Sunday, October 29, 2006

Boiling the Frog: the Slow Murder of the West

We've all heard that old analogy of the boiled frog. If you throw a frog into a pan of boiling water, he'll jump right out. He might be mad as hell, but he'll survive. But if you put a frog into a pan of cold water and slowly increase the heat, he won't notice the temperature and will boil to death before he knows something's wrong.

The Left has known of this analogy for some time and have been applying it to the West for years. The way to destroy the West is not by some frontal assault, which tends to wake the citizenry up, and makes them mad and willing to fight back. The way to destroy the West is by gradual degrees of subversion, e.g. poison them slowly with a little arsenic at a time.

Some of the chief weapons the Left has used in its war of gradualism are multiculturalism and political correctness. Multiculturalism has slowly replaced the analogy of the melting pot, where immigrants to the West are assimilated, that is, they come to internalize the culture, traditions, laws and attitudes of their host country. With multiculturalism, the Left encourages immigrants not to assimilate, but to maintain their ethnic identity, traditions, language and attitudes. This creates a fragmented, not cohesive, citizenry, i.e. large groups of people with different visions and loyalties, who are less likely to come together (either electorally or militarily) to defend the nation against invasion or subversion.

Political correctness is the Leftist ideology that says you cannot criticize anyone of a different culture than yours, that any such criticism is automatically racism, xenophobia, bigotry or hate-mongering, with severe social ostracism for those who transgress. (In some places in Europe, Italy and France for example, political correctness is enforced by law and transgressors are jailed.)

Political correctness has a useful purpose for the Left, and that is to shut people up about the process of subversion that is slowly transforming their nations into Muslim tyrannies. (The Left desires to destroy the West and sees Muslims as natural allies in this regard.) If people don't know what's happening, they can't react. Just like the frog.

In Europe, and to a lesser exent in the United States, Muslims make the perfect agents of subversion. They don't even want to assimilate. They do not identify with their host country and have no loyalties to it. France is a perfect example of a patient very sick with the diseases of multiculturalism and political correctness.

Some of the signs of this ongoing subversion are readily available in the Holiday season. Useful idiots are changing the language, the basic premises and the cultural symbols (in other words, the culture and attitudes) of the West. Do you participate in this subversion, perhaps unknowingly?

  • Do you say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Hannukah"?
  • Do you oppose manger scenes in the public square at Christmas?
  • Do you refer to Christmas as "the Winter Holiday"?
  • Do you self-censor at every opportunity, e.g., by not wearing a crucifix for fear of "offending" foreigners who are guests in our country?
Small issues, you say. But they will lead to the same strong currents now running through Europe:
  • Piggy banks removed from stores and public view so as not to offend Muslim immigrants
  • Discussions regarding the redesign of the British flag, to remove its "Crusader" Christian crosses so as not to offend Muslim immigrants
  • Public funding of mosques with taxpayer dollars or Euros
  • Advocacy of the vote for non-citizen Muslim immigrants
  • Allowing some elements of Sharia law to replace European constitutions in Muslim enclaves
  • Recognizing polygamy for Muslims and not prosecuting "honor killings" of daughters who marry someone not approved by her family
  • Allowing Muslim women to wear the chador or the hijab (which cover the face and hide identity) in identification documents like driver's licenses

The subversion process in America is hastened along by such elements as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and CAIR who are quick to sue anyone or any organization that resists these processes.

Today in the news we learn that the College of William and Mary is going to remove the Christian cross from its Chapel's altar to make the Chapel "more welcoming" and "less faith specific" (see Michelle Malkin for details). Don't be fooled. This is just one more example of the giant eraser the Left is wielding against Western culture, to wipe it out so it can be replaced with something more to their liking. As the Left becomes "more welcoming" to others, they become less so to Western culture. Soon any expression of Western traditions, religions or culture becomes taboo, prohibited so as not to "offend" the hostile non-Westerners who are flooding in.

Think of a nation's culture (language, religions, traditions, customs, fokelore, laws, morals and attitudes) as being a kind of glue or mortar that holds all the disparate bricks together. The bricks are the people of many ethnic backgrounds, all held together by this common glue. As long as the bricks hold together, the wall (or nation) continues to stand. But the Left continually pounds on the wall, slowling weakening the mortar. Eventually, the wall will fall.

To better appreciate the frog boiling process, you should read about how advanced it is in Europe. You can do that by buying Oriana Fallaci's book, "The Force of Reason." It is truly frightening and eye-opening to see how far gone Europe really is.

And we're next.

Wake up, fellow frogs. This is not a sauna we find ourselves in.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Michael J. Fox and Stem Cell Research

Michael J. Fox is one of my favorite comedic actors. His acting in "Back to the Future" (the first one) made that picture one of my favorite films of all time. I studied fiction in college (in creative writing courses that I took just for fun) and that film had all the required elements of myth that are the foundation for successful fiction and have been for millenia. (See Campbell's book on the subject, Hero With a Thousand Faces for details.)

Because I like Fox so much, I really regret his diagnosis with Parkinson's disease. I profoundly hope that he may be cured of the disease or at least treated in such a way as to minimize its effects.

Unfortunately, Michael has become a shill for Democratic candidates for office, because they support embryonic stem cell research, which he thinks may someday produce a cure for diseases like Parkinson's. I don't know why he or anyone else believes this, because as far as I know embryonic stem cell research hasn't produced any evidence that this is true. I have heard, however, that adult stem cell research has produced promising results.

Normally, a celebrity's public support of Democrats would be enough for me to lose respect and support for them and to avoid their performances. Such was the case with the Dixie Chicks. I will never buy another CD of their music in spite of the fact that they are very talented. I have a low opinion of George Clooney and when I see his handsome face onscreen I feel repugnance for him, because of his loony left politics. But I will give Michael J. Fox a pass, because I know he is probably desperate to find a cure for his disease.

That doesn't mean, however, that Fox should be exempt from criticism or disagreement. So I am glad to see other celebrities are making political ads to counter and to rebut those that Michael made.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Kevin Tillman: Grief Can Cause Mental Derangement

Update: See Confederate Yankee's excellent observations on Kevin Tillman's rant.

Grief over the loss of a loved one to Muslim terrorists has been known to cause temporary (we hope) insanity in some of his family. Cindy Sheehan really went off the deep end when her son Casey was killed in Iraq.

Today's news brings more evidence of this derangement syndrome. Kevin Tillman, younger brother to Pat Tillman (the football player who was killed in Afghanistan) is now loudly denouncing Bush and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, calling the wars "illegal" among other things. When someone dies, those left behind need someone to blame. Kevin has decided to blame his own government rather than the Muslim fanatics who are at the source of almost all conflict in the world today. As I mentioned before, I actually knew Pat and Kevin's family, their mom and dad and youngest brother Richard. We lived in the same neighborhood. Pat's father wrote a recommendation for my son to attend Bellarmine College Preparatory. My son and Richard were teammates in Pony League baseball, 1993 and 1994. My wife and I often saw their mom Danny Tillman at the local Starbucks as well as at games. She was beautiful, elegant and very nice.

I chatted with her and with Mr. Tillman many times about all sorts of things. He once told us of how he escorted Kevin to college to begin classes - if I recall correctly, that was Rutgers. This, however, does not square with recent news reports that say he also attended Arizona State University. Perhaps he transferred there later on.

I suppose we should give Kevin a pass on his irrational outbursts, even if he is allowing himself to become a tool and spokesman for the far left. I have to wonder how he thinks he is honoring his brother Pat in stating that the cause for which Pat died, the cause that Pat believed in, was worthless. I wonder if Kevin realizes that his words hurt both the morale of his compatriots still serving in these wars, or how his words give aid and comfort to America's enemies.

UPDATE: Check out Fat Ass the Conqueror's blog. F.A. does a nice job of dissecting Kevin Tillman's anti-war article that was published on My son Cohiba called about this post and told me that Sports Illustrated had an article on the Tillman brothers a couple of months ago. Cohiba told me that Pat and Kevin were atheists or leaning towards it, and even their little brother Richard expressed a belief that "there is no God" at Pat's memorial service. Cohiba, who is a practicing Christian, said he went to bed that night quite depressed, saddened by the Tillman brothers' lack of faith or hope for a hereafter.

Michelle Malkin links to another story today, the story of how more victim bones have been found at Ground Zero. See Conservative Propaganda blog for the story "Tell Maura I love her." It's the story of Matthew Horning, a 26 year old database administrator in the North Tower who was able to call friends after the first plane hit. He told them to relay his message to his fiancee, Maura Landry, minutes before the tower collapsed and Matthew died.

Conservative Propaganda blog tells how Matthew's father Kurt has since gone off the deep end, perhaps also a victim of Grief Derangement Syndrome. Conservative Propaganda blog writes:

Kurt has taken it further than that, falling in with the Truther movement
that promotes the theory that the US government was complicit in the Sep 11
attacks which killed his son. He has signed a "911 Truth Statement" from the that claims that half of New York City thinks the government knew of the attack and sat on its hands. They want a Congressional investigation to get to the "truth."
The tragedy of good people being killed by or because of Muslim barbarism is bad enough. The derangement syndrome it causes in those left behind only makes the tragedy that much worse.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Islamic Immigration to the West Must Cease

This past week I finished Oriana Fallaci's book The Rage and The Pride. She wrote it in September 2001 while living in New York, immediately after the 9/11 Muslim attack on America. The book is one long rant, but an energizing, satisfying and educated rant. In it she takes the Muslim's to task, recounts their long and growing usurpations of European sovereignty and culture, denounces their barbaric civilization, and gives what-for to the Dhimmi leftist traitors who support and protect them. She calls the latter "cicadas," constantly clamoring for her head for daring to defend Europe and for criticizing the world's most barbaric religion.

Oriana likens our modern Dhimmis (pacifist-appeasers, multiculturalists, advocates of political correctness) to the German Jewish bankers who loaned money to Hitler prior to the Holocaust, hoping it would save them. However, they wound up in the ovens with millions of other Jews. Likewise, today's Dhimmis will wind up beheaded just like all the rest of us infidels.

I have now begun Oriana's follow-up book The Force of Reason. This book is less of a rant and includes backround and history on Muslim tyranny, their centuries of invasions and conquests, their mass murder of Christians, Jews and Hindus.

It becomes clear from Oriana's two books above that Europe is under a Muslim seige, one with the intent of conquering Europe and replacing its laws, culture, language and customs with those of the Muslim world. There is massive immigration into Europe from Muslim countries, and those immigrants reproduce like rabbits. Muslim women are encouraged to have five children in places like Italy where the European birthrate is static and where the European population is in slow decline. Oriana quotes one Muslim who brags that the Muslims will conquer Europe with the wombs of its women.

What Oriana Fallaci is saying is that the West is commiting suicide. Welcoming hundreds of thousands of hostile immigrants who have no intention of assimilating, who form states within a state by creating Muslim enclaves, and who then clamor for special treatment that elevates their Muslim traditions over local laws. They demand the right to wear the chador and the burqa, the right to polygamy, the right to halal butchery of animals (which is cruel and painful to the animals), the right to renounce a marriage without the trouble of a legal divorce.

One might think that Europe is already a colony of Dhimmis living under Muslim rule. Great pains are taken not to offend the Muslim sensibilities - a man who had a cross erected in his cornfield was persuaded to remove it as it offended passing Muslims. People who write about or speak out about Muslim tyranny and oppression are jailed as "racists." The same rules do not apply to the Mulsim immigrants: they can publicly advocate jihad all day long, call Christians and Jews descendants of monkeys and pigs, etc, and are usually not touched. They are what we in the past have called "a protected minority." No matter how stupid, destructive or violent they are, they live by a different set of rules than the rest of society and are immune from criticism.

Unbelievably, Italy funds the construction of Mosques with taxpayer money. It's as if the crazy left can't wait to die. They import tens of thousands of potential jihadis who despise us, give them great moral and financial support, all the while denouncing and oppressing those who tell the truth about the bloody and barbaric nature of Islam. Oriana Fallaci, at the time of her death, was indicted by an Italian court for writing The Rage and the Pride, i.e. for insulting Islam by telling the truth about it.

The logical conclusion for those of us who wish to survive physically as well as culturally is this: Islamic immigration into the West must cease. Political correctness must stop, completely and without reservation. The Dhimmi politicians who refuse to protect us must be thrown out of office en masse. Let's get to it.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cindy Sheehan Threatens Conservative Author Melanie Morgan

I received this emai from Sal Russo. Melanie Morgan, whom I listen to every weekday morning on KSFO, 560 AM out of San Francisco, is co-author of the book "American Mourning." The book is highly critical of Cindy Sheehan and is being slammed at by scores of liberals who haven't even read it.

Nothing makes me angrier than to see a good person get unfairly attacked, but that is exactly what is happening to my great friend, Melanie Morgan. I hope you'll join with me in standing in her corner and defending her good name.

Cindy Sheehan has now made legal threats against Melanie for telling the truth, and is trying to silence her from telling the story of Sheehan and another Gold Star Family in Morgan's new book, "American Mourning." (See: )

Sheehan's supporters meanwhile have started a smear campaign against Melanie. You would not believe the words they are calling her. A bit--. A wh---. One person suggested she be sent to a prison and gang-raped. Another person called her a hag. (Read for yourself just a few of the attacks on Melanie here: )

I think these people are so upset to see that "American Mourning" co-authors Melanie Morgan and Catherine Moy are getting the truth out to the American people. It's not unfairly hard on Sheehan. It's also not biased by being too kind.

It's truthful. And as Catherine Moy said on Hannity & Colmes this week, "the truth is truth. It's not conservative; it's not liberal; it's the truth. Some people can't handle it."

I'm doing my part to help Melanie Morgan get the truth out there for the American people to know and read. I've purchased a copy of "American Mourning" and asked my friends to do so too. I hope you'll show your solidarity with Melanie Morgan and the message supporting our military families and order a copy of "American Mourning."

You can place your order online at where the book is on sale:

Thursday, October 19, 2006

When You Elect Democrats, People Die

The news is full of stories about the high casualty rate of U.S. forces in Iraq this month. The main stream media (read: Democrat media) is making sure everyone knows about it, that the wheels are coming off of the Iraq war, chaos reigns, and Bush's policy is obviously a big disaster.

That's what they want you to believe. That's also what the Muslim terrorist/insurgents want you to believe. Our enemy are barbarians but they're not stupid. They know the value of influencing U.S. public opinion and the heightened attacks this month are a transparent attempt to influence the November elections. The Dems are surely doing their part to make the terrorist agenda a reality.

The most disgusting aspect of the high casualties is that, without the Democrats, they probably wouldn't be happening. The terrorists know the Dems are pacifist-appeasers and anti-war. If the Dems were committed to victory there would be no point in upping the violence, but the Dems are the weak point in American resolve. No doubt the Muslim barbarians are well aware that the cut-and-run Dems sold out our South Vietnamese allies (with the result that 2.5 million Asian peasants were slaughtered by the Communists). The Dems make no secret of their desire to repeat this disaster.

No matter how you cut it, when you elect Democrats, people die. Well maybe I should say good people die; the bad guys hoist their flag over the capitol and do a victory dance on the dead bodies. The Democrats then congratulate themselves on "stopping war" and bringing "peace."

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wazzup With the Polls?

Powerline today says the polls are tightening and that Karl Rove and George Bush are upbeat and optimistic about Republican chances for holding onto control of both the House and Senate. Maybe they've just gone mad, but let's hope they know something we don't. I do hope they aren't going to take Osama out of his cell and and parade him before the cameras, we need to save that trick for 2008.

Polls, like news stories, can be skewed and biased. One of the reasons is oversampling of Democrats or Republicans. If your poll is composed of 65% Democrats in a district where Democrats are only 50% of the population, you have oversampling. That skews the poll results in favor of the Democrats. How you frame the questions can also skew the results. If you ask, "Are you more likely to vote for a Democrat or a sneaky, Snidely Whiplash, mortgage-foreclosing, widow-and-orphan evicting Republican?" then you may have some slight bias in favor of Democrats.

One more point in the GOP's favor: Republicans have more money to spend on advertising in the last three weeks of the campaign and spend it they will.

They say the only poll that counts is the one taken in the voting booth on election day. I agree with that, so get your butts to the polls and vote! I NEVER miss voting, even here in California where they will elect a salamander before they will elect a Republican. I will go to the polls, hold my nose and vote for Arnold Schwarzenkennedy. Then I'll go home and get drunk.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Nuance My Ass

Powerline today says the polls are grim for Republicans. With Wishy-Washy George as our leader it is to be expected. Instead of leading the charge with speeches and strong arguments he is nowhere to be found. I'll be glad to get rid of him too, Dhimmicrats, but because he is not nearly rightwing enough.

Condi Rice, whom I once admired and respected, has morphed into a Dhimmi appeaser. She has recently given speeches likening the Palestinians to U.S. Colonialists and to the United States in their fight for independence. She has publicly cried crocodile tears over the "humiliation" of Palestinians under "occupation." Any day now she will probably start saying that Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs. In any case, she has lost all credibility with me.

A lot of the problem is that many Republicans, Bush and Rice included, think they can win elections by running as Democrats. Any Republican who isn't sold on Republican principles and sees elective office as merely a ticket to the hog trough isn't going to be there very long.

I am reminded of Clinton's election in 1992. I wrote down my thoughts as he was preparing to take office. They are below. If you're a Republican you may find them comforting.

My Journal Entry of Sunday, January 17, 1993:
The rain continues in California, and more storms are on the way.
Surely the drought is over. President Bush has resumed the bombing of
Iraq, using smart missiles instead of planes. Washington, D.C. is gearing
up for a big party for the newly elected President, Bill Clinton, someone who
seems the most insubstantial President since "Jimmy" Carter. The liberals,
Democrats and political airheads who think socialism is wonderful and who
quickly align themselves with every passing social fad are all aflutter with how
wonderful the world is now going to be as the Big Chill Democrat transforms
society into the gleaming City of Oz, wipes out poverty, sets aright every
social injustice, purifies the air and water, and assures another millennium or
two of the spotted owl. It's going to be a long four years.

But let's keep things in perspective. This too shall pass.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Fall Elections

Sorry for the dearth of postings lately. I have a good project in Silicon Valley that pays well and I have been spending a lot of time in the car commuting to and fro. When I get home at night I have been practicing my new string bass rather than blogging. These fingers need to pluck strings once in awhile rather than just pushing keys on a keyboard.

The November elections loom on the horizon and many folks say the Democrats will regain control of the House. For some reason I do not feel particularly chagrined or alarmed. I would vote for a one-eyed bow-legged toad frog before I'd vote for a Democrat, but somehow my gut doesn't tell me to be alarmed at November. Maybe it's because I find it hard to believe the American people are that foolish, especially in light of continuing Muslim attempted terrorism throughout the world, including the U.S. Do they really want to give control to a Party that hates the military, distrusts the intelligence agencies, and discloses covert operations against terrorism in the pages of the New York Times?

Yes, Bush is a disappointment in many ways. He simply does not care about our porous southern border and seems to agree with the leftists that we should be a nation without borders. He has done almost nothing to stem the tide of illegals, many of whom are criminals and some of whom may be terrorists. Bush is awful, but John Kerry or Al Gore would have been disasters. The Democrats are enthusiastic about illegal immigrants, whom they see as a new pro-Democrat voting constituency. There are no Tom Tancredos in the Democratic Party.

With Democrats in control, you can expect higher taxes (they want to roll back the tax cuts), less military spending (and less protection for you and your family), perhaps a national Kyoto style program against "greenhouse gases" with its dampening effect on the economy (just like the one recently passed by the bizarros who now rule California).

How will the elections affect energy independence? With the Democrats, the chances of ever opening ANWR (in Alaska) to oil drilling would be miniscule to none, not to mention off-shore drilling or the use of nuclear power to make us less dependent on OPEC for energy. You can count on higher gas prices far into the future, but with lots of idiotic speeches about "alternative energy," which is likely to be nothing more than Pie in the Sky for another century. The next time you need to fill up, shove a copy of an Al Gore speech into your gas tank instead.

Yes, picture a life under the Democrats. Taxed to death, terrorized by Muslim extremists, up to your neck in illegal immigrants with a heavily regulated economy that is rapidly going south so that snail darters can flourish. Oh yes, let's punish the Republicans by voting for these folks. And the next time you have a hangnail on your big toe, just get an ax and chop off your whole foot. That'll fix the problem. Ha, you sure showed that hangnail! Feel better?

What we need are more conservative Republicans and fewer Rinos (Republicans In Name Only) like that idiot Lincoln Chafee or that media whore John McCain. What we don't need are anti-American, big taxing Democrats who will gut the military and cede the war on terror to the Islamic enemy (but who will be tough as nails on "greenhouse gases").

But if the Democrat control comes, so be it. Politics are like the ebb and flow of the tides; sometimes you are in the ascendancy and some times you are in descent. It will be interesting to see how the Democrats protect us from terrorism or if new attacks are launched on the United States.

Whatever the outcome, you should vote. Sean Hannity said it best, that you should always vote for who you think will do the better job, and that you should never register a "protest" vote or throw your vote away by staying home on election day. Just picture all those white crosses in Arlington. Is that how you say thanks to the fallen many?

Vote, and vote Republican. They are far from perfect, but at least they aren't the paranoid, anti-American, Machiavellian Democrats. Don't whack off your foot to spite your toe.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Osama Bin Laden Claims Alcoholism, Checks Into Rehab

Former Congressman Mark Foley has checked into an Alcohol Rehab Center as an excuse for being a pedophile pervert. Well that explains his behavior, let's all forgive him. He was, after all, "abused as a child." When they catch Osama Bin Laden, no doubt he will claim he "was attacked by commercial jet liners as a child." He will then become Foley's room mate at the Ima Drunk Rehab Center. Foley will ask Osama if he wants "head" and Osama will say "Okay, sure" and yank out his scimitar. If Foley survives the experience he will graduate from rehab claiming he is going to "turn over a new page." Only this time he won't use instant messaging to make the date.

Of course, there is an important election in five weeks so it's important to note that Foley is a Republican. No doubt Karl Rove and Don Rumsfeld were furnishing Foley with phone numbers of boy pages and trying to hush it up. It must be Republicanism that drives men to become alcoholic perverts. We can solve the problem by all voting for Democrats. Barney Frank (his last name connotes his favorite food and body part) would agree. At least Barney's male prostitute roommate was of legal age. No wonder they named a purple dinosaur after Barney. It's all starting to make sense, especially the dinosaur's color. Finally, a conspiracy theory I can believe in!

I saw a picture of House Speaker Dennis Hastert on MSN.Com today (no media bias there) looking like he was suffering from extreme constipation. The picture was right in the middle of an article calling for Don Rumsfeld's resignation, below an ad for that new book by Bob Woodward, "State of Denial" (which explains why Islamic terrorists are a figment of Bush's imagination) and another article below it saying the Republican surge in the polls is starting to stall. The title of the story about the Republican Speaker was "Hastert Denies Complicity in Pedophile Perversion Romp and Refuses to Say Whether or Not He Has Stopped Beating His Wife." Well I'm repeating this from memory, but it was something real objective like that.

Yes, it's another fun day in the Beltway. I need a drink. But not too strong mind you, I don't want to be checked into rehab. Never know who you will get as a room mate.

Monday, October 02, 2006

My Snooty New String Bass

Last week I bought a new upright bass. My first one, bought off of eBay, was just too cheap and poorly made. I wanted a “serious” bass; one that I could feel confident was good enough for playing in public. I wanted one that had been properly set up by a craftsman known as a luthier, so that I could press the strings down without screaming in pain.

Well I got one. I bought it from a classical bassist who plays with the Peninsula Symphony Orchestra and knows all about the string bass. He works with a luthier to set up wood instruments so that their playability and tone are optimized. When I picked up my new bass I was amazed at the rich tone and the easy string action. I was also awed by its appearance. It looked as high-brow and as snooty as the Maitre D at the Waldorf. Omigod, are my nails clean? Are my pants pressed? Should I be wearing a suit?

I took my bass home and set it up on a bass stand, so it’s always standing up in my upstairs office, ready to be picked up and plucked at a moment’s notice.

The bass is one sober-looking instrument. It’s the traditional matte brown and looks so serious sitting there in my room. I almost feel like I should be wearing a tux just to play it. It seems to look at me and say, "I expect Beethoven and Mozart so don't you even THINK about boogie-woogie." Yes, this is one serious bass! I played it yesterday until I got a blister on my index finger. I ordered some DVD's on string bass playing so I can be informed on tips and techniques.

Don’t tell my bass, but one of those DVD’s is by a guy named Lee Rocker. Ever heard of “The Stray Cats”?

UPDATE: I complained about my bass's snooty attitude to the guy who sold it to me. He said, "when your bass gives you any sass, grab it by the neck and slap it a few times."

If you're not a musician, you probably won't get that joke......

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Awakening Continues: Muslims Want to Destroy America and the West

The Western world continues to awaken from its self-induced delirium regarding the nature of Islam and the threat we face. Jonathan Last, writing in the Philidelphia Inquirer today, is another liberal who has embraced an unpleasant reality: the Muslim world intends to conquer us and impose Islamic religious law over all the world. This has been their goal for 1300 years and there is plenty of history to support it.

There are still many who seek refuge in self-deception and denial. There are those who think that Islam is a "great religion" that has been hijacked by an extremist minority. Sorry, but that's just not true. There are still others who believe that the Muslim world's violence towards the West is the result of legitimate grievances. That's not true either.

What is true is that Islam is a totalitarian, expansionist ideology that seeks our deaths or our submission.

Read Jonathan Last's article if you read nothing else today.

One Last Thing: Post-9/11 conflicts rooted in history

It's not just Afghanistan, Iraq and a "war on terror." It's
the West vs. the Islamic world, a clash that has never abated.

By Jonathan Last

Soon after 9/11, the Bush administration labeled the conflict into which it plunged this country the "war on terror." But this is no more descriptive than calling the fight in Iraq a "war on IEDs." The more pressing question is: Are we, or are we not,
engaged in a larger clash of civilizations?

If the answer is "We are," the clash long predates 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and George W. Bush. It predates America itself. It is a clash between Western civilization and the Islamic world.

If we accept that this is a clash between civilizations, two questions face us: How does this change our thinking? And the painful one: What do we do about it?

Read the whole article here.

Dhimmicrats For Terrorists

I don't usually like to be a "me-too" blogger, but Atlas Shrugs ran a great article yesterday called. "Dhimmicrats in Denial." Do read it.

Dhimmicrats in Denial

Pam writes: Kristol hits the proverbial nail on the head. The Democrats have put party before country. I suspect the the November elections will be another oft ignored reality check for the party of obstruction and opposition. Terrorist rights is not what America is concerned with.........this ain't Europe. It's no wonder the Democrats are against voter registration cards and electronic voting machines (the more difficult to massage the numbers with, my dear.)
Who's Really in Denial? William Kristol, Weekly Standard 10/09/06
"Americans face the choice between two parties with two different attitudes on this war on terror." --George W. Bush, September 28, 2006

I like this quote:
But it remains the case that a vote for Democrats is a vote for
congressional leaders committed to kinder and gentler treatment of


Like the bobble-head Muhammad? You can order one as a Christmas gift for your favorite Muslim. It will look great in the back window of his Chevy with the bomb-head bobbing up and down as he drives to Mosque for prayers. See this link for details.