Wednesday, February 27, 2008

William F. Buckley, Jr.

The great father of modern conservatism, William F. Buckley Jr., died yesterday. Pam at Atlas Shrugs has such a nice article about the man that it would be wastefully stupid to rewrite it here. Do read it at this link.

In 1955, when Buckley published the first issue of his magazine National Review, he wrote the following:

If National Review is superfluous, it is so for very different reasons: It stands athwart history, yelling Stop, at a time when no one is inclined to do so, or to have much patience with those who so urge it.

We conservatives know how he felt. We have all felt discouraged from time to time. Liberalism is hard to defeat because it sounds good to the uninformed. In spite of that, Buckley gave so much impetus to conservatism that we elected our greatest president, Ronald Reagan, as a result of Buckley's legacy.

I remember the 1960's and how futile it felt to be a conservative at that time. I remember reading National Review and, though I appreciated its views, I felt that it was a small, unique voice clamoring for attention, and that building a conservative majority would be a nearly impossible task.

I remember standing in a drug store and looking at the magazine rack. There, among the plethora of liberal magazines, was the sole conservative voice, National Review. It was one small voice. Today we have the internet and many conservative voices, blogs, magazines, television programs and books. We have the company of comrades and friends of similar political persuasion. Buckley did not have that when he started out. He had tremendous courage to begin this small voice that has now grown into a mighty chorus.

Today conservatism is equal to liberalism in number of adherents and has a chance to once again lead the nation, perhaps not within the next four years, but certainly within the next decade.

So thanks to you, William F. Buckley Jr. You were indeed a great man.

Update: See Ann Coulter's column today on W.F. Buckley. She shows that he wasn't always the model of civility; he could dish it out as well as take it. Great for some laughs!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama in Muslim Garb, Part II

The Associated Press has come up with another photo of Barack HUSSEIN Obama in Muslim dress. It is below. Barack Obama is the man on the left in the photo wearing the purple dress. All he needs now is a scimitar and his ensemble would be complete.

Hee hee! Isn't this fun?

Avoid Global Cooling - Smoke a Cigar Today

According to the latest scientific reports, global cooling now threatens the planet.

Over the past year, anecdotal evidence for a cooling planet has exploded. China has its coldest winter in 100 years. Baghdad sees its first snow in all recorded history. North America has the most snowcover in 50 years, with places like Wisconsin the highest since record-keeping began. Record levels of Antarctic sea ice, record cold in Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Mexico, Australia, Iran, Greece, South Africa, Greenland, Argentina, Chile -- the list goes on and on.

No more than anecdotal evidence, to be sure. But now, that evidence has been supplanted by hard scientific fact. All four major global temperature tracking outlets (Hadley, NASA's GISS, UAH, RSS) have released updated data. All show that over the past year, global temperatures have dropped precipitously.

Read the whole thing here.

It is obvious that common dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases must increase, and fast. All concerned citizens are urged to buy large SUVs, burn logs in their fireplaces, and encourage flatulence in cows. Be sure to smoke a lot of cigars. This latter step is most important (but for your own safety, however, keep lighted cigars away from flatulating cows to avoid the danger of explosion).

Al Gore could not be immediately reached for comment. At this very moment, no doubt, a repro team is seeking the return of his Oscar.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Barack's Strange Garb - Muslim or Aunt Jemima?

The photo at right was released to the public by someone in the Clinton campaign staff. It shows Barack Obama dressed in Muslim garb while on a visit to Kenya, birthplace of his radical-Muslim father. Either that or he was going to a Halloween party as Aunt Jemima.
For the culturally deprived, Aunt Jemima was the brand name of pancake flour back in the 40's and 50's. It was good stuff. In those days before political correctness, Aunt Jemima was depicted as a lovable, old-fashioned cook. You have to admit, Barack's garb in the photo above is somewhat reminiscent of Aunt Jemima's style of clothing. (Aunt Jemima is the one on the left.)

The Democrats and the Obama campaign are trying to spin the photo as one in which Obama is wearing "African garb." If it were only African garb, no one would care. If it were Aunt Jemima garb, we'd all go down to IHop and order a short stack. However, it is not only African but Muslim as well.

Obama was not happy with the release of this photo and seems unusually defensive about it. Why, if it is only African garb, worn out of politeness to his guests?

We understand that Obama did not take part in the stoning of the adulteress or the beheading of the apostate following the taking of the picture. He thought those festivities might be used "out of context" by the Clinton campaign for purposes of fear-mongering. We agree.

UPDATE: This morning (Feb 26) Obama claimed the nefarious purpose of the picture was to make Obama "look like a foreigner." Nice spin! No, the purpose of the picture was to make Obama look like a Muslim - and that's why the Obama campaign is so upset.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Academy Awards

I'm live blogging the Oscars! How exciting! I..... (Sorry I must have dozed off).

The Leftard Jon Stewart is the unfunny Master of Cermonies. There are scores of beautiful young women, all apparently stamped out of a giant cookie-cutter and as original and unique as one of the shrimp in the salad I ate last night. The men resemble some grotesque zoo of bearded penguins. Well at least the men's dress is traditional -- but taffeta? I thought that was out this year.

Even more sickening in its conformity is the liberal/leftist/anti-american politics of the whole lot of the Hollywoodenheads. As I watch this congregation of self-satisfied snobs go about their ceremonial ministrations, I feel that I am spying on the Enemy. This is the group who do not support and celebrate American culture, history or civilization. This is the bunch who have shed their once-existing purpose of entertainment and inspiration to one of psychologically undermining the masses. Their new purpose is one of propaganda for America's enemies, for the false science of global warming, for the crockumentaries of Michael Moore, for constantly denigrating conservative, traditional values in favor of socialism, pacifism, ethnic victimhood and alienation.

As the stars accept their awards we are treated to the suspense of knowing what unamerican comments they may utter. The "best" movie hasn't been announced yet and we can only wonder which celluloid perversion of sadism and mayhem will win the award. Perhaps it will be "No Country for Old Men," a savage tale of a Mafia-hired killer who dead pans his role through the totally pointless stinker. Why is it the best film? Because it has no plot, no moral message, no tale of good triumphing over evil, no redeeming qualities at all. It could be used as a training film for lobotomized homocidal maniacs.

One of the announcers claimed that "the Golden Age of film isn't over." Wrong. It's dead and buried. Perhaps they could change the name of this annual monstrosity from "the Academy Awards" to something more Hollywoodish and appropriate. My vote is for "Night of the Living Dead."

UPDATE: Nielsen says the 2008 Academy Awards ratings were the worst ever! There is justice after all!

Barack Obama Explains "Change"

Barack Obama is running for president on a platform of "change." He is on the Change Express. When he gets through with us, change is the only thing we will have left to spend.

An Obamabot supplied me with Obama's website so I could see for myself this visionary's stand on the issues.

I looked. It is the same old Democrat crapola: create jobs by taxing the nibs off the rich and giving tax breaks to those who don't even pay taxes. Yeah, that'll revive the economy. And while you're at it, raise the minimum wage and index it to inflation. Higher taxes on businesses and investors and higher costs for labor do not grow jobs, they destroy them. Obama flunked Econ 101. That's why he's a Democrat. "Change" my ass.

I'd like to see some "change" too. All socialists out of office. Lower taxes. The end of Social Security taxes, the biggest rip-off in American history. Create an ardent program of energy self-sufficiency by drilling the hell out of ANWR, the American coastlines and anywhere else we can find oil. Let's build hundreds of new nuclear power plants. End Islamic immigration into the United States and encourage those here to leave.

Unfortunately, that won't be the kind of change we get from Al-Obama. We will get socialism, much higher taxes, greater and more pervasive governmental regulation of the private sector, a full surrender to Islam's war on the West, a gutted military, and debilitated and impotent espionage agencies. It will be difficult to make a living and to make ends meet, because a greater portion of what you earn will be stolen by the government to give as a reward to minimum wagers and dropouts for voting Democratic. These idiots never learn: socialism destroys prosperity, it does not increase it. People's lives get worse, not better. You cannot punish productivity and reward sloth and grow anything but poverty and despair.

John McCain is not the perfect conservative, not by a longshot. But I will work tirelessly to get him elected because, as many others have pointed out, the alternative is unthinkable.

Pro-American French Blogs

I like to read the French blog "No Pasaran," which is linked to the right if you want to check it out. No Pasaran is in English and French, though lately it is using more English than French. Maybe it has good reason, as conservatives from all over the world log in and comment on articles. But for a guy like me who wants to learn French, I prefer more French and less English.

I found another French Right blog, though it has an English title: Five Years Later. Their posts are all in French. As you can see, they have some lovely pictures too! :) The writing is scholarly and intellectual, far above the French I am used to reading in my student texts. I have to refer to the French-English dictionary a lot, but I am learning a lot of new French words, verbs and phrases. I am also making friends with the writers, Major Tom and a guy who calls himself "Oceans 11."

Reading visitors' posts is also a learning experience -- it's great to see how French people actually speak or write. Check them out when you have a chance and leave a howdy message to Major Tom. He also speaks English quite well.

Monday, February 18, 2008

American Alienation

Thanks to the Jawa Report, I saw this YouTube video that seems to speak for me. We live among, not other humans in America, but among clams who only look human. They don't allow anything into the small world inside their shells while they bury their heads in the sand and shut out unpleasant realities.

Muslim Stones His 14 Year Old Daughter To Death

Most of us who blog about Islam are convinced that it is a vile, dehumanizing ideology that turns human beings into monsters. That fact was once again proved when an Iranian father stoned his 14 year old daughter to death. The reason: the father, Sharif, suspected that his daughter had a relationship with a man.

The news reports:

Sharif showed no sign of remorse, telling police who interrogated him: "I
suspected that my daughter had a relationship with a man and I had to stone her
to death as she had besmirched my honour.""I had no other choice," he said,
telling police how he had carried out the stoning.

I am forced to draw these obvious conclusions: Iran is a disgusting, horrible place to live and die; and Islam is the ideology of homicidal lunatics. But you knew that.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

On Independence for Kosovo: George Bush is Dangerously Naive

The longer I know President George Bush, the less I like him. He is incredibly naive and a slave to political correctness. Lately he has been pushing for independence for Kosovo, a region of Serbia that was taken over by Muslim immigrants. This would effectively create a Palestinian-style state in the heart of Europe. No doubt taking their cue from Bush's support, Kosovo declared its independence yesterday.

Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs points out that Kosovo was never an Albanian state that was absorbed by conquest or other means - it was a Serbian state that was overrun by Muslim immigrants. After many years of Muslim murder and mayhem against the Serbs, the Serbs decided to push the Muslims out. This resulted in the United States jumping in to support the Muslims and to oppose the Serbs - a major mistake and historical blunder.

If you have the stomach for it, see what the Muslims have wrought through the years in the way of murdered and mutilated Serbs at this link. WARNING: the photos are very graphic and are of mutilated corpses.

President Bush is dangerously naive and it is time we admitted it. I can't wait to get this asshat out of office.

Barack Obama: A Political Phenomenon Explained

Barack Obama strikes me as something of a Rorschach Ink Blot test. No, you libbies, the term "ink blot" is not a reference to Obama's race. Shut up and listen.
Years ago, but not so much anymore, psychiatrists used something called "the Rorschach Ink Blot test" to evaluate psychiatric patients. They would show the patient a series of ink blots of both black and red color (again, no racial or political reference is intended or implied).

The ink blots would be cut down the middle and one side copied as a mirror image and attached to the first side. This created a symmetrical ink blot, where the left half and the right half were mirror images of each other. See the image above as an example.

The blots were merely random arrangements of ink with no real design. But when one looks at them, the mind can't help but project meaning onto them, the same way it sees recognizable shapes in cloud formations. (Ever seen a face in the clouds? Or the shape of an animal? Of course you have.)
The theory, I think, was that the mind would project onto the otherwise random and meaningless ink blots whatever the mind was most concerned with, i.e. its hopes and fears. Since I am concerned with liberals, I interpreted the above ink blot as a bat (or moonbat), when any fool can see that it is really a beautiful woman clothed only in a tiara and a feather boa (and oh, how she wants me!). However, I digress.
Barack Obama is something of an Ink Blot too. No one knows what he believes, what he has done, or why he is qualified to be President of the United States. Nevertheless, he has achieved a messianic status with millions of zealous followers who believe in him deeply. Why, you may ask, since he has never said anything but "Get on the Change Express" and "Bring that lady on the floor a glass of water."
There isn't much, really, to base such fervent belief in this man. However, if you look at Obama as a Rorschach Ink Blot, you begin to understand a very old political phenomenon, the phenomenon of the "dark horse" (no racial reference is intended or implied), the unknown candidate who steps in and unites the warring factions who select him as the candidate.
Since the candidate is an unknown, voters project onto him all of their hopes, wishes and dreams. They imagine that he is the savior they have been waiting for, the statesman who will solve all of their problems, allay all of their fears and issue in a new epoch of peace and prosperity.
Hippies imagine he will legalize pot, Code Pink members imagine he will end war and bring socialism, members imagine that he will arrest Rush Limbaugh and stop global warming. Like psychiatric patients projecting meaning onto a random shape, voters project their hopes and dreams onto an unknown candidate. The deep meaning they find in him exists primarily in the mind, not in reality.
Meanwhile, after the dark horse is elected and sworn in, he thinks to himself: "What the hell am I going to do now??" Sadly, he hasn't a clue.
So there you have it folks, the phenomenon of Barack Hussein Obama explained for all to see and understand. Now I'm going outside for a cup of coffee and a cigar. I think I've earned it.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Barack Obama's "Fainting Fans" at Rallies Questioned

Last night, coming home from work, I heard Brian Sussman of KGO Radio (560 AM, San Francisco) relate a strange story. At six of Obama's recent political rallies, a woman in the front row faints and falls on the floor (or the ground). Barack halts his speech, asks the fainting person if they are all right, calls for help for the afflicted person, offers her a drink of water and stands by worriedly until medical help arrives. Obama announces, "she's okay" and the audience erupts in applause. Now these incidents have been collected in video and put on the internet. Watch them here.

Sussman felt that the fainting episodes were staged to make Obama look compassionate, concerned and heroic. He said the news media people at the event "roll their eyes" whenever it happens now and don't report it in their stories.

Sussman is onto something. It is funny how only women in the front row faint. If it is a rock-star phenomenon, where young ladies swoon in the presence of their hero, why is it always just one woman?

Take a look at the picture above, presumably taken at one of Obama's rallies. Does this look staged to you? I smell a rat.

Denmark Republishes the Hated Cartoons of Blasphemy

This past week publishers in Denmark republished the Mohammed cartoons that caused such a ruckus over a year ago. Danish embassies were sacked and burned throughout the Islamic world as Muslim crowds expressed uncontrolled rage that exploded into violence and property destruction. In other words, business as usual (yawn).

The republication of the cartoons has caused fresh outrage, which is never in short supply in the Islamic world, and once again Danish flags are being burned by the turbaned masses. Meanwhile, Danish police have intercepted and arrested Muslims assigned the task of murdering the cartoonists.

We found the news photo at the right, showing a famous Muslim expressing his outrage over the republished, dreaded cartoons of blasphemy. We feel his pain and so publish this picture in solidarity with the angered masses of Mohammed.

Bernie Ward: The truth comes out, and it ain't pretty

A few weeks ago a former liberal talk show host, Bernie Ward, was indicted on child pornography charges. Ward is an extreme leftist who also claims to be an ardent Christian. The main stream media claimed that Bernie was indicted solely on the basis of a couple of porn pictures that included minors, that it was all a big misunderstanding, that Bernie was doing research for a book. Since I once saw Bernie Ward speak at my son's Catholic high school (on, of all things, ethics), I felt a small connection to this man, so I defended him. He was a liberal and a political enemy, but does that justify ruining his life and career, over a couple of pictures? And what would that do to his wife and kids?

Since then, an enterprising journalist obtained the actual police report on Bernie Ward. Michael Savage has it posted at his website here. The police report shows that Ward's indictment was based on more than just a couple of pictures.

The report shows that Bernie Ward regularly chatted online with a woman calling herself "Sexfairy," a dominatrix who made Bernie confess his sins. Bernie sent her porn pictures that included minors. Sexfairy promptly reported Ward to the police. She then began recording a transcript of their online chats. Bernie claimed to have had sex with his own son, performing fellatio on the 14 year old boy. Ward claimed to have done other strange things too, like having sex with other men in a sleazy porn movie theater in San Mateo, California.

There is the possibility that Bernie's online chats only described sexual fantasies and not real acts (no doubt he will claim that); the facts will have to be established at trial. Bernie Ward is innocent until proven guilty. Nevertheless, Bernie Ward has seriously self-destructed as a champion of liberalism and likely will not likely be given much credence in the future by radio audiences (if he can find another job) or anyone else.

The newspapers reporting the facts have stated that Ward was a "talk show host," but not that he was a liberal talk show host. That inconvenient truth is nowhere to be found.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Official! Muslims Hate Love

This photo (via Snapped Shot) shows just how crazy Islam is. They feel a need to oppose Valentine's Day, a day celebrating romantic love. Oh that's right, without clitorises most Muslim females can't feel any. My bad.

What's next, Islam? Shall you now oppose sunlight and spring flowers? Picket Ground Hog Day? How about denouncing Arbor Day and burning a few trees?


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ugly Fight in Berkeley - Cops Stand By While Patriots Assaulted

Today Berkely, California was the site of a massive protest by conservatives against that city for its persecution of the U.S. Marine Corps. The conservatives were met by angry Berkeley radicals intent on violence and destruction. The radicals included Code Pink.

There are some disturbing stories coming from the conservatives on the ground today in Berkeley, California. Leftist protestors, in full view of the Berkeley Police, stole American flags from conservative groups in the park and then burned the flags in full view of their owners. In one case, a Leftist attempted to cut the extension cord that powered the conservative sound system. In other incidents, conservatives were roughed up and assaulted; teenagers used their skate boards as clubs to whack women. The police did arrest some of these teenagers, but declined to intervene in all other outrages.

Right now the Berkeley City Council is meeting to reconsider its resolution that the U.S. Marines are "unwelcome intruders" in their cesspool of a city. Melanie Morgan and her group, Move America Forward, are there and intend to ask the City Council for an official apology to the U.S. Marines. Another MAF representative, Catherine Moy, has been in the thick of the confrontation and has made regular reports through Radio KSFO, 560 AM, in San Francisco. Ms. Moy has more backbone than exists in the entire wimp factory known as Berkeley, California.

Actions against this City of Treason includes action by South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, who is trying to pass a law to stop all federal funds into that city and give them to the U.S. Marine Corps. That action alone will cost Berkeley around two million dollars.

A MAF member who flew in from Washington, DC, is trying to organize a boycott of Berkeley services and companies. Catherine Moy has vowed to request an investigation of the police non-action today and to determine whether her group's civil rights were violated.

Meanwhile, the awful little city in Northern California continues to gather the contempt and anger of millions of people worldwide.
Image Credit: Move America Forward

Monday, February 11, 2008

Berkeley, Calif: Home of the Kooky and Weird

Everyone by now has heard of Berkeley’s latest assault on freedom: they want to force the U.S. Marines to move their recruiting office out of that infamous city.

Berkeley, California is a city known to the whole world. It is a town of the kooky and weird, warmed-over, drug-addled hippies from the 1960’s. If it’s bad for America, they’re for it; if it helps the enemies of freedom, they embrace it.

As a Californian, I detest Berkeley. A friend of mine went to college there. He told me that the day he arrived at U.C. Berkeley there were three groups of protestors, each group protesting the other. Berkeley, or Berzerkley as we like to call it, is a raging embarrassment to the state of California, to America and to western civilization.

When you think Berkeley, think of aging, nude men in feather boas, marching down Main Street; think of clouds of fragrant Marijuana smoke, long, unwashed and unkempt hair and beards; think of aging hippies with peace signs pinned to their lapels; think of ugly, old women in pink garb, anxious for a chance to expose their sagging breasts in support of the trees, the Taliban, the Viet Cong, or whatever evil is currently ascendant in the world.

They should rename Berkeley “Kooks and Weirdoes,” to more accurately reflect the idiots who live there.

Berkeley, your name is treason, ignorance and stupidity. You disgust me.

(Photo by Zombie)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

How to Destroy America

Michelle Malkin has a lead story that everyone should read. It's called "I have a plan to destroy America," by Richard D. Lamm, former Governor of Colorado. It's true, as many have pointed out, that great nations don't just die, they commit suicide. An excerpt:
I would find a word similar to “heretic” in the 16th century that stopped discussion and paralyzed thinking. Words like “racist”, “xenophobe” halt argument and conversation. Having made America a bilingual-bicultural country, having established multiculturalism, having the large foundations fund the doctrine of “victimology,” I would next make it impossible to enforce our immigration laws. I would develop a mantra –”because immigration has been good for America, it must always be good.”
The United Kingdom is perhaps the greatest modern example of a nation in full course of committing suicide. She imports millions of hostile, unassimilable Muslims who then form "no-go" zones within that country, where non-Muslims are not welcome and where Islam's patently non-western traditions can be practiced with impunity - genital mutiliation of girls, polygamy, wife-beating, honor killings and cruel methods of animal slaughter, among others. The U.K. is even allowing the adoption of Sharia law, or at least parts of it (for now). One can only wonder when British courts will adopt Islamic Law fully and order the hands of thieves to be severed in the public square or adulteresses to be stoned.

Liberalism is more than a mental disease - it is a fatal condition.