Sunday, July 30, 2017

"Blues In The Night," a great old jazz tune

Our big band, the Cats Jazz Band of Los Gatos, meets every Thursday for practice.  This past Thursday was our last meeting of the semester and we said goodbye to our bandleader. Russell Zimmer, who has taken a more full time job as music director for a school. 

I think the best song we played on Thursday was "Blues in the Night."  It was darn-near perfect.  Have a listen.

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Friday, July 28, 2017


From last night's practice with the Cats Jazz Band of Los Gatos, California:

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Liberal Castration of the American Male: Why?

Since Hillary lost the election, the left has stepped up its assault on American masculinity.  "Gender identity" is the watchword of the day.  There are no longer men  and women, because gender identity is in a very fluid state.  You may have male genitalia, but if you imagine yourself to be a woman, then you are a woman.  Physical reality has been suspended, and if there is anyone who knows how to deny reality, it's a liberal.  Liberals now say there are 58 different genders, so take your pick.  Liberal parents who have a new baby say they can hardly wait until the baby can speak, so it can tell them whether it is a boy or a girl.

Clothes manufacturers have been featuring very feminine attire for men, and gender-bending gay boys strut the runways like something out of a cultural nightmare.  See right.  Good lord, what are we coming to?

A turn back towards sanity occurred this week when President Trump banned "transgenders" from service in the military.  If you're a man who thinks he's a girl, stay home.

We have been moving in this direction for some time.  Men are generally hated in the circles and seats of liberal thought.  White men are just not hired by colleges if there is any possible way to avoid it.

How can a populace who is utterly confused about who they are, resist reshaping into a new socialist/fascist society where government controls every thought, word and act?  They can't, and that's why the left is vigorously attacking the American identity.  The beliefs, traditions and culture of a society is the mortar that holds the bricks together in a solid wall. If you want to break down that wall, you work on weakening the mortar that holds it together.  After much pounding, the wall will eventually crumble, to be replaced by something else.

Personal Update

I started regular gym attendance a couple of weeks ago, and am getting plenty of exercise.  I do feel better, and the exercise lessens my chronic depression considerably.  I sleep a lot better, too.  I want more energy and to strengthen my core, my arms, shoulders and back.  I need the strength for playing bass, for loading and unloading heavy amplifiers and playing stand-up bass, which is physically draining.  I have a personal trainer, and that really helps:  he knows what exercises I should be doing, and it takes the guesswork out of it.

Tonight is the last meeting of the semester for the Cats Jazz Band of Los Gatos.  I may not go back for the new semester later in August.  Been there, done that.  I will look at alternatives for continuing my progress on bass.  I am thinking of getting a few lessons from a professional stand-up bass player, to perfect my technique in fingering and handling the bass.  If you don't do it right, you will get fatigued in the middle of a gig and barely able to play.  It's happened to me.

The political and social situation in this country is now insane.  Not as bad as in Europe or Canada, yet, but the Democrats are working on that.  California is moving to secede from the Union.  I doubt it ever will, but as a Californian, I will vote for it, should it make it to the ballot.  It would be better for the rest of the country to rid ourselves of this bastion of Marxism, and remove the automatic 50 electoral college votes for the left wing Democrats.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Blog Break

I haven't posted for a month.  I just haven't been moved to do so.  Generally, writing about politics in a blog implies hope for improvement in society and government.  I don't have much hope left at this point.

The Democrats are totally bat-shit crazy.  The Republicans are feckless, cowardly pussies, too timid to do what they promised:  repeal Obamacare.

Then there is the ongoing soft coup attempt to remove Trump from office.  When that happens, it will be time to pick up the gun.  Discussion will be over.  It's Civil War time.

I'll be back but right now my attitude is "F**** IT."