Saturday, September 16, 2017

Is Trump Selling Us Out?

The United States of America is pretty screwed up.  President Trump appears to be selling out his base and reversing himelf on important campaign promises.  Illegal immigration will continue, no wall will be built, and we will stay in the Paris Climate agreement.  There is no real surprise, we are so used to getting screwed that it almost seems normal.

The Republican Party is utterly weak, ineffective, and without any purpose.  I don't know who I will vote for next time.  I will never vote for a Democrat, however.

Can America be saved?  I think not.  We are so very divided, and maybe it's time for states to secede and form new political unions.  Let the leftists have their own version of Venezuela or London or Paris. We need something approaching a revolution.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Confederate Kristallnacht

In November 1938, Jews were attacked throughout Germany in an event known as Kristallnacht, or Night of Broken Glass.  Jewish shop windows were broken, Synagogues trashed or burned, private homes ransacked, and people were murdered.  Oppression of Jews had been occurring in Germany for some time, but up until Kristallnacht, it had been nonviolent. Kristallnacht was the turning point from nonviolence to violence.  The safety of Jews in Germany went rapidly downhill from there.

For the past couple of years we have been witnessing our own cultural and ethnic cleansing, in what many are calling "Confederate Kristallnacht."  Confederate flags, Confederate monuments, any public depiction of a Confederate general or hero, all are being savagely repressed.  Monuments and statues are vandalized with paint and graffiti, and one was even torn down by a mob.  Even graveyards are not safe, as one had tombstones toppled and broken, and another had bodies dug up and the bones scattered.

Kristallnacht 1938
Kristallnacht 2017
The Washington National Cathedral will remove images of Lee and Stonewall Jackson from its stained glass windows this week, as the madness continues to spread.

What we are witnessing is a kind of hysteria, wherein differing opinions on history are not tolerated, and those who hold differing views are to be shamed, ostracized, even physically punished with beatings in the public square.  Comparing this outpouring of hate to Kristallnacht is not at all far-fetched.  Verbal insults have morphed into physical destruction and physical assaults.  When will the shooting start?

Don't reject the analogy of Kristallnacht out of hand.  Both involved irrational hatred of a scapegoat, expressed in violence and destruction.  The Confederate South has been an American scapegoat for years:  a scapegoat for slavery mainly, but also for modern day civil rights issues.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Crickets and Web Crawlers

A few days ago I checked my Statcounter record of visitors to this blog.  Since I have been neglecting the blog, I expected to see a very low number of "hits."  I was shocked to see my hits were 500 - 700 hits per day.  However, I wasn't seeing a ton of visitors on my Revolver Maps globe.  What was up?

I figured it must be web crawlers from Google and other search engines.  I was right:  Google was giving me a digital colonoscopy.  But why?  I think I know.

Google is a very leftwing organization, and dislikes conservative content.  So they are scouring conservative sites to see if they can't unearth some tie to fascism,, "racism," White Supremacy or other excuse for deleting blogs.  That's my theory, anyway.

Anyway, I fixed Statcounter so that it does not record web crawlers as "hits."  Today my hits are back to their pathetically low level.  Why Google would even bother is beyond me.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Rebranding Elizabeth Warren: How You Can Help

It looks like the liberal media is "rebranding" Elizabeth Warren, no doubt in preparation for a presidential run in 2018.  By "rebranding," they mean changing her image to something more marketable.  Right now she is seen as a far-left ideologue who lied about being part American Indian so she could have the non-white credentials so loved by the left.

The idiot piece described in the left image claims "Elizabeth Warren's Christian faith is deep and authentic, and it informs her work as a senator." Bull hockey!

This transparent media attempt to put lipstick on a pig has resulted in some funny Twitter feeds about Warren, some (like my own) recommending the wording for a better sales job.  Sort of like this:
Elizabeth Warren's Christian faith is deep and authentic, and it informs her work as a senator.  On Sundays after church she bakes apple pies to feed hungry children at the local orphanage.  At Christmas time, she can be seen singing Christmas carols on snowy street corners and dispensing cardigans (that she knitted herself) to street urchins and the homeless.  On July 4th you will find her setting off fireworks and playing John Philips Souza marches on loudspeakers outside her house, as she marches about beating a large bass drum while chanting "USA! USA!".
Yes, rebranding Elizabeth Warren can be fun.  Try it for yourself.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

A Swarming of NRO Cucks on Twitter

I spent a couple of hours today fighting with "cuckservatives" on Twitter.  It seems there is an infestation there of NRO cucks, i.e. "conservatives" who are never-Trumpers and feel the need to constantly undermine the President.

The NRO types are rigidly ideological, that is, they will not amend their political strategy to meet current situations, opportunities and dangers.  They are still pissed off that Trump defeated their favorite candidates, be it Ted Cruz or someone else.  The fight started when some young woman called "Mo Mo" labeled Trump a "buffoon."  I objected to this appellation and the fight was on.

Most of it was just trading personal insults, and I am better at that than young punks, having had years of practice.  However, the crux of my real argument is this:  if you are undermining Trump you are helping the Democrats.  We do not have a choice, at this point in time, of an ideologically pure candidate vs an imperfect one; that boat has sailed.  We have only Trump, and the alternative is a Democrat like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Wasrren or Tim Kaine.  Debating Trump's qualifications at this point accomplishes nothing -- he is the President.

What we have to do is to keep the Congress and the Senate, and hope Trump will be able to implement most of his agenda.  The NRO Cuckservatives are too adolescent to realize this and to act on it.  We must deal with reality and shape it, as much as possible, to accomplish our ends.

My Family in Houston

I have a niece in Houston, and my younger brother lives there too.  The niece has a husband and three young children.  They just bought a house there maybe six months ago.  The house is a two-story house, and the bottom floor is now trashed from being flooded.  Today they are cleaning out the bottom half, tearing out ruined walls and carpeting.  The bottom will have to be rebuilt.

My brother lost his car.  He parked it at his daughter (my niece's) house to ride with them the heck out of Dodge just before the hurricane hit.  His apartment was fine, but his car was submerged due to its location at the daughter's house.

My brother's cat survived, even though alone for six days.  The landlady fed her each day and she is fine.

The North Korean Death Wish

So the pudgy fool with the bad haircut who rules North Korea has a nuke on a missile.  El Pudgo seems to think he can annihilate the western world with just one bomb.  It it's true he has an H bomb that can be mounted on a missile, he might be able to take out London or New York.  However, that all depends.  Will the missile/bomb combo even work?  Will it blow up on the launch pad and take half of North Korea with it?

And what if it actually hits a target like New York.  What does it do for an encore?  Unless it has dozens of identical nuclear missiles, it finds itself in an embarrassing situation.  It has just whacked a bear on the nose and stands there peeing in its jockeys while the bear charges with fangs a flappin.'

Kim Jung Unstable will shortly be absent from the glowing, radioactive waste that once was North Korea.

Note to North Korean generals:  assassinate this maniac before he gets you all killed.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Scotch and Soda

I haven't yet made a list of all the songs that were significant to my life.  If I did, "Scotch and Soda" by the Kingston Trio would be in the top 10.  Songs we loved often take us back to a specific time and a specific love, now lost to time but not to memory.