Friday, September 30, 2016

Hillary's Profane and Vile Treatment of Other People

Hillary's Hypocrisy: How the Left Brutalizes Republican Women

Hillary has been trying very hard to deflect public attention way from her many scandals and screw-ups, with the horrid and shocking tale of Donald Trump's misogyny.   He once called a woman Miss Piggy!  Horrors!  What a bully!

Don't be fooled.  Trump was trying to motivate fatso Alicia Machado, Miss Universe, into losing some weight.  After she won the crown of Miss Universe, she was awarded various promotional and advertising deals, and the chance to make some money.  However, she then went on an eating binge and quickly gained 50 pounds.  Not a great image for Miss Universe..

Hillary's hypocrisy knows no bounds.  Democrats, especially those associated with the Clintons, have brutally bullied Republican women for political purposes, especially with regard to their personal appearance.  In 2009 I wrote:
During the Clinton era certain Republican women, like Kathleen Harris and Linda Tripp, were given a large dose of grief by the Left. Harris was described by a liberal columnist as looking like she "applied her makeup with a trowel." Tripp was treated even worse, insulted almost beyond imagination as to her personal appearance. Tripp later underwent plastic surgery and apologized for her prior appearance, saying she didn't realize how awful it was. She had been thoroughly punished for breaking the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The Left had gotten into her head and messed with it effectively.
Another example is Paula Jones, an Arkansas employee whom Bill Clinton propositioned for sex.  James Carville, a Democrat operative, described Paula Jones this way:  "Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you'll find."

Read the post here, "How the Left Punishes Conservatives."

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Donald Trump's Wake-Up Call

It is annoying seeing Hillary with her smug smirk, going to rallies, believing she really knocked it out of the park in the first debate.  She did well, better than Trump, but not by much.  This may be a good thing, in that it was a wake-up call for Donald Trump.  Donald can't sit on his laurels.  Winning this election is far from automatic.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Advantage Hillary. Trump's Missed Opportunities in First Debate.

I'd say Hillary won the debate. All she had to do was exceed expectations and she did that. She was well rehearsed and polished. She didn't cough or faint. Of course, she had the moderator in her corner and that helped. Donald should have prepared better than he did.

Having said that, it was not a runaway for Hillary. She scored no knock-out points. Trump held his own and did not mount a strong offensive, did not create a sympathetic backlash in her favor. Trump was good at not letting the moderator score points for Hillary.

Hopefully, Trump will not be overconfident in the second debate and will prepare for it more effectively. He missed some good opportunities. Criticizing a leftist bigmouth like Rosie O'Donnell is not the same as "attacking all women." Doubting Obama's birthplace is not "racist." When discussing Internet security, he should have mentioned Hillary's criminal misuse of a hackable private email server as proof of her hypocrisy on the subject. And trump never mentioned her corruption via the Clinton Foundation's Pay for Play and her grossly overpaid "speeches" that were really disguised bribes.

Donald, you've got to do better, and it's time to mount an advertising blitz.

First DebateTonight!

The first presidential debate takes place tonight.  I surely don't need to listen to a debate to decide for whom I want to vote.  Some people do, apparently -- the low information voters.  Hillary will be trying to make Trump look like an ogre.  Let's hope he keeps his cool.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Michael Savage's Stream of Consciousness

I was just listening to Michael Savage on the radio.  I have noted this many times before, that Savage doesn't have a prepared show.  His show is just his own personal "stream of consciousness," saying whatever pops into his head.  His thoughts meander in many directions, but there is no show prep, no recordings of news snippets on which to comment, few, if any, references to published articles or news stories.  The whole idea seems to just keep talking for the two hours of his show.  For me, it gets boring quickly.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The 2016 Presidential Elections and Polls (#Trump, #Hillary)

Speaking of Great Pumpkins rising out of the Pumpkin Patch, it looks as if Hillary's pumpkin may not be rising after all.  She is behind Trump in the latest polls, and the electoral college is all tied up.  Some websites are saying that the race is over, that Hillary is headed for defeat.  I certainly hope so, but you never can count on anything until the votes are counted.

I see former President George H.W. Bush will be voting for Hillary Clinton.  Bush is all upset because Trump massacred his son's political chances -- I refer to the awful Jeb Bush.  Jeb Bush is the quintessential liberal establishment Republican, who supported Muslim and illegal immigration and even transgenders in the military.  He would have been a disaster as President.  Drudge Report today described former President Bush as "Hillary's Bush," a funny and not so subtle reference to the fact that Mr. Bush is one giant pussy.

The presidential debates are a week away, and Shrillary has to be trembling in her pantsuit.  She is a terrible speaker and has so many targets pasted on her prodigious behind that Trump should have an easy time of it:  Benghazi, Email Server, Clinton Foundation and corruption.  Then there are the books of former guards and associates that describe how vile, profane and vitriolic Hillary really is, when out of sight of the public.

The question is, will Hillary even show up?  She has far more to lose than gain in the debates.  Will she have another coughing fit during the debates?  Will she call in sick?  Or will she just state that she will not share a public platform with the "racist, sexist, Xenophobic, Islamophobic" Donald?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Linus and the Great Pumpkin Patch (#Illustrator, #Photoshop #Halloween)

This image is way too early for Halloween, but it is how I spent most of my day and I am anxious to share it.  I drew Linus and the Pumpkins with Adobe Illustrator, but the leaves and everything else was created with Photoshop.  Save it and use it for Halloween if you like.

Trannies in the Navy


The U.S. Navy is now providing mandatory training to all personnel on the acceptance and support of transgender recruits in the Navy.

Transgender sailors are those who like to dress up like girls:  cute dresses, lipstick, mascara.  How sweeeeeeet.

Our country has become a bad joke.  What's a girlie-man going to do in combat?  Hit the enemy with his purse?

And what's next in the cultural disruption program?  Will exhibitionists be allowed in?  Will they be provided with trench coats?

Perhaps practitioners of bestiality will be the next victim-group.  Men will marry cows at Annapolis as uniformed officers present an arch of swords overhead to honor the newlyweds as they walk down the aisle.  Anti-cow people will be called racists.  Target will open its bathrooms and dressing rooms to quadrupeds.  The Democratic Convention will feature a horse as its keynote speaker.

We so need a revolution.  Until we can arrange one, VOTE TRUMP.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

My Drawing of Charlie Brown (#Illustrator)

I figured I could study or draw Charlie Brown.  Charlie won.  I drew him in a blue shirt instead of the usual orange or yellow.

Charles Schultz, the cartoonist who invented the comic series "Peanuts," knew well the cares and concerns of grade school kids.  There were kite-eating trees, baseball teams that never won a game, little Red Haired girls that captured your heart.  There was an obnoxious brunette (Lucy) who tricked you into kicking a football that was drawn away at the last minute.

 The upside of childhood, however, was a loyal dog with a great imagination (at times assuming the role of a World War I Ace pilot, a lawyer, or a writer), and whose best friend was a bird who often flew upside down.  There was Peppermint Patty, a kind of young hippie/tomboy who wore sandals and played great baseball, and Linus, a kid who was overly attached to a blanket and who believed in The Great Pumpkin.

Charlie Brown, however, was the chief protagonist in this drama of life, always screwing up, failing at everything he tried, enduring one humiliation after another, but who never quit trying.  Alas, he never was able to connect with the little Red-Haired girl whom he loved from afar.

There are a lot of us who can identify with Charlie Brown.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fall Scene 2016 #Photoshop

Just for fun.  Trying out brushes and experimenting a bit with Photoshop.

The bark on the tree is real.  I copied it from a picture and used the "paste into" function to put it on my drawn tree trunk.

The pumpkins could be more realistic.  I used Adobe Illustrator to make them, then put them into my Photoshop graphic.

I did not create the barn.  It is from a picture found on the web.

September 11: 15 Years Ago Today; Muslim Atrocities Continue

Twin Towers Destroyed, 9/11/2001

Fifteen years ago today, most Americans were introduced to a violent and hateful ideology:  ISLAM.  Nineteen Muslims hijacked four commercial jet airliners and used the planes as Kamikaze flying bombs to destroy the Twin Towers and damage the Pentagon.  The fourth airplane was diverted from its unknown target by the passengers, who attempted to storm the cockpit.  The panicked Muslims flying the plane opted to dive the plane into the ground, killing everyone on board.  Total people murdered by Muslins on 9/11/2001:  2,996.  Over 6,000 were injured, and property damage was around 10 billion dollars.  Link.

Since that terrible day, Muslims, acting on behalf of their religion, have perpetrated numerous atrocities all across the globe.  The major ones that occurred in the United States include:

1.  Fort Hood, Texas:  In November 2009, a Muslim officer, one Nidal Hassan, opened fire on soldiers and civilians, killing 13 and wounding another 32.  Link.   The perpetrator sits on death row in an army prison.

2.  Boston Marathon, Boston, Massachusetts:  On April 15, 2013, two Muslim immigrants planted bombs among the spectators of the Boston Marathon.  When the bombs exploded, three people were killed and 264 others were wounded, some losing arms or legs.  The terrorist-Muslims also shot to death a policeman in their bid to escape.  Link.  One perpetrator was killed and the other now sits on death row.

3.  San Bernardino, California:  On December 2, 2015, two Muslim immigrants ( a man and his wife) invaded a Christmas banquet and shot to death 80 people and wounded 22 more.  Both Muslims were shot to death by police.  Link.

4.  Orlando, Florida:  On June 12, 2016, a Muslim American invaded a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and shot and killed 49 people, and wounded another 53.  Link.   The perpetrator was shot to death by police.

These are the major Muslim attacks on America, but there were numerous other failed attempts, and several smaller incidents where only one or two people were killed.

All of these attacks have these facts in common:

1.  All of the attacks were carried out by devout Muslims acting on behalf of their religion.

2.  All of the victims were unknown to the attackers, innocents killed at random for no other reason than this:  they were not Muslims.

Monday, September 05, 2016

Ahh, September!

A Stogie Photoshop Depicting Fall

September is here, and already I can feel the faint stirrings of Fall.  More subdued sunlight, a slight chill in the mornings.  I love this time of year.

Some slightly good news:  Trump is edging ahead of Hillary in political polls.  She will probably find a way to steal the election with so many powerful institutions on her side, e.g. the major media, the Dept of Homeland Security, the mainstream GOP.  Nevertheless, I have hope that she will be defeated and the country saved.

Right now, two things are vying for my attention:  a corporate tax return, due September 15, continuing professional education -- I need another 28 hours by December 1st to renew my CPA license.  After those chores are under control, I will explore ways to create more graphical art using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  I love doing graphic art.

Well that corporate tax return won't prepare itself, so over and out, homies.