Saturday, January 31, 2009

Football Heroes and the Super Bowl

I don't really care that much about sports, but back around 1980 when the 49ers were winning Super Bowls, I did care. As a Bay Area guy I had been rooting for the Niners for many fruitless and frustrating years. Super Bowl 16 was, for me, the greatest of all time.

In 1987 I was invited to attend a Charity dinner in San Francisco to hear a speech by Bill Ring, a 49er who had succeeded against the odds due to his size -- he was shorter and lighter than most professional football players. He was a nice guy and I chatted with him. Also at the dinner were several current 49ers. Leo the Lion Nomellini was there, too, a 49er from the old days. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1969. I shook his hand and said hello. He has since passed on.

The thing that really impressed me was how big these guys were. That and the size of their necks. How do you get a neck that big? They looked like tree stumps with a head on them. And what size collar do you wear? A 28? Just guessing.

They held an auction of a bunch of stuff, including a case of champagne, and the Niner guys were really hoping to win. When they didn't, they threw their tickets down in disgust.

I didn't want the champagne, I wanted the team-autographed white and brown football. It had the signatures of Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, Ronnie Lott and Steve Young, as well as the rest of the team. I didn't have any cash so my business partner bought a row of tickets for me when he bought his own. He handed me the wrong batch, because in that batch was the ticket that won the football. I happily repaid the $10 on Monday. I'll bet he's still pissed off, all these years later.

I really wanted that football. The funny thing was that, when the MC stuck his hand in the fish bowl filled with tickets and drew one out, I knew it was mine. I don't know how I knew, I just knew. I had a strange kind of tickly feeling in my chest. When they called my number I wasn't surprised but I was very excited. I got a feeling that something was going on that was beyond ordinary experience but I didn't know what. If only I could duplicate it and control it, I'd go to Vegas. Alas, that was the only time it ever happened.

I still have the football in a plastic case in my den. It was my lucky night. The next drawing was for a pair of tickets to a 49ers game and I won that too. I'll bet half the people in the room thought the auction was fixed for me to win. Who the hell is that schmuck, they must have been asking.

I don't know what happened. There must have been a 49er fan turned angel who was looking out for me that night.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playing the Upright String Bass

My other passion besides blogging is the upright or string bass. I played bass guitar for years, not very well because I was too lazy to really study music and learn. So I was always searching for the right note on the neck and the right sound.

A couple of years back the old bass bug reawakened from its long sleep and soon I had spent a wad of dough on a Fender bass guitar and a Fender bass amp and started to practice a bit. What I really wanted, though, was a "dog house," an upright string bass. I just loved the sound of a double bass, which is yet another name for these lovely stringed instruments.

I now have one of those too and have been practicing mostly on the upright or double bass, and using the bass guitar when I am tired of standing and want to sit down and practice. The neck and the notes are the same, but the bass guitar has frets and the upright doesn't. The upright is my instrument; the bass guitar is secondary.

I have been playing scales and arpeggios (chords) on the bass for the past 2 or 3 weeks, taking pains to use the right fingers and learn every note's whereabouts on the long bass neck. This practice has done wonders for both my ear and my manual dexterity in playing. Repetition and muscle memory is the key; play it so many times that you could do it in the dark.

The 4th finger of the left hand has to be trained for playing bass, and greatly strengthened, because it hurts like hell holding down those big thick strings with your pinky. And you have to use your pinky so you can stretch your hand far enough to play well. After a couple of weeks of torturing my pinky and hating the pain, I noticed tonight that it is much stronger now.

I feel like I could beat up a pack of Hells Angels with just my pinky. I don't think I'll try it though, just in case I'm wrong.

I want to play mellow jazz. I figure I'm about a year away, but eventually I will play with a jazz trio or quartet. You can count on it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pat Condell: "Shame on the Netherlands"

Pat Condell tells off the Netherlands over the political persecution of Geert Wilders. He also states some highly quotable opinions about Islam and the nature of that evil ideology. H/T the Jawa Report.

This one is worth watching, particularly if you're a liberal who just doesn't get it. If you're a history major from UCLA you may want to watch it twice and take notes.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Geert Wilders on Islam: "A Dangerous, Totalitarian Ideology"

Geert Wilders was interviewed yesterday about his looming prosecution for "insulting Islam." The interviewer asked hard ball questions but Wilders smacked them all out of the park.

You have compared the Quran to Mein Kampf, and called Islam a fascist ideology.
Why do you find that these remarks fit within the confines of the law?

"I am not the only one who thinks so. The public prosecutor also agrees, and many
professors. Churchill said the same thing."

"I view Islam not as a religion, but as a dangerous, totalitarian ideology - equal to communism and fascism. [Stogie: This is my position exactly.] Aren't I allowed to say so? If I say that about communism, there would not be a problem. I have never talked about people, I've always made it about ideology."
The Geert Wilders dilemma is a microcosm of the battle in the Western world today. On one side are people who see Islam as a dangerous, totalitarian ideology that is both a physical threat to life and property and a long-term threat to freedom and democracy. On the other side are people who see Muslims as just another ethnic group or religion, and any criticism of Islam a kind of bigotry, be it racism or another version of anti-semitism.

The most virulent form of Islam protectionists are now banning free speech in European countres and in Canada to make it illegal to truthfully discuss the history, beliefs and practices of Islam -- even when they are a dangerous threat to the indigenous population. Truly, Europe is in the process of committing national suicide. Liberalism is one massive death wish and perhaps that is why the death cult of Islam is so appealing to them.

I am in the Wilders camp. I see Islam as violent, anti-freedom, evil and dangerous. The Qur'an is a book of hate, advocating terrorism against non-believers.

Some leftist painted me as someone who wants to "kill all the Muslims" because I have stated that, in 50 years or 150, Islam must be wiped out. I was talking about the ideology, not the people, just as Geert Wilders is. If a major war occurs between the non-Muslim world and the Muslim world, we would be foolish to do anything other than ban the practice of Islam once we have defeated them. Without that,we would only wind up fighting them again and again until they eventually conquer us.

What is happening to Geert Wilders right now is frightening. It will happen here soon enough.

Read the interview here. Hat tip Atlas Shrugs.

Rush is Right (Again): We Hope Obama Fails

It's trendy to say that, even though I didn't vote for him, I hope President Obama is a big success. I too have said that, but I should have clarified what I meant.

I hope Obama grows in knowledge and wisdom enough to abandon his socialist, pacifist tendencies and govern well enough for this country to grow stronger morally, financially and militarily. However, I doubt very much that he will grow in the direction I want.

Obama is a dyed-in-the-wool socialist who will, in all probability, change this country fundamentally for the worse.

As far as Obama's stated plans and policies go, I hope that he fails miserably. I don't want this country socialized or disarmed. I don't want our culture, language and traditions fundamentally changed.

So to the extent that Obama wants to turn the US into a socialist nation that is weaker militarily and less capable of defending itself, I hope he fails.

That's essentially what Rush Limbaugh said this week and Rush is right. That's what I meant to say too, but that's why he gets the big bucks.

History Channel's New Documentary on the Kennedy Assassination

Last night I watched a highly interesting new documentary on the History Channel, "Beyond Conspiracy," about the assassination of President Kennedy. When it first came on, I assumed it would be another conspiracy screed. I thought about changing the channel to spare myself the irritation, but it grabbed my interest before I could.

The documentary made use of 3D graphics and modeling to determine what happened, using the Zapruder film and other films as references and source points. The graphics expert had rebuilt Dealey Plaza in Dallas in graphics form, including all of the streets and side streets, and made them a mathematically exact representation of the actual site. I am interested in 3D graphics and play with them a bit myself, using two software programs, Poser and Bryce.

3D graphics generate models that may be viewed from any angle, just like a real object in life. This enables the viewer to see the scene from high overhead, from close up, from left or right, front or back. In this documentary, the graphics is a 3D recreation of the Zapruder film and pinpoints events at the exact place in the road where the presidential car was when the events occurred.

The graphics artist digitally rebuilt the car in which President Kennedy and Governor Connally were riding. The model shows, graphically, how the so-called "pristine bullet" of the "single shot theory" passed through both Kennedy's throat and into Connally's back and into his arm. A computer-generated graphics line was then extended backward from the bullet's entry points, all the way to its origin, namely, the corner window of the sixth floor in the Student Book Depository, where Oswald fired his three shots. This is very convincing proof that the single bullet was indeed fired from Oswald's "Sniper's Lair."

Was there a second shooter on the Grassy Knoll? The short and correct answer is no. The graphics model shows that Kennedy's head wound could not have been made from the Grassy Knoll -- it would have to hit him in the right temple and he was hit in the back of the head.

The documentary examines many key conspiracy theories and convincingly disproves them using the 3D model. This included several out and out lies generated by Oliver Stone's movie "JFK." One of the dumbest claims put forth in "JFK" was that the "pristine bullet" would have had to make a sharp left turn after exiting Kennedy's throat then a right, make a U-turn at the Dairy Queen, order a chocolate shake and some fries, then wait for the light before ultimately entering Connally. I'm exaggerating a bit here, but the point of "JFK" was that the bullet's path could not have made the wounds it did, so a second shooter had to be involved.

However, "JFK" based its claim on erroneous positioning for Kennedy and Connally in the car. The film showed Connally sitting at the same height as Kennedy, directly in front of him and staring straight ahead. However, Connally was sitting on a fold-out jump seat which was six inches further in than Kennedy's seat, and also three inches lower. Also, Connally was not staring straight ahead; Oswald's first shot missed but Connally heard the shot over his right shoulder and turned his head towards the sound. His body was twisting right when the second bullet was fired. This is visible in the Zapruder film. The bullet passed through Kennedy's throat at a downward angle and entered Connally's back, emerging just below the right nipple, then into his right wrist where it emerged as "the pristine bullet." Except that it was not pristine, but banged up pretty good, all flat on one side and with a lot of lead missing.

The bullet's speed was slowed by its passage through Kennedy's throat and Connally's body, began tumbling and hit Connally's wrist, not point first, but on its side. This is why the bullet is flat on one side. Oh yeah, and the rifle muzzle markings on the bullet prove it was fired from Oswald's Carcano rifle. Duh, do you think the "single bullet" theory has any credibility?

When the actual positioning is used in the 3D model, the bullet's path is clear and the Warren Report's conclusions proved beyond a reasonable doubt, i.e. that a single bullet created Kennedy's throat wound and all of Connally's wounds.

The graphics were fascinating, but there is more than that to this documentary. "JFK" says that Oswald was a lousy shot and that no one could operate a bolt action rifle in the 6 seconds it took to fire three bullets. However, the Zapruder film shows it took 8.2 seconds for Oswald to fire the three bullets, not 6. Would it be possible to fire the three bullets in 8.2 seconds?

An old guy who is now 89 demonstrated that it could be done by doing it in 7.2 seconds. Further, he produced an actual U.S. Marines scoring book for Oswald that recorded his skill as a marksman. In a firing range of 200 yards, Oswald, using a similar bolt action rifle in the Marines, put most of his shots in the target in a rapid fire drill, scoring 48 out of 50 in one test and 49 out of 50 in a second. Oswald was a damn good shot.

The Marines test involved a target at 200 yards. Kennedy was only 87 yards away when Oswald put a bullet through the back of his head (the third and fatal shot). It was, frankly, an easy shot for Oswald.

In 1978, the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) listened to the recording of a Dallas motorcycle cop's open microphone as he rode through Dealey Plaza. The microphone had been hung up, but, unknowned to the officer, was still on. So it picked up the noises of Dealey Plaza as the presidential motorcade moved through. The mic's transmission was recorded at Dallas Police headquarters as is standard practice. The tape of the transmission still exists.

Some expert on sound testified to HSCA that the recording showed four sharp spikes that he claimed were gunshots. The tape itself is a jumble of noise and static, so these "four" shots are not at all obvious to the naked ear. Later, the National Sciences Foundation disputed the sound expert's conclusions as did other groups, but based on his testimony the NSCA concluded that the Kennedy assassination was the result of a conspiracy and not merely the act of a lone gunman. If there were four shots, there had to be a second gunman, as Oswald only fired three. However, the HSCA conclusions were wrong.

Today we have much better technology than they had in either 1963 or 1978, and scientists have concluded that the motorcycle policeman would have to have been in a certain specific spot, at the corner of two streets, in order for the microphone to reliably record the shots. The police officer testified that he was 75 yards away from this spot when the shots were fired. The recording, therefore, is irrelevant to any investigation of the assassination. I was happy to see the HSCA's erroneous conclusions finally refuted by modern technology.

Every responsible and realistic investigation into the assassination always turns up the same conclusion. Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy and he acted alone.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Leftist Blogger "Ass-munch" is Just Plain Nuts

In response to my last post, the world's most obnoxious and irrelevant blogger, "Ass-Munch" trashes me good. He says I'm a crybaby because I recommend nullifying federal laws that are unconstitutional. I am just so put-down I may never recover. Imagine, being dissed by such a classy intellectual as this. Normally, one would have to go to a bowling alley to meet someone so deep and refined.

Ass-munch (not his real identity) is so over the top that he totally fails to offend. One may find the stench of a skunk offensive and to be avoided, but he doesn't get mad at the skunk. The skunk is just being what he is. So is Ass-munch.

Ass-munch is more like a fart in an elevator, unpleasant but nothing to get yourself worked up over.

Give me your best shot, Ass-munch. Yawn.

Facing the Democrats: Time to Draw a Line in the Sand

I think we are fast approaching a situation in our government that may call for refusal to go along. The left and the Democrats have been trying to change America into something else for many years. They may be on the verge of succeeding.

I believe a coalition of Red States could be convened wherein certain unconstitutional laws passed by the Federal Government could simply be refused or nullified by the states.

That coalition could draft its own defining document, similar to the Declaration of Independence or the Magna Charta, stating what laws will simply not be recognized, honored or followed by the Red States.

Things that we should not accept, if passed by the Feds:
1. Wealth redistribution from earners to non-earners.
2. Federal laws guaranteeing the right to an abortion absent medical necessity to save the life of the mother.
3. Immigration of unassimilable cultures that are hostile to our own.
4. The housing of enemy combatants, i.e. terrorists, on our soil.
5. Any laws restricting the right to keep and bear arms, i.e. pistols and rifles, including semi-automatic weapons.
6. Any and all laws granting special priviliges on the basis of race, e.g. college admissions, job applications or mortgage financing.
7. Any and all laws that attempt to nationalize any industry, e.g. health care. The government will keep its hand off of the economy.
8. Any and all laws or Presidential decrees that outlaw oil drilling or refining as may be decided by the people of the states.
9. Oppressive taxation. Tax rates of the Federal Government shall cease to be recognized or obeyed when such rates exceed a certain level, say 15%.
10. The Death Tax is null and void within the Red States and will neither be enforced nor recognized.

Positive measures that we should insist upon as rights of the states:
1. Late-term or partial-birth abortions are to be outlawed completely.
2. No Saudi financing of Mosques in our lands is to be allowed.
3. Illegal immigration, i.e. through illegal entry or otherwise, is to be disallowed and actively suppressed.
4. The right to police our own borders should the Federal Government fail to do so.
5. The right to require photo I.D.s for any election, Federal or State.

These are early suggestions. The list could be expanded or amended as necessary.

We, the political minority, have a right and a duty to insist that the Federal Government adhere to the Constitution, as its meaning is written and originally intended; and if it is not, the actions of the Federal Government should be ruled as inadmissable and of no effect in the Red States.

In other words, we, the Red States, must become a country within a country, subject to those rules that we decide for ourselves.

There was a time when we could look to the Supreme Court to protect us from unconstitutional power grabs by the Federal Government. That time has passed. The Supreme Court has become a captive of the political left, more concerned with judicial fiat and "legislating from the bench" to impose laws on us that we did not vote for and which do not reflect the original intent of the Constitution. For that reason, the Federal Judiciary has been corrupted to the point of impotence and a new path is called for, even though some may call it radical.

As Abraham Lincoln once said:

Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable - a most sacred right - a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world.
We are approaching such a time.

The Liberal Pledge to Obama

The video below has been creeping out people on the web. It was on YouTube but was removed.

At the end some celebrity airhead "pledges to serve my President and all mankind."

The group-think of the Left is obvious in this video - we are our brother's keeper, our duty in life is not rational self-interest but in serving our GOVERNMENT and our fellow man. The government is supposed to serve the people, not the other way around.

What libs fail to realize is that the best way to serve your fellow man is through productive work at a good job. If you're getting paid well it's because you are indeed "serving" mankind. Your pay is the proof.

MySpace Celebrity and Katalyst present The Presidential Pledge

The Ascendant Left: Eventually We Will Lose Our Freedoms

There's a disturbing story afoot this week. Geert Wilders, the Dutch Parliamentarian who produced the film "Fitna" is to be prosecuted in the Netherlands for telling the truth about Islam.

Wilders's film juxtaposed recent images of Muslim violence against the West with passages from the Qur'an that permit (and even require) such attacks. But since the truth was "insulting to Muslims" he will be criminally prosecuted and in all probability be imprisoned for it.

The Netherlands is a particularly cowardly nation that is now in the process of committing national suicide by allowing great numbers of Muslim immigrants to move in. Islam is a violent and intolerant culture and many Dutch have moved out of the Netherlands for their own safety. Euro-weenie philosophy seems to hold that, if a group of people hate your guts and want to kill you or conquer you, then you must let millions of them immigrate into your country. If there is any logic in this, I fail to see it.

Liberalism is anti-logic, anti-justice, anti-freedom. It always seeks to protect the violent against the defenseless, the guilty against the innocent and the despots against the democrats. It is a form of self-hatred whose goal is suicide.

This kind of European insanity is what the Democrats want to bring to our country. Eventually, freedom of speech will be sharply curtailed in the service of "multiculturalism." Funny how hatred, violence and intolerance are all protected and well served by an ideology (liberalism) that pretends to support pluralism and tolerance.

In the spirit of pluralism and tolerance, we will allow an intolerant and hateful culture to take root in the West. In the name of freedom, we will end freedom. These are dark days for mankind.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Victory of Hope Over Fear (Gag)

Liberal schmos have been calling Barack Obama's election as "a victory of hope over fear." Hope is so much nicer than fear. Republicans believe in fear, Democrats believe in hope.

To illustrate the Dems' morally superior philosophy ("hope over fear") we need a simple illustration. A Republican wouldn't walk across a crowded freeway blindfolded, because of his morally inferior "fear." However, a Democrat might do it because he has "hope" that he will make it to the other side. If he makes it, he can say it was a "victory of hope over fear."

"Victory of hope over fear" is an asinine, pollyanna cliche that is meaningless. Both hope and fear are necessary for survival. You may fear getting hit by a car while crossing a freeway, but you hope you won't. In any case, both can be motivators for planning and execution so the best result can be obtained.

I still believe that Obama's election was a victory of hope over common sense. Fear had nothing to do with it.

The Wisdom of the American People

When my oldest son was about 10, I told him about politics and why Republicans were the good guys and Democrats the bad. He asked me a very pertinent question: If the Republicans were the good guys, why did the Democrats almost always win?

I told him flat out the horrible truth. "Because the American people are stupid." He looked a bit shocked and then I saw the light go on behind his eyes as understanding filled his soul. Suddenly, with that one simple but accurate explanation, it all made sense.

It was an oversimplification, of course. Only about half of the American people are stupid, but there's enough of them to keep the Dems in power.

I know we are always hearing people talk about the "wisdom of the American people," but it's all PR. Many Americans have no wisdom. They follow a simple formula: they'll vote for you if (1) You promise to give them something for free (universal health care), and (2) you provide excuses for why they are lazy, couch-potato, overweight mediocrities (it's always someone else's fault. They stole your "fair share" of the goodies by getting an education, working their butts off and planning their lives).

Then there's the vanity factor. There's a kind of snobbery to being a liberal or a Democrat. It's because (1) you care about other people SOO much, (2) you are terribly sophisticated and (3) you are incredibly enlightened, whereas conservatives are people who (1) hate everything and everybody, especially racial minorites and gays, (2) are greedy fat-cats who smoke cigars and drink champagne while foreclosing widows and orphans, and (3) are terribly unsophisticated about the things that matter, e.g. the latest Hollywood fashions, Hip Hop stars and trendy bumper-sticker slogans ("Hope and Change!").

Yes, you have to be terribly sophisticated to believe in policies that don't work and never did, but you keep promoting them anyway. You have to remember, it's not about voting for policies that improve the economy and increase human freedom and national security, it's about voting for the policies that make you look cool and sophisticated to your peer group. It's about the delicious feeling of moral superiority and how you can roll your eyes at a liberal pal in the presence of some neanderthal who asks "why would anyone support gay marriage, or allow illegal immigration, or release the Gitmo terrorists into American courts?"

You don't even have to explain your positions or give rational, articulate answers to the neanderthal's questions. Rolling your eyes as an expression of moral superiority is enough, and certainly satisfying. Yes, voting for liberal policies is really a fashion statement, not the expression of a coherent political philosophy. It's like driving a Lexus or wearing a tennis shirt with a little alligator on it. It's code for "I'm special...and I'm BETTER than you are!"

Okay, it really isn't completely accurate to say that half of the American people are stupid. What I should have said was "stupid or lazy or both."

They're stupid because their best understanding of history and economics is whatever sound bite can be put on a bumper-sticker and easily memorized.

They're lazy because understanding what is needed and necessary for the long-term survival of freedom, democracy and capitalism requires study of complex subjects. It's much easier to give a gut-reaction to whatever is happening at the moment than to place it in its proper historical context, or study the causes and remedies and make sound decisions based on sound principles and actual facts. That all takes work. There are television shows to watch after all.

Okay Son, you aren't 10 anymore, but I want to revise my explanation of why Democrats get elected. Yes, it is because the American people are stupid -- but also because they are lazy and covetous and vain.

They don't want to do the work of thinking, or be held accountable for their own lives, or delay gratification long enough to get ahead, or turn down free goodies that the government stole from somebody else, and they like to feel suave, cool and sophisticated even though they're not.

Yes son, now that you're older, I think you can handle this somewhat more complicated set of facts.

President Barack Obama

Barack Obama is now officially the President of the United States. I watched the inauguration on television and was put off by the number of grown people crying with tears running down their faces, as if in deep joy or in religious awakening.

Obama did give an excellent speech, however. Except for a few points eliciting groans, like his references to global warming, I found the speech inspiring. Of course, a new President's speech should be to inspire and to unite, and in that regard President Obama did very well. My favorite line was this:
"We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense, and for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken; you cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you."
Holy smoke, Obama actually sounded on our side for once.

Now with all the pomp and circumstance behind him, it is time to do the actual work of being President. That will be a lot more tedious and difficult than giving speeches.

So for the new President, I can only say, good luck. May your wisdom increase, may you grow in office, may your stated goal be realized: to deliver freedom intact to future generations of Americans. May you prove me wrong about my lack of faith in your abilities and vision; may you govern so well that I might actually consider voting for you next time. Don't count on it -- but in any case, may your Presidency be successful beyond what any and all loyal Americans could have hoped for.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Inauguration: I Watch in Awe at a World Gone Mad

As Barack Obama prepares to assume his throne, I watch in awe at a world gone mad. Never before have I seen such wild optimism and unabashed hero worship over the installation of a new American president. So many people seem to think Obama is an unfathomable well of wisdom, judgment and knowledge. Obama has all the answers and can solve any problem.

All of this from the most inexperienced president in US history, and one whose past associations and positions suggest a profound lack of judgment and wisdom. It is madness.

Americans voted for this man for largely the same reasons they swoon for Rock stars: he's handsome, he's young, he's a nice trendy color, and he has a superficial slogan for every occasion: "Yes We Can!" "Change You Can Believe In!" "Follow the Yellow Brick Road!"

Okay, I just threw in that last one. But you get the idea.

A few months ago I wrote that Barack Obama was a kind of living Rorsach Ink Blot to so many worldwide. Since no one knew what Barack Obama believed in or stood for, you could use him as a psychological canvas on which to project all your hopes and dreams and all the antidotes to your fears. He could be anything that you imagined him to be.

Tomorrow Barack Obama ceases to be the imaginary president of your dreams, and the real president of your reality, with all his flaws, radical beliefs, racial resentments, extremist associations and crackpot ideas.

Perhaps Barack Obama was more than just an ink blot test for millions. Perhaps he was actually a giant reefer for the masses. Acupulco Gold, I'd say. That be some good shee-it, Bro.

Inhale deeply, you mindless minions. The come-down will be brutal.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mormonism: The True Religion of Muhammad

Muhammad was actually a Mormon. Mormonism was the way of life for Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and Joeseph Smith. Muhammad has merely been misinterpreted by so many when all he actually wanted was for young men to put on suits and ride bicycles from door to door proselytizing people to become Mormons, have picnics and folksy sing-alongs with acoustic guitars. That, and tithing and visiting the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City and taking classes at Brigham Young University and passing out copies of the book of Mormon to everyone who wants one.

WHAT?? you say. That's absurd! That's ridiculous! There is no connection between Joseph Smith and Muhammad. Well, would you believe Muhammad and Harry Reed? How about Muhammad and the Easter Bunny? No?

The foregoing demonstration in madness had a purpose. It was just to illustrate the absurdity of CAIR's recent advertising campaign to make Islam respectable. In Broward County, Florida, CAIR has spent $60,000 on an ad campaign on city buses. The ad reads: "ISLAM: The Way of Life of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad." The obnoxious and false message is now the target of protests in Broward County among Christians and Jews who want the ads taken down.

Muslims like to believe that Muhammad was just the final prophet in a long line of Jewish prophets and the Christian "prophet" Jesus. Muhammad, they claim was the final prophet, and his Sharia law the ultimate and final arrangement between God and man. Muslims also believe that the Jewish and Christian scriptures foretold the coming of Muhammad, but jealous Jewish and Christian religious leaders removed these scriptures from their religious texts so no one would know. However, the claim is specious and easily refuted. Ancient Jewish and Christian religious texts, as well as thousands of scraps of such texts, have been found in many places over the centuries. Many of them predate the time of Muhammad. None of them talk about Muhammad because, well to put it delicately, Muhammad was a fraud and a megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur.

What the ancient texts do show is that they have been handed down to modern times intact and unchanged. They never mention Muhammad. Muhammad was never a Christian or a Jew.

The Hebrew scriptures were written by many men over many centuries, creating an ancient religion with well established doctrines and dogmas on man's relationship with God. None of the religious practices so well established over the centuries bore any resemblance to Muhammad's barbarian ideology. One of the key facts that make it obvious that Islam is a false religion is that it suddenly deviates sharply away from the religious teachings of the Jews and Christians.

If we are to believe the Muslim account of God establishing divine law on earth, we must believe that, after centuries of developing a religion for man with its rules and laws and traditions, God threw the whole thing out and, in one fell swoop, created a brand new religion out of thin air, namely Islam. The Ten Commandments, the Torah, Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, all swept away to be replaced by Islamic Sharia law, a religion that makes women one-half the worth of men, requires believers to make eternal war on the rest of mankind, and to pray to God with memorized prayers in Arabic five times a day, facing east with one's buttocks lifted high in the air. There are other rules besides these of course, like washing the devil out of your nostrils with water in the morning and using the correct number of stones for wiping your butt. However, those too were unheard of by Jews and Christians.

There is no obvious continuation or segue of Judaism into Christianity into Islam. Islam is not the fruition or blossoming of the former, it is merely an abrupt, illogical replacement. For Islam to be true God would have to be schizophrenic.

No, Islam was not the "way of life for Abraham, Moses and Jesus." Islam was a massive fraud perpetrated by a 7th century scoundrel, an illiterate desert bandit whose life was one long frenzy of looting, robbery, rape and murder. Cair's ridiculous ad is truly well as false.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

America In Decline

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Ever notice how the leftwing media loves to portray "America in decline"? I think it's all part of their odd psychology that is largely self-hating and self-destructive.

It will be interesting to see if and how the change this theme now that one of their own is sitting in the President's chair.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kate From France: Un Coup de Gueule!

My friend Kate in France regularly reads this blog using the language translator in the top left sidebar. Kate is a pro-American conservative French woman, a wife and mother on the Cote d'Azur. One of her recent comments to one of my posts (see the purple Brain-Eating Zombie from Outer Space post) was so heart-felt that I decided to translate it and post it for everyone to read.

Kate writes:

Diversity...multiculturalism...miscegenation...! In France, N. Sarkosy and his policies speak only of that, Stogie. I no longer recognize my country, it's terrible! We are flooded by immigration, our policies want us to renounce our culture and even our identity! Immigrants have more rights and even more privileges than those of us born French! Insecurity is widespread and when I speak with other parents, we are all worried for our children whether small or big, even in school where professors are regularly attacked with knives or fists.

I would be the first to take to the streets if it were necessary, but no one will budge! There are around 2,000 mosques in France, Stogie. I don't think the Americans would put up with that!

Long comment, Stogie, but with all the cowardice concerning our Israeli friends, it all becomes unbearable!

Kate's original message is below.

diversité...multiculturalisme...métissage ....! en France , N.Sarkosy et ses politiques ne parlent que de cela Stogie !je ne reconnais plus mon pays , c'est terrible !nous sommes submergés par l'immigration ,nos politiques veulent nous faire renoncer à notre culture , et meme notre identité ! les immigrants ont plus de droits et sont meme plus favorisés que les Français de souche ! l'insécurité est partout et quand je parle avec d'autres parents , nous sommes tous inquiets pour nos enfants petits ou grands , meme dans les écoles les professeurs se font régulièrement attaquer au couteau , ou frapper !Je serais la première à manifester dans les rues s'il le fallait , mais personne ne bouge ! il y a près de 2OOO mosquées en France Stogie !je ne pense pas que les Américains supporteraient cela ! long comment Stogie mais avec en plus la lacheté actuelle vis à vis de nos amis Israeliens ,tout cela est inssuportable !

Another Day, Another Dead Hamas Leader

Keep it up, Israelis! How is the supply of Heavenly Virgins holding out?,2933,480052,00.html

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Have I Been Too Subtle in My Criticisms of Liberalism?

After reviewing my last few posts, I fear I may have been too subtle in my criticisms of leftwingers and liberalism. To clarify, I just want to say that I gently disagree with liberals about nearly everything, including the law of gravity, the color of the sky, the nature of reality and the price of tea in China.

Other than that, we're good.

Left Still Obsessed With Hating Sarah Palin

Fox News has a story on the continuing Leftist obsession with Sarah Palin. She ran for office and her ticket lost and that would seem the end of the story. But the Left can't stop bashing her and saying stupid things about her. They just can't quit hating her.

Why do they hate her? Because she's normal and they're not. Because she's right in her politics and they're wrong and they secretly know it. Because she's patriotic and wholesome and religious and they're closet-traitors who are unwholesome slobs fettered with facial studs and green hair and B.O. and whose only religion is militant Islam.

And because she's popular with a large segment of the American populace and will be back to fight future political wars.

This Just In: Liberals Declare Solidarity With Brain-Eating Zombies From Outer Space

This just in: Brain-Eating Zombies (BEZ) from outer space have invaded earth and demanded that all humans submit immediately to the head cook for brain extraction and seasoning. This is to be completed in time for lunch tomorrow.

International ANSWER has released a statement saying that oppressed zombies from anywhere "have a right to eat the brains of their oppressors." Liberal demonstrators have picketed the White House in solidarity with BEZ, carrying signs stating "End the Brain Occupation Now" and "Humans With Uneaten Brains = (Swastika)."

A White House Press Secretary stated that if liberals had any brains, they wouldn't be so anxious to cooperate with BEZ. Unfortunately for the rest of us, there is nothing standing in the way of a new coalition of Liberals and Brain-Eating Zombies from Outer Space. Other pundits have wondered how this new development will impact the mid-term elections. The GOP Chairman replied, "What are you nuts? It couldn't get any worse than it already is!"

Conservative leaders complained bitterly about this new form of illegal immigration, but Democrats urged the new visitors to register and vote for Democrats, who would provide them with free college tuition and food stamps. Nancy Pelosi gave a speech to the Commonwealth Club about how "diversity is our strength" and noted that the new immigrants are really diverse all right, with their giant bulging eyeballs and purple skin. Those insisting on a new diet for the immigrants were quickly labeled "racists" by local Democrats, who noted that all cultures and dietary customs were equal and not to be criticized by those outside the ethnicity.

Meanwhile San Francisco declared itself a "Sanctuary City" for BEZ, ordering local police to make no inquiries into the immigration status of the drooling monsters.

More as the situation develops.

Islam is Fascism, Liberals Are Lunatics

Another idiocy currently being posited by the Lunatic Left is that "the Star of David = Swastika." Here you have a situation where one group, the "Palestinians" want to kill all the Jews, drive them into the sea, and take their homeland. To do this they refuse all reasonable offers and concessions and refuse to negotiate because, well dead Jews is the goal, not living beside them in peace. To further their aims they continually bomb busses, restaurants, pizza parlors, kidnap Jews and murder them (usually after protracted torture), fire rockets into Jewish towns and cities and generally act like Nazis.

The Jews FINALLY fight back to preserve their own lives and property and the Left throughout the Western world joins in a unanimous shout that JEWS ARE NAZIS! The constant murder and mayhem and unrelenting hatred and crimes against humanity that the "Palestinians" produce are completely overlooked. I long ago became convinced that liberalism is a form of anti-logic and anti-morality, and like anti-matter colliding with matter, it reacts violently with logic and morality. Yes, liberalism opposes anything and anyone who is good, moral, decent and right. Liberalism is, and I say this in all seriousness, a form of mental illness.

So in honor of the lunacy of liberalism, I have created yet another graphic that both rebuts their assertions about the Nazism of Jews and proclaims the truth for all the world to see, that Islam is Nazi and the Crescent Moon Equals Swastika.

This is more than just a ridiculous insult like those the libs and their "Pals" propagate, as it has a basis in historical fact. Muslims, like Nazis, hate Jews and want them wiped from the face of the earth. Muslims supported the Nazis during World War II and revered and continue to revere, Adolph Hitler. Muslims provided to the Nazi Army a battalion of Bosnian Muslims to serve as SS troops during World War II. And finally, Hitler's screed "Mein Kampf" continues to be a best seller in the Muslim world to this day.

Crescent Moon = Swastika. Now there's an algebraic formula that actually adds up.

Monday, January 12, 2009


I get so sick of all the leftwing geckos scurrying about, tongues darting, eyes rolling, repeating the same inane leftist slogans over and over. One of them is "End the Occupation!" They are referring to Israel existing in its traditional homeland. They didn't "occupy" anything, they already owned it. Leftists, though, figured out that the civilized and productive society was called "Israel" and the barbarian, savage hordes who strap bombs on children so they can murder lots of strangers are called "Palestinians." Needless to say the Left immediately went ga-ga over the Palestinians and began denouncing Jews.

Hey, no brainer there. Any self-respecting leftist knows who to side with, the ones who murder strangers....and genitally mutilate women, hang gays, stone fornicators, dismember petty thieves, and generally engage in anti-social behavior. So the libs shout "End the Occupation!" which means, "we want more Muslim terrorists and bomb-throwing psychopaths in headscarfs and fewer Nobel Prize winning physicists, surgeons, economists, inventors, capitalists and various other assorted geniuses!"

Libbies know what their values are: in a choice between god-awful and swell, choose god-awful. I have no doubt that if offered a choice between dog barf and ice cream, most liberals would choose dog barf. They are just programmed that way, i.e. to self-destruct. They don't even need to strap on any explosive vests. They have something much more dangerous, i.e. their political philosophy.

When countering leftist thought, I think we have to think outside the box here. Obviously, what the Middle East needs desperately is more Jews, not less, and a lot more Israel and a lot less Iran and Syria. All of those mosques would make nice synagogues with a little remodeling and delousing. Remove the quarter moons (they should be reserved for the doors of outhouses anyway) and replace them with menorahs and hang out a sign that says "Under New Management."

Clearly, we must insist on expanding the occupation, not ending it. Because expanding the Jewish occupation of the Middle East is to expand modernity, reason, enlightenment, progress, tolerance and prosperity. What's not to like, unless you're allergic to bagels?

So here's the plan: we must have massive demonstrations across Europe and the USA, carrying signs that boldly demand EXPAND THE OCCUPATION NOW! Muslims OUT of Iran and Syria. (Muslims in other places will be considered on a case-by-case basis.) Since lefties like to wear those ugly Muslim scarfs ("keffiyehs" or something equally unpronounceable), we must all wear black fedoras and yarmalukes while demonstrating. Skull caps will be an acceptable alternative to fedoras. Beards are optional.

This Says It All...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

More Fauxtography from Our Islamic Friends

I found this news photograph at Power Line. The Associated Press caption reads: A Palestinian woman reacts over relatives moments after they were killed in an Israeli missile strike outside their home in Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza Strip,Thursday, Jan. 8, 2009. Five Palestinians were killed in the strike, Palestinian medical sources said.
Isn't it amazing that the photographer was right there and wasn't even harmed by the bomb that "killed" these Palestinians? What a great photographer he must be! He was able to perfectly frame the shot and snap the photo just as the woman reacts to finding her "family" members "killed." Just as amazing are her nice hair-do, earrings and clothing. Obviously she likes to dress nice in the midst of a war, even forgoing the usual chador or veil.

You can bet that two seconds after he snapped the photo the two fakers pretending to be dead got up and asked, "Did you get it? Should we do it again?"
The "Palestinians" are famous for posed and faked photography to use as propaganda that the mainstream media so willingly desseminates. This fake photography has become so well known and documented in the blogosphere that it has taken on the name of "fauxtography."

And what if the photo turns out to be a rare real photograph? Well then, those who live by the bomb quite probably will die by the bomb.
Perhaps we can use this photo for a "caption that photo" contest. My choice: "What?? Are you bums drunk AGAIN??

Communists and Islamists: Evil Leading Evil

I stole this photo from Atlas Shrugs and edited it just a bit to make it more accurate. It shows a bunch of Muslims bowing to "Allah" with their butts in the New York City. I guess we are supposed to be either impressed with their piety or intimidated by their presence. My major reaction is one of disgust.

I really don't care what religion people believe in and follow, except when their religious beliefs are harmful to others. Jehovah's Witnesses kill children by refusing them blood transfusions based on a perverted interpretation of scripture. Mormons are really great people in spite of the absurdity of their beliefs about Jesus in America; however, they harm no one so I don't mind.

Muslim beliefs are very harmful. They believe that all Jews must be killed before the judgment day for rejecting Muhammad for the false prophet that he was. They believe all worldy governments must be replaced with Islamic Sharia law, wherein people must be stoned to death for adultery, thieves must have their hands cut off, and those who leave Islam beheaded. It is a brutal religion more suited for 7th century desert bedoin tribes; it has no place in the modern world. Women are considered inferior to men and animals who are slaughtered for food must be killed in a painful way so they will be "halal," the Muslim version of kosher.

Islam was the brainchild of Muhammad, who injected into the religion all of his personal pet peeves, habits and prejudices. In Islam you can't eat pork, no matter how delicious and nutritious it is; you can't own a dog because Muhammad thought them dirty (he may have been allergic to pet dander); and you can't play or listen to music because Muhammad was tone deaf and thought music worthless. Finally, you can't drown your sorrows in wine or beer because Moe outlawed that too. Cigars hadn't been invented yet but we can safely surmise they too would be verboten. Moe just wasn't much of a fun guy.

The overwhelming percentage of violence in the world today is due to Muslims following their religion, which commands them to make war on all non-Muslims until they convert to the faith or, in some cases, accept a form of slavery called dhimmitude. The constant violence, terrorism and murder in Israel is another example. It is the product of Muslims hating Jews, wishing to wipe them out because they follow another religion and because Muhammad hated Jews.

Early on Muhammad went to Jewish leaders and told them he was the last and greatest prophet, and if they looked in their holy scriptures they would find his coming foretold. Perhaps they shouldn't have laughed so hard as it made Muhammad a bit resentful. He hated them for the rest of his life and imparted that everlasting hatred to his minions.

That Muhammad was a patent fraud and his religion thoroughly evil should be obvious, but we will leave the former for a future post. The evil part has already been fully described in this blog in many prior posts.

Today we see the Far Left supporting the Muslim terrorists as if the two were brothers. This is curious, as the Muslims would kill all the Leftists after taking power; they hate Communism because it isn't Sharia and they hate atheists, which is what most Communists are. But for now they are strange bedfellows united in a common hatred of western civilization. Evil is in bed with evil. Let's hope they give each other STD's.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

In another two weeks Obama becomes the President of the United States. I can't help but feel that one of the most incompetent administrations in US history is about to take over the reins of government. That it will be supported by such clowns as Al Franken, who appears to have successfully stolen the senatorial election in Minnesota, is appropriate.

Now hype and hoopla will no longer save the day. Obama and his team of Clinton retreads will have to face the real world and perform. Obama hasn't said much about the Israeli-Hamas conflict, ostensibly because Bush is still the President and he's not yet. However, I fear that he hasn't said anything because he doesn't have a clue as to what to say. Will the Obama Administration be frozen by indecision? Paralysis by analysis? Will Obama reply to the daunting questions of current events with a question of his own, "Why can't I just eat my waffle?" We shall see.

Meanwhile, Israel seems to be taking advantage of the time remaining in the Bush Administration to wipe out the den of vipers known as Hamas. I am gratified and surprised to see that Israel hasn't yielded to international pressure to stop killing these terrorists; they are pressing on as if they are actually serious about finishing the job instead of apologizing for their own existence. You'd think the Israeli leadership grew gonads or something. I'm shocked beyond belief. But I approve. Keep up the skeer, Israel! (That's a quote from my favorite Civil War General and no, his uniform wasn't blue.)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Zionism is Enlightenment; Islam is Darkness

Leftists and their new beotches, Muslims, have been stinking up major cities around the world this week. They are marching with their ugly scarfs and hateful signs and calling for the death of the Jews. Reportedly this ugly combination of totalitarian ideologies has been the most violent and hateful yet. Pro-Israel demonstrators have been violently attacked, both in San Francisco and New York. Fortunately, they were saved by the police in both cases.

This is good. Let these extremists show their true face to the world. Let them clearly exhibit the characteristics that make them undesirable as immigrants to the West: they are racist as hell, intolerant as hell, and totally loyal to terrorist movements like Hamas. They are not loyal to their host countries and see them as merely something to exploit in what Spencer has called "Stealth Jihad."

Kick them out, all of them, and do it now.

I am also sick of the leftist scum who support those who would destroy our democratic republic. There are certain truths that need to be emphasized in the here and now:

1. Zionism, the return of the Jews to their traditional homeland, i.e. Israel, is an enlightened solution to the anti-semitism that killed millions of them a few decades back. Zionism is enlightenment; those who oppose it are anti-semitic human anuses, to be profoundly ignored.

2. Israel is a model of a modern, pluralistic, democratic state that has taken the desert waste and turned it into a vibrant, green and prosperous country. The surrounding Muslim countries continue to be barren wastes, perhaps matching the minds and religion of their inhabitants. The loss of Israel would be a terrible blow to the civilized world. The loss of any of the Muslim countries would not even be noticed. They produce nothing of value.

3. Capitalism is a positive good for all mankind and is to be preserved at all costs. There is no human liberty without economic liberty. Further, Capitalism produces the greatest economic good for the greatest number in any society; those who live under it enjoy a much higher standard of living than those who do not. Communism, as preached by International Answer, is one of the worst tyrannies ever to oppress the mind of man. It not only destroys all human freedom, but also all human prosperity, reducing societies to poverty and famine. Anyone who even advocates this evil system should be stood against a wall, given a last cigarette (preferably one high in tar) and a blindfold and summarily shot, preferably by NRA members in Sarah Palin T shirts, using unregistered Saturday Night specials that they bought at gun shows.

Okay, that last sentence was satire and not to be taken literally. But I meant everything else.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Israel Belongs to the Jews: Muslims Must Get Out

If ever there were an unjust cause, it is the cause of Muslims attempting to steal Israel from its rightful owners, the Jews. Back in 1947 when the allied powers ceded a small slice of desert to the Jews, the Jews called the small plot "Israel." They were immediately attacked by the surrounding Muslim countries who quickly got their asses handed to them. In fact, every time the Muslims attacked, Israel only got bigger. After the 1967 war there was a popular saying: "Visit Israel and see the pyramids!"

The Muslims who want to steal the Jewish homeland call themselves "Palestinians." It's an Arabic word for squatters. The Palestinians think they are entitled to the land since their ancestors successfully stole it centuries ago. That's back when Muslim hordes were gobbling up great swaths of land owned by Christians and Jews; they could do this because their big fat prophet told them they could. They should have asked my prophet; he would have flipped them the bird. Yes, you Muslims, my prophet can whip your prophet any day of the week.

Muslims just hate it when land they successfully stole has been taken back. They are still pissed off about Spain, which they like to call "Andalusia." They conquered it and ruled it for a few centuries until the local inhabitants had enough and kicked them out. Islamic conquest is not necessarily a permanent condition. The Greeks also rebelled and threw out their Muslim conquerers. What nerve. Don't they realize that Allah gave their country to the Muslims? Non-Muslims should just shut up and die as they are interfering with Allah's plan.

Sorry Muzzies, but we just don't agree. We think your big fat prophet was a phony and your evil god doesn't even exist. Well maybe, but by his other name, i.e. Lucifer.

Muslims have been attacking other people for centuries and are just outraged when anyone resists. Now they are busily infiltrating and subverting the West, so that we see crowds of idiots in those awful fish hook designs walking around with their heads well wrapped looking as serious as a heart attack and as uncomfortable as a case of hemorrhoids. You see them carrying signs calling the Israelis "murderers" and accusing them of "war crimes." You have to understand the language difference, however. "Murderer" in Arabic means "anyone who resists Islamic aggression" and "war crimes" means "anyone who fights back when Muslims attack."

Of course, there are our usual home-grown morons called Leftists, like International Answer, a communist organization who always supports everything evil and opposes everything good. Which probably explains why they support communism, since it completely eradicates human freedom and prosperity. Now they are supporting the murderous Muslims because, well, because they kill people and conquer people and blow up buildings and busses and pizza parlors and otherwise make nuisances of themselves. Commies like people who share their values. It's understandable, I guess.

Ignore the head-wrapped, fish-hook design-wearing morons with their nasty little signs. It's time we got in their faces and told them the truth: that their crappy religion is an evil joke, that we are not fooled by their lies, that we will never accept head scarfs when baseball caps are available. And as long as they are going to hate Jews, plot to commit terrorist acts and plan to replace democracy with Sharia, they have no place in the West and need to relocate to the desert shit hole of their choice.

While we're on the subject, some other things we need to make clear: Israel belongs to the Jews not the Muslims. Get the hell out of Israel and do it now. After sixty years we hoped you would get the hint by now but some people just aren't sensitive enough to pick up on subtle clues. I guess it's time we were more direct, which probably explains the Israeli troops on the Gaza border.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Warning: Phishing Attempts Made on GMail Accounts

Certain leftists and practically all Jihadis would delete this blog (and others like it) if they could.

If leftists/jihadis had my gmail password, they could use it to delete Saber Point. A couple of mouse clicks and three years of blogging would disappear in an instant. Yesterday some of them attempted to get that password by sending me a fraudulent email purporting to be from Google.

Here's what it said:
THIS Email is from Gmail Customer Care and we are sending it to every Gmail Email User Accounts Owner for safety. we are having congestions due to the anonymous registration of Gmail accounts so we are shutting down some Gmail accounts and your account was among those to be deleted.We are sending you this email so that you can verify and let us know if you still want to use this account.If you are still interested please confirm your account by filling the space below.Your User name,password,date of birth and your country information would be needed to verify your account. Due to the congestion in all Gmail users and removal of all unused Gmail Accounts, Gmail would be shutting down all unused Accounts, You will have to confirm your E-mail by filling out your Login Information below after clicking the reply button, or your account will be suspended within 24 hours for security reasons.
· User name:
· Password:
· Date of Birth:
· Country Or Territory:

After following the instructions in the sheet, your account will not be interrupted and will continue as normal. Thanks for your attention to this request. We apologize for any inconveniences. Warning!!! Account owner that refuses to update his/her account after two weeks of receiving this warning will lose his or her account permanently

Needless to say I didn't fall for this ruse. The email of the sender was given as