Friday, April 29, 2011

A Road Trip to Sacramento

Wife and I are heading north to Sacramento tomorrow (Saturday) to see some friends.  I will blog from the road if I can; if not, I will take a couple days off.  I've been fighting with almost everyone lately and I need to give my adrenal glands a rest.

I think my last couple of posts were influenced a recent segment of "Bones," the TV show.  The show depicted a movement of people who believe that telling the unvarnished truth, all the time, is the best policy, regardless of how abrasive, tactless and direct this may be, or who it offends.  So when a nice lady asks you if you like her new blouse, you can reply, "It is ghastly," if that's what you really believe.

This episode made me think:  what would we all say if we agreed to write what we really think on the subject of race in America?  Forget the social ostracism, the hate from the left and the deafening silence from the right that greets such expressions.  Just say it!  Note:  I am not advocating hateful expressions.  I am advocating truthful expressions.  Example:  White racism against blacks is mostly a factor of black social pathology (crime, broken homes, rotten attitudes).  That's what I really think, and my conclusions are based on a lifetime of observation.  The real question is:  how can black social pathology be significantly reduced so both races can live in greater peace and prosperity?  You can't solve a problem if you are forbidden to discuss it.  

I am going to say what I think on this and other subjects, regardless of who likes it or doesn't like it, regardless of who cares or doesn't care.  I am sure that I have the talent, the writing skill, the deep wisdom and the patience needed to piss off nearly everyone, black and white, right and left.

Of course, my goal is not to irritate, but to describe real problems and possible solutions, based on an honest assessment of the facts, with my opinions undiluted by fears of being labeled a racist.  Stay tuned!

Superman's Peckerectomy

Superman's creators have been moving "the Man of Steel" further left as time goes on. A section of comic strip has been making the rounds, showing Superman renouncing his US citizenship, to avoid having his actions seen as "instruments of U.S. policy." Superman is now a leftwing liberal, and like same, he detests his own country and yearns for a world government where he can merge with "the other," i.e., anyone and anything unamerican.

Well here's the Stogified version of the strip:

See the original version here.

By the way, according to Webster's, a peckerectomy is the surgical removal of one's penis when it is no longer needed, or when its owner wishes to renounce his manhood or register as a Democrat. (You can look it up.)

Black Racist Threatens the Stogmeister

I have been arguing with black racists and white liberals at YouTube, where the Onion editor and chief crybaby posted a video about Donald Trump's alleged racism, white supremacy and Klan membership.  I received a threat from one of the blacks, YouTube user Sjahi (his YouTube channel is here); it was deleted at YouTube by an editor, but I received a copy of it automatically by email.  I replied to Sjahi, telling him that I had received his threat and to bring it on; I also rebutted his earlier assertion that I was "ignorant and uneducated" by informing him that I hold a bachelor's degree.  He replied back to me:
Clearly you got that BS (Bullshit) degree on the basis of the original affirmative action, i.e., being white. I, on the otherhand, meritoriously earned my Doctorate degree at Georgetown University. But of course because you are white, and was responding to a black man, you automatically assumed that you were better educated. Your adherence to the false notion of White supremacy will be the end of you.

I don't need to threatened you physically. So, I don't give a fuck about what they did with my post based on your punk-ass whinning. My comment was to show how you bigoted cowards are so brave in your vitriol towards blacks online but don't have the balls to face a black person face to face and spit your venom. You are no threat to me because you have never been, is not now nor will you ever be my equal intellectually, culturally, spiritually or otherwise. The greatest threat that I and every black man pose to you and your kind is genetic annihilation. The African gene, as well as the genes of every other ethnicity of color is genetically superior to white genes of european descent. White people are genetic mutations. What animals in nature are naturally white and lack pigment besides some birds and those animals that live in snow white environments like polar bears? Barack Obama is a prime example of this scentific reality. Which genes do you think is dominate his genetically inferior white mother or the genes of his African father? You know the answer, which is why you ignorant bigots are soooo afraid. Stay afraid. I want you to be afraid. We wish we could instill the sense of fear white bigots and racist instilled in black people for 400 years.

But if you want to show me just how brave you really are I am willing to send a paid (non-cashable) airline ticket to the airport nearest you to have you fly to my way of course. I really would like to see you mouth off to my face with your racial bigotry and hatred.
Note his offer to send me a one-way airline ticket to his locale, an implied promise to kill me if I accept.

Black racism towards whites is far more severe than the other way around, and the moron known as Sjahi is but one example among many.  It is a fact, just as black-on-white violence is a fact.  It is also a fact that black dysfunction drives white racism, much more so than the opposite.  Just being honest, folks.

Nevertheless, there are many good and great people who are either black or partially black.  We could run one of them -- either Herman Cain or Allen West, both decent, brave and wise men.  However, liberals are especially hateful to black conservatives and either of these gentlemen would be denounced as an Uncle Tom or race traitor, and the left would do whatever it could to destroy them.  The left and the black underclass would not be impressed with the skin color of these men.

So what do we do with the black underclass?  Leave them alone?  No.  We need to administer "tough love," by telling them the truth about themselves:  they are major fuck-ups and we are sick and tired of their social pathology and excuses for same;  they are solely responsible for their own lives, life choices and mistakes, and blaming "white racism" is a childish cop-out, a denial of personal responsibility, a refusal to grow up and act like civilized adults.  It is time for these blacks to confront the high levels of violence and social dysfunction that they bring to American civilization and to begin learning the civilizational skills they need to fit in, to become self-supporting, productive and peaceful citizens.  White silence on the matter momentarily exculpates us from the predictable howls of racism, but does nothing to solve the problem for the long run, and is nothing more than cowardice.

Thoughts on Gays

Yesterday I received a note from my younger brother about my post on Jim Carrey's Gay Gross-Out.  He was disappointed to learn that I am accepting of gays, whom the bible says are an abomination unto the Lord.

I replied that I believe gays are born that way, that it is something genetic and that they can't help it.  He disagreed, saying that many gays have been rendered straight through the power of the gospel.

I also pointed out that if being cruel and hateful to gays will make them straight, then let's go for it.  However, being cruel and hateful to gays only makes a lot of them commit suicide.  It doesn't make them straight.

So what then are we to do with gays?  Simple:  leave them alone.  If you have a gay member of your family, do not ostracize them, but treat them like anyone else.  If God has a problem with his own creation, then let God figure it out.  You don't have to.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

When You've Lost the San Francisco Chronicle...Obama's Press Censorship Criticized

Obama has banished a Chronicle reporter for recording a video of protesters at an Obama fundraiser.

Read about it here.  The video is below.

The Race Card on Steroids: Any Opposition or Disagreement is "Racist"

A crybaby from the Onion has made a YouTube video attacking Donald Trump as "racist" for demanding to see the long form BC of Obama.  Yes, from the Onion, but the editor is serious.  He's a black guy who claims  "With the Birth Certificate, Klansman Trump reminds Blacks why they will never be American."  So can we expect this fool to pack up and leave?  Probably not.Edit HTML

View From the Right has the money quote:
Paul at Stuff Black People Don’t Like quotes the web editor of The Onion, a black man named Baratunde Thurston, who says that Donald Trump’s campaign to get Obama to release his birth certificate has proved that blacks can never be part of America: So, tears in my eyes, pain in my heart and rage in my soul, I composed this video message. More than written text, it comes close to expressing my full pain at witnessing a white man who was handed everything call the President of the United States (and me) a nigger.

… I began to cry. I thought of my ancestors, both direct and collective, who had fought and died so that I might be treated as an American. I then thought of this fetid, smug, hate-filled, wealthy white man taking credit for the release and yet still not being satisfied. It does not matter how long we’ve been in these United States. We will never be American.
White airhead liberals agree: any questioning, challenging or disagreement with Obama is RAAAAACISM.
Frankly, I am sick to death of the racism excuse for Obama's failures. See the crybaby's video here.

It is obvious that the 2012 presidential elections will be the most racially-charged affair in U.S. history. The Dems will make it a struggle of black vs white and will destroy the country in racial strife if that's what it takes to win.  In the process they will condemn millions of blacks to permanent welfare dependency and social dysfunction.

Jim Carrey's Gay Gross-Out: "I Love You, Phillip Morris"

I am generally tolerant towards gays (these scum would be an exception).  I have gay in-laws and they are occasionally welcomed in my home.  I oppose hatefulness towards gays, because my personal motto has been, since childhood, "Live and Let Live."  If you aren't hurting me, I won't hurt you.

However, you have to draw the line somewhere, and I draw it at Hollywood films:  I do not want to watch gay men suck face.

So imagine my surprise when wifey and I went shopping for rental movies.  I saw one starring Jim Carrey -- funny guy from "Dumb and Dumber" and "Liar, Liar."  It is rare when Jim Carrey makes a bad comedy.  This Carrey film was called "I Love You, Phillip Morris."  The jacket ad claimed that this film might be the funniest one ever made by Jim Carrey.  Oboy, time for some belly laughs!  We rented it.

The movie was not a comedy at all.  It wasn't remotely funny.  It was a gay romance along the lines of "Brokeback Mountain."  The Carrey character one day admits to his wife that he is gay, and goes to live with his boyfriend.  He is later sent to prison for credit card fraud, because "the gay lifestyle is very expensive."  All that bling and fashion, y'know.

While in prison, Carrey's character meets another gay; they fall in love, get a cell together and spend a lot of time dancing cheek to cheek, engage in long, lingering mouth kisses, cuddling and whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears.  Throughout the film, the viewer is treated to portrayals of homosexual anal and oral sex.  The final scene shows a big white cloud floating in the sky...shaped like a giant penis and scrotum.  Don't watch this on a full stomach.  Better yet, don't watch it at all.

Hollywood is passionately involved in the norming of gay behavior, and almost every film and television sitcom, even broadway plays, have at least one gay in the cast.  Some really go overboard -- "Under the Tuscan Sun," for example, where the viewer's nose is rubbed in gayness throughout.  I saw that movie, what, ten years ago and I'm still pissed off.  The viewer is pushed to the point of revulsion and then pushed a little further.  Perhaps movie theaters should start issuing barf bags to viewers.

I imagine that "I Love You Phillip Morris" was Jim Carrey's obligatory offering to the gay causes so popular in Hollywood.  His portrayal of a gay lover/crook will be seen as high art among the stylish.  It will never, however, be a box office hit.  It enjoyed only a limited release in 2009.  The reason is simple.  Most people are not gay.  Most people find overt gay behavior rather disgusting.

This film will not do much for Carrey's image with the viewing public, I suspect.  That's because it fails to answer the profound and timeless question once posed by the late Sam Kinison:  "How does one guy look at another guy's hairy ass and find love?"

If the great philosophers couldn't answer this cosmic riddle, how can I?  Nevertheless, gays are free to do what they long as I don't have to watch them do it.

Authenticity of Obama's Long-Form Birth Certificate Disputed (Yawn)

Various graphic experts are now making YouTube videos explaining why Obama's recently-released long-form birth certificate is "a fake." (See this, this, this, and this, for instance [hat tip Thomas Lifton at American Thinker for these links].) Thomas Lifton, at the above link, believes the BC has been digitally manipulated on purpose, to stoke even more speculation on the right.

I don't think these videos prove the document is a fake, only that it has been digitally manipulated, perhaps as a way of streamlining the reproduction process.

In any case, speculation will continue from now until doomsday.  I think, however, that such speculation is likely to do more harm than good.  It will be used by Obama to paint his opponents as conspiracy-theorists, and to distract voters from other issues -- rising food and energy prices, inflation and continuing joblessness, to mention a few.

It is possible that the long-form BC is a fake?  Sure, anything is possible; however, it is unlikely that it is fake.  Personally, I am satisfied with its authenticity and relieved that Obama finally released it.  It is a relief to know that he is not getting away with fraud.  However, that does not make him one whit more acceptable as a president:  he continues to be a far-left, dogma-driven ideologue who is bankrupting the country.

Others have pointed out that, birth certificate or not, Obama is still ineligible to be president based on this law or that.  At this point the public may be tired of this controversy and unwilling to hear more arguments.  Further ruminations on the birth certificate are unlikely to yield fruit.  Let's drop it and move on.

Moving On -- the David Swindle Resolution

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was banned from commenting at David Horowitz's Newsreal site, not by Horowitz, but by one of his foot soldiers, one David Swindle, former liberal and Obama supporter.  Swindle was upset with me for my criticisms of him and one of his columnists, due to an unfair article impugning the integrity of Robert Stacy McCain.  We had a vigorous debate on Newsreal, and at the time I opined that neither Swindle nor his columnist (a "pagan conservative") were fit to represent Newsreal.  I still stand by that opinion.

Swindle disingenuously claims that he banned me for "being uncivil," this after his columnist insulted McCain, then his readers and me personally, likening us to the mindless followers of Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs.  Pagan stated that I was the "Kilgore Trout" of McCain, using insult rather than facts or logic to justify his hit piece on McCain.  Who was being uncivil to whom?

I sent a complaint to David Horowitz via a comment form at his major website, telling him that I was disappointed in David Swindle, with a short summary of the facts (including the sliming of R.S. McCain), and Swindle's vengeance by banning me.  The next morning I received an email from Swindle stating that I would be given "a second chance" at commenting, but if I were again uncivil (that is, by his subjective definition of the term), the ban would be reinstated.

I politely told David Swindle to shove it.  I will not be reading or commenting at Newsreal, as long as Swindle is involved with the site.  The reasons are these:

1.  Swindle is dishonest and in denial about his culpability in the dispute that he and his columnist created;
2.  I was not "uncivil" by any reasonable definition of the term, though I was probably not terribly polite after being called names by the columnist (e.g. "Kilgore Trout").
3.  Swindle banned me, not for "incivility," but for disagreeing with his position on the columnist's article and for opining that neither he nor the columnist should represent Newsreal, for the reason that they start ruinous blog wars with prominent pundits on the right, merely so they can posture as enlightened "liberal conservatives."
4.  My commenting at any of Horowitz's sites is more valuable to Horowitz than it is to me -- it is a way of supporting the site by offering informed commentary and opinion on the articles posted there.  By taking away my commenting rights, Swindle is merely removing a voice of support for David Horowitz.
5.  If commenting is a "privilege," then is my favorable reviews of Horowitz books at Amazon also a "privilege," or is it moral and strategic support of Horowitz and his operations?  And if it is the latter, who is hurt by taking it away, me or Horowitz?  The same analogy applies to my links and articles supporting Horowitz and my rebuttals of unfavorable book reviews and anti-Horowitz comments at various online forums.

Allowing people to comment is a necessary feature that proves people actually visit and read the site.  It is not the website that bestows favor on the commenters, but the opposite.  Comments are evidence of interest, visitors and support.  And that is why Swindle's myopic view is back asswards:  by arbitrarily suspending comments from Horowitz supporters who reasonably disagree on a particular article or position, he erodes the credibility of the site and destroys both reader loyalty and reader support.

In summary, my disagreement with David Swindle is not about commenting rights at Newsreal or any other site -- it is over Swindle's tactless immaturity and disrespect for other conservatives, his unwelcoming and inhospitable attitude at Newsreal, and his inability to admit his errors and to apologize for them.

Now I'm done.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Palestinian Wall of Lies

Someone sent me the link to this website, which refutes popular propaganda on college campuses today, in support of the "Palestinians" against the Israelis.  The website was created by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and here I am once again supporting Horowitz while one of his employees insults me and bans me from his site.

The points made are reprinted below.



Jews have lived continuously in the land of Israel for over 3000 years; the Arabs arrived through multiple invasions, beginning in the 7th Century AD. In the year 70 AD, when the Jewish civilization was already over 1000 years old, the Romans forced most of the Jews of Judea and Samaria (now the West Bank) into exile. By the end of the 19th Century, the majority population of Jerusalem was Jewish.


The Koran does not mention Jerusalem because Mohammed never set foot in the city. Jerusalem was conquered by Muslim armies in 636 after the death of Mohammed. Muslim jihadists claim that the Koran mentions “The Furthest Mosque” — Al-Aqsa in Arabic – and that this is a Koranic reference to Jerusalem. This is a lie. The Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem had not been built when the Koran was written, so the reference is to some other (or any other) “furthest mosque.” In contrast, Jerusalem is and has always been a holy city to Jews. The daily prayers of the Jews are focused on Jerusalem. The Hebrew Bible mentions Zion and Jerusalem a total of 809 times.


This lie is one of many designed to steal the history of the Jews in order to justify erasing them from the Middle East. When the Palestinian Authority was established in 1994, it immediately began a campaign to delegitimize Israel by rewriting history with the intention of denying Israel’s right to exist. Among its false claims is that the remains of the Temple of Solomon – the Western Wall – are in fact the remnants of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Al-Aqsa Mosque was deliberately built on top of the Temple after the Muslim conquest to humiliate the conquered. This is the same imperialistic tradition that prompts jihadists today to build a mosque at Ground Zero, the site of the 9/11 attack.


This is a genocidal claim made by the Muslim Students Association and other pro-Arab groups. It is genocidal because it obliterates the Jewish state. If Israel is actually “Occupied Palestine” then there is no legitimate Jewish state in the Middle East.

In fact, there never was an Arab state called “Palestine” and no one even claimed there was until well after the United Nations created Israel in 1948. The land on which Israel was created by the U.N. was also used by the colonial powers to create Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan. It was land that had belonged to Turkey for 400 years. The Turks are not “Palestinians” and are not even Arabs.

There never was an Arab country called “Palestine” or inhabited by “Palestinians.” Before the creation of the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1964, which was sixteen years after the birth of Israel, no Arab political entity was called by that name.


“Apartheid” refers to the system created by South Africans in which “non-white” residents of that nation were denied citizenship and basic civil rights, and were forced to live in separate residential areas with segregated and inferior educational and medical services. Those wishing to demonize and destroy Israel now falsely call it “an Apartheid state.” But the only true Apartheid states in the Middle East are Islamic states in which Jews are not allowed to live and where Christians, Baha’is and other religious minorities are objects of discrimination and persecution.

There are 1.4 million Arabs living in Israel with civil rights that are the envy of the Arab world. Israeli Arabs vote in Israel’s elections, have representatives in the Israeli Parliament, sit on Israeli courts and on the Israeli Supreme Court, and serve as tenured professors teaching in Israeli colleges and universities. The Arab citizens of Israel have more rights, and enjoy more freedom, education, and economic opportunity than the inhabitants of any Arab or Muslim state.


The Arabs rejected peace and a state on the West Bank first in 1948 when it was offered to them by the U.N. and then in 2000 when it was offered by Presidents Clinton and Barak. In 1949, the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which the U.N. had designated as a homeland for the Arabs, were annexed respectively by Jordan and Egypt. When the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) was formed in 1964 its covenant made no mention of liberating the West Bank or Gaza from Jordan and Egypt. The PLO leadership stated that its goal was to “push the Jews into the sea.” Today the “liberation” of Palestine “from the river to the sea” is still the goal of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA). The war in the Middle East is about the desire of the Arabs and Muslims to destroy Israel; it is not about the desire for a Palestinian state.


The Arabs generally and the “Palestinians” specifically were supporters of Hitler in the 1930s. The father of Palestinian nationalism, Haj Amin Al-Husseini, was a devoted Nazi who spent the war in Berlin and worked with members of the Third Reich to plan death camps for the Jews of the Middle East. Today he is revered by the Palestinians as the George Washington of their cause. The Muslim Brotherhood translated Mein Kampf into Arabic in the 1930s and called for the destruction of the Jewish state at its birth. Today Arab leaders call for the destruction of the Jewish state and routinely deny that the Holocaust with which their forbears collaborated actually took place.


This is two lies in one. The West Bank fence is a fence, not a wall. About 97% of the fence is made of chain-link material. The remaining 3% is concrete, designed to repel sniper fire in particular areas. The fence was built in 2003 in response to thousands of suicide bombings and rocket attacks on Israeli citizens by Palestinian terrorists, sponsored and armed by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. The fence was built to keep out terrorists, not Arabs.

In the years since the construction of the fence, terrorist attacks have declined by more than 90%. The fence is Israel’s legitimate defense against a ruthless and amoral terrorist aggressor.


The Palestinians claim there are 5 million Palestinian refugees who fled Israel during the 1948 war. This is false. There were only 500,000 Arab refugees from the 1948 war – an unprovoked war that Egypt and four other Arab states had launched against the newly created state of Israel. In the aftermath of the war, 500,000 Jewish refugees were driven out of the Arab states in the Middle East. There are no Jewish refugees today, sixty years later, because Israel resettled them. Why are there still Arab refugees? The Arabs have been given billions of dollars by Israel and the United States to relocate their refugees. But the Arabs are still in refugee camps. While Israel resettled Jewish refugees, no Arab country would take in the “Palestinians” who were forced into camps and were kept there by the Arab regimes to stir up hatred against the Jews. The refugee “issue” has been created by the Arab regimes as a weapon in their war against the Jews. It should be resolved by resettling the inhabitants of the refugee camps in the West Bank and Gaza where almost all of them have lived all their lives.


This is the Big Lie, coming as it does from Palestinians who have made terrorist attacks on civilians a weapon of choice, and who make martyrs and national heroes out of suicide bombers.

The Gaza strip was a base for 7,000 rocket attacks against schoolyards and townships in Israel before the Israelis responded in 2007. During Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza rocket sites there was one civilian death for every 30 terrorists. By contrast, a 2001 study by the International Committee of the Red Cross found that the civilian-to-military death ratio in wars fought since the middle of the 20th Century has been 10:1 – ten civilian deaths for every soldier death. In other words, the Israelis protect civilians at a rate 300 times greater than any other national army. As Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz observes, “No army in history has ever had a better ratio of combatants to civilians killed in a comparable setting.”

Obama Finally Releases the Birth Certificate!

Bowing to the pressure put upon him by Donald Trump, Barack Obama has released, finally, a certified copy of his long-form birth certificate.  There is nothing immediately visible in the document that would explain the long delay.  It clearly shows that Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in August of 1961, to Barack Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham Obama.  The hospital and the attending physician are both identified.

Case closed.  Obama was born in the United States.

The only question is:  why did he wait so long to release the document?  Apparently, getting a copy was fast and easy, once he finally decided to release it to the public.

What kind of game was he playing?  And Why?

Hat tip:  Legal Insurrection

Monday, April 25, 2011

Thanks to Some Blogger Friends for Links

I received a couple of helpful links to some of my posts this week.  I have decided it is right and appropriate to publicly thank those bloggers who have supported me.  I do appreciate it!

Adrienne, a great lady, of Adrienne's Corner, linked to my article Let's See I Understand Liberal Arguments For Wealth Redistribution, and several of her readers shared my revulsion for a leftist troll who had harassed me earlier.  Her related post is here.

Always on Watch was good enough to link to my article Gas Hits $5.00 a Gallon; Obama Prescribes "Alternative Energy."  AOW also ran my graphic that accompanied the article, a hybrid car propelled by a sail.  See her article here.

Thank you my friends!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pastor Terry Jones Arrested in Michigan for Failure to Post "Peace Bond"

Pastor Terry Jones, whom I support, was arrested last week for failing to post a "peace bond" in Dearborn, Michigan.  Jones had intended to protest Islam in front of the largest mosque in America, but was prevented from doing so by the brazenly unconstitutional actions of the Dearborn Dhimmis.  This is a tale of the continuing erosion of our liberties, particularly free speech, in the face of Islamic encroachment on our soil.

Rather than regurgitate the whole sordid story, I refer you to others who have already summarized the tale quite well.  Read these at:

View From the Right:  Terry Jones, Defender of Christendom and Liberty.  Larry Auster, as I am, has been a defender and supporter of Jones from the start.  Events are proving us correct (once again).

Free Will:  Pastor Jones in the Crosshairs.  Free Will is written by a San Francisco attorney who says that he cannot believe that this persecution of Jones is constitutional.  However, be forewarned that the author is someone who feels he must denigrate Jones at the same time he is defending him.  Nevertheless, Free Will has a concise and coherent summary of the facts.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Gas Hits $5.00 a Gallon; Obama Prescribes "Alternative Energy"

According to American Power, gasoline on the Nevada-California border has officially hit $5.00 per gallon in price.

President Obama has vowed to perform an investigation to be sure no gas companies are somehow illegally inflating the price.  That'll fix the supply and demand problem for sure.  And if it doesn't, then Obama has another practical, immediate solution:  develop sources of alternative energy.

Alternative energy is things like windmills, solar panels and sails.  Sure, these will fix the problem, when they are perfected in a hundred years or so (if ever).  You've heard of "air guitar," well Obama likes to flout "air energy" sources.  This is a lot like "air ware" software, when software companies brag about the next killer generation of their computer programs that haven't been written yet.

So President Obama feels your pain at the gas pump, and wants you to know that solar and wind energy sources will relieve your distress, as soon as they are invented, right along with cold fusion, anti-gravity, elf-labor, pixie dust and perpetual motion.  Any day now.

Celebrate Earth Day: Kill Yourself

Brian Sussman, a conservative pundit on KSFO radio (560 AM) here in the San Francisco Bay Area, has a column in Human Events today.  It covers the history and teachings of Earth Day (April 22), and how it is really a leftist propaganda day.  Earth Day is a day for assaulting capitalism, free markets and mankind.

Sussman tells how Stanford Professor Paul Ehrlich was one of the three founders of Earth Day.  Sussman writes:
Rounding out the troika was Prof. Paul Ehrlich of Stanford. In 1968, Ehrlich authored the Malthusian missive, The Population Bomb, in which he infamously spouted wild allegations that included equating the Earth’s supposed surplus of people with a cancer that needs to be eradicated: “A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people. ... We must shift our efforts from treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions,” he wrote.
Ehrlich's hatred of humans seems to be the unspoken premise of all environmentalist thought:  human beings are evil and must be tightly controlled, their numbers reduced to a bare minimum through poverty.  No doubt the "brutal and heartless" decisions Airhead Ehrlich spoke of were to be similar to those of Chairman Mao:  mass starvation of millions.  If you want to make an omelet you have to break some eggs.  Fellow eggs, take heed.

The Green movement is roughly thousands of Ted Kaczynskis, radical Luddites who want human beings to just die, so Gaia the Earth Goddess can reign supreme, making the skies, the waterways and the forests pristine and safe for squirrels, snakes and slugs.  The enemy of environmental purity is economic prosperity and the answer is widespread human poverty.  Now you know why the Dems won't let us drill in Anwar.

Read Sussman's take here. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bank of America To Fire PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Hire Hippies to Prepare Corporate Taxes

Outgoing:  PriceWaterhouseCoopers
Incoming:  the New Tax Preparation Team
THIS JUST IN.  Bank of America, feeling the intense pressure put upon them by 20 adolescent protesters in San Francisco on April 15, have decided to capitulate to activist demands.  The protesters, from a massive organization called "US Uncut," have demanded that the bank pay income taxes even if it does not owe any.

US Uncut has pointed out that corporations need to pay taxes, lots and lots of taxes, all the time, regardless of what their Big Four CPA firms may tell them.  These taxes are needed so the lazy and unproductive can live at the high lifestyle they feel they deserve for merely taking up space and producing nothing of value.

Bank of America's New Tax Manager 
Arrives for Work
Bank of America executives rapidly performed an internal investigation and found the problem:  their accounting firm, PriceWaterhouseCoopers was preparing their corporate tax returns in such a way as to comply with state and federal tax laws.  Obviously, too many MBAs and Masters in Taxation can spoil the broth.  Tax returns should not be prepared in accordance with bourgeois rules and laws, but in alignment with feelings, to meld with Aquarius rising, inspire harmonic convergence, manifest good karmic reverberations and above all, to pay lots of free and unearned moola to hippies and their modern equivalent, Democrats.

Effective immediately, PriceWaterhouseCoopers has been given their walking papers and a team of hippies has been hired to file amended corporate tax returns. Trembling in fear, corporate executives everywhere are hoping this extreme measure will spare them the withering financial analysis and public condemnation that 20 left-wing sociology undergraduates can bring, in what can only be called a public relations disaster for the corporate banking giant.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Last Song Played by Vince Guaraldi

Two years ago I made a pilgrimage to the site of Vince Guaraldi's last gig in Menlo Park, followed by a visit to his grave in Colma, California.  I posted an article about it here.  It was called "Searching For Answers:  the Death of Vince Guaraldi."  Vince was the famed jazz pianist who wrote and recorded the 1962 jazz hit "Cast Your Fate to the Wind," and whose trio provided the background music for Charles Schultz's "Peanuts" cartoons.  Vince's Christmas album is still popular and widely played every December.

Since posting that article, I have received notes, a previously unpublished photo and other information from various people who either knew Vince or loved his work.  One of them is writing a book about Vince Guaraldi.  See the above link to see all of the latest information.

Today I learned the names of the musicians who were with Vince on his last gig in Menlo Park.  The bass player was Seward McCain and the drummer was Jim Zimmerman.  Zimmerman was with Vince in his room at the Red Cottage Inn, between sets, when Vince collapsed and died suddenly of a burst aortic aneurysm.  Vince was walking towards the bathroom when he collapsed on the floor.  Zimmerman ran to get McCain and they tried to revive Guaraldi, but Vince had died.  The only good thing about it was that he didn't suffer; death was almost instantaneous.  His mother, Carmella, later told a magazine that she was glad, at least, that Vince died as he would have wished, i.e., while playing a musical performance.

That last gig started out well.  McCain reported that the nightclub, Butterfield's, was filled with customers and that the first set went well.  The last song that Vince Guaraldi ever played was "Eleanor Rigby," the Beatles' hit.  McCain stated that Vince had an exciting version of the song.

The day before, Vince had dinner at the home of Peanuts producer Lee Mendelson.  He complained about some chest discomfort, like indigestion.  Vince had previously had an EKG and a doctor's examination to discover the cause of his discomfort.  The doctor told him he was probably getting ulcers and gave him a useless prescription of pills.  Vince's death, therefore, was not due to any personal negligence of his own.  He knew something was wrong and tried to get it diagnosed and treated.

After Vince died rumors spread that he had suffered some kind of drug overdose:  heroin, or maybe cocaine.  However, those rumors have proved to be untrue.

More information on Vince's last night can be found at the link above.

Film Clip from Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead," the Movie

Scenes from the film of Ayn Rand's novel, "The Fountainhead." Hat tip Nicomaque.

Let's Redistribute High College Grades to Lower Performing Students!

American Power has a post today that features a video of graphic characters having a discussion.  The characters are discussing college students' grades, i.e. how the GPA of higher performing students should be redistributed to those with lower grades.

The film eerily reproduces the attitudes and arguments of the anonymous college brat whom I engaged in debate yesterday.  This video applies his own arguments to himself, except that instead of redistributing wealth, we are redistributing college grades.  The analogy is apt:  both scenarios involve taking something away from those who have earned it, to give to someone who has not. The film even provides the same lame rationalizations.  See the video here.

Strangely enough, there is an ongoing petition drive at U.C. Merced to do just this:  redistribute grades.  There isn't much enthusiasm for the drive.  American Power reports:
And don't miss William at Pirate's Cove, who has video from the petition drive at UC Merced to redistribute grades. Not going over too well, (un)surprisingly: "Libs Love Redistributing Everything But What Is Their Own."
This could be a trend.  Let's redistribute beautiful women to uglier guys!  It isn't the latter's fault they were born with bad looks, and keeping all beautiful women for handsome guys just isn't fair.  Or, we could redistribute handsome men to uglier women for the same reason.   Let's give gold medals to Olympic runners who come in last!  Why should all gold medals be given to "the privileged" who are faster runners due to their unearned access to good genes?

How to Determine Bank of America's Tax Liability: A Note to Left-Wing Activists

Confronting Liberal Dogma
The Daily Kos, Moveon, the Democratic Underground, the Coffee Party and US Uncut want Bank of America and other corporations to pay income taxes that they don't legally owe.

The lefties are targeting various corporations as "tax dodgers" even though these corporations have complied with the tax laws and owe no tax.  How can you "dodge" a non-existent tax bill?

Aha, there's the error in your thinking, friend.  It shouldn't be Congress, the IRS or the states that decide a corporation's tax liability.  It should be left-wing college sophomores, old hippie burn-outs, Marxists and morons.  Well then, I have some questions for these Saul Alinsky wanna-bes.

1.  If one fills out Form 1120 and completes the required calculations and owes no tax, then what do you do?  What tax form does the corporate tax payer use to compute the non-owed tax, if not the one dictated by tax laws?  Has one been invented?

2. If the corporation legally owes no tax, how much should the extra-legal, non-owed taxes be?  Who decides how much?  Is there a formula, say, divide the corporation's Tax I.D. number by Saul Alinsky's I.Q., add Al Gore's address and multiply by Noam Chomsky's license plate?

3. Since the IRS or the states aren't owed the money, to whom are these extra-legal taxes to be paid?  To you personally?  To your organization?  To the Communist Party?

4.  Do you really thing it's a good idea to have uninformed political agitators deciding tax laws and usurping Congress?  What makes you think you are qualified to do so?  Why do you think you have any right to do so?

5. Do you think the fabric of hard reality can be altered by exhibitionism, i.e. dancing around like fools in the lobby of Bank of America in San Francisco, demanding taxes that are not owed?

I'd really like to know.

Update:  I found this video of leftists making asses of themselves at a Bank of America branch.  (Hat tip Legal Insurrection.)  Perhaps those scruffy little Marxists would deign to answer the questions I posed above?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let's See If I Understand Liberal Arguments for Wealth Redistribution

After using a liberal's butt for a socker ball in the past few posts, I have decided to summarize his arguments for wealth distribution as I understood them.

1.  Sometime in the past, various people were discriminated against, oppressed or impoverished, so now the welfare class has a right to help themselves to my wallet.  It makes a lot of sense if you are on drugs.

2.  Liberals playing in sand piles learned "to share."  Therefore, when someone shoves a gun in your ribs and demands your wallet, don't be angry, it is just a form of sharing.  If you had been raised properly, you wouldn't mind.

3.  Just because corporations comply with tax laws or experience losses, this is no reason why they shouldn't pay millions in taxes that they don't legally owe.  The IRS be damned, left wing college sophomores will decide how much these extra-legal taxes shall be and to whom they are to be paid.

4.  Manual laborers create all real wealth; doctors, scientists, businessmen, bankers, engineers, manufacturers, computer programmers and all other professionals or white collar workers merely steal the wealth these laborers produce.  Therefore, these non-laborers should fork over their wallets post haste.  And the next time you set down to a fine meal, thank a ditch digger.

5.  All people with money today are well off because someone mistreated the Indians a couple of centuries back, and therefore such people should hand over their wallets and shut the hell up.  If that argument fails to convince, a liberal will be happy to invent a new one on the fly.  Just ask.

6.  Poor people are poor because we have denied them the same privileges that we have, "privileges" being a code word for hard work, delayed gratification, ambition, planning, the hours we spent in school, and the years we spent honing our marketable skills.

Based on the strength of these arguments, I am going to dye my hair green, get a nose ring and enroll in the local city college as a major in sociology.  Well, probably not.

Minuscule Crowd Shows Up for Coffee Party/US Uncut Rally in Chicago

US Uncut Convention Hall
The new left wing populist uprising threatens to swamp the nation in a tsunami of liberal sentiment and socialist action.  Not.

Jammie Wearing Fool reports that of the two groups, Coffee Party and US Uncut, a total of 20 people showed up to counter the Tea Party demonstration in Chicago.

Excuse me while I laugh!  Har de har har!

Why I Hate Trolls

The one problem with the Blogger messaging system is that you cannot close a thread to further comments.  So if a college sophomore with a liberal bent wants to overwhelm you with his non-existent brilliance, you can't shut him off.  Well, you can, by restricting comments to those with I.D.s (no anonymous comments), and also by enabling comment moderation.  I have now been forced to apply both of these methods to troll control.  I hate to do this, because these measures tend to discourage comments, and I like comments and enjoy debate.

If you read through my last three posts, you will note a serious troll attack by a very adolescent individual who, unable to answer or refute me, resorted to mere harassment.  If he wants to post again, he can do so, by identifying himself, by staying on topic and by not repeating the same failed arguments over and over again, after they have been refuted.

For now, however, my foot is tired from kicking his ass all day.  There is wisdom in the saying "Don't feed the trolls."  To do so gives them encouragement to continue making asses of themselves.

Update:  I have removed comment moderation, but I will now require all commenters to identify themselves.

Facts About Bank of America's "Nonpayment of Taxes"

Using Google, I found Bank of America's annual report on the internet.  Sure enough, it shows that US Uncut, the Daily KOS and Democratic Underground are all refuges for ignoramuses.  So much of their beliefs and philosophy is based on profound ignorance and error, so it should come as no surprise that they are equally ignorant and uninformed about corporate income taxes.

Bank of America actually LOST $2.2 billion in 2010, yet still reported $915 billion in income taxes.  Probably effecting this is a paper write-off of $12.4 billion in good will impairment, which is not deductible for taxes.  They reported a tax benefit (a theoretical refund) for 2009, but did report substantial amounts of tax expense for 2006, 2007 and 2008.  See the annual report here.  You will have to scroll through the report since it is a pdf file.

Reading a highly condensed and consolidated financial report cannot provide you with an in-depth understanding of B of A's tax situation.  For one thing, taxes reported for financial statements can differ considerably from what is reported on the tax return.  The reason is that financial reporting for taxes is often highly theoretical.  The financial statements attempt to present the income tax expense based on GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles), and include timing differences between financial reporting and tax reporting.  For example, accelerated depreciation methods for machinery and equipment may be used for tax reporting, but straight line depreciation for financial reporting.  This results in "deferred" taxes, taxes that may not yet be due on the tax return.

Once again, to really understand what a corporation paid in taxes for any given year, you need the corporate tax return.

In any case, there is nothing in the annual report of Bank of America that implies that this corporation "pays no taxes."

Conclusions:  Leftists sources are full of bovine excrement regarding "corporations not paying taxes."  Their claims are anecdotal, general and offer no support or specifics.  For that reason, they can be discounted in their entirety.

Does Bank of America Pay Corporate Taxes?

Paying No Taxes and Loving It:
Nyaah, nyaah, niyaah!  Feel
the burn, libbies!  Har har har!
Zombie has an interesting presentation of the Tax Day protests in San Francisco.  Another phony left wing "populist uprising" is a group called US Uncut, who invaded a branch of Bank of America to put on a highly scripted song-and-dance demonstration.  Their message to B of A:  pay your taxes, because B of A doesn't pay any corporate taxes, they are tax dodgers, etc, etc.

The ignorant left often uses arguments that so-and-so corporation made 75 gazillion dollars in profits and yet paid no income taxes!!  Omigod, think of the free goodies those taxes would have bought for losers like us!  (Well the last sentence is implied if not expressly stated.)

Now I am a tax professional, but I don't know everything.  However, it seems to me that these claims against corporations are born of ignorance and hyperbole.  Corporations are heavily and regularly scrutinized by the SEC, the IRS and their outside auditors.  If these corporations were breaking the law regarding payment of taxes, they would soon be found out.

But let's say Bank of America and other corporations are not paying any taxes this year.  What would be some of the reasons?  Here are a few possibilities:

1.  Their "billions in profits" are actually their gross sales, not their net income.  Gross sales is not "profits."  Profit is what is left over after paying expenses, including salaries and taxes.  In all probability, ignorant leftists don't know the difference, couldn't count to five if they owned a Cray computer and as we all know, can't find their ass with both hands.

2.  The non-tax paying corporations actually have losses, not profits.  That means their expenses exceeded their income.  Corporations pay taxes on net profit (Sales minus cost of goods sold minus operating expenses = net profit).  In this lousy, Democrat produced economy, it is almost certain that many corporations are experiencing losses (which probably explains their massive layoffs of employees).  Again, refer to my comment above about liberals finding their asses with both hands.

3.  Corporations made a profit this year, but have accumulated losses from prior years.  Tax laws allow corporations to carry forward their prior year losses, and they may wipe out the current year profits and not owe any taxes because of it.

4.  Corporations have tax credits to offset their taxes.  Corporations get a credit for foreign taxes that they pay, so they are not taxed twice on the same income.

5.  Corporations file consolidated tax returns, that is, one tax return for the parent corporation and all of its subsidiaries.  Just because one of the corporations in a controlled group is profitable does not mean that all corporations in the same group are.  The losses of some of the corporations in the consolidation may be enough to offset the profits in others.  Moronic liberals may be focusing on only the profitable corporation while ignoring the unprofitable ones.

There is only one way to know the true story of whether Bank of America or any other corporation is not paying taxes, and that is to examine their tax return.  They generally file their taxes on Form 1120.  If anyone has a copy of Bank of America's tax return, I will be happy to take a look at it and see if I can explain it.  Warning:  it is likely to be quite thick.

Meanwhile, don't believe any hyperbole from ignorant liberals.  Even if they owned a Cray computer, they probably wouldn't even know how to plug it in.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Major Flaw in American Democracy

Redistributing the Wealth
I have  been thinking about all the Democrat arguments for soaking the rich in order to fund the lazy, illegal, greedy and unproductive.  The real reason for the Dems desire to fund the lazy, illegal, greedy and unproductive is simple:  these folks are their major constituents.  If the Dems fail to bring home a big bag of stolen goodies to distribute to their voters, they would quickly go out of business.  Ah yes, American politics is really all about looting by proxy.  No need to break store windows and carry off TV sets, because "redistributionists" will do it for you in exchange for your vote.

This is the major flaw in American democracy:  when the lazy and unproductive are able to vote themselves a share of your bank account, they will certainly do so.  They will also continue to support the fences that distribute the stolen booty and keep the theft legal and active.

Racist Tea Party Member, 
Opposes Redistributing Wealth
So under American democracy, the trend will be for the unproductive to grow and the productive to shrink, with increasing draconian measures (excessive borrowing, deficit spending, high taxation) necessary to keep the corrupt system functioning.  American democracy seems to me to be unsustainable.  Since the ultimate end of such a system is bankruptcy, poverty and want, it cannot last.  Perhaps it will be replaced by some form of totalitarianism.

There is a solution, however.  People who do not make enough money to support themselves should be disenfranchised, that is, denied the right to vote.  Then they couldn't vote for the crooks who do their stealing for them.  I would further add the proviso that anyone who pays no income taxes should also be disenfranchised.  The idea is to take away the opportunity for theft and the motivation for voting for collectivists and wasteful spenders.  Any spending and tax increases should be felt by everyone who votes.    Then people would truly be spending their own money instead of spending that of someone else.  

In the beginning of this nation, only property owners were allowed to vote (or so I'm told).  We need to return to such a system.  No one should be allowed to use democracy as a tool to mug his neighbors.

Photo sources:  Top photo:  found on the internet.  Bottom photo is from Larwyn's Linx, who got it from Zombie's pictorial of the San Francisco Tea Party rally on tax day.  See it here.

Cheerful Video of America's Coming Economic Collapse

Last night after work I watched a video by Stansberry Investment Research.  It was about the economic collapse that is already underway in the United States.  A lot of the video made sense.

Right now, the U.S. dollar is the world's reserve currency, which means other nations have to use dollars to buy food and oil and settle international debts.  However, the U.S. Treasury is now printing trillions of dollars, which has the effect of lowering the purchasing power of dollars already in circulation.  According to Stansberry, this causes other nations to experience rising prices for fuel and food and is a major factor in the revolutions we are now seeing throughout the Middle East.  Basically, by printing more dollars, we steal the purchasing power, not only of Americans, but of other countries as well.  This causes prices to rise, and those prices are rising sharply.

The insane level of borrowing by the Dems is already so out of control that the US is unable to pay even the principal on the debt, and soon will be unable to even pay the interest.  So they will print more dollars and repay the debt with dollars that are worth less.  This is dishonest -- it is just a way for the U.S. to cheat the international financial system.

This is also the major reason China is slowly divesting itself of U.S. Treasuries and buying hard assets throughout the world to protect its wealth.  Hyperinflation in the U.S. will occur and lead to the replacement of the dollar as the world's reserve currency (and this is already in progress), which in turn will reduce the U.S. standard of living about 25%, almost overnight.  Expect food riots.

If you think Stansberry is crazy, just look at the Drudge Report news items for this morning.  Already major nations are holding meetings to replace the dollar with other currencies.

When the government gets desperate enough for cash to meet its mounting debt, it will then begin appropriating private pension funds (there goes your 401k) and put everyone on a "government pension."  That means your current pension funds will be replaced by a government IOU, to be repaid in dollars that are worth substantially less as time goes on.  This is already happening in Europe and there is already talk among American statists about doing it here.

Watch the Stansberry video here

When our shaky economy crumbles further, don't count on the American people to kick the socialists out of office.  The left and their propaganda outlets in the mainstream media will blame "the evil rich," capitalism, Republicans and Wall Street.  The Democrats will blame the private sector for what is actually governmental malfeasance, and many Americans will continue voting for the authors of their own destruction.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Two More Days of Tax Season; a Loss in the Family

Inky:  Farewell to a Friend
This has been a busy week for me, being the last week of the tax season.

To make matters worse, I had to put my 17 year old cat, Inky, to sleep on April 14th.  He had some sort of internal failure and was immobile and in pain.  The vet said there was little chance he could recover and advised putting him down, which I did.  I can't complain -- he had a long and happy life and we enjoyed each other's company down life's road.  Nevertheless, I do feel his absence.

Tax filing day has been extended this year to Monday, April 18th.  So you have until Monday to either file your federal tax return or get an extension.  Rules for states may vary.

Monday, April 11, 2011

British Muslims Protest Burka France!

I think British Muslims are the most obnoxious, among those who have invaded the West.  They are the ones most prone to angry picketing and provocative signs and language, the ones most deserving of a boot in the butt on their way out of the country.  Why do we even have to be polite about it?  Western civilization is incompatible with Islam and Sharia.  Muslims need to get the hell out of the West.

This week the British burka bearing barbarians are stinking up London over the ban of the France!

Take a look at these pictures in the U.K. Mail of angry Muslims.  What better evidence of the impossibility of living side by side with these barbarians in a common country.

Hat tip:  View From the Right

Koran Burnings in the U.K. and Iran: Britain's Weak Defense of Western Civilization

An Iranian and an Afghani burned a Koran in Iran to protest the evils of Islam; they risked their necks to make a video of it to put on YouTube.  The Washington Times reports:
Two anonymous young men in Iran, one Iranian and one Afghan, have burned a Koran in protest. This seven-and-a-half minute long video shows the two men, their faces obscured, holding the Muslim holy book and reading prepared statements. They say that Arabs have foisted this book on their homelands and because of it they have gone backwards for 1400 years. They say they dislike the Koran and want it to disappear, adding "Viva freedom!"
Meanwhile, as two men risk their lives to protest the Koran, limp-wristed girlie-men Brits, presumably wearing pink tutus and bright red lipstick, arrest a Brit for burning a Koran in his own garden.  A Brit newspaper reports:
Sion Owens, 40, was detained after a video clip apparently showing him setting the religious text alight was passed to South Wales Police on Friday.  The footage, which was shot in Mr Owens' garden, shows a copy of the Koran being soaked in a flammable liquid and then set on fire.  It emerged just days after he was confirmed as a BNP candidate for next month's election in Wales.

The Home Office reacted to the news by denouncing any acts designed to 'create divisions between communities'.  It said in a statement: 'The government absolutely condemns the burning of the Koran. It is fundamentally offensive to the values of our pluralist and tolerant society.'
Fools!  The Koran and Islam should be "fundamentally offensive" to any "pluralist and tolerant society."  Islam is the most anti-pluralist and the most intolerant ideology on the scene today.  Should tolerance include tolerating intolerance?  Of course.  But it should never tolerate intolerating intolerance.  I trust I have made myself perfectly clear.

Meanwhile, let's hope the powers that be cancel the U.K.'s membership in Western Civilization and insist upon a return of their unused testicles.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Big Spenders Always Win, or So It Seems; Tea Party Steamed Over Budget Deal

Obama's Budget
I have been trying to get a handle on the big budget fight between Republicans and Democrats.  What I want to see is actual numbers, but there is precious little explanation on the web.  That's because numbers cause eyes to glaze over and remind readers of doing math homework in the 10th grade; it wasn't fun then and it isn't fun now.  However, as an accountant I want to see the numbers and draw my own conclusions.  Bear with me if you can stand it.  I use numbers from the 2011 budget as described at this link.

It appears that the shut down of the federal government was averted by a budget compromise engineered by Republican John Boehner, Speaker of the House.   The Democrats want to spend $3.819 trillion in 2011, adding $1.645 trillion to the national debt.  Put another way, they want to spend $1.645 trillion more than they take in from tax and other revenues.  Boehner's compromise would cut $39 billion from the planned expenditures, a percentage so small that it is barely detectable.

The Republican proposed cuts would reduce the 2011 debt increase by only 2.37%, or 2 cents for every dollar added to the debt.  These same cuts would reduce total 2011 expenditures of $3.819 trillion by only 1.02%, or a single penny for every dollar spent.  That's chump change and hardly a "victory" over Democrat fiscal malfeasance.

When you consider the total national debt of $15.476 trillion (forecast for the end of 2011), the budget reduction amounts to only 0.25% of the total national debt, or two one-thousandths of each penny of debt.


Anybody who thinks this is a Republican victory is delusional.  After promising to cut a paltry $100 billion (as a "serious first step"), the GOP settled for cutting only $39 billion.  Andrew C. McCarthy of National Review Online explains it further here.  He says:
So now they’ve stopped short, significantly short, of that purportedly serious step, and the reaction is, “We won!” You’ve got to be kidding me. The only thing Boehner won is future assurance that GOP leadership can safely promise the moon but then settle for crumbs because their rah-rah corner will spin any paltry accomplishment, no matter how empty it shows the promise to have been, as a tremendous victory.
Some others also "get it," namely Rand Paul and Michelle Bachmann.  Others are content, as usual, with a superficial "win."  Ooooh, we made them cut 2/1000 of each penny!  That's got to hurt!

The GOP is perpetually weak and irresolute.  We need more radical solutions to stop the fiscal insanity of the Democratic Party.  I am not sure what those solutions are, but as of right now, I am thinking of voting for Ron Paul or Rand Paul if either runs.  I will not waste my vote on a Huckabee or a Romney or other establishment Republican.

Just for the record, I have long been critical of Ron Paul and previously wouldn't have voted for him if he were running against Satan.  Now I am beginning to realize that he is a hell of a lot better choice.  We've tried Satan and he just hasn't worked out.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Murder Aboard HMS Nuclear Submarine Astute: Was the Shooter a Muslim?

HMS Astute 
A British sailor and armed sentry aboard HMS Astute, a Nuclear Submarine docked at Southampton, shot two of his officers today.  The shooting happened as the sentries were being changed at midday.  One of the victims has died.  The other is in critical condition.  The shooter is in custody.

The British Navy has stated that the shooting was "not terrorist related."  However, they have not released the name of the shooter.  The question is obvious:  was he a Muslim, in a country where doubting Muslim loyalty is a crime?  Were the shootings another example of tragedy wrought by the insanity of non-discrimination in immigration policy?

Not all political/military murderers are Muslims -- Jared Loughner, the demented shooter of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, was not.    Nevertheless, I would be very interested in knowing the identity of the U.K. shooter.

Was he a Muslim or not?

Update:  Media identifies shooter as 22 year old Ryan Donovan.  The name is not Arabic and the shooter does not appear to be Muslim, based on that.

Update 2:  Investigators are speculating that Donovan was dreading another planned month at sea and angry for being refused shore leave.

Laugher of the Week: Democrat Declares Victory in Wisconsin Only to be Defeated

This is really funny.  There was an election for justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court this week, and pro-union Democrats were hoping for a victory.  Their candidate was Democrat JoAnne Kloppenburg, who was trying to unseat Republican incumbent David Prosser.  When vote counting was nearly finished, Kloppenburg was up by 204 votes.  She called a press conference and claimed victory.

Then an election official disclosed a glitch in the count that had failed to record around 7,500 votes for Prosser.  When  these votes were added, Prosser was the clear winner.

Oops.  Now Kloppenburg has egg on her red face.

Dems and Unionists were hoping for a Kloppenburg win, so they would have a biased justice on the state supreme court, one who could help them from the bench in overturning anti-union legislation.  Now they won't get it.  Har de har har har!

It isn't often that really bad news turns into really good news.  Enjoy it.

A Note From Pastor Terry Jones: "We Stand With Israel"

I received the following message from Pastor Terry Jones and his organization, Doveworld.  No, it isn't a personal communication, just something emailed to supporters.  Here it is:
Thank you for your support!

Since Judge the Koran Day, we have been dealing with hundreds of negative mails and calls a day and many requests from media.

We have now over 400 domestic and international death threats that law enforcement agencies seem to be ignoring, although we were asked to pass them all on, and have done so.

Our tech experts and firewalls have been fighting off massive cyber attacks from every continent. We are winning!

Our insurance is, once again, to be cancelled.

Our own government has condemned us and is considering criminalizing free speech, selling out our Constitution to coddle the OIC and the UN.

But we are not going away. We are not going into hiding. They will have to knock us all off to stop us! We are doing this for our country, for the nations and people of the world, oppressed under the lies and violence of Islam. It means more to us than our lives.

Come and support us in Dearborn, MI, April 22, in front of the largest mosque in America, where we join OOTD of Michigan and protest Sharia and Jihad, the oppression and violence of Islam. This mosque supports Hamas, Hezbullah, and their backers in Iran. We stand with Israel. Bring any signs and flags you like.

You can continue to support us through our websites: and where you can sign up for our newsletter, see our events, press releases and articles, and connect with us on facebook and twitter

Thank you, also, for your prayers.

God Bless you, your families and businesses.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Terry Jones, Founder and President of Stand Up America Now.
Wayne Sapp, Assistant Director of Stand Up America Now
Pastor Luke Jones, Dove World Outreach Center
and all of us here who stand with our leaders.
352 371 2487
For slow mail:
Dove World Outreach Center
5200 NW 43rd St
Ste. 102 #188
Gainesville, FL 32606-4486
(this is a safe PO Box)

If you would like to visit we are at:
5805 NW 37th St
Gainesville, FL 32653

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Musical Interlude: Stogie Band Recordings

Below are some recordings our band has made for demo purposes.  We'll post more when we get them.

The sound is best when played through decent speakers; if you are listening on small computer speakers, use earphones instead.  I mean, if you can't hear the bass, is there any point?

Our male singer is getting better -- I steered him towards some lessons on how to increase your range and intonation and how to sing from your chest and "mask" rather than through your nose.

We aren't ready for Carnegie Hall or anything, but a few more demos like this and we should be able to land some gigs in local clubs, as long as they have the Blues Brothers protective screen to shield us from thrown beer bottles.

I supply the bass in these songs.

Spooky (male singer, female backup)

Memphis (male singer)

Rio de Janeiro Blue (female singer)