always On Watch” husband Dave Dies

Dave, husband of blogger “Always On Watch” died yesterday of natural causes in Virginia.  RIP Dave and condolences to AOW, his wife who cared for him since his debilitating stroke several years ago.

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Secession and Historical Ignorance

There’s a YouTuber called Timcast who is generally conservative, but yesterday he really pissed me off.  He opined that secession of states is illegal and revealed some of the most ignorant and naive notions about the War of Northern Aggression, the kind of 3rd grade pap we were all taught in childhood.  Jeez, some people never learn.

Dr Seuss and Secession

Dr Seuss has now fallen prey to Cancel Culture madness, to political fanatics who see anything and everything as “raaacist.”  The insanity continues to worsen and we need to separate ourselves from it.

Speaking of separation, the subject of red state secession is being discussed more and more by conservatives and Republicans.  I fully support this remedy for healing the body politic.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

The Magic "D" as a Voting Guide

 Democrats are people who generally have no understanding of economics, culture, history or the Constitution.  They are ignorant voters who are motivated by a kind of political religion:  only vote for candidates with the magic "D" after their name, D standing for Democrat, of course.

Why not vote for the candidate most likely to make your life better, as in more prosperous, secure and generally more well off?

Here are the attributes that make most sense for any candidate.  He or she supports the folloing:

1.  Prosperity, More Jobs, a Strong Economy.  Renegotiating trade agreements that are unfair to the United States.  Sane tax and spend policies that do not encourage jobs to seek overseas tax havens.

2.  Energy Independence.  Not having to rely on Arabic and other hostile countries for our energy; having lower and more stable prices at the gas pump.

3. Secure Borders.  Preventing huge caravans of foreigners from pouring into our country to exhaust our welfare and other resources,  while bringing in disease and crime.

4,  A Strong & Ready Military.  The world is a hostile place, with countries who despise us like China, Russia, Iran and various other despotisms.  Coupled with a sane foreign policy, of non-intervention in foreign disputes, this is a must for our phsycal security from outside attacks.

5.  Anti-Corruption.  There are many American office-holders who are on the take, who support foreign interests over our own, for payoffs in money and other wealth.  This is what corruption is.  

6.  Supportive of Sane Cultural Norms.  Not given to support every weird, unnatural and destructive behavioral fad that comes down the pike.  Like the belief that gender is decided, not by biology, but by personal preference, or a belief in catastrophic global warming requiring trillions in new taxes to combat what is essentially a myth.

As a Democrat, are you ready for fewer jobs, less economic opportunity, higher gas prices, higher crime rates, political corruption, inflation, and higher taxes?  Is voting for the "Magic D" worth it?

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Loose Cannon Joe Biden and CPAC

 Life sucks and then you die.  My younger brother Dennis died a year ago today.

Last Wednesday they buried Rush Limbaugh in St. Louis, Missouri.  They may as well bury the USA right next to him.  We're done.  Even the evil Democrats know that Joe Biden is a loose cannon, as they are trying to relieve him as sole possessor of the nuclear football.  Maybe they're afraid the old goat will start a nuclear war.

Conservatives are meeting in DC for CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) this weekend and discussing what to do and whom to bash now that the USA has been virtually ended.  I have little interest in a bunch of rah-rah flag-waving speeches.  In light of the fraudulent and stolen presidential election, in which a highly competent president was exchanged for a fool, politics cannot proceed as usual.  A right wing radical plan is needed.  One that involves secession and/or nullification of Democrat legislation, a flat refusal to obey or go along with the insane policies of the left.  

At the very least, practice passive resistance.  When we are commanded to do something, just don't do it.  Don't accept or use "woke" social criteria and language.  Don't pretend men dressed as women are actually female.  They are transvestites and suffer a kind of mental illness.  They may or may not deserve sympathy for their affliction, but not credibility or even respect.

Realize that "Black Crime Matters" and that is what mostly endangers black lives.  Don't give credence to the "Black Lives Matter" frenzy.  The millions of dollars of businesses and property in Ferguson, Baltimore and St. Louis mattered too, when they were burned to the ground by rampaging blacks, enraged that some black thug got his just deserts.

Don't honor or give credence to "Black History Month."  It will end as February comes to a close, but the concept of celebrating someone's skin color is repugnant and divisive, and also very left wing.  It's secret message is "You're different and separate, live with it."  If you're black you're a victim, and if any other color, you're an oppressor.

More cheerful reporting later.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Rush Limbaugh Dies; Life Goes On; Preparing for Death

Sad event this past Wednesday, February 17:  the great Rush Limbaugh died of lung cancer.  I will miss his voice on the radio.

Perseverance, out latest Mars probe, landed safely on the red planet.  That was a relief since there is always the danger a probe will crash. 

I have been doing back to back tax returns for the past couple of weeks, too tired t post anything here.

When the tax season is over, I plan to start planning for my own death, by going through all my belongings and figuring what to bequeath, give away or throw away.  I am not in imminent danger of dying but at age 76 there is always that possibility.  I have kept diaries and journals since I was eleven years old and I would like to transcribe the best of the manually written ones into Word files to distribute to my kids and grandkids.  Most of the journals are already in Word format, but I want to go through them and delete or edit any comments that might hurt anyone close to me.

I really don't want to do taxes after this season.  I need to find a way to end it without totally pissing off my wife, who thinks we can keep doing taxes until we are a hundred years old.  It's time to downgrade our living style, sell this house in this ruinously expensive state and move somewhere  sane.

Next year I will be 77.  My dad died at 77, my older brother at 76, my younger brother at 72.   My mom died at 85 and I think I take after her.  If so, I will have to endure this existence longer than I would like.