Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Left's War on America: Three Key Battlefronts

The far left (aka Democrats) are assaulting American culture on many fronts.  Here is a list of some of those points of attack:

1.  Importing a new electorate:  Larry Elder said that the Democrats haven't won the white vote since 1965.  White people tend to believe in our Constitution, our Judaeo-Christian culture, our Democratic Republic, our economic system of capitalism.  They also tend to vote Republican.  Since the Democrats cannot win by depending on the white vote, they are very big on "the browning of America," importing new voters through illegal immigration.  These new voters tend to vote for Democrats by overwhelming numbers.  The Democrats latest insistence on DACA amnesty is merely another Dem attempt to import new Democrat voters.  Leftist memes that were created to suppress resistance to this importation is to laud "Diversity is our Strength."  Even RINOs like Lindsay Graham give voice to this fraud, with the absurd notion that the less we have in common with new immigrants, the stronger we are.

2.  Demonizing White People:  On Twitter and other social media, leftists are becoming increasingly flagrant in their open hatred of white people.  College professors encourage white suicide, blacks state that all white people are "racist," and even call for their murder.  Some universities offer courses on "dealing with whiteness."  All white progress is described as being the result of "white privilege" rather than of industry and hard work.  A New York College has offered a course entitled "The Abolition of Whiteness," and the University of Wisconsin-Madison has a course entitled "The Problem of Whiteness."  Many, if not most white college graduates come out of their Marxist learning center with a pronounced feeling of guilt and self-hatred for being white, and ready to self-flagellate by voting left.  Clearly, there is a leftwing race war being fomented against white people.

3.  Gender-Bending, or the Effeminization of the American Male:  The left is now attacking "toxic masculinity" and pushing feminism onto American males.  The Fashion Industry is pushing dresses and high heels for men, and male models display these abominations online.  Men who wish to dress up like women are applauded and encouraged, their faces plastered on the covers of fashion and movie magazines.  "Caitlin" Jenner is a man who had his penis chopped off so he can become a "woman," and the left would love for all other white men to do the same, psychologically at least. Men who don't want to date other men (who are dressed as women), are castigated as 'bigots."  Turning men into effeminate wimps is just another front in the left's psychological warfare against the right.  "Transgenders" are the left's latest pet group, and girly-men are allowed to compete in women's sports where their natural testosterone makes them champions in women's track, wrestling and other sports events.

Maxine Waters, As She Appears to Me (#Photoshop)