Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

It's ten minutes until nine, and the steady stream of the witches, princesses, pirates, power rangers, ninjas, zombies, angels and ghouls, finally peters out.  At 9 PM I turn off the porch light and bring in the plastic jack-o-lantern that is illuminated with a bulb.  I can also let the dog back in from the backyard, where he was banished for his hyper intensive, noisy joy at seeing so many kids.

I very much enjoy the children who come to my door on Halloween.  Now, goodnight for another year.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Week To Go: The Presidential Election of 2012

In reading polls, predictions and pundits, I still do not have a clear idea of how the Presidential election will turn out.  Logic would seem to support the election of Mitt Romney over the failed and terrible presidency of Barack Obama.  However, voters aren't always logical.  Obama was elected in 2008 based on sheer fantasy about his capabilities.  Mark Levin warned what the election of Obama would  mean.  I also predicted what an Obama presidency would bring, and most of my predictions, the most important ones, were correct.  Four more years of Obama will be much like the last four, with the same disastrous results.  What you see is what you get.

In 2008 I had an epiphany, a sudden realization that McCain would lose to Obama.  It was a feeling of certitude and I did not doubt its accuracy.  Unfortunately, my intuition hasn't revealed the 2012 outcome.  It is still a big question mark in my mind.  

In any case, I will be glad when it's over.  Then we will know if the polls were indeed accurate, the predictions true or false.  Reality will replace wishful thinking and we will finally know what we are dealing with.  I am tired of the anxiety, tired of scrutinizing every new poll and event and editorial and commentary, in a vain attempt to perceive a clear trend, to guess the outcome.

I really don't understand Democrats.  Do they really believe their soundbite ideology?  Do they even care that their policies impoverish Americans and erode our security?  Do they like soaring gas prices, high joblessness, and class warfare?  It seems to me that they have an irrational loyalty to their party, above all practical concerns for their own self-interests and the well being of their families.  I really don't get it.

All we can do is go to the polls and vote, and hope for the best.

Just for Fun: Dog in a Restaurant (Cartoon)

Disaster Alert

Thomas Sowell Explains Obama's Strategy in Defusing Benghazi-Gate

Thomas Sowell has described a new political stratagem employed by the Democrats to take the steam out of controversies like Benghazi.  He calls it "cooling out" the voters.  Scam artists use the same technique on those that they defraud.  It involves creating plausible deniability, blurring the facts to confuse the victim as to whether he has been defrauded, thus delaying him from going to the police.  The delay is important, as it allows the fraudster to escape before any action can be taken.

Obama used the "cooling out" strategy in defusing public outrage over Benghazi.  Obama offered a plausible (but knowingly false) scenario to deflect deserved blame away from himself.  That scenario was to miscast the terrorist attack on our embassy to be a spontaneous protest over a YouTube video that just got out of hand.  Then allow the truth to come out slowly, when it will have a lesser impact on public opinion.

Clever, these Democrats.  They have transformed unethical and dishonest behavior into a fine art form.

Read it all here.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Global Warming Disaster! Godzilla Awakened by Hurricane Sandy!

A lot of faked photos of Hurricane Sandy are making the rounds. This one, however, is absolutely true! I know, I am an expert on such matters.

Great Bumper Sticker Seen: "NOT AGAIN" (Photoshop)

Last Thursday, on my way home from my Spanish class, I saw a car with a very clever bumper sticker.  I have used Photoshop to recreate it here.  Feel free to use on your blog or website!

#worldseries Heaven! The Giants Win the World Series, Sweep the Tigers

As a long-time Giants fan (50+ years), I have a deep feeling of satisfaction this morning.  The Giants swept the Tigers to win their 7th World Series title, the second after moving from New York to San Francisco in 1958.  The Giants were behind for the first time, 2-1, but resumed the lead with a home run with a man on base, 3-2, and then the Tigers tied with a home run of their own, 3-3.  Finally, in the top of the 10th inning, Scutero hit a double to drive in Theriot from second, giving the Giants their lead and the final score of 4-3.

Fifty years ago this month, the Giants lost the World Series to the Yankees in seven games.  I was hoping against hope that the Giants would face the Yankees in this World Series and give them a drubbing.  However, the Yankees were swept by the Tigers, who in turn were swept by the Giants.  So with the awesome superiority of the Giants well established beyond all doubt, I am forced to give up my fifty year old dream of revenge against the Yankees.

As for Detroit, I feel for their fans.  Giants fans know how it feels to be swept, as the Giants were swept by the Oakland As in 1989.  We know how it feels to see your team lose, as the Giants were beaten by the Anaheim Angels in 2002, when a win seemed almost certain going into the last three games.  It is heartbreaking, as it is very difficult to get to the Series in the first place.  I hope they get another chance at a Series title, and soon.  As long as it isn't against the Giants, I will root for them!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

#WorldSeries: Giants Win Second Shut-Out of Tigers, Are Up 3 Games to 0

It looks like the San Francisco Giants will win the 2012 World Series.  Tonight they beat the Detroit Tigers in Detroit 2 - 0, the same score as for Game 2.  Skunking the Tigers in their own stadium is almost unheard of, but the Giants are an extraordinary team.

What most impresses me about the Giants is not their pitching nor their batting, though both are impressive.  Where they really shine is on defense.  Tonight they made two double plays, once with the bases loaded, to end the inning and prevent any runs by Detroit.  They make incredible plays against hard hit balls that are either caught or scooped out of the dirt for almost impossible throws to first to get the out.

It's never over until the last out and anything is possible.  But there are four possible games remaining and the Giants only have to win one of them to take the series.  Unless they all come down with the flu by, say, tomorrow, that seems to be almost a done deal.  Almost.  Never temp the gods of baseball by being overconfident.

Game 4 is tomorrow in Detroit.

A Very Short But Accurate Description of the Benghazi Affair

We've all heard of the attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya.  What happened, and what is the controversy all about?  Here it is in eight simple steps.

1.  Islamic extremists plotted to attack our embassy in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, the anniversary of Bin Laden's attack on New York in 2001.

2.  The terrorists attacked, killing our defenseless ambassador and two Navy Seals who tried to protect him.  During the attack, the Embassy personnel requested military assistance from the Obama administration, who refused the request.  Reasons for the refusal are unknown, but may be due to (1) gross incompetence of the Obama team, or (2) due to political considerations, e.g., if the military went in to save the embassy, it might make the "Arab Spring" and Obama's support of it look bad.  CIA ordered the Navy Seals to "stand down" during the attack and do nothing to assist the embassy.  They disobeyed orders and were killed defending it.

3.  After the embassy was burned to the ground and our ambassador murdered, Obama realized that the situation would make him look bad in an election year.  Somehow he had to hide his lack of foresight, lack of precaution, his gross negligence in refusing greater security and military assistance that the embassy had asked for.

4.  Obama decided to hide his culpability for our embassy dead by pretending that the onslaught was a spontaneous protest against an anti-Islam video on YouTube.  Now this is something he could not foresee or be blamed for; it deflected public attention away from Obama's security blunders, and gave him a plausible excuse for avoiding blame.

5.  Obama, with the help of Hillary Clinton, spreads the "spontaneous video protest" meme far and wide, even to the United Nations.

6.  Finally, CIA and other security personnel come forth to say that the attack was a planned act of terror, and had nothing to do with the YouTube video.  Emails are presented, proving that Obama knew the nature of the attack within a half hour of its beginning.

7.  Much of the public now realizes that the embassy attack happened due to the gross negligence of Barack Obama, and that he lied and attempted to cover up the real facts to protect his political hide.

8.  Final step, yet to happen:  On November 6, the American electorate kicks the lying cover-up king out on his butt, in part because of the Benghazi controversy.

Udate:  Lawrence Auster has a similar timeline that is worth your attention, here.

Colin Powell Loves His Epidermis Above All Principles

Surprise, surprise:  so-called "Republican" Colin Powell, who is black, endorsed Barack Obama for reelection.  Colin Powell, it seems, is enamored of ebony epidermis, crazy for colored cuticle.  Either that, or he really loves high gas prices, a sick economy, high joblessness, a deteriorating military, and murdered US ambassadors.

This week John Sununu figured it was the former, saying the only reason "Republican" Colin Powell is supporting Obama for reelection is because both men are black.  Sununu later backtracked on his comment, but his original epidemeric epiphany was correct:  Colin Powell loves his hide more than he loves his pride, is crazy about his skin more than the state were in.  Now Colin Powell is saying "my party is full of racists."  He's right.  The Democrat Party is his party, and it is indeed full of racists....and hypocrites.  He should know, he's one of them.

Colin Powell is supporting Obama's reelection because he is a fellow black, and with the great majority (96%) of blacks supporting Obama for the same reason, Powell feels he must go along.  If Powell does anything less, he will be a pariah to friends and family, most of whom belong to the Black Party first, the Democrat Party second, and the American nation dead last.

Not all blacks support Obama, and we are seeing a growing number of blacks who think with their brains rather than their epidermis.  I have been delighted to see black conservatives on Twitter, denouncing Obama and supporting Romney, sounding very much like any other conservative.  These people are mature adults with real principles and authentic, independent thought.  I welcome them to our movement, and hope their numbers grow.

Unfortunately, and obviously, the race-baiting faux Republican Colin Powell isn't one of them.

Four years ago, Colin Powell made a string of accusations against the Republican Party, along with his recommendations on how to become liberals instead of conservatives.  His comments were asinine then, and are asinine now.  I rebutted him in an article titled Colin Powell, Shut the Hell Up.  Do read it, as it illustrates quite well the lame-assed thinking of this liberal phony.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Giants Win First Game of World Series, 8 - 3 Over Detroit Tigers

The Panda Man Can
With only one day to rest from winning the National League pennant, the San Francisco Giants were ready to play tonight in the first game of the 2012 World Series.  Pablo Sandoval was up three times and hit a home run each time, allowing him to join a very exclusive club that includes Babe Ruth (1926, 1928) and Reggie Jackson (1977).  On his fourth at bat, Sandoval had to settle for a single -- oh well, batting 1000 is nothing to sneeze at.  Give that man a raise!

The Giants went on to win 8 - 3.  Giants fans are calling this month "Orange October," after the color of the Giants uniforms (which are black and orange).

The Tigers are tougher than the score indicated.  I doubt that they will go quietly into the also-ran section of the sports history books.  I expect them to come back and make a fight of it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sleazy Gloria Allred Seeks "October Surprise" to Derail Romney

Gloria Allred is an attorney who is forever trying to derail Republicans in their quest for higher office.  She generally does this by disclosing some embarrassing incident from the Republican's past, shortly before the election to deny her victim a chance to rebut or respond.

The rumor is that she will be in court tomorrow to ask a judge to revoke a gag order on a long-ago case in which Romney testified.  The revocation will allow those involved in the case to discuss Romney's part in the case, which presumably will be used to denigrate Romney's character or judgment.

Obama did this same thing to one of his early political opponents, when seeking office as a senator.  His lawyers were able to remove a gag order in his opponent's divorce case, allowing Obama to reveal embarrassing (but irrelevant) facts about the opponent.

The "October Surprise" is a long-time Democrat stratagem, employing unethical means to sway an election.  But when you've got nothing worthwhile on which to run, perhaps you can embarrass your opponent or smear him or her sufficiently to sway the election.  Gloria Allred is an Obama supporter and doctrinaire Democrat who will resort to such dirty tactics to win at all costs.  She is the epitome of the ambulance-chasing shrew.

I wonder what embarrassing facts exist in her background?  We are all human and we all make mistakes, and any good lawyer is an expert in attacking the character of a courtroom opponent with spin, distortion, exaggeration and out-and-out lies.  Such an attorney could make Mother Teresa seem like a crack whore, and yes, it's one of the reasons lawyers are widely hated in America.

In any case, someone with the capability should do a thorough search of Allred's background to let her know how it feels.  Maybe there's a drug arrest or DUI, or lesbian affair or traffic ticket, or censure by the Bar in her past.  Maybe we can find the guy who deflowered Allred and have him relate the experience in excruciating detail, or a plaintiff who won a civil case against Allred and have him or her explain Allred's behavior that led to the suit, or her college buddies who smoked pot with her before attending a male stripper bar.  The possibilities are endless.  Let's work on it.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Giants Going to World Series; Third Presidential Debate

I watched and listened to the third and final presidential debate on my laptop, through headphones, while watching the 7th game of the San Francisco Giants - St. Louis Cardinals semifinal match up.  Both were fights that were important to me.

The presidential debate on foreign policy was pretty boring, with both candidates repeating a lot of the same talking points they made in the prior two debates.  Obama did his best yet, in my opinion, speaking well off the cuff and looked polished and prepared.  Substance-wise, he was still the same -- full of bovine excrement.

No doubt the media will proclaim Obama the winner, but it is highly doubtful that this debate will give him any bounce.  Obama is all done.


The Giants - Cardinals game was quite a bit more exciting than the excruciatingly dull debate.  A few days ago the Giants were down three games to one and all the Cardinals had to do was win one of the next three games.  They lost all three, as the Giants thumped them in convincing fashion.  Tonight, in the top of the 9th, the Cardinals were down 9 - 0 as the clouds burst and drenched the crowd and the field in a downpour.  The Giants got the three final outs and are headed for "the show," the World Series, against the Detroit Tigers.  First game is this Wednesday.

It is really special to me that the Giants are in the 2012 World Series.  I saw them in the 1962 World Series against the New York Yankees and was hoping for a repeat of that contest fifty years later, with the Giants winning this time around -- but the Yankees were swept in their playoff round and it was not to be.  That's okay, I'll accept a Giants victory over the Tigers instead.

Obama's Stand on Charitable Contributions vs That of Romney (Photoshop)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

You're Poor Because the Rich Stole Your Fair Share...Not (Image)

Personal Stuff: High School Reunion; Son's New Puppy

Last night wifey and I attended my high school reunion, Class of 1962.  You do the math.  A band comprised of some musician friends of mine played rock, and did very well (and got paid).  I danced until my legs were falling off.  Funny, after fifty years all the cliques and social strata of high school have melded into one big group of equals.  There are no longer any homecoming queens or football heroes, just one big crowd of fat people with white hair (or no hair).  Everyone was nice.  I had the youngest looking and cutest wife there; no brag, just fact.  I wore a tan suit that fit perfectly, thanks to my recent weight loss efforts.

At dinner I was seated next to "Wolfie," a man with cerebral palsy who was also afflicted with such in high school.  He asked me to cut his salad and his meat for him, as he only has one operable hand.  Glad to do it.


On the political front, the Real Clear Politics polls are again at a dead heat for Romney vs Obama.  Hard to believe that anyone but a small cadre of socialist-fanatics are voting for Obama.  I will be so glad when the election is over and we can all turn to other things.  On November 7, we will finally know if the polls were right and the lay of the political landscape.  Do we keep America or do we lose it to the forces of "progressivisim"?

I notice a couple more newspapers endorsed Romney today.

My eldest son and my youngest son are both here for the weekend, the latter showing off his new Pomeranian puppy.  Bogie, my dog, absolutely loves her and the feeling seems mutual as they joyously chase each other around the backyard.  Missy the cat is still surveying the situation from underneath the safety of the dining room table.

My persimmon tree is loaded with fruit.  Wifey has started picking the ripest ones.  The aroma of bacon wafts from the kitchen and it is time for my second cup of coffee.  Have a great Sunday.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Madonna Simulates Gun Violence to an Alarmed Denver Audience

From the start of her career, I never liked Madonna.  I like her even less today.  She is a disgusting has-been hack who must rely on shock and scandal in lieu of actual talent.  She is being criticized today for putting on a skit in her Denver "concert" where she "shoots" a man "dead," then simulates shooting into the audience, brandishing the same handgun she has used in other acts.

She is singing "Bang bang, shootcha dead," over and over.

The only thing that is dead is her career.  Read more about it here.

More Important Endorsements for Romney

Three more left-leaning newspapers have endorsed Romney for president:  the Orlando Sentinel, the Tennessean, and the Chicago Jewish Star.

On top of that, lifelong Democrat Lee Iaccoca has endorsed Romney as well.

Obama's former supporters are deserting him in the last three weeks before the election.

At this point, I feel fairly safe in saying that Obama's disastrous tenure at the helm of state is coming to an end.  People, including many Democrats, have had enough.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

RCP Electoral Map Shows Romney Ahead For First Time

Real Clear Politics has been running an electoral college map for months now.  Before today, it has always shown Obama ahead of Romney in probable electoral college votes.

Today, for the first time, the RCP electoral map shows Romney going ahead of Obama by 206 electoral college votes to 201.  It takes 270 electoral college votes to win, and a number of states (representing 131 electoral college votes) are still in the toss-up category.

The increase in Romney's vote count is due to the addition of North Carolina to the Romney column, based on a recent poll showing him ahead in that state.

Hat tip:  View From the Right

Note to Left:  The freak-out begins in 10 seconds:  10, 9, 8, .......

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Liberal New York Newspaper Endorses Romney for President

The New York Observer is said to be a liberal newspaper in New York City.  In 2008, the newspaper editors endorsed Obama for president.  In 2012, they believe Mitt Romney is the choice for New Yorkers.

Their editorial today includes this:
A candidate has emerged from the rough and tumble of the primaries with his dignity intact. The system has produced not a demagogue but a manager, a candidate whose experience is rooted in the pragmatism of the business world rather than the ideology of partisan politics.  That candidate is Mitt Romney.
Another powerful paragraph is this:
Mitt Romney stands out because—unlike so many candidates in the past—he understands how to build businesses, create efficiencies, make tough deals and carefully consider divergent viewpoints. America needs a strong leader, a practical leader. Mr. Romney knows full well that it would be a tragic mistake to simply assume that the United States will continue to be the world’s economic powerhouse simply because that’s what we’ve been for decades. America earned its global prominence because of the nation’s culture of work and individual freedom. That’s why immigrants came here and continue to come here—not because they seek a handout, but because they want a chance to work and to create and to innovate. In today’s competitive economy, the country needs competitors, not class-war crybabies.

Focus Group of Undecided Voters Declare Romney Winner of Second Debate

The Luntz focus group of undecided voters were Nevadans, most of who voted for Obama in 2008.  After the second presidential debate, most of the former Obama voters say they are now switching to Romney.  An interview of these voters shows high praise for Romney's performance in the second debate.

Some of the comments from the focus group (referring to Romney):

"Forceful, compassionate, presidential," one participant said.
"Confident and realistic," said another.
"Presidential," another told Luntz.
"Enthusiastic," another reacted.
"Our next president," one man said.
"Dynamo, winner," said one more.

Even after Obama's much improved performance, the undecided voters were not impressed with him.

Read it all and view the video here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Second Presidential Debate of 2012 Between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

The second presidential debate just ended and here are my impressions.

Obama wanted to perform substantially better in this debate, having performed poorly in the first.  He accomplished that, and it was obvious he had taken the bitter lessons of the first debate to heart.  The split screen showed him striking a confident posture, a slight smile on his lips, as if he were posing for the camera. Taking a page from Joe Biden's debate, he attempted to interrupt Romney on occasion, to talk over him, to shut him up.  Romney would not allow it.

Neither candidate said anything substantially different.  Obama's prescription for everything seems to be governmental force.  Here are the major recommendations that Obama made vs. Romney:

(1) Tax the rich more than they are taxed now.  This is a really dumb idea as it will shrink the tax base, resulting in less tax revenues not more.  Lower rates would grow the base and increase tax revenues, which is Romney's strategy, one that has worked well for previous administrations (namely, Kennedy and Reagan).

(2) Punish companies who outsource jobs overseas by denying them tax deductions for the related expenses.  This is a really dumb idea, because the outsourcing may be a survival mechanism for overtaxed, overly unionized companies who would otherwise go broke -- and thereby cause all of their American jobs and tax payments to disappear.  It is analogous to a farmer shooting his cow because the farmer wants more milk.  Romney's plan would be to structure taxes and reduce regulations in such a way as to make it financially feasible to keep jobs in the US rather than outsource them.   Obama's solution is governmental force, Romney's is to grow the economy by providing a more business-friendly environment.

(3)  On energy policy, pretend to support fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal, even after having done much to discourage their use and availability, while touting imaginary sources like wind and solar, two modes that have yet to prove practical beyond a modest contribution to our energy needs.  Romney promised to exploit our enormous energy resources in oil, natural gas and coal -- to provide available, cheaper energy in the here and now rather than the largely fictional renewable sources that Obama touts.

Overall summary:  Romney scored on attacking Obama's miserable record of failure over the past four years.  On style and presentation, both candidates did well.  On substance, Romney destroyed Obama.

Will this debate move the needle for Obama?  I doubt it.  Expect the Romney momentum to continue.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Rush Hints at a Romney Route as Momentum Builds

Rush Limbaugh says he doesn't want to say what he really believes about the election on November 6.  He's afraid it would be too positive, too soon.  He doesn't want to give anyone an assurance that may turn out to be false.

However, Rush cannot figure out any scenario where Obama can be re-elected.  Obama has lost his messianic status, and the lost magic of 2008 can never be recaptured.  One more good debate by Romney should seal the deal.

I too have a feeling that things are far worse for Obama than the media lets on.  As Romney noted, Obama can change his style and his strategy but he cannot change the truth about the last four years.  Obama is going down.

The Walking Dead Endorses Obama-Biden for Election?

Walking dead?  Oh excuse me, that's JOAQUIN DADE, a person who lost their health care coverage when Bain Capital ended the solar energy company where he worked.  When Mr. Dade's wife, Reely Dade, contracted a rare disease, she died and then came back to life as a flesh-eating zombie.  With a free health care plan, she might be alive today.

Now Mrs. Joaquin Dade wants to eat your brain because, if you're voting for Obama-Biden, you aren't using it anyway.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Muslims Need to Know: We Will NEVER Stop Mocking the "Prophet" Who Ordered Our Deaths

Muhammad Meets His Maker
Reflecting Light blog has referenced an article on a huge Muslim protest going on in London.  The Muslims there are protesting and picketing Google's London headquarters, demanding that Google remove the YouTube video "The Innocence of Muslims."  That film, they say, mocks their glorious prophet, Muhammad.  Indeed it does, and indeed it must remain.  Western freedom of speech takes priority over any and all religions, and it is more important when it addresses Islam.

Approximately 1,450 years ago, Muhammad pledged war on all mankind, at the Pledge of Aquaba.  All humans on earth would convert to Islam, or be killed or enslaved if they did not convert.  Those who became Muslims would live under a brutal ideology with little empathy for human suffering, and absolutely no tolerance for individual liberty.

In early times, Muslims invaded and conquered many Christian countries, including Greece and Spain, and forced their populations to convert.  The Muslims have also been aggressive towards Hindus, killing millions of them as well.  This aggression has reawakened in recent years, and once again Muslims are attacking us "infidels."

911, the London and Spain bombings, the mass murders in Beslan, Mumbai and Fort Hood, are the worst of recent Muslim mass murder, but there are many other smaller attacks and failed attempts (See here and here).  And when Muslims aren't killing non-Muslims, they are busy killing each other, all in the name of their religion.

We see Islam as a death cult.  Its mission is mass murder.  Almost no one is safe in the west these days, and for that reason we cannot and will not stop mocking Muhammad and the religion that he created.  We simply cannot offer any respect, reverence or credibility to a religion whose goal is to kill us or conquer us.  We must constantly show our contempt for Islam because of the evil deeds it does daily, and to retard its growth, cause doubts in its believers and awaken westerners to the threat.  We must, because if we do not, then death or dhimmitude will be our lot, and we acquiesce in our own demise.

Make no mistake, we don't care what religion anyone practices, as long as it is peaceful and tolerant of differing views.  We do not attack Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto or Sikhism; we do not mock these religions or their prophets or equivalents.  We say "go in peace, and may God be with you."  The only reason why we attack Islam and its prophet is because they are a mortal threat to us, and to all followers of other faiths.

I don't see any way out of this conflict, except for Muslims and non-Muslims to live separately and apart, in separate societies.  Once the Islamic threat is lessened to a significant degree, the mocking of Islam will decline naturally.  In any case, we will never allow any laws to be passed that restrict our freedom of speech and our ongoing criticism of Islam and its prophet.  We will fight before we allow that to happen.  So protest and picket until you are blue in the face; it will be of no avail.

T-Shirt Describes Obama Supporters' True Goal

Here's a picture of an Obama supporter at a campaign rally, wearing a scandalous T-Shirt that tells the true goals of Obama and his supporters.

I am just shocked and sickened by the brazenness of it all.  I am sure you will be too.

Feel free to repost, republish and pass it along to Facebook, email and other means of dissemination.

UPDATE:  I have been advised that the image on the left has been Photoshopped. (I know. I Photoshopped it myself.)

If the left is going to put out false images in order to slander Republicans, then I will respond tit for tat to every one.  The original leftist propaganda photo can be viewed here.  Leftists are republishing their fake photo with glee, as it reinforces their slanderous meme about  why people support Romney over Obama.  (It isn't because they've been out of work for four years and lost the house.  It's because...Obama has a tan.  But you knew that.)

Reasons why the original photo is fake:  the slogans on T shirts are generally on the front, not the back of the shirt.  Further, the liberal sites who published the original photo did not identify or interview the man wearing the shirt, which indicates they are aware that the man was an agent provocateur, a false flag, a liberal posing as a "racist" conservative for propaganda purposes.  Several of these fakes have been exposed at Tea Party events, and the left's brazen dishonesty is nothing new.

But two can play at that game, kids.  Psy-ops work both ways.  Now I need some ideas for some new "faux" liberal t shirt slogans.  Something like this:
  • Reproductive Rights!  Abort the Little Bastards!  (Maybe include an image of a fetus with a red circular "No" sign superimposed.)
  • Drag Queens for Obama
  • Give Marxism a Chance
  • Jobs Are Overrated
  • Free Drugs Now!
  • High Gas Prices: A Must for the Environment
  • High Food Prices Are Good for Your Figure
  • Tax the Rich Til They Bleed!
Your suggestions are welcome.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

John F. Kennedy's Tax Cuts -- He Agreed With Romney, Not Obama (Video)

JFK explains very well the relationship between tax policy, tax revenue, employment and prosperity in this video from 1962.  JFK was right -- when taxes are too high, it retards both economic growth AND tax revenues to the government.  Sometimes, cutting taxes to a more optimum level results in rising prosperity AND rising tax revenues.  It's amazing how few liberals understand this basic economic truth.

JFK's 1962 tax policy is much closer to what Romney wants than what Obama wants, fifty years later.  At the VP debate, Ryan mentioned this to Biden, and Biden contemptuously asked, "So now you're Jack Kennedy?"  Ryan responded, "I'm closer to him than you are."  Ryan was right.

Joe Biden: Court Jester Joe, or Just a Grinning Idiot? (Photoshop)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Vice-Presidential Debate: Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan

I watched the big Vice Presidential debate.  It was somewhat entertaining.

I thought the moderator, Martha Raddatz of ABC News, did a professional job.  I didn't feel that she was overtly biased one way or the other.  She asked good questions.

Who won the debate?  There was no clear winner, though I thought Ryan stuck more closely to facts, whereas Biden was his usual bombastic and demagogic self.  Ryan had Biden rattled early in the debate, where Biden felt he had to interrupt Ryan by speaking over him.  Still, the Fox News panel of undecided voters unanimously agreed that the debate had not influenced their choice one way or the other.

Biden is being criticized tonight by many who felt he was disrespectful and rude, by laughing and smirking while Ryan was speaking.  This behavior was seen on television via the split screen, showing the faces of both candidates simultaneously.

Personally, I thought Biden scored points on his defense of the Administration's Afghanistan withdrawal plan, where they have announced in advance that we will withdraw our troops by 2014, come what may.  Biden argued that we have put the Afghani government on notice that they must step up and take over the task of their own defense, and our departure deadline puts pressure on them to do that.  Good argument, and it changed my mind on the point.  (Romney-Ryan's position wasn't materially different than that of Obama-Biden, anyway.)

Biden couldn't defend the Obama Administration's disgraceful neglect of security in the Benghazi attack on our embassy on September 11, 2012.  Clearly, that debacle reflects very poorly on Obama, both in the criminal negligence of allowing it to happen, then in the obvious attempt to cover it up with a phony story about a YouTube video.

Ryan scored on the economy, as it is clear that the Obama Administration hasn't a clue on economics, job creation and the role of tax policy in maximizing prosperity.  Biden's only stance was what it has always been, tax the crap out of the "rich," bleed those suckers dry.  This always turns me off.  The Democrat vision is that the role of the upper class is to financially support the middle class, and this is the only way the middle class can grow -- as a kind of parasite off the rich.  A better view is that the upper and middle classes need each other -- the former as employers, investors and entrepreneurs, the latter as employees, investors, managers and customers.  They need a symbiotic relationship, not a parasitical one.

My general conclusion:  The VP debate won't materially affect this campaign or the fortunes of the candidates.  If Obama was hoping that Biden would somehow pull his polls out of the toilet, he will be disappointed.  Meanwhile, stay tuned for the next presidential debate, next Tuesday, October 16.

Update:  Twitter feed shows a CNN poll rating Ryan the winner on several points:

Clearly, the above statistics indicate that Ryan won the debate and possibly added more momentum to the Romney-Ryan ticket.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The True and Irredeemable Nature of Islam: Violent, Barbaric, at War With All Mankind

The Washington Times has a great article on what the great western thinkers of the past thought about Islam.  What they thought is what I think, and have preached nonstop since I started this blog in 2006.  Is that because I am another great western thinker?  No, I am a common sense kind of guy who is able to perceive the gist of many problems, and Islam is a long-time problem for world peace.

The Washington Times quotes Betrand Russell, Winston Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt, Alexis de Tocqueville, John Quincy Adams, Professor George Bush of NYU (1830), Thomas Jefferson and John Wesley.   They all say the same thing:  Islam is irredeemably violent, savage, focused on conquest and aggression, and whose influence is to retard human progress rather than advancing civilization.

Read it here.

Hat tip to Galliawatch.

Obama the Comeback Kid (Cartoon, Photoshop)


Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Bankrupt California: The Model for Progressive Policies

A Typical California Road
Victor Davis Hanson is (like me) a Californian.  He discusses the state of California and its demise under unfettered leftism:  soaring energy prices, crumbling infrastructure, tides of illegal aliens, and managed my moonbats on steroids.  California is the perfect reverse barometer of sane fiscal policy and state government.  Hanson explains:
California may face the nation’s largest budget deficit at $16 billion. It may struggle with the nation’s second-highest unemployment rate at 10.6 percent. It will soon vote whether to levy the nation’s highest income and sales taxes, as if to encourage others to join the 2,000-plus high earners who are leaving the state each week. The new taxes will be our way of saying, “Good riddance.” And if California is home to one-third of the nation’s welfare recipients and the largest number of illegal aliens, it is nonetheless apparently happy and thus solidly for Obama, by a +24 percent margin in the latest Field poll. The unemployment rate in my hometown is 16 percent, the per capita income is $16,000 — and I haven’t seen a Romney sticker yet.
One of the greatest testaments to liberal lunacy is California's roads.  They are filled with potholes and cracks and are often a mosaic patchwork, the many cracks filled with poured asphalt, resulting in a giant spiderweb where a road should be.  I have often driven along California's road, bumping and jostling until I reach the state border between California and Nevada, or California and Oregon, or California and Arizona, where the roads magically transform into smooth, new stretches of freeways, absent the cracks and potholes.  My wife asks, "Why are the roads so bumpy?"  I reply, "California's broke.  They can't afford to fix the roads."

Yes, "progressives" everywhere should take a good long look at the perfect model of their political ambitions.  Progressivism not only doesn't work, it makes life substantially more difficult for those who live under its soft tyranny.

Read it all here.

Monday, October 08, 2012

For Obama, the Bad News Just Keeps on Coming

The aftereffects of the last presidential debate are becoming fully felt.  That spells continuing bad news for Barack Obama.  Right now the Obama team must feel like Captain Smith after the Titanic's chief engineer told him the ship will sink in two hours.

Drudge reports:

Andrew Sullivan, liberal pundit and Obama supporter writes:
The Pew poll is devastating, just devastating. Before the debate, Obama had a 51 - 43 lead; now, Romney has a 49 - 45 lead. That's a simply unprecedented reversal for a candidate in October. Before Obama had leads on every policy issue and personal characteristic; now Romney leads in almost all of them. Obama's performance gave Romney a 12 point swing! I repeat: a 12 point swing.
Romney's favorables are above Obama's now. Yes, you read that right. Romney's favorables are higher than Obama's right now. That gender gap that was Obama's firewall? Over in one night...

The Lovely Actress Stacey Dash Supports Romney for Election

Stacey Dash is a very lovely, oh hell, I'll just say it -- SEXY-- actress, who recently endorsed Mitt Romney for president.  The fact that she is of African heritage caused a firestorm of leftwing vitriol on Twitter, with death wishes, undisguised hatred and bigoted trash talk, once again exemplifying the highest thought and most cherished values of the Democratic Party.

In her endorsement, Stacey tweeted:
Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future.

Suffah suckahs.  You be goin' down.  Stacey's with us now, so curl up with your crack pipes and shut the hell up.

Read more about it here and here.

Democrats' Latest Meme: "Romney is a Great Actor!"

This morning Rush played several soundbites of Democrat pundits, trying to spin away Obama's dismal debate performance.

The latest Democrat stratagem is to paint Romney as a cunning poser and pretender, denying at the debate all of the "evil capitalist" stereotypes assigned him by the liberal spin machine.  His debate performance is being described as "a great dramatic performance."  This description is particularly offensive, inasmuch as Romney seemed quite sincere, real and gentlemanly during the debate.

Some Democrat pundits are saying that Romney out and out lied about his real positions and beliefs, and that Obama was taken aback by this onslaught of falsehood, and so shocked by it that he was thrown off his game.  However, next time Obama will be ready for these Romney lies and misrepresentations of his "true" beliefs and policies.

So far I have not seen any list of Romney's alleged policy misrepresentations that were made at the debate.  I  doubt that any such  list exists.

What this latest meme proves is this:  the Democrats are false, phony, lying propagandists, experts at spin and misdirection, masters of illusion.  They can only win if they can make the public believe in falsehoods; they cannot win by being honest and truthful.  They do not defend themselves with facts and arguments, but by plotting and creating yet a new illusion, a new spin, a new false impression.  Demagogic propaganda is all they've got.

To me, the word "Democrat" is synonymous with "liar."

Be ye not fooled.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

The First Thanksgiving in the Romney White House (Photoshop)

I'm in a Photoshop kind of mood tonight.  Bear with me.

Samuel L. Jackson Gets His Wish! (Photoshop)

A week back, movie star Samuel L. Jackson made a political video urging voters to "WAKE THE F*CK UP!"

They did, but it was not exactly the result Jackson was hoping for.

University of Colorado's Election Forecasting Model Predicts a Romney Win

Well here's some additional stomach acid to keep liberals awake at night.  The University of Colorado has adopted a computer model for predicting presidential elections.  The program is based on two major inputs, (1) the electoral college votes and (2) the economic factors of individual states.  The model shows this:
According to their updated analysis, Romney is projected to receive 330 of the total 538 Electoral College votes. President Barack Obama is expected to receive 208 votes -- down five votes from their initial prediction -- and short of the 270 needed to win.
But how accurate is a computer model?  To find out, the two professors who created the model (Kenneth Bickers and Michael Berry) applied data from prior elections:
The state-by-state economic data used in their model have been available since 1980. When these data were applied retroactively to each election year, the model correctly classifies all presidential election winners, including the two years when independent candidates ran strongly: 1980 and 1992. It also correctly estimates the outcome in 2000, when Al Gore won the popular vote but George W. Bush won the election through the Electoral College.
So it appears the model is pretty accurate.  However, Bickers and Berry say it has a margin of error, i.e. an average of five states and 28 electoral votes.  It appears then, that the predicted Romney win still holds assuming the margin of error is unfavorable to the challenger.

This predicted outcome makes a lot more sense than what many polls are indicating.  In a really rotten economy, the voters generally opt to oust the incumbent and take a chance on the challenger.

Read all about it here.

Las Vegas Review-Journal Endorses Romney for President

Nevada is one of the worst economic basket cases in the nation, jobs-wise.  Their unemployment rate is second to none.  Yet they voted to reelect the Vampire Jobs Killer, Senator Harry "Sourpuss" Reid.

However, the folks at Nevada's leading newspaper have decided enough is enough.  In an editorial today, they note that Romney is the "turn-around expert" the nation needs, and indeed they are right.  Romney has had a long career of turning around failing companies, making them profitable while saving or creating jobs and wealth.  He did the same thing for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.   There is little doubt that his leadership and management skills are exactly what our sick economy needs.  The choice is between a business-savvy, proven leader or a rigid, failed leftwing ideologue.  The Review-Journal editorial notes:
Mr. Romney, however, is a Republican who was elected governor of heavily Democratic Massachusetts. He had to work with Democrats to get things done. His leadership and ability to bring people together saved the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. As a businessman, his management skills turned failing companies into profitable ones. Mr. Romney vows to do that, again, in Washington
The editorial also tells why Obama is not the man for the job:
The suggestion that tax increases and higher energy prices will lift the middle class defies logic. But it's not terribly surprising coming from an administration that's completely lacking in business experience and openly hostile to free-market capitalism. This summer, the president famously said "the private sector is doing fine," and to business owners: "You didn't build that."
It's a no-brainer.  Obama's reelection will mean continuing low employment, high energy costs, and a lowered standard of living for all.  There is a reason for why Obama and the far left want these effects:  it is because a lowered standard of living and soaring energy prices will greatly reduce our "carbon footprint," thus satisfying a key Democrat constituency, the environmentalists.  It is the latter who believe in the global warming myth and the necessity of making the world a pristine paradise...for squirrels, but not for people.  Whatever human suffering is needed to achieve those goals, well, that's just fine with them.

Read the Review-Journal's endorsement here....and Vote Romney-Ryan November 6.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

"Seinfeld" Star Jason Alexander Calls Me "An Idiot"

I've always liked Jason Alexander as an actor.  He was great on "Seinfeld," convincing as a slimy attorney in "Pretty Woman."  Too bad he has a thin skin on politics, but when you are dead wrong about everything, I guess it is to be expected.

I read on that Alexander was advancing the meme that Romney won the debate because he has changed his political views, flip-flopped on issues, and that's why Obama's debate points didn't stick.  It's bunk, of course -- just another transparent excuse for the drubbing Obama received at the first debate.

So I replied to Alexander's tweet and a very short exchange of views between us ensued.  Here they are:

I was unable to reply to this last tweet, as Alexander blocked me from his account.  His blocking me only proves that I win and he loses.  Like Obama, Jason Alexander lives in a tight bubble of illusion.  In Hollyweird as in D.C., they have great difficulty differentiating between what is real and what is not.

California Gas Prices Approach $6 a Gallon

State Flower of California
California is a beautiful place made almost uninhabitable by the idiocy of liberalism.  Our state legislature is a motley mob of kooks, crazies and moonbats.  The state flower is a marijuana plant, the state bird is a lesbian, and the state motto is "That be some goooood sheeee-it!"

So it's not surprising that gas prices in the Golden State are approaching $6 a gallon in some places.  Why?  It's all because of the really stupid policies of the kooky left who run the state.  Psota, a California Republican and attorney, explains the factors that underlie the new high prices.

Basically, it's because California is just so environmentally high-minded, that they require certain additives to gasoline sold in the state.  Therefore, gas shortages can't be simply filled by bringing in gasoline from another state.  It might not have the required additives, like THP, pixie dust and hippie piss.

I'd leave the state but I can't afford the gas I need to leave.
California Legislature In Session

Momentum Building for Mitt Romney

This morning the polls are continuing in Romney's direction.  Rasmussen has Mitt going ahead 49% to 47%.  I detect a change in the public awareness of who Romney is and why he would make a better president than Obama.  I suspect a wave of momentum is building for Romney.

Mitt has momentum with thirty days to go before the vote.  The polls at Real Clear Politics still show Obama slightly ahead, but click on any of the polls and you will see that the totals are averages of previous poll results going back a month or more.  The latest poll results show Romney going ahead by encouraging percentages. (See for example, Florida and Virginia.)  The latest Ohio polls, taken in October before the debate, show Romney tied with Obama.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to Paul Ryan's debate with Joe Biden next Thursday, October 11.  It won't have as big of an impact, but should be entertaining to watch.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Polls Swing Romney's Way After His Debate Win

People who say the debates don't affect the election had better think again.  Romney is enjoying a post-debate bounce in some important battleground states.  Polls show Romney ahead of Obama in Florida and Virginia, but also in the all-important state of Ohio.  No Republican has won since hell froze over without winning Ohio.

A couple of weeks ago, some polls showed Obama up over Romney in Ohio by 10 points.  A liberal pundit at Huffington Post posted an article titled "It's Over," stating that Obama had won, and everything from then to November 6 was merely going through the motions.  For reasons stated below, that liberal must feel foolish today.

A new poll shows that, among citizens "certain to vote," Romney now leads Obama in Ohio by 3 points, 51% to 48%.  Taking all potential voters into account, Obama and Romney are statistically deadlocked at 50% for Obama vs 49% for Romney.  Either way, it spells a win for Romney, as more Republicans will certainly show up at the polls on November 6.

Liberals are shocked by this recent revelation of reality.  Their guy is not a lock after all.  When finally confronted by a determined, articulate opponent, Obama was unable to function.  He was finally outside of the liberal media bubble where he is generally protected from tough questions and opposition.  The results weren't pretty.

Right now I am feeling pretty darned good.  Later today I will drive to my favorite cigar store where I will enjoy a fine brew and an expensive cigar to celebrate.  Events are starting to move our way.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Poor Obama, the Wrong Mitt Romney Showed Up at the Debate! (Photoshop)

The Democrats are angry today.  Their guy lost the presidential debate, mainly because Mitt Romney refused to play his assigned role as Greedy Capitalist Warmonger.  Instead of the fanged blood-sucker they pictured, a very human, very nice gentleman showed up and politely wiped the floor with Barack Obama.  But he did it respectfully, mind you.

Today the Democrat team is saying Romney lied about what his true presidential goals are, that he really does want to lower taxes by five trillion dollars for the wealthiest while raising it on the middle class, return black people to slavery and turn seniors into soylent green.  And how he hid his fangs, they don't know but intend to find out.  Dentures, maybe?

We used to have a saying back in high school, reserved for posers and role-players:  "He's beginning to believe his own bull shit."  Yes, Barack Obama and his campaign team have reached that point.  They are beginning to believe their own B.S. and are quite impatient with Romney for refusing to go along.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Will First Debate Be the Crack In the Dam That Erupts In a Romney Flood?

My intuition tells me that this first debate may be the crack in the dam that will grow and grow, until it unleashes a flood in Mitt Romney's direction.

The Fox debate panel indicated they were very impressed with Romney and not impressed with Obama.  A majority had voted for Obama in 2008, but plan to vote for Romney this time.

Polls are moving in Romney's direction.

I believe the trickle towards Romney will soon become a flood, as people learn that it is not just all right to support Romney, but a popular thing to do.

Both Left and Right Agree: Romney Wins First Debate

Liberals are tweeting and writing about how amazed they are that Obama performed so badly in the first debate.  Conservative pundits are saying, tweeting and writing about how euphoric they feel, how they believe Romney won the first debate decisively.

Michael Moore tweeted that Obama "sounded like a Democrat (wimpy)."

Charles Krauthammer said Romney "won by two touchdowns."

Andrew Sullivan tweeted: "This is a rolling calamity for Obama. He's boring, abstract, and less human-seeming than Romney!"

Pat Buchanan said on Fox, "I don't know how Romney could have done a better job.  He really knows his onions."

My impression:

Romney came across as knowledgeable, prepared and informed.  He also was nice, polite, and delivered his remarks in good faith, i.e. without demonizing or belittling his opponent.  He didn't lie or twist facts to his advantage.

I am delighted that the American people finally got to see Mitt Romney as he is, and not how he is spun by the mainstream media.

Politico Poll: Romney Takes the Lead in Toss-Up States; Scores Big In First Debate

I just watched the first presidential debate and felt that Romney did very well.  According to the new Politico poll, Obama is losing ground in swing states.  The poll in question has Romney up by four points over Obama.

According to Breitbart, Obama needed a home run tonight and didn't get it.

Read about it here.

Bite-Me Biden on the Campaign Trail: More Than Just a Clown, But a Liar As Well

Last night I saw a clip of Joe Biden campaigning for the Marxist duo of Obama and Biden.  Biden was telling an audience of supporters, "How can they justify it?  How can they possibly justify raising taxes on the middle class?  The middle class has been buried for the past four years!"

I am paraphrasing Biden, but that is a true approximation of what he said.

He was castigating the Romney-Ryan campaign because they "plan to raise taxes on the middle class."

Except for one thing:  they have no such plan.  They have never articulated such a plan.  Biden was lying through his teeth.

If Democrats have to resort to lies, deceit and bad faith to get elected and re-elected, how good can their political philosophy be?  The answer is, not good at all.