Tuesday, January 26, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: FBI in Shoot-Out With Oregon Militia; One Dead (#militias)

Oregon militia spokesman is shot dead as traffic stop escalates into shoot-out with the FBI that ends with leader Ammon Bundy arrested and his brother Ryan wounded.

Read more here.

Civil War, Anyone?

LaVoy Finicum, RIP
Update:  There are unofficial reports that the Militia spokesman, one LaVoy Finicum, was shot dead by the FBI, even though he was unarmed and had his hands up.  It is claimed that the only bullets fired were by the FBI.  It will probably be days before all the facts are known, but this incident appears to be similar to FBI murder at Ruby Ridge in 1992, when the FBI shot and killed both the son and the wife of Randy Weaver, in Northern Idaho.

LaVoy Finicum was a rancher from Arizona.  He leaves behind a wife, eleven children and nineteen grandchildren.

The Southern Poverty Law Center Exposed -- Video (#SPLC)

The despicable Southern Poverty Law Center is now targeting Confederate monuments, flags and symbols.  They are a far-left, money-making scheme that seeks to marginalize all Conservative groups and personalities.  They have no credibility.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Screw National Review: I'm Voting for Donald Trump -- (#Trump)

Donald Trump
National Review's latest online magazine is devoted to trashing Trump.  The NRO Establishment Republicans really don't want anyone outside the Country Club Crowd to become president of the United States.  What would people think if a Republican was elected who actually got things done?  Who actually rolled back the left wing juggernaut?  Trump just doesn't get it!

The whole idea, Donald my man, is to pay lip service to conservative policies but do nothing to implement them.  Our political philosophy is never to leave the mahogany-walled panels of our think-tank libraries.  Conservatism is theory only.  So we must continue to elect do-nothings like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Lindsay Graham.

Well after seven years of Obama and go-along RINO Republicans, a lot of people are fed up.  Conservatives have elected Republicans to the House and Senate, and those Republicans do little or nothing to stop Obamacare, illegal immigration, deficit spending, radical appointees, and Obama's power over-reach via executive privilege..  A more feckless mob of collaborationists has rarely been seen.  Even so, they are aghast that we, their voting base, would finally hold them accountable for their abject failure.

So Republican Party, you're fired.  National Review?  You've been on a P.C. downward slide for some time -- firing Ann Coulter and John Derbyshire for writing unpopular truths and things that needed to be said, about Islamic evil and black violence, respectively.  Like many others, I stopped reading National Review Online some time ago.  I prefer my political news and opinion straight, not watered down, not filtered through a P.C. lens to avoid offending people who desperately need to be offended -- with the truth.

So I'm voting for Trump.  Yes, Trump is a gamble -- he may not be able to do what he has promised (building a wall to stop illegal Mexican immigration and halting Muslim immigration), but at least he has proposed to try.  Anyone you vote for is a gamble -- we have seen how D.C. can change a candidate, how that candidate can do things we disagree with, once they have been elected.  However, I am willing to take that gamble.  I don't see that I have much to lose.

Donald Trump is the hard slap across the face that the Republican Party desperately needs.  If our political party no longer represents our views, then it's time to replace it with something else.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Academy Awards and Black People (#Whine #Oscars)

It seems no black actors or actresses or directors were nominated for academy awards this year.  Boo hoo hoo.  Now black actors and actresses, along with some really repugnant white people (like Michael Moore), are going to boycott the Oscars, and encourage others to do so as well.

You see, when one is equal in society and citizenship, he only gets equal opportunity, not unearned equal outcomes.  Maybe the black actors, actresses and directors just couldn't cut it this year.  After all, there are fewer black Oscar candidates than for whites and Hispanics.  However, that's math.  Liberals don't understand math.

The black Hollywood crowd wants racial quotas, AGAIN.  They want to keep their sacred victimhood alive.  Equality, the exposure to the chance of failure as well as success, is not what they want.  They want Black Privilege.  They want guaranteed outcomes. Personally, the black drama got old for me some time ago.  But just to be fair, the "acting" now going on, the staged outrage, the shrieks of horror and despair, the indelible indignation -- maybe that does deserve a special Oscar for these bad actors.  Give them a participation trophy, made out of gold-colored plastic.

It's time, way past time, to take off the training wheels, let the quota-babies sink or swim on their own.  Just the like the rest of us.  Welcome to the real world, Black Peeps.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Was the Great Sphinx an African Man? #Photoshop #Sphinx

Will the Real Sphinx Please Stand Up?
Was the Great Sphinx an African (as in Negro) man?  This has been a controversy for some time.  It is difficult to tell because the Great Sphinx had his nose shattered many hundreds of years ago.  Without a nose, it is hard to tell if the original Sphinx had negroid features.  The Photoshop above shows the Sphinx with a negroid nose, compared to one with a more Semitic nose.  Personally, I believe that the Great Sphinx was smoking a cigar and that anti-tobacco fanatics removed it over the centuries.  However, it just goes to show you that a lot of theories, some of them weird, persist about the identity, race, gender and age of the Sphinx -- not to mention his affinity for tobacco.

Seriously, though, a lot of black people believe that the ancient Egyptians were Negroes.  After all, both of these ethnic groups are African -- the blacks from South Africa, the Egyptians from North Africa.  Same continent, and both are dark skinned.

As for his being negroid, some conspiracy theorists claim the nose was removed so people wouldn't know that the Sphinx was a Negro.  I saw a video on YouTube with Louis Farrakhan claiming that was the reason Napoleon shot the nose off the Sphinx -- to hide its Negroid Bonafides.  (The legend of Napoleon's nose-ectomy has been proved false -- earlier drawings of the Sphinx show the Sphinx without its nose decades before Napoleon ever saw it.)

An Ankh
As for modern depictions, remember that Michael Jackson video of him in an Egyptian temple, dancing and singing as only he could?   It was called "Remember the Time." That was definitely a presentation of black folks as ancient Egyptians -- both the video's Pharaoh (played by Eddie Murphy), and his Queen were black, as were all members of the royal court.  I once saw a young black woman wearing an Ankh around her neck -- you know, that cross-like symbol of ancient Egypt?  It was her way of connecting with the great civilization of the pharaohs.

I felt sorry for the young lady, because we all have a need to feel that we are part of something larger than ourselves.  Understandably, black people like to believe that they are descendants of a once-great civilization -- hence their focus on the ancient Egyptians.  Maybe they were, but I doubt it.  Some digital artists have superimposed the known face of the Pharaoh Kahfre onto the shattered face of the Sphinx, and it seems to fit perfectly.  Kahfre had a big nose, and the side view of the Sphinx with Kahfre's nose does not look negroid in the least.  Without a nose, it does look negroid, as negroid noses are often flat, and lay closer to the face.

The prevailing opinion seems to be that ancient Egyptians were much like modern Egyptians:  Arabic.

What do you think?

View Michael Jackson's video, "Remember the Time," here.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Great Sphinx Photoshop: Latest Refinement (#Sphinx, #Photoshop)

I have regularly been refining, rethinking and retouching my 2013 Photoshop of the Great Sphinx of Egypt. When new information came to light, I would incorporate that into my Photoshop. My latest improvement was to make the nose larger and closer to that of Khafra, the Pharaoh who probably built it, 4500 years ago. This was per the suggestion of a reader. (More specifically, she said the nose was too slim and European before, and so I used Khafra's nose to fix it.) Here's the latest result.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Strange Things Are Happening: Merkel the Urkel of Europe. Ended Western Civilization. "Did I Do That?"

"Strange things are happening" -- that's an old meme from the days of Red Buttons, singer and comedic actor, from the black and white television days of the 1950s.

Indeed, the things that are happening today are so strange that I can only conclude that the downfall of western civilization is near.  Either that or I have fallen into a large hole and descended into Wonderland.  The Mad Hatter has Obama's face, but Angela Merkel is his guest of honor.

Take the colossal ass, German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  She is allowing into Germany a million or more savage, barbaric Muslims, who hate their hosts, and who are now engaging in massive rape of German girls and women, all the while depleting the free social services paid for by the German people.  There's no telling when Muslim mass murder will begin in Germany, but it won't be long.  Count on it.  I think it is safe to say that, even while the scimitar is slicing through her neck, Merkel will be appealing to the public for "tolerance" and "diversity."

Angela Merkel is insane.  Note to Germans:  depose this beotch at your earliest opportunity.  Take back your country, by any means necessary.  Then eject the savage barbarians en masse.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

The Left-Right Political Dispute Began 240 Years Ago

I am reading a book titled Abraham Lincoln:  The Southern View, by Lochlainn Seabrook.  The author describes the antagonistic political factions in America, from the end of the American Revolution until today.  What he says makes modern political struggles understandable.

The two political factions are simply these:  the centralizers vs decentralizers, the Federalists vs the Anti-Federalists, strong central government vs weak central government.

The centralizers want a federal government that dictates to the states.  The decentralizers want a federal government that takes its orders from the states.  Early centralizers include Alexander Hamilton and his followers, and decentralizers were Thomas Jefferson and followers.

The Hamiltonians wanted a central bank of the United States, and bigger federal government financed by trade tariffs and excise taxes.  The Jeffersonians opposed a strong federal government, opposed a central bank and supported low taxes and tariffs.

The Hamiltonians became the National Republicans, then the Whigs, and then the Republican Party.  Note:  the early Republican Party was a party of big government and big taxes.

The Jeffersonians became the Democratic Party.  However, what modern people fail to realize is that these early Democrats were Jeffersonian Democrats, who supported small government, low taxes and an agricultural society.

In modern times, the Republican Party moved right and supported Jeffersonian ideas, and the Democratic Party moved left, supporting Hamiltonian ideas.  The two parties did indeed switch sides, though modern gun-boat, Lincoln-loving Republicans vainly deny it.

In present times, the Democratic Party has moved even further left, and are now more socialist or fascist in their leanings.  The Republican Party has also moved left, all but abandoning its base of Jeffersonian conservatives, and now seeks to attract new constituents by adopting leftist ideas.

Has Jefferson lost the argument after 240 years?  Not as far as real conservatives are concerned.  However, we Jeffersonians are largely out of office.  How to retake the political initiative is the question.

Let's Hear It For the Militias!

Kirk Lyons, Southern Legal Resource Center
I have been advocating for the organization of militias for some time.  The reason is simple:  Obama and other leftists have been exceeding their constitutional authority at an increasing pace.  We are in danger of serious degradation of our rights under the First and Second Amendments.  Recently, Democrats in Congress have been making noise about suppressing opinions that are critical of Muslims and their murderous ideology, all while bringing in thousands more of them.  Obama is attacking gun rights through executive orders.  Further, many of us halfway expect the police to show up at our doors at any moment, demanding that we hand over our guns.

This past week a group of militia members took over a federal facility in Oregon, to protest illegal federal "ownership" of state lands, and to protest the re-internment of two farmers who were sent to prison for starting a burn-off on their own land that inadvertently spread to federal lands (so-called). After serving their sentences, a federal judge decided that they had not served enough time, and ordered them returned to prison.

The Kansas City Star has an article on the latest militia-federales standoff, calling the militia members "anti-government extremists," and quoting the laughable, discredited Southern Poverty Law Center to the effect that it's all connected to white supremacists.

The Star's article mentions a FaceBook friend of mine, Kirk Lyons, lawyer, Confederate activist and head of the Southern Legal Resource Center (of which I am a member).  I was chatting with Kirk just last week, about his collection of 19th century photographs -- tintypes, ambrotypes, daguerrotypes, etc.  Liberals hate Lyons with extreme ferocity, as he sues people and institutions that discriminate against people flying the Confederate flag.  However, some years back, Kirk Lyons defused a similar militia-federal standoff by negotiating the surrender of the militia members, the Montana Freemen.  There is talk that he may be used again to negotiate with the Oregon militia members.

Maybe it's just me, but the militia members don't seem like "extremists" to me.  The federal government does, however.