Monday, December 31, 2007

Leftist Lawyer Accused of Vandalizing Marine's Car In Chicago

Black Five has the story. Marine Sgt Mike McNulty is on activation orders to Iraq (second tour). On December 1st, 2007, Mike went to visit a friend in Chicago to say goodbye before deploying. Sgt McNulty has Marine Corps license plates, which are available from the State of Illinois.

While at his friend's place, McNulty observed a man keying his car multiple times, making huge scratches in the paint to the tune of $2,400 in damages. Because of the monetary level of damages, the act was a felony under Illinois law.

Sgt McNulty confronted the vandal, who made anti-military comments to McNulty. McNulty called the police and had the vandal arrested. However, the vandal turned out to be Chicago Attorney Jay R. Grodner. Grodner refused probation for his vandalism and refused to pay for the damages to Mike's car, except for the $100 deductible not covered by Mike's insurance.

Mike has insisted on prosecuting Grodner for the vandalism, but since Grodner is an attorney, that will be difficult. Grodner is expected to file for a continuance of the trial until after Sgt. McNulty has redeployed to Iraq (he leaves January 2nd), when McNulty will be unable to appear, allowing Grodner to win by default.

Another Chicago attorney has recommended calling Groder or dropping him an email, and has provided contact information.

Law Offices of Jay R. Grodner

Phone: (312) 236-1142 Fax: (312) 236-6036

However, I notice that his website does not respond, so he may have taken it down.

His contact information is publicly available. If you want to write him a letter you can get his address in any address search engine (try

DO NOT harrass or threaten Grodner nor do any damage to his property. We don't fight that way. The public humiliation of this asshat should be sufficient. That and a successful felony prosecution, if one can be arranged. Do what you can by spreading the word.

Read Black Five for further information and suggestions.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thoughts on Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto was murdered by a fanatic today as she was leaving a rally. I'm not going to regurgitate the news as most of you have already read all about it. If not, go to this link.

Bhutto was a beautiful woman, the first female Prime Minister of a Muslim state, who didn't wear hijabs or cover her face. It is said that moderate forces in Pakistan, those not interested in living under 7th century Sharia law, supported Bhutto.

Was it a Muslim fanatic or someone put up to the deed by the current ruler of Pakistan? Bhutto was back in Pakistan to try and make a political comeback. Current President Pervez Musharraf is very unpopular with the masses and Bhutto was working on replacing him in the office. Musharraf may very well be the mastermind behind her assassination.

In any case, we once again see the deep pathological nature of Islamic society where murder, backwardness and tyranny grow like weeds in an empty lot.

It makes me feel like getting out my Qur'an....and pissing on it.

I won't though, because that would make it hard to light.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Mohammed as Santa Claus

There have been a number of drawings of Mohammed as Santa Claus appearing in the blogosphere. Well heck, I have to give my version. Here it is.

I think the Santa hat is an improvement over the bomb in the turban and it reflects multicultural sensitivity in uniting both our great traditions into one to celebrate Christmas. I'm sure Imams everywhere will see it with tears in their eyes, touched as I am sure they will be.
Everyone, everywhere is urged to use this cartoon any way you see fit, with or without attribution. Let's spread the multicultural good cheer!

Merry Christmas Mo! And to all a good night.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Marine Adopts Disabled Iraqi Orphan

The A.P. has run a touching story about a U.S. Marine who adopted an Iraqi boy from an orphanage in Iraq. The boy, Ala'a, has cerebral palsy. U.S. Marines visited the Mother Teresa Orphanage in Iraq where Ala'a and other children were cared for by Catholic nuns. The Marines played with the children and one of them, Captain Scott Southworth, became acquainted with Ala'a. Ala'a seems to have adopted the Captain first, as he began to call him "Baba," Arabic for "Daddy."

Ala'a was only 9 years old and weighed only 55 pounds. When Southworth was told the boy would be moved to another institution in a year where his future would be bleak, Southworth impulsively offered to adopt him.

Read the whole story. It's a very touching story for Christmas. God bless Captain Scott Southworth and his new son, Ala'a! They are both home now, safe and sound in the United States of America.

The Piece Symbol

Naked moonbats make a huge "peace" symbol in the snow. I guess you could caption this picture "Freezing Our Asses Off for Peace." See the story at Moonbattery.

What is it about being a moonbat that makes them all such exhibitionists?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Zionist Conspiracy Meeting Tomorrow

All members of the Gefilte Fish Chapter of the Zionist Conspiracy should remember that there will be a regular monthly meeting at my house tomorrow at 1 PM. Please bring your bound copies of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, you will need them for the open-book test.

Rabbi Yarmaluke will be bringing homemade Motzo balls for a snack, made by his lovely wife. Dress comfortably, skull-caps are optional. Remember, guests to our meetings must be approved in advance, unless they are international bankers, who are always welcome without preapproval.

After the open-book test, there will be a free-ranging discussion on how the Goyim are on to us and what we should do about it. It has recently been pointed out by highly astute websites that we Jews are in control of everything in our efforts to take over the world. We control the White Supremacist groups and websites; we control the Radical Muslim groups and websites; we control the Democrats and we control the Republicans. Wherever in the world there is strife and conflict, we, of course, control both sides. That way, no matter who wins, we win! There's method to our madness, so to speak. Soon the entire world will be Jewish and forced to eat chicken soup and bagels and watch endless reruns of "Fiddler on the Roof." The world will be a better place for it.

Some say we must stop those who would expose our nefarious schemes. They say that our latest gambit, promoting secret Zionist agent Ron Paul, is in danger of exposure. Frantic members of the ZC have been phoning me to complain about this astute anti-Zionist website. "He's about to pull the plug on our international Zionist Conspiracy!" they moan.

Not to worry, fellow conspiracists. The blogger is one of us. His website too, is part of our international Zionist Conspiracy. We are so good at controlling everything, we now control the anti-Zionists as well as the Zionists. Think about it. At first blush, his website seems crazy, ludicrous and terribly paranoid. But that's exactly what the ZC and the Elders want people to believe: that those who expose our massive conspiracy are simply harmless nut-cases, to be laughed at and forgotten. Then the Conspiracy will be safe from exposure.

I tell you, fellow Jews, we have all the angles figured out, all the bases covered. Soon all the Goyim in the world will be snacking on Gefilte fish and singing along to Fiddler: "Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match! Dum de dum de dum dum dum."

And since we have bought the world rights to the Fiddler reruns and have cornered the market on Gefilte fish, we will be rich beyond our wildest dreams! Ha haaa haaaa! (Cough).

Sorry, I need to practice my evil laugh more but I have a scratchy throat. Where is my wife? Where is that chicken soup? Zelda!! Come here!!

Facing Hard Decisions at Christmas

The company I currently work for has shut down until January 2nd. Most Silicon Valley high techs do that. They close the doors and send everyone home for the holidays.

However, that forces me to deal with some hard decisions for Christmas. Do I take a nap? Smoke a cigar? Write a blog entry? Watch TV? Eat something? Shop?

The answer is "all of the above." Well the "shop" decision can be deferred until Christmas Eve. I'm a guy, after all, and have to follow the guy-code. There could be serious penalties if I do not.

Well I'd better get to it.

Should I take a shower first?


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bear Sweats in Midwest Due to Global Warming

Whoops, my mistake. That bear isn't sweating, he's sporting icesickles. It seems there's a huge ice storm in the midwest that's already killed 15 people, closed highways and caused havoc.

In other words, it's freezing. The next moron who preaches global warming there should be pelted with snowballs.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Woman With Gun Stops Mass Murder in Colorado

An apparent maniac entered a church in Colorado yesterday, heavily armed. He had opened fire on a divinity school the day before and the New Life Christian Church in Colorado Springs took precautions. They provided security guards, including a pretty blonde named Jeanne Assam. Jeanne, a former cop, was licensed to carry a gun and was doing so when the maniac, Matthew Murray, invaded the church and began firing at parishioners. He killed two young women and critically injured their father.

According to the news stories:

The shooter, Matthew Murray, had as many as a thousand rounds of ammunition
for his assault rifle. With at least thousands of people still in the common
areas after the second service and smoke devices ignited, he could have killed
many many more than the two who did die. But Jean Assam stood in his

"I identified myself, I engaged him and then I took him down," she said
at the press conference. "I didn't run away. I didnt' think for a minute to run
away. I knew I was the one given the assignment to stop this thing."

Murray is now in the morgue and a lot of parishioners are still drawing breath. Thank God for Jeanne Assam, who not only possessed a firearm but fearlessly used it in a life or death situation. She's truly a hero.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bernie Ward, Lion of the Leftards

Bernie Ward is an ardent liberal and talk show host of KGO Radio in San Francisco. He likes to call himself "the Lion of the Left." A former priest, he is still a practicing Catholic. This past week he was indicted on Federal charges of possessing and distributing kiddie porn on the internet. Apparently Ward downloaded kiddie porn and emailed it to others and then bragged about it in a chat room where he was being monitored. That was pretty asinine. Maybe he should change his moniker to "the Jackass of the Left." Ah, how pride doth go before a fall.

I never listen to Bernie's radio show, figuring I could learn more listening to the squirrels chattering outside my window, but I have not possessed any great malice for the man. He's just another dopey liberal, seriously reality-impaired and full of enough hot air to resurrect the Hindenburg, the ancient blimp he is often accused of resembling. Such folks are a dime a dozen in California, the home of fruits and nuts. If you got upset over all of them you'd spend your days in a psycho ward begging for your next dose of thorazine.

I once heard Bernie Ward speak at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose, California, where my son was attending high school. Bellarmine is a 150 year old Catholic high school that turns away two out of three who apply, due to its rigorous academic standards and demanding entrance exam. Bernie spoke there in 1998, talking about ethics and morality. I took a picture of him from the audience, which is posted on the right. I had to scour my portable hard drive for the digital photo and it took me an hour to find it, but I knew it was there.

The picture was taken on an early digital camera and is therefore small, but if you zoom in on the white board you can make out "Moral = (unintelligible)" and "Amoral" below it. I remember feeling quite ambivalent about the speech at the time, in that I considered liberalism to be very amoral and therefore could give little crediblity to the speaker. This, in spite of my interest in the topic.

The laws on kiddie porn are pretty strict. You can have as many as three kiddie porn photos on your computer "by mistake," and when you find them you have to report them or immediately delete them from your computer. More than three, you are considered a felon and subject to arrest. Whether you distribute them or not is irrelevant, just possessing them is a felony. These rules strike me as rather draconian, since any idiot could email you 4 pictures of kiddie porn, which would them be stored in a cache if you didn't notice them or delete them. Then the sender could simply turn you in because you are guilty of a felony. The minimum penalty is five years per picture. Ridiculous.

Bernie isn't so innocent, however. He bragged about downloading the porn and was observed distributing it. He claims he was only doing research on a book about "hypocrisy in America." Seems to me he was actually engaged in performance art along the same theme.

Nevertheless, I hate to see any man have his career and life and reputation destroyed over magnetic patterns stored on a hard drive. God, Bernie, what were you thinking? I will ask the Man Upstairs to cut you a break and get you out of this. However, I suspect the Boss has his own reasons and seasons for doing things. Perhaps it will make you a better man in the long run. Let's hope so. Resolve now to salvage your life in spite of it all. It won't be easy but it can be done.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Living In An Insane World: More Muslims Needed

There's so much nonsense on the political scene today I hardly know where to start. Let's see, the sick and insane culture of Darfur wants to kill a sweet lady school teacher with rosy cheeks over a Teddy Bear. She allowed her class of grade-schoolers to name a Teddy Bear, and they picked "Mohammed," after the kid who actually owned the Teddy Bear.

This was "an insult to religion" so she should be beheaded. Naming the toy bear "Mohammed" was an insult to the Prophet, a crime which demands death. What would I say to these poor offended Muslims if I could? Simple: "You sick bastards."

So what is the West doing about this very sick culture and religion? They are importing its adherents by the millions. They want more of those folks over here. What, you say they hate our guts, are forming terrorist cells all over the place, and have a 20 year plan to replace American democracy with Sharia law? WELL HELL, let's open up the floodgates and get more of them over here! That's the ticket.

I see Oprah Winfrey has come up supporting Barack Obama for President of the USA. She couldn't decide between Obama and John Edwards. Hmm, which one is the biggest airhead? Which one is the biggest pretty boy without a scintilla of substance? Heck, it was a draw, so she came down on the side of skin color. He's the same color as she is so he gets the nod. If you're going to have an idiot in the White House, he may as well lool like you. Well, sort of. Obama doesn't have cleaveage like Oprah. At least she's nice to look at.