Monday, July 31, 2006

Israeli Flag

Pretty cool, hey?

I just wanted to see how a moving gif file works in blogger.

Now if I can just figure out how to embed YouTube videos.

I'm working on it.


Friday, July 28, 2006

Blog Wars: An Update

The battles between some conservative and liberal bloggers is continuing and may be moving to court.

Apparently, Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom is pressing charges against leftist blogger Deb Frisch for making what appear to be threatening comments against his two year old son. (See my previous post on the Goldstein-Frish fight here.)

A person believed to be Deb Frisch continues to make profane and sexual references to Jeff's son in posts to his blog and to other blogs; the IP address traces to Eugene, Oregon where Deb now lives. Her comments have nothing to do with the topic at hand, e.g. baseball. Patterico's Pontifications has the details (hat tip Sara at Squiggler).

This week the conservative blog Seixon criticized an unhinged Lefty named Jason Leopold. Leopold runs a website,, and is a former reporter for the Los Angeles Times.

Seixon blog says that Leopold has apparently retaliated for Seixon's criticisms with both death threats and forged emails alleged to be from Seixon, in which Seixon "threatens" to "blackmail" Leopold. Leopold has been posting the forged emails at ThinkProgress in an effort to discredit Seixon and paint its owner as a "threat." Seixon reprints and exposes the fraud in these emails at his website (follow "forged emails" link above).

According to the Volokh Conspiracy, Leopold wrote an article on Enron for ezine Salon Magazine which included several allegedly plagiarized paragraphs. The article was also heavily based on an email that Leopold claimed he received, but that Salon believed to have been fabricated (the alleged sender of the email denied ever speaking to Leopold). Salon then withdrew Leopold's article.

Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post said of Leopold:

Leopold says he engaged in "lying, cheating and backstabbing," is a former cocaine addict, served time for grand larceny, repeatedly tried to kill himself and has battled mental illness his whole life.

Apparently he's still battling the latter.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Israel: The Neighborhood Bully?

According to Horsefeathers, Bob Dylan wrote a song about Israel many years ago called "The Neighborhood Bully." No, it's not what you think. Dylan's song was very pro-Israel and contains a large quotient of truth.

Horsefeathers asys "Here's Bob Dylan on Israel, written years ago, but true as ever."


Well, the neighborhood bully, he's just one man,
His enemies say he's on their land.
They got him outnumbered about a million to one,
He got no place to escape to, no place to run.
He's the neighborhood bully.

The neighborhood bully just lives to survive,
He's criticized and condemned for being alive.
He's not supposed to fight back, he's supposed to have thick skin,
He's supposed to lay down and die when his door is kicked in.
He's the neighborhood bully.

The neighborhood bully been driven out of every land,
He's wandered the earth an exiled man.
Seen his family scattered, his people hounded and torn,
He's always on trial for just being born.
He's the neighborhood bully.

Well, he knocked out a lynch mob, he was criticized,
Old women condemned him, said he should apologize.
Then he destroyed a bomb factory, nobody was glad.
The bombs were meant for him. He was supposed to feel bad.
He's the neighborhood bully.

Well, the chances are against it and the odds are slim
That he'll live by the rules that the world makes for him,
'Cause there's a noose at his neck and a gun at his back
And a license to kill him is given out to every maniac.
He's the neighborhood bully.

He got no allies to really speak of.
What he gets he must pay for, he don't get it out of love.
He buys obsolete weapons and he won't be denied
But no one sends flesh and blood to fight by his side.
He's the neighborhood bully.

Well, he's surrounded by pacifists who all want peace,
They pray for it nightly that the bloodshed must cease.
Now, they wouldn't hurt a fly. To hurt one they would weep.
They lay and they wait for this bully to fall asleep.
He's the neighborhood bully.

Every empire that's enslaved him is gone,
Egypt and Rome, even the great Babylon.
He's made a garden of paradise in the desert sand,
In bed with nobody, under no one's command.
He's the neighborhood bully.

Now his holiest books have been trampled upon,
No contract he signed was worth what it was written on.
He took the crumbs of the world and he turned it into wealth,
Took sickness and disease and he turned it into health.
He's the neighborhood bully.

What's anybody indebted to him for?
Nothin', they say. He just likes to cause war.
Pride and prejudice and superstition indeed,
They wait for this bully like a dog waits to feed.
He's the neighborhood bully.

What has he done to wear so many scars?
Does he change the course of rivers?
Does he pollute the moon and stars?
Neighborhood bully, standing on the hill,
Running out the clock, time standing still,
Neighborhood bully.

Why We Write

Tony Blankley of Real Clear Politics laments that the world just doesn't understand the Islamist threat. Until they do, we will be unable to mount an effective effort to defeat it. He writes:

Until the American and European publics have become convinced of the present danger to them, we will continue to stumble, take half measures and fail to adequately defend ourselves. Before action, must come belief; before belief must come understanding; before understanding must come education and debate. In the beginning was the word. It is time to begin.

The conservative blogosphere understands the problem. It's why we write.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Of Chickenhawks and Chickens

Rightwing Nuthouse discusses the "Chickenhawk" debate and how the Left, when they lose an argument, simply redefine the major terms so it will appear they "won."

Lefties have been labeling anyone who hasn't served, but who supports our wars against tyranny, as "Chickenhawks." This week Jeff Jacoby wrote an article about the term, concluding it was just a Leftist smear designed to stop debate and shut up its opponents. (Another even more effective manifestation of the same tactic is to call your opponent a "racist." Or as Rush Limbaugh says, a "racist" is anyone who wins an argument with a liberal.)

The slur "chickenhawk" is along these same lines, a dishonest rhetorical device by folks who don't have a lot of ethics in the first place. Or, as Rightwing Nuthouse puts it, "by using the term, liberals have every intent of shutting off discussion while at the same time, gleefully savaging their political opponents by creating a narrative that places them in an ascendant moral position."

Well now the Left, in the person of Glenn Greenwald, has written an article that expands the "meaning" of the slur so that it is more defensible. This is bad enough, but liberal sock puppets have rewritten the term at Wikipedia, which shows 50 recent revisions, to bring the term into agreement with Greenwald's newly made-up definition.

This is how the Left has always fought, by seeking to manipulate the media and controll the debate in ways that are intellectually dishonest, but favorable to them.

Jeff Goldstein sums it all up very well:
And controlling the narrative—first by bending it to fit your will, then by
repeating it until it becomes provisional “truth”—is at the heart of a
progressive “activism” that, let’s face it, has failed to win people over
using an unrigged marketplace of ideas.

I drew a cartoon two years ago which lampooned Garry Trudeau for using the "Chickenhawk" argument. Here it is. Click on the image to enlarge.

More Stories of Israel by the Chomper Boys

JULY 26 UPDATE: My middle son, Cohiba, called me today to add to the Israel stories below.

Cohiba told me of his first impression of Israel. You drove through barren desert wastes until you approached a series of gates where your identity was confirmed. Once through the gates into Israel, the landscape changed very suddenly to one of green grass, flowers, trees and plants. There was no gradual change, it was all at once.

Cohiba became good friends with an IDF soldier who invited him to spend a weekend with his family. Cohiba said the Israeli family was very warm and treated him like family, too. His IDF friends took Cohiba to an Israeli restaurant where they would tell him Hebrew phrases to repeat to the waitress. He went along with the joke and would repeat what they told him. The waitress would smile and go away. Cohiba then asked, "What did I say?" They replied, "I love you" and another time, "Kiss me."

Cohiba liked a nightclub in Jerusalem called "The Underground." Israeli soldiers would get on the dance floor with Uzis hanging from their shoulders and boogie with the young women that way.

My son told me that his three favorite places on earth are Israel, Hawaii and San Diego. He couldn't praise the Israeli people enough.
My eldest son Stogie Jr. drives a truck and often calls me from the road. He liked my post "Reply to Atlas Shrugs, We Stand With the Jews." He then told me some more stories about his visits to Israel.

Stogie Jr., and his younger brother Cohiba confirms, that when they were in Israel it was impossible to buy a beer at the local watering hole. That's because IDF soldiers and Israeli citizens would never let their glasses get empty.

All the IDF soldiers in the bar had their loaded Uzis on the tables beside their drinks, and the IDF boys never went anywhere without their weapons. Well, I shouldn't say "boys," because the IDF also has women soldiers. Stogie Jr. visited a beach in Israel where nudity is not only allowed, but widely practiced. While there, a beautiful young Israeli woman walked up to Jr. and asked for a light for her cigarette. She was completely nude, except for the Uzi hanging from her shoulder by its strap.

Stogie also had a long conversation with a 50ish Israeli woman, who was also quite beautiful. (Beautiful women seem to be plentiful in Israel.) While she was buying beers for Jr. and his buddy, she told them she had been the equivalent of a First Sergeant in the Israeli war with Egypt (probably the War of Attrition of 1969 - 1970), and mentioned that she personally had killed "many Egyptians."

Once while they were having beers on the outside patio, an Israeli IDF helicopter landed across the street from the bar, and when the pilot got out, they saw it was another beautiful Israeli woman, well built and with ample cleavage proudly displayed. While the Americans were slobbering all over themselves, she bought a beer, turned around and smiled at the American soldiers and raised her glass to them in a salute.

There was an Israeli kid, about 11 or 12, who adopted Jr. and his buddy and followed them around everywhere, so they let him watch television with them in the hotel. The young lad was anxious to grow up and join the IDF. Maybe he's out there in South Lebanon now.

Junior tells me he would love to go back to Israel. He loved the country and the people. God bless them all.

Spontaneous Human Combustion

Being an old Moonbat from San Francisco, I'm hip to all kinds of wondrous natural phenomena. One of these is "spontaneous human combustion," or SHC. There have been scattered reports of this strange event down through history. It occurs when, for unknown reasons, a human being will suddenly ignite and burn like a Roman candle on the 4th of July. One of the most recent occurrences is when Al Gore gave his famous speech to the Daily KOS. Well, he didn't exactly ignite but the Lefties were afraid he might and the Righties were hoping he would. But I digress.

Now it appears this strange event is happening again (Twilight Zone theme music, please), this time in Beirut. I suspect it is related somehow to the spontaneously exploding buildings in the Hezbollah community. Anyway, some of the residents there have been self-immolating in recent days. It seems to happen to those who wrap their heads in an ugly white scarfs with black patterns that resemble crossed fishooks.

Developing..... (doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo) (Twilight Zone theme song).

Beirut Destruction Caused by Global Warming

In California today, it's hotter than the Liberal corner of Hell. It's "global warming," of course. Scientists have noted this warming effect appears somewhat related to something called "summer." Get those Kyoto Protocols on my desk, I'm ready to sign if Bush won't!!

I hear it's even hotter in a placed called "Beirut." Isn't that down near Bakersfield? Anyway I hear it's so hot that buildings are exploding. Strangest weather ever.

Monday, July 24, 2006

My Response to Atlas Shrugs: We Stand With the Jews

Pamela of Atlas Shrugs (the hottie at the right) ran an article written by an Israeli entitled "An Open Letter to the World." The letter was understandably bitter about how Israel is condemned by many for merely trying to survive, and how Jews have been treated by non-Jews down through the centuries.

Below is my reply to the article.


Pamela, yes it's true Jews have been treated abominably down through the centuries, but the bitterness shouldn't be taken too far. There are many, many Christians who support Israel today, and it is the most fundamental of Christians who support it the most. American troops did liberate Buchenwald and Dachau, and my Uncle Fred was among those troops who liberated the latter. The American troops were so outraged at what they found at Dachau that they lined the German guards up against a wall and promptly shot them.

Israel exists today because Christian nations established it, funded it and supported it both morally and with arms. Although Europe has its head way up its nether regions, most people in the USA support Israel, as recent polls indicate.

My two older sons both served with the US Army in the Sinai, the peacekeeping force that Carter put there to keep Egypt and Israel at peace. Both of them went to Israel when they had leave; both of them were astounded at how beautiful, modern and prosperous Israel was compared to the barren and impoverished landscape of Egypt. Stogie Jr. told me that it was like walking from a barren destert into an oasis.

Both my sons were befriended by Israeli soldiers and my younger son spent a weekend in the home of an IDF soldier as his guest. Clearly, the IDF soldiers saw my sons as comrades in arms.

Yesterday my eldest son called me and told me he would love to join the IDF and fight on the front lines for Israel. I told him I had a similar fantasy, but we are both too long in the tooth for that. I doubt my old Civil War muzzle loader would be effective against those Chinese made rockets.

My son told me, "Pop, if I weren't a Christian, I'd be a Jew."

I replied, "Me too!"

I think you know where our hearts are.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Girl With a Sign: Support Israel!

Wow, my mouth dropped open when I viewed this original, unretouched photo from the Londonistan Muslim protest demonstrations! There was a young woman carrying this sign!

I didn't realize I had such support in the U.K.! I'm all choked up......

Feel free to use this graphic as you see fit.

Islamic Stinkers Society

Free use of this graphic is encouraged.

What better way to spend a Sunday than Photoshopping Muslim demonstrators?

All We Are Saying...Is Give War A Chance!

Michael Goodwin of Daily News "gets it." He argues that war is a legitimate option, and sometimes the only option, particularly in this war with Muslim terror.

He writes:

... now is not the time to stop this brutal war. Human nature notwithstanding, peace is not always the best answer. Not when wrongs have to be righted. Sometimes, deadly force is the righteous option.

Most civilized countries acknowledge that Hezbollah started the fight by crossing the border to kill three Israeli soldiers and kidnap two. But a growing chorus of international critics and much of the American media are saying, as Annan did, that Israel's response has been "disproportionate."

The criticism, and its attendant calls for an immediate ceasefire, have three flaws.
First, to urge restraint is to suggest Israel should play by different rules than its enemies. Hezbollah, Hamas and the other Muslim terror groups don't warn Jewish civilians to leave a pizza store or a bus before they blow it up. They aim to kill as many as possible in order to terrorize the entire population. Israel, on the other hand, has dropped thousands of leaflets telling Lebanese civilians to leave and has taken precautions to limit civilian casualties. That about 300 are dead and thousands of others are displaced is tragic, but the blame belongs mostly to Hezbollah, which hides fighters and weapons in civilian areas precisely to deter attack.

Second, expecting Israel to limit itself to a tit-for-tat board-game response delegitimizes Israeli suffering, as though its individuals should not grieve for their dead or fear for their safety because Israel possesses more military punch. But with Hezbollah continuing to fire rockets indiscriminately into population centers, it has no moral standing to determine Israel's response. War is war.

Third, and most important, the call for restraint reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of terrorists. Their barbarism, including the beheadings of hostages, sets them apart from mankind. They have proven they are not subject to rational approaches. They are not interested in compromise any more than a mad dog will share its bone. Hezbollah and its Iranian patrons don't want to make a deal with Israel. They want to destroy Israel. And then America and Europe and Christians and ... .

From European capitals to American living rooms, one of the great debates today is whether we can talk to Islamic terrorists. Is there something we can say or do that will entice them to rejoin the human race? Personally, I don't think so.

The only hope I see is that they must first be defeated and, like murderous Germany and Japan after World War II, they will then adopt civilized norms of behavior.

That is why Israel deserves our support and our gratitude. It is fighting for its own survival, and much, much more. It is fighting for the survival of the civilized world against the darkness.

The Future of Islam

Now here's a prediction I can live with.

Original somewhat edited to taste.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Demise of the Once Great England

I have long admired England, one of the greatest nations in history. But lately I find my admiration on the wane and my disgust level rapidly rising.

The Muslim terrorist supporter on the right is a resident of London, where there was a large public rally today to condemn Israel and praise the terrorist group Hezbollah. [See more pictures at Moonbat Media -h/t Infidel Bloggers Alliance.]

England, explain yourself. Why do you let these monsters in? Why do you inoculate yourself with such healthy strains of this antidemocratic, intolerant and murderous disease? Why do you give comfort, protection and hospitality to those who would destroy you? Are you nuts?

You are foolishly squandering a thousand years of enlightened civilization....for what? To show how tolerant you are, how accepting of hostile and alien cultures? That will make a wonderful epitaph over the grave of your once great nation.

England isn't the only Western nation to so visibly self-destruct. There was a similar demonstration in Sydney, where national suicide appears equally fashionable. France, of course, is already a terminal case, having sold its soul long ago to socialism, appeasement, accommodation and the self-hatred known as "multiculturalism."

Will Western leaders wake up in time to stop the Islamic threat? I have my doubts. Perhaps its time to consider adding to my second-amendment arsenal. My one weapon, an old Army Colt 45 should be joined by an M16 or an AK47 or whatever I can legally still purchase in Commie California. Perhaps we should consider once again forming citizens' militias and prepare to do what our own governments are unwilling to do, namely, to defend ourselves as necessary when the time comes.

And unless our leaders cease their self-delusion and take proactive steps to remove the threat, that time will come.

Israel versus Hezbollah: Time to Raise the Black Flag

Palestinian soldiers versus Israeli soldiers:

I found this on View from the Right this morning. A good cartoon can say so much and this one does.

Traitors of the KOS:

Some unmitigated Horse's Ass at the Daily KOS today is wondering when the US is going to invade Israel. He also argues that the USA is now a "legitimate target" for supporting and funding Israel. There is truly something terribly awry in the liberal brain, where they invariably side with evil over good. The facts and history of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict are available on the Internet, which clearly shows the former to be at fault and the latter to be innocent victims.

But it's not about facts and knowledge. It's about the contrarian nature of so-called "Progressivism," whose position on anything and everything is 180 degrees opposite of rational. To Leftists, up is down, black is white, good is evil, ignorance is knowledge and stupidity is intelligence. Liberalism is thus a kind of anti-logic, one in which it is possible to conceive, say, that dog barf is better than ice cream.

I have my own ideas about what constitutes a "legitimate target." To me a legitimate target includes enemies of the United States, domestic and foreign. So my answer to the KOS question of "when is the USA going to invade Israel" is another question: when is the US government going to start shooting traitors? I envision a nice brick wall someplace, pockmarked with bullet holes, a monument to "Progressivism." Maybe we could have one wall specifically dedicated to the Daily KOS. Then our leftist traitors could go happy, knowing that they "died for the KOS."

But before you get all excited, I don't think having asinine opinions constitutes treason. Even the S.O.B. who wrote the stupid article described above has a right to make a complete jackass of himself and remain unmolested. You can dream of treason all you want as long as you don't actually commit any.

In the same vein, I can entertain my own fantasies, namely making the more extreme lefties "legitimate targets" of a firing squad.

Having such fantasies is normal. H.L. Mencken once said, "Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats."

Note: The "black flag" signifies "No Quarter." In olden days, when an army raised the black flag, it meant that they intended to take no prisoners.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Pat Buchanan Is An Ass

Update: See Buchanan make an even bigger ass of himself, if that's possible, at Michelle Malkin's video on Hezbollah.

Pat Buchanan, that disgusting old cockroach, has slithered out from under his antisemitic rock again. Buchanan is David Duke in pinstripes and wingtips. Unlike Duke, however, he doesn't have the backbone to openly admit he hates Jews, so he instead pretends great sympathy with the poor downtrodden people [Muslims] of the Middle East. Frontpagemag quotes him:

“Israeli airstrikes [are] an outlawed form of collective punishment, that has left [Hezbollah supporters] with no sanitation, rotting food, impure water and days without light or electricity in the horrible heat of July. And we wonder why they hate us.”

Gee, I always thought they hated us because we won't let them murder the Jews. Just goes to show how naive I am.

As for Pinstripe Pat, the old Rhineland Retread was last seen goose-stepping into the sunset, waving a beer stine and singing Deutschland Uber Alles at the top of his lungs.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Appeasement Is the Path to Peace

Stogie here, child of the Sixties. Let me polish up my old peace symbol, slip into a tie-dye t shirt, and fire up the roach clip. Gather my children and I will divulge to you the secrets of Peace.

As we San Francisco Hippies figured out long ago, the way to peace is through weakness. If another country or culture wants to kill us, it's only because we offended them or because they find us threatening. To defuse their anger, let us apologize and accept guilt for every bad thing that has happened to anyone anywhere since the beginning of time. Just ask our leader Noam Chomsky. The death of the dinosaurs (early global warming), the Bubonic Plague (no free health clinics or medical marijuana); you name it, we did it. Or at least we would have done it had we the chance, as a matter of white skin privilige and cultural arrogance.

After we've apologized, we need to disband our military and renounce war as a matter of policy. In this way we will no longer be seen as threatening, e.g. by disarming, by refusing to go to war when the offended downtrodden destroy the Twin Towers or kidnap Israeli soldiers. Once they see we are very kind and forgiving and that we bear them no malice, they will become docile as lambs. We will then all gather at the crash pad where we will lounge on bean bags while passing around the water pipe and singing "Blowin' In the Wind."

Yes brothers and sisters, if we just got rid of our military there would be no more wars. It's perfectly logical. When did you ever see a war that didn't involve the military? Aha! I rest my case.

Following this scintillating logic, we could also eradicate crime by getting rid of the police force. Where there's crime there are police forces, so it is obvious that the former is a product of the latter. No more need to lock your doors at night! Who are burglars, but lonely people looking for acceptance? When they see locks on doors, they see it as a clear message: "You're not welcome. We don't like you." But when the doors are opened, they will be overcome by our love and trust, and so blinded by their tears of humility and gratitude that they will be unable to steal anything.

Rape can be stopped in its tracks once the rapists realize that women are defenseless, will not report them and will not resist. Beautiful women in bikinis can wander through Central Park in the middle of the night, perfectly safe. Once the thugs, punks and hoodlums realize that women mean them no harm, perfect peace will descend on the neighborhoods like a shower of pink lilac blossoms sprinkled by gossamer-winged, harp-playing cherubim singing in harmony like the chorus of an Italian opera. Trust me on this, dudes and dudettes, I saw it all in a vision the last time I dropped acid.

We can use these "peace principles" to stop the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and South Lebanon. When the understandably offended destroy the Twin Towers, don't fight back. Refuse to be drawn into the "circle of violence." Remember, when we are attacked, it's all our fault. If Muslims had access to free medical care, free condoms, free housing, free incense, organically grown vegetables, macrobiotic bread and legalized hallocogenic drugs, there would be no need to attack us or Israel, as they would have everything anyone could ever need. Of course, we know that the greedy capitalists would never go for it, because they insist on getting paid for producing things. A few more rallies in San Francisco may be needed to convince them.

So in closing, brothers and sisters, I would say to Israel in this time of conflict, to lay down your arms, don't fight back when you are attacked, sing "Kumbaya" and smoke a joint. Remember, the only reason there is antisemitism is because there are Jews, and who are we to say that the Arabic solution is wrong? It is only our cultural arrogance that makes us think so.

Yes, Jews, light the pipe and inhale deeply. It won't help, the Muzzies will kill you anyway, but you will be so stoned you won't even mind. And what better cause is there to die for than World Peace?

Peace out, brothers and sisters!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Muhammad's Coming Foretold in the Bible!

Well bless my soul, I was rude to a Muslim guest to this blog when he insisted that Muhammad was described several times in the Bible. I researched it, and he was right! Oh, the terrible taste of Humble Pie I must now endure.

Here are the Bible scriptures that prophesy the coming of Muhammad.

Jeremiah 14:14
14 And the LORD said to me, “The prophets prophesy lies in My name. I have not sent them, commanded them, nor spoken to them; they prophesy to you a false vision, divination, a worthless thing, and the deceit of their heart.

Ezekiel 22:27-29
27 Her princes in her midst are like wolves tearing the prey, to shed blood, to destroy people, and to get dishonest gain. 28 Her prophets plastered them with untempered mortar, seeing false visions, and divining lies for them, saying, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD,’ when the LORD had not spoken. 29 The people of the land have used oppressions, committed robbery, and mistreated the poor and needy; and they wrongfully oppress the stranger. [This is as accurate a description as any of Muhammad and his band of cutthroats]

Matthew 7:15
15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles?

Matthew 24:11
11 Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many.

Matthew 24:23-25
23 “Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There!’ do not believe it. 24 For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. 25 See, I have told you beforehand.

Mark 13:21-23
21 “Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or, ‘Look, He is there!’ do not believe it. 22 For false christs and false prophets will rise and show signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. 23 But take heed; see, I have told you all things beforehand.

There you have it, brothers and sisters! The Bible foretold the coming of Muhammed centuries before he made the scene! Yes, and sure enough, the FALSE PROPHET did come as predicted, claiming that God said things He never uttered, and then robbing and oppressing people.

Amen brothers and sisters! Please open your hymn books to page 156 where we will now sing "Come Let's Gather at the River." And don't forget the collection plate. Hand-rolled Cuban seed Cohibas will be accepted in lieu of currency.

Reverend Stogie

Large Crowds Turn Out to Support Israel

Atlas Shrugs has lots of pictures on the rally in New York to support Israel. Powerline has a picture of large crowds in Chicago doing the same. It's good to see the outwelling of public support for the good guys against the evil ones.

Of course there are always the minority of protestors from the Left who turn out to support EVIL (pronounced EEEE-VILLE). Fortunately, they are a small minority in the rallies.

It seems there is always a "moment of truth" when our otherwise confused populace boils over from apathy into action, when they become FED UP and actually do something. We are seeing that now, I suspect. The "Palestinians" and the forces that support them get a bit too over-confident and finally push too far and the counter-thrust begins.

Keep pounding 'em, Israelis. Screw France, screw Germany, screw Iran, screw Syria! Time to open a large can of whoop-ass so there will be plenty to go around.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Time to Connect the Dots: It's All One War

Newt Gingrich made a lot of sense yesterday. He essentially said that all of the violence raging throughout the world - in Israel, in Iraq, in India, in Europe - is all part of a single war, a war he calls "World War III." He called on Bush to publicly recognize that fact and to "connect the dots" for Americans.

He said the reluctance to put those pieces together and see one global conflict is hurting America's interests. He said people, including some in the Bush Administration, who urge a restrained response from Israel are wrong "because they haven't crossed the bridge of realizing this is a war."

"This is World War III," Gingrich said. And once that's accepted, he said calls for restraint would fall away:

"Israel wouldn't leave southern Lebanon as long as there was a single missile there. I would go in and clean them all out and I would announce that any Iranian airplane trying to bring missiles to re-supply them would be shot down. This idea that we have this one-sided war where the other team gets to plan how to kill us and we get to talk, is nuts."
Atlas Shrugs prints a letter from a Marine today who confirms the fact of World War III. He writes:
I am in the infantry, we are front line Marines. Warriors. We support Israel because we have fought the same people they are fighting, Jihadists. This is a world war. It has been a world war since 11 September 2001. Hopefully now people are realizing the true scale of this conflagration. And Israel is fighting the same enemy in Gaza and Lebanon as America is fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, just on another front in the same war. And we see the Israeli Soldiers as brothers in arms against a common enemy.

The Disgusting New York Times

The New York Times reaches for new depths of depravity today. They're touting a book by their photographer Joao Silva, "In the Company of God," a photo essay from the Iraqi insurgents' point of view, featuring photos of Muslim terrorists in the business of killing American soldiers. The Times is now synonomous with treason. Personally, I advocate rushing their offices, tarring and feathering the bastards, then tying them to railroad ties and marching them around Manhattan. See these sites for the details of Silva's Salute to Terrorism:

Powerline Blog
Little Green Footballs
Michelle Malkin
Protein Wisdom

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Time to De-Islamicize the West

Diana West of the Washington Times recently argued for the removal of Muslims from Western countries. This is a solution I have long advocated myself. Islam is incompatible with Western civilization and is in fact a hostile and seditious presence in our midst.

West points out that the Jihadists use terror as an effective weapon of attrition. The need for increased security measures at airports and other public places costs time and money, and the possibility of a terror attack induces fear in the hearts of the targeted population. Terror seems to be just indiscriminate murder of innocents, but it does have a goal, and that is to weaken its victims' will to resist.

West writes:
The will to resist is indeed the target of jihadists from India to Israel, from New York City to London. But, as Mr. Spencer would undoubtedly agree, security measures alone -- walking through metal detectors (in our socks), submitting our belongings to random searches -- don't constitute policy. They don't solve the problem of global jihad: the war of terrorism. At best, security measures thwart acts of terrorism -- and thank goodness -- but only for another day, another trip, another short hop home.
If the goal of Islam is to destroy the non-Muslim world's will to resist Islamic conquest, then our counterstrategy seems clear. What we need is an attitude of survival, i.e. moral clarity, which (1) acknowledges Islam's intent to conquer us, (2) affirms our belief in the superiority of our civilization to theirs and (3) asserts our determination to defeat them. These three factors are what constitute the needed will to resist.

However, West carries the argument further, noting the undesirability of the growing Muslim presence in the West. She writes:
Besides the will to resist, then, we need the knowledge to resist -- the knowledge that there is in the religion of Islam itself the historical, inexorable and driving force behind what the entire non-Muslim world is now experiencing as jihad terror. Whether most Muslims wouldn't hurt a fly is an increasingly irrelevant footnote to the hostile aggression of other Muslims who, in a very short time, have actually transformed civilization as we used to know it.

If the will to resist allows us to manage the threat of violence, the will to connect the dots would compel us to eliminate it. How? By carefully examining and -- I would hope, reconsidering and reversing -- through foreign, domestic and immigration initiatives, what should now be seen, gimlet-eyed, as the Islamization of the non-Islamic world. Such an assessment, however, is all too vulnerable to catcall-attacks of "bigotry," even "Nazism" -- a deceptively inverted assault given the doctrinal bigotry and similarities to Nazism historically promulgated by the Islamic creed.
In other words, it is time to halt all Muslim immigration into the Western democracies and to begin deporting those already here.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel's War of Survival - Best Quotes From Around the Internet

The Conflict in a Nutshell

Israel has been attacked by two Syrian-supported terrorist organizations, Hizbollah in the North, along the Lebanese border, and by Hamas in the South, from Gaza. Terrorists from both these organizations crossed the border into Israel and killed and kidnapped Israeli soldiers. In addition to this, Hizbollah and Hamas have been firing rockets into Israeli civilian population centers. (Why? To kill Jews and punish Israel for existing.)

The rockets are manufactured and supplied by Syria. Israel's bombing of the Beirut airport and its blockade of Lebanon are designed to stop the arrival of more rockets from Syria. Israel's strategy has three aims: (1) to stop the rocket attacks from Lebanon and Gaza, (2) push Hizbollah and Hamas back from the borders with Israel, and (3) to secure the release of its kidnapped soldiers.

Both Hamas and Hizbollah are funded and sponsored by Iran and are actually proxies for Iran's desire to eradicate the State of Israel.

Syria is a state sponsor of terrorism and allows the head of Hamas to live in its territory. For that reason it is possible that Israel may decide to attack Syria. Syria is in turn sponsored by Iran, whose radical President has vowed "to wipe Israel off the map." Iran has indicated it may enter the conflict if Syria is attacked. The possibility of a wider and more serious war is therefore possible.

Here's what other writers are saying about the conflict:

From David Horowitz

Decent Americans will cheer the Israeli armies on

The New York Times, adopting the Kerry position on the war on terror, is already questioning Israel's war of self-defense because it isn't limiting itself to releasing its kidnapped soldiers and punishing the individuals responsible. This is the war on terror should be a criminal operation point of view. The Times wants to ignore the fact that the Palestinians in their majority have elected a criminal government which is responsible for these criminal acts, or that the governments of Syria and Iran are behind them too. Analogy would be if the Times of 1940 had urged the British to limit their response to the Blitz to the arrest of the pilots who actually dropped the bombs. This is the voice of appeasement and worse.

From Powerline

One striking fact about the Religion of Peace is how relatively few of its adherents are unequivocally opposed to terrorism, always and everywhere. It seems that for most Muslims, even those who stoutly oppose terror elsewhere, terrorism directed against Israel is only freedom fighting. (To be fair, this could be said of quite a few non-Muslim Europeans, too.)

From National Review Online

Israel has to prove that it is a sovereign state, not to be trifled with or subjected to the bargaining of the Middle East bazaar. In short, it has to reinvigorate its deterrent threat against its enemies that has been vitiated by its unilateral withdrawal from Gaza and its weak response to provocations since then.

The overpowering of Hezbollah might lead Hamas’s sponsors around the Middle East to conclude that they can’t engage in a proxy war against Israel with impunity. If not, the targeted killings of Mashaal and his lieutenants in Syria would be appropriate, and other targets there might beckon as well. It is right to eliminate terror masters, and beyond that, the weakening and humiliation of its wretched Syrian stooge would be a suitable reward to Iran for its mischief-making.

From Real Clear Politics

The War Comes To Us

Iran has revealed its hand, challenging the US and its allies and openly demonstrating its desire to dominate the Middle East through force and terror. While we have been trying to delay the war with Iran, it has brought the war to us, in a manner so obvious that even the mainstream media cannot evade it.

In doing so, they have made their threat to America and its interests more obvious and more urgent--providing a stronger case for war than their nuclear program could provide. There can be no question here about whether Iran really has aggressive designs in the Middle East, whether it really seeks the weapons to attack the US and its allies, and how long it might take for such a threat to materialize. The threat is here and Iran's newest war on the West has already begun.

Iran is risking everything on this new strategy, and the only hope they have of success is the expectation that, as they bring the war closer and closer to America, we won't fight back.

But that means that we have an easy way to blow their strategy to smithereens.

All we have to do is to start fighting back.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Allah's Gefilte Fish

Aren't you getting sick of all the fish that miraculously have "Allah" or "Mohammed" written on them?

This is Stogie's proposed solution.

Count Cockula Cracks Me Up!

I was browsing Protein Wisdom today. PW was one of Powerline's "blogs of the week," which is a high compliment. Powerline was Time Magazine's "Blog of the Year" (but don't hold that against them).

Jeff Goldstein, aka "Count Cockula" as labeled by the Left, has a number of interviews with famous Leftists posted on his site. There's one with Noam Chomsky, Ted Koppel, Madonna, Dan Rather's Ego, Ann Coulter, Ted Kennedy and Al-Zarqawi. These interviews are only satire and not real....but they are hilarious! No wonder the Left hates Jeff so...there is no greater weapon than biting satire.

Jeff Goldstein is not just another blogger, he's a wit with a sense of humor like a well-honed razor. Do yourself a favor and read the interviews. You can go there at this link.

War News

According to one New York Sun writer, the war with Iran has begun. Meanwhile, Israeli airplanes have destroyed the Beirut TV station and damaged the Beirut Airport. Good. Israel is blockading Lebanon by sea and by air and are shelling Lebanese ports. Iran is on alert to protect their fellow Muslim scumbag terrorists in Syria.

Photo: Israeli troops conducting house to house searches

Some good blog sources of breaking news on the current Muslim Ass Whipping are these:

Hot Air

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Breaking: Israel Expected to Declare War

Israel has invaded Lebanon and is expected to move on Syria as well. Rumors are flying that Israel will officially declare war tonight. Euphoric Reality has the details.

Godspeed, Israeli Warriors! May your enemies be crushed and humiliated.

Auster Slams Another Home Run

Larry Auster of View From the Right is on a roll lately. His latest summation on the Religion-Most-Evil is spot on.

The essence of Islam revealed

In a letter to the Lansing State Journal published on July 5, 2006, a Muslim living in East Lansing, Michigan states in clear, matter-of-fact language what he and other Muslims believe,—that the penalty for converting from Islam to another religion is death—and why they believe it. It is not because they personally choose to believe it. It is not because they are personally “extreme” or “fanatical.” It not because they are “alienated” by the experience of living as Muslims in the West. It is not because they have been goaded into anger by anti-Muslim bigotry. It is not because they have been seduced into extremism by extremist imams or Wahhabi mosques. It is not because they have an inferiority complex about Muslims’ having being “left behind” by Western progress since the seventeenth century. It is not because of Israel’s “oppression” of the Palestinians or American support for Israel. It not because of American involvement in the Mideast or the American occupation of Iraq. And it not because of inadequate Western aid efforts to poor Muslim countries. They believe what they believe because it is what Islam requires them to believe. Once we realize this simple fact, any question of “extreme” versus “moderate” Islam comes to an end. All Muslims by virtue of being Muslims are members of an extremist, totalitarian religion. From this it follows that no believing Muslims (outside small numbers for diplomacy, trade, etc.) should be allowed to live in non-Muslim countries, let alone in a country founded on religious freedom.

Some may call my conclusion extreme. I call it a no-brainer.

Light a Candle for the Bomb Victims of India

Charles Henry at No Dhimmitude has a touching article on the recent train bombings in India by the Religion-Most-Foul, the systematic system of evil known as ISLAM.

We wanted to light a candle for these latest Indian victims of Mohammed's Insanity, but we were fresh out of candles. We found something else, however, that burns with a much brighter flame. Enjoy.

Useful Idiots

Atlas Shrugs has a lot of pictures of a pro-Israel rally in New York that occurred a couple of days ago. I found the picture on the right interesting. It shows a bunch of orthodox Jews demonstrating against Israel. One moron is carrying a sign that says "Dismantling of Zionist State."

Out of curiosity, I went to the website on their sign - - and found some truly disgusting and cowardly Muslim ass-kissing dhimmitude.

At their website, these suicidal Jews (if they are indeed Jews and not Hamas operatives posing as such) have posted this picture on the left below.

"All Palestine under Palestinian Sovereignty"? These idiots must be the Jewish version of Leftists, self-loathing, prostrating themselves before the Islamic fanatics who want to kill all Jews, including them.

"The Torah forbids a Jewish State"? King Solomon, King David and a bunch of other ancient Jewish leaders would sure be surprised to hear that.

One of the posts at their website is titled "Congratulations and Best Wishes to Hamas." Another post is titled "The Orthodox Jewish Response to the Criticism of the Iranian President." Of course it is flattering and positive in its support for Ahmadinejad, the nutcase who wants to "wipe Israel off the map."

For their next post, perhaps these useful idiots could have one called "Taking It Up the Ass for Hamas - the Orthodox Jewish Position (Prone)."

There will always be "useful idiots," first described by Lenin, who will gladly supply the rope to their executioners. They prostrate themselves like whipped dogs before their persecutors, baring their throats to his fangs, hoping that by their complete surrender they will be spared the death that is planned for them. They won't. Their cowardice only breeds contempt in the hearts of their enemies, not the warmth and friendly feelings they imagine.

Jews lived for centuries under Muslim rule as dhimmi slaves, where they were 3rd class citizens who could be killed at any time. Under that form of servitude, Jews had to constantly prostrate themselves before their Muslim masters, constantly flatter them while being completely supportive and never expressing opposition. For if they displeased their Muslim conquerors, they could lose their dhimmi (protected) status and be again subject to death by jihad.

The Jews of have truly retained and preserved this centuries-old dhimmi attitude. They are the well-trained Eloi in the face of Muslim Morlocks.

If you are going to die, it's better to die as men than slaves and cowards. These people are a disgrace.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Left is Insane

Ever since I jumped into the Protein Wisdom fight, I've been browsing a lot of Leftist blogs and reading what they have to say. I'm a hot head, I admit it, but the Lefty blogs don't even make me mildly angry. The arguments are so weak. Well, mostly they're not arguments at all, just general, free-flowing rants with lots of pejoratives, e.g. Republicans and/or Bush is/are dictators, Nazis, attacking the Constitution, suppressing freedom of speech or the press, racists, fascists, haters, blah blah blah. No actual facts may be found in support of the wild claims.

Take this example, an actual utterance by moonbat Kevin Barrett, who is discussed later in this post. Barrett wrote: It is time for Americans to rise up in revolt against the fake terror masters who are looting U.S. taxpayers, torching our Constitution, destroying our economy, and threatening nuclear Armageddon.

What fake terror masters? No one is identified. How are they looting U.S. taxpayers? No example or actual incident is described. Same is true for the rest of the wild claims about torching the Constitution, destroying the economy (which is booming, by the way) and threatening nuclear Armageddon.

This kind of empty rhetoric is typical of the Left. You can find many examples of this yourself. Just read through a Leftist blog and you will find many wild, unsupported claims.

Another example is Dr. Demento Frisch, who often complains that she is receiving "many, many threats" from Protein Wisdom readers but never gives a single example.

Liberal/Leftism seems more of an attitude, a bad attitude, than a political philosophy. Old Michael Savage, himself a likely candidate for a Prozac prescription, did say one thing I agree with, that liberalism is a mental disorder. Perhaps it should be included in the medical books. The symptoms are extreme anger accompanied by indecipherable ranting, delusions manifesting themselves as conspiracy theories, poor personal hygiene, self-loathing and bad hairstyles.

We can add still another symptom to Lefty Dementia: flaming hypocrisy. Frisch threatens a 2 year old child with sexual perversion and death, then denies it, then claims she's the victim. One of her more deranged defenders wrote to her at her blog, advising her that it is useless to argue with us mad dogs, that instead of debating mad dogs you bash them over the head with a club. He then adds, "they're haters." (He wants to club us to death and WE'RE the haters?)

Dr. Deb Frisch is only one example of this malady. This week in the news we have Kevin Barrett, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who is now teaching a class on the subject of how the 9/11 Muslim attack on America was really "an inside job."

This would be laughable but this mother of all conspiracy theories is widely believed by the Left, and a number of Moonbat college professors are openly championing it as truth. Some of the websites that proclaim this fantasy are Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth, Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11. (They also claim that the London bombings of 7/7/2005 were another false terror attack.) I wrote to one of these organizations asking that, if I joined, would I be provided a tinfoil hat or would I have to make my own? Strangely, I received no reply.

Even the dwarf who heads the Democratic Party, Howard Dean, has given some credence to the theory and Charlie Sheen, alleged actor, is a true believer, calling for a "new investigation of 9/11."

The "inside job" theory is that President Bush, the wily devil, actually planted powerful explosives throughout the Twin Towers, which were then destroyed in a "controlled demolition." His evil goal: to inflame Americans so he would have an excuse to make war on the Middle East.

I still don't know how Bush persuaded those 19 Muslims to hijack four planes and fly them into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. (The fourth plane, United Flight 93, crashed in Pennsylvania.) Apparently, the much photographed planes crashed into the towers and then Bush, or maybe Karl Rove or Dick Cheney threw the switches that started the "controlled demolition," no doubt cackling with evil laughter as they did so.

Hmm, we can add still another symptom of Lefty dementia: bullying and intimidation. The kooks at UC Santa Cruz are proud that they have thrice physically prevented military recruiters from attending their job fair; other Leftist cretins have published private information of conservative bloggers and pundits on the internet to intimidate them (and then falsely claim we did it to them instead); other cyber bullies regularly launch illegal denial of service attacks to shut down conservative blogs and websites.

Then there is the physical bullying. See Leftist punks get in the face of Michelle Jacobsen of Hot Air, shouting obscenities and calling her names in an attempt to prevent her from filming their public hatefest (HT Michelle Malkin).

One final attribute: the slavish belief in communism or socialism. College campuses today are havens for old-style Marxists who long for the great proletarian revolution, refusing to face the fact that their socialist dreams will never be realized and that the world has moved on. What can you say about people who desire a form of oppressive dictatorship that failed miserably?

Communism killed around 100 million souls, many of them by starvation. When choosing between capitalism, a shining success, and communism, a dismal failure, they choose the latter. A related and more recent example of this disconnect is their preference for Muslim tyrannies over the pluralistic and tolerant nation of Israel. If it's evil, they're for it, and if it's good, they're against it.

Old Michael Savage was only partly right: Liberalism is more than a mental disorder, it is actually a form of insanity. Leftists are just plain nuts. I rest my case.

Welcome to all the New Visitors!

The number of visitors to this blog has picked up a lot in the last two weeks. After my fight with Jeff Huber and Jo Fish, the number of hits doubled, and after my graphic (see previous post) in support of Jeff Goldstein, the hits more than doubled again. In fact today was my highest all time number of hits, exceeding even yesterday, my previous high. I also picked up 4 or 5 new countries on my hit counter.

But it looks like I've (hmm, don't want to say "milked") (reached maximum benefit?) for my Count Bitchula post. Looks like I have to go back to work.

Okay fellow wingnuts, who's our next victim?

Monday, July 10, 2006

Countess Bitchula

Deb Frisch's unhinged Leftist friends can't argue, but they can Photoshop. One of them created the graphic on the left with Jeff Goldstein's face. I amended the graphic to become the one on the right, which feature's Deb Frisch's face.

I just love fighting with Lefties. It's sort of like playing slow pitch softball with an oversize ball, and I get to bat.

Larry Tells It Like It Is

Lawrence Auster posted this today: a concise description of how Islam and Liberalism seek to destroy Western civilization.

Islam and Liberalism
Part I. Islam

Islam: You infidels must accept Allah and his Prophet and become Muslims.

Infidels: But we don’t believe in Islam. We believe in Christianity / Judaism / Zoroastrianism / Hinduism.

Islam: Then you are wicked haters of Allah and you deserve to be crushed and destroyed.

Part II. Liberalism

Liberalism: You Westerners must accept the takeover of your society by non-Westerners and its transformation into a Third-World society.

Westerners: But we are Westerners. We want to continue being Westerners.

Liberalism: Then you are vile race haters and you deserve to be crushed and destroyed.
Thanks Larry! That's the situation in a nutshell.

Internet Wars Are Raging

Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom suffered a third DDOS attack yesterday, after moving to a new server. He got back up and running and then a resumption of the attack took his site down again. The hatred and illegality of the Left's tactics are laid bare for all the world to see.

The Left and the Muslims share the same hatred of Western Civilization and often use the same tactics. Hackers from Muslim countries like Turkey have launched a number of cyber attacks since the Danish cartoon uproar, targeting Danish and other western blogs and websites.

A single blog can set off the cyber-jihadists. Michelle Malkin reports that Hosting Matters blogs were hacked, causing 100 blogs to go down. The attacks were apparently in retaliation for one blog, Aaron's CC, that posted funny moving cartoon gifs of Mohammed dancing, Mohammed being the bomb head of Danish cartoon fame. Click on the link of Aaron's CC and take a look. Aaron's blog has been down since May and is still not back in operation, but meanwhile he is taunting the cyber-jihadists with many lines of dancing Mohammeds.

These attacks on blogs and websites are serious business, as they disrupt web commerce and suppress freedom of speech. Technology has not yet advance to the point where it can prevent them, but it will. Cell phones were easily cloned a few years ago, wherein thieves would steal phone hours from legitimate users. That problem was solved with better encryption techniques. I believe that eventually, the DDOS problem will be solved too, but for now we have to deal with it.

The only question is: how?

I have been studying computer network security and intrusions for about a year now; it is of primary interest to me in my consulting career, which involves fraud prevention and corporate security. I don't know enough to answer my own question above, but I'll keep studying. Somehow, we need a defensive counter strategy to this internet subversion.

One of the first things you should do is to back up your website regularly, copying the html code into an offline file that can be used for restoration purposes if the need arises.

If there are any fellow geeks out there with good advice, please let us know.

Update on Dr. Demento (Professor Deb Frisch)

Deb Frisch, after apologizing and losing her job for stepping over the line, is back spewing venom again. Many bloggers believe the woman is seriously mentally imbalanced and may be a threat to herself and others.

Check out the latest discussion on Frisch at INDC Journal.

See Michelle Malkin's video on Frisch and other demented Moonbats here.

Quote of the Day: from David French, National Review Online:
Leftist extremists are feeling threatened. Their campus strongholds are under attack by conservatives who refuse to concede culturally vital institutions to people who hate America, hate traditional religious values, and hate virtually all of Western civilization. Unable to defend bankrupt ideas on the merits, campus radicals respond to conservatives with vitriol, abuse, and, increasingly, threats. While they may find this strategy emotionally satisfying, it will only further alienate them from mainstream American discourse and (ultimately) further diminish their power and influence.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Trackback Installed - Old Comments No Longer Visible

Readers and visitors:

I installed Halo's Trackback and Commenting system today so I could trackback with other blogs. I didn't realize it before installing it that all older comments posted to this blog are no longer visible. Halo tells me they are still in the blogger commenting system and are not lost, but I have no idea at this point how to move them over to the new Halo commenting system.

This is sad in a lot of ways, in that there were some really furious fights and debates over various issues, like the theory of evolution and my fight with Jo Fish and his buddy Jeff Huber over the Swift Boat Vets. I hate to lose those comments, as they were as educational and entertaining as anything else on this blog.

However, the trackback system will help me promote my blog by making it more visible to others in the blogosphere.

Feel free to recomment if you like.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Conservative Blogger Attacked by Moonbats

Michelle Malkin has another interesting moonbats vs. wingnuts post today (wingnuts rule, by the way). Jeff Goldstein, who runs a popular conservative blog called Protein Wisdom, really got under the skin of some of the nasties on the Left, including one Deb Frisch, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Arizona (that's in Tucson). Frisch began posting messages to the blog that were quite hostile, and finally crossed the line: she began making comments that could be construed as death threats against Goldstein's two year old son. See Malkin's post for details.

Jeff Goldstein complained to the University of Arizona about the messages and shortly thereafter, Frisch resigned her teaching position there, presumably to avoid being fired. She also began receiving email and posts to her own blog. (I left her a message sincerely advising her to seek professional help.)

The Nutball Left is ruthless, as we all know, because they can't win with reasoning and debate. So Protein Wisdom is down this morning due to two DOS attacks launched by Frisch's pals.

DOS stands for "denial of service." It is a high tech attack on a computer server designed to consume its bandwidth, disk space or CPU time, or by corrupting its routing information, slowing the operation of the attacked server to such a degree that it can no longer function.

DDOS, or distributed denial of service attacks, are those that use zombie computers, other computers compromised by viruses or trojan horses that may be activated (through a software robot called a botnet) to send a massive number of requests for services to the attacked server, overwhelming its ability to respond.

Michelle Malkin and other conservatives have recently been the target of such attacks, proving that the Left can't refute us, so they try to censor us.

However, a DOS attack is a computer crime and is illegal. A good computer sleuth can often trace these attacks and identify the perpetrator, thus making him eligible for an all expenses paid vacation in the Gray Bar Hotel.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Plot to Bomb New York's Holland Tunnel Thwarted

Al-Reuters published the following story this morning:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A plot to bomb New York's Holland Tunnel in an effort to flood the Wall Street financial district has been uncovered by the FBI, with a suspect arrested in Lebanon, New York's Daily News reported on Friday.

The newspaper, quoting unidentified counterterrorism sources, said the investigation involved what officials considered a "serious plot" to detonate enough explosives inside the landmark tunnel to destroy it and send devastating floodwaters through lower Manhattan.

Read more.

Ah, the Religion of Peace strikes again! Of course Al-Reuters makes no mention of the motivations or religion of the conspirators. One was arrested in Lebanon and others are being sought throughout the world. According to the New York Daily News, the plot was discovered by monitoring Islamist chat rooms on the internet. If only the New York Times had been on the ball, the terrorists might have been warned in time to avoid detection and capture! You just know the reporters there are getting an ass-chewing this morning.

Only last month 7 other Muslims were arrested in Florida for plotting to bomb the Sears Tower in Chicago and FBI buildings in Miami and four other cities. Oh, how I love multiculturalism and diversity! Without it we wouldn't have all of these exciting and colorful new ways to die. Step up the Muslim immigration into the U.S. now, that's what I say! Build more mosques!

Gee, knowing how our local Muslims have such a tendency to try and kill us, aren't you happy we have the New York Times defending their "right" to do so? No wonder people become Leftists! It is so clearly the way to enlightenment and world peace.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Muhammad, Seal of the Prophets

If you don't get the joke you don't know enough about Islam.

You Too Can Be A Prophet of God

This letter to the editor of the Lansing (Michigan) State Journal was received this week from a Muslim. (Hat tip Little Green Footballs). This poor misguided Muslim is not properly following the example of the Prophet Muhammad. We'll explain in just a moment, but first let's read his letter.

Islam or death

I read Le Roy Barnett’s letter (“Muslims, speak up,” June 26) about Muslims’ opinion on Abdul Rahman’s conversion to Christianity.

Islam is not only a religion, it is a complete way of life. Islam guides Muslims from birth to grave. The Quran and prophet Muhammad’s words and practical application of Quran in life cannot be changed.

Islam is a guide for humanity, for all times, until the day of judgment. It is forbidden in Islam to convert to any other religion. The penalty is death. There is no disagreement about it.

Islam is being embraced by people of other faiths all the time. They should know they can embrace Islam, but cannot get out. This rule is not made by Muslims; it is the supreme law of God.

Please do not ask us Muslims to pick some rules and disregard other rules. Muslims are supposed to embrace Islam in its totality.

Nazra Quraishi
East Lansing

Stogie Puts It All In Perspective - How To Start Your Own Religion

Listen, Nazra: You're right. We non-Muslim's shouldn't ask you Muslims to pick some Islamic rules and disregard others. You should disregard them all. Glad we got that little misunderstanding cleared up.

Really, Nazra you can disregard them all because Islam is NOT the "supreme law of God." Islam is a false religion created by a false prophet, Muhammad, an illiterate bedouin in the 7th Century. The False Prophet created a false God, "Allah," who was nothing more than a puppet of Muhammad. Allah did not speak through Muhammad; it was Muhammad who spoke through Allah. "Allah" conveniently approved every perversion, every tyranny, ever crime against humanity that Muhammad was capable of committing. Muhammad could murder, rob, rape, kidnap and torture to his heart's content, all because "God," in the form of the fake Allah, said he could. As the Church Lady used to say, "How conveeenient!"

Nazra, the upshot of all of this is that you not only can change your religion, YOU CAN EVEN INVENT YOUR OWN! In this way you can truly emulate the example of the Prophet Muhammad! You too can scam the foolish and credulous!

Let me give you an example or two.

Ted Bundy, the mass murderer who was electrocuted in Florida a decade ago, should have borrowed Muhamad's scam and claimed to be a "prophet of God." The Prophet Bundy was allowed, no commanded, to sacrifice the lives of young women to this God. Those law enforcement officials who wanted to put Bundy to death could be accused of "blasphemy" or "warring against God."

Bundy could have claimed he was visited by the archangel Clarence, who informed him he was the chosen messenger of the great God Felonious. Muhammad may have been the "seal of the prophets," but Bundy was the "whale of the prophets." His holy book was the Bovine Excrement, which oddly enough, is another word for Qur'an.

Of course, Bundy was a lesser prophet to Muhammad. Bundy only raped around 100 women whom he then murdered; Muhammad raped at least that many but murdered hundreds (if not thousands) of men, and then sold their wives and children into slavery. Bundy was a piker compared to Muhammad. But you have to start somewhere.

We can all create our own gods and be prophets thereof! We can all legitimize our favorite vices by writing our own holy book and by revealing that our God commands us to do these things! Muhammad would approve, as there is no greater flattery than imitation.

Like to gorge yourself on chocolate? Follow the great god Chockahooey, who reveals in the Holy Book Chompaswallow to eat all the chocolate in sight! Dieticians and diet doctors are Infidels who are warring against God!

Like to smoke smelly cigars in elevators and cocktail parties? Follow my personal god, the great and holy Burning-Ash, who reveals in the holy book Blowin'Smoke (oddly enough, another literal translation of the word "Qur'an") that I, his prophet, am commanded to enter cigar stores and help myself to the stock whenever the spirit moves me, burn holes in things and stink like a dead man. Infidels are clean-air freaks who would restrict my religious activities. Hmm, my own wife may be an infidel. I'll have to look into that.

Are you a worthless drunk? No more! Now you are the Prophet of the Great God Hiccup, who commands you to consume adult beverages until you puke. It's all written down in the Holy Book Burpalot. AA meetings are gatherings of infidels who are accursed by Hiccup who will condemn them to the Lake of Fire where they may only quench their thirst with Near Beer.
Muslims do have a choice in their religion! They can emulate the Prophet Muhammad by starting their own religion that makes their personal vices holy writ and proclaims all who disagree to be infidels. Whenever anyone complains about your vices, simply reply with an appropriate sober expression: "It is the Supreme Law of God." Now shut up and pass me an ashtray.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New York Times 1775

Another illustration of The NY Times recent treason, if it had happened in 1775. Hat tip to Lawrence Auster of View From the Right.

A couple of days ago one of the Lefty bloggers was incensed that Bush would criticize the NY Times for outing the SWIFT program (to track terrorist finances). To this Leftist, it could only mean one thing: that Bush opposed freedom of the press. What an utterly asinine interpretation of the event.

New York Times Style Treason - 1945

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs ran this picture yesterday. It puts the latest NY Times treason into historical perspective.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

When the Left Attacks

Michelle Malkin had a great blog entry yesterday entitled "Our Homes Are Not Our Castles." It is highly relevant to my recent battles with Jo Fish of Democratic Veteran and Jeff Huber of Main and Central. It deals with the issue of whether or not it is proper to publish the private information of political opponents on your website.

Michelle Malkin says she will never do it, even in reprisal. For that reason she has refused to publish pictures and the address of Bill Keller's personal residence. Bill Keller is editor of the New York Times, which recently published pictures of the summer homes of Dick Cheny, Vice President of the United States, and Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense.

Michelle Malkin knows what it's like to have her privacy invaded. In April 2006, Leftist thugs at the University of California at Santa Cruz plastered all over the internet her home address, phone number, pictures of her neighborhood and maps to get there. This was really an extreme example of what the Left is capable of.

I disagree with Michelle on one point, that private information should never be published. I think it should be published as a direct reprisal to anyone who does it to you first. The Left doesn't understand rules of fair play or common decency. They are hateful in the extreme. Periodically putting the fear of God into the Left is essential if we are to dissuade them from their destructive ways.

Michelle Malkin says "there is a concerted effort to dig up and publicize the private home information of prominent conservatives in the media and blogosphere to intimidate them." For that reason, I (Stogie) believe that we on the Right must be ready to fight fire with fire.

However, as I said before, I believe in "Live and Let Live." If you don't bother me, I won't bother you.

Do read Michelle's article on the subject. It contains a lot of insight and wisdom.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The New Superman

Thought we could all use a break after the last round of nastiness.

"Jo Fish" Does the Right Thing

It appears that my pressure on "Jo Fish" has paid off. He has removed the names and addresses of the Swift Boat Vets from his website "Democratic Veteran." I just checked, and they are indeed gone.

Because of this I will not publish his private information on my blog. In actuality, I would only have published his real name and the town where he lives. His address and phone number are listed and easily obtained from any online phone book. But now that is a moot question since he has removed the names and numbers.

It isn't any secret that I believe the leftist blogger called Jeff Huber and "Jo Fish" are one and the same. I never published this information. Jeff Huber brought it to light himself by denying it in two posts to my last blog entry.

I have collected several references from leftwing blogs referring to the fact that "Jo Fish" (a Navy veteran) of "Democratic Veteran" started a new blog called "Main and Central" back in September of 2005. The only Navy Vet who posts at Main and Central is Jeff Huber. This, however, is not my only proof. I have other evidence collected from newsgroups that go back as far as 1998.

Now that Jeff/Jo Fish have done the right thing, I recommend leaving him/them alone. I consider the matter closed.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Jo Fish" of Democratic Veteran: EXPOSED!

Michelle Malkin and American Spectator both broke the story on how Democrat blogs and websites are publishing private information on Republicans, perhaps with malevolent intent.

Leftist posters at the Huffington Post posted a list of names, addresses and phone numbers of Swift Boat Veterans who took part in exposing the false and cowardly Vietnam career of John F. Kerry, failed Democrat candidate for President. This caused an outpouring of obscene and other harrassing phone calls to the vets, at all hours of the day and night. One call was a death threat.

When brought to the attention of the Huffington Post, they acted responsibly and removed the information as soon as they were made aware of it.

A Leftist blogger calling himself "Jo Fish" runs a blog called Democratic Veteran. One of his readers posted the same list of Swift Boat Veterans at his blog, which is still up and viewable by the public. I have written to "Jo Fish" asking him to take down the post, but so far he has not responded.

However, a couple of hours doing searches on the web, newsgroups and blogosphere enabled me to find the real identity of "Jo Fish." I also have his home address and telephone number. I wonder how he would like his private information posted on the internet?

I am not going to post them here...yet. If "Jo Fish" does the responsible thing and removes the list of Swift Boat Vets, he will have no problems from me.

I believe in "Live and Let Live" in the blogosphere. We can argue with each other all we like, rebut and debate each other until the cows come home, even make insulting and belittling remarks to one another. But what should NOT BE ALLOWED is to post information that could lead to physical harm of a person's body or property or violate his personal peace and privacy.

Come on "Jo Fish." Let's see you step up to the plate and do the right thing.

Democrats: The Party of Treason?

Yesterday I commented on the New York Times publishing pictures and locations of the vacation homes of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. It appears to be the Times' way of retaliating for its public beratement for publishing information valuable to terrorists, i.e. the SWIFT program for tracking terrorist finances.

Today Michelle Malkin has a great article on the Left's latest contemptible strategy of publishing personal information about those who oppose them politically. Leftists posters on the Huffington Post (a liberal online website) published the names, addresses and phone numbers of a number of Swift Boat veterans who opposed John Kerry's bid for the Presidency. See the American Spectator coverage of the story here. The result of this is harrassing phone calls to the Vets at odd hours of the night, complete with obscenities and death threats.

Huffington removed the names when made aware of it, to her credit. But the same list was also posted on a blog named "Democratic Veteran" where it is still present and visible. In fact, Democratic Veteran appears to be the source of the information that was used on the Huffington Post.

You can email the cretin who runs "Democratic Veteran" at the following email addresses: or Let him know what you think of him exposing other USN veterans to possible violence and property vandalism that are so common to the kind of swine who read his blog.

Meanwhile, John Kerry is suing the Swift Boat Vets for outing him as the fraud and coward he actually is. They should easily defeat him in any lawsuit, but they still have to defend themselves, and any lawsuit is ruinously costly, even for the innocent. Kerry's real goal, I suspect, is to ruin them financially. It is the same strategy the ACLU and CAIR have used to intimidate and silence critics and punish political opponents.

I know some of my fellow bloggers have complained about Ann Coulter labeling the Democrats as "the Party of Treason," but it is a description that seems too often true. If not the Party of Treason, then at the very least, the Party of Bad Faith and Dirty Tricks; the Party of "Democrats First, America Second!" (Ever wonder why most Democratic political blogs are so virulently anti-American and anti-Israel?)

I could develop the theme a lot more than I really have time for with such illustrations as Michael Moore, Jimmy Carter, Joe Wilson, Dan Rather and others, but you all know their stories already.

How can we fight back? For starters we could return tit for tat: publish the private information of prominent Democrats. But I wouldn't do it or ask anyone else to do it. It's a tactic I would consider ruthless and unethical.

However, I don't think this same rule should apply to those who actually publish the locations of the homes of Republican politicians or the addresses and phone numbers of the Swift Boat Veterans. If I learn the name, address and phone number of the "Democratic Veteran," I surely will consider publishing it on this blog. If anyone knows how to trace this information, please let me know. UPDATE: I was able to find this information on my own and I now have the actual identity of "Jo Fish" as well as his home address and phone number. I emailed it to him and asked him to remove the personal information of the Swift Boat Vets from his blog. We shall see if he complies with this request.

NOTE: I have learned that Democratic Veteran's website,, is hosted by, his Internet Service Provider. Feel free to give them a call or send them an email. Unfortunately, "Jo Fish" has hidden his registrant's name for his website by using a service called "Domains by Proxy, Inc." However, I'm sure the Swift Boats could sue "Domains by Proxy, Inc." to provide this information should they need to sue for damages they receive as a result of "Jo Fish" publishing their private information.

Also, if anyone out there knows where Bill Keller lives, please take a picture of the house and provide his address so we can publish it here. Be sure to point out any security devices, like camera lenses or burglar alarms that he may have to protect his property and privacy (Note: in the Times article publishing Rumsfeld's vacation home, the location of his security camera was cynically included in the article.)

I can't help but wonder how bad things will get before we have another Civil War, Conservatives on one side and Leftist-Liberal-Traitors on the other. How far will the Left go to defeat their own country and how much more can the Right endure before deciding enough is enough?