Saturday, April 30, 2016

GIANT CONSPIRACIES! The Titanic was Deliberately Sunk for the Insurance Money!

Another great conspiracy has arisen among the tinfoil hat brigade:  the Titanic was switched with its sister ship, the Olympic, and the latter deliberately sunk to obtain the insurance money.

YouTube has several videos by various people who believe this theory and are spreading it far and wide.

However, the Titanic and the Olympic, though similar in appearance, were not identical.  Any attempt to switch the two would have been noticed by the crew, the passengers and the workers who built both ships.  Also, how did they get the iceberg in the right place at the right time?  Why would the president of the White Star Line (Bruce Ismay) and the ship's designer (Thomas Andrews) sail on a ship that was to be deliberately sunk?  The story is beyond incredible.

However, decide for yourself by viewing the facts and the rebuttals at this site.  NOTE:  a list of irrefutable facts will never convince the conspiracy theorists.  Similar, comprehensive rebuttals are online refuting the Kennedy Assassination Conspiracists, as well as the 911 "Inside Job" kooks.  However, I do love to skewer their lame arguments.

Bathroom Bigots (Cartoon)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tax Season Done! Leftist Idiots Boycott North Carolina.

I completed my last tax return of the season today.  Efiled it, and collected my fee.

Now what do I do?  Well, practice my bass a lot more.  That's priority number one.  Then try to get my local chapter of Sons of Confederate Veterans back to an active status.

It seems North Carolina and Mississippi passed laws prohibiting male perverts from using public restrooms reserved for women.  The latest victim group of the Left is perverts who like to dress up like women.  These mental freaks want the right to use the restroom and public showers that conform to their "gender identity" rather than their genitalia.  Democrats, always dedicated to perversion and insanity of all stripes and types, support the perverts with a religious fervor.  So Bruce Springsteen, the greatly overrated rocker has cancelled his scheduled shows in North Carolina.  The dipstick known as Ringo Starr has done the same thing.

The Democrats and liberals and leftists everywhere are increasingly sick, destructive and just plain nuts.  Who will their next hero-victim be?  Perhaps it could be exhibitionists, seedy old men with black raincoats who expose themselves to children on school grounds.  Of course, those men in the raincoats have an easier time of it today, they can enter any public restroom for women and girls and give the ladies a free show they won't soon forget.

And, if you don't like it, Bruce and Ringo may boycott your state.  So you get an extra benefit in passing laws that keep freakazoids out of girls' restrooms.  Do it.

Related Links:  Read this open letter to Bruce Springsteen about his stance on perverts in bathrooms.

Also -  University of Toronto stops Transgender bathrooms after male peeping incidents.  Duh!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

One More Week

One more week of the tax season.  This one has gone by fast.  I have enjoyed it somewhat, but I want to get back on practicing bass with my jazz/swing band.

It has been raining a lot in California, and as far as I'm concerned, the drought is over.  Reservoirs are refilling nicely.  My persimmon tree is in full foliage, full of big green leaves and looking enthusiastic (for a tree).  I have never seen it so robust.

This year's presidential campaign is very troublesome.  The Democrats have gone even further to the left.  What is most surprising is the intense hatred of the GOP Establishment towards Donald Trump.  Will they screw him out of the nomination?  If so, will he start a Third Party?  I hope so, I would love to be something other than a Republican.

I am disgusted with Mark Levin (again), who has announced that he is of a "Never Trump" mindset.