Wednesday, March 30, 2022

When Life’s Major Goals Are Complete

Life seems most worth living when one has important goals to accomplish.  However, when all those goals are accomplished, what further purpose is one’s life?

Important life goals include:
1.  Getting an education; graduation
2.  Achievement of expertise or professional designation, MD, Attorney, CPA.
3.  Establishment of a career or occupation
4.  Finding a true love, marriage
5.  Buying a home
6.  Having children
7. Retirement
8. Travel

And other specific items for one’s “bucket list.”

Striving for goals makes life worth living.  With no goals a person becomes an object with no purpose.  If you no longer have a purpose, is life worth living? 

Maybe.  If you have a good stash of cigars and a dog, then it might be worthwhile to stick around for a little longer.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Another Death of a Friend: Life Sucks and Then You Die

Questions About Death

When you’re my age your friends and family members die at an increasing rate.  Yes, I know my own departure awaits out there within time and circumstance.  This week I learned a friend since 1969 passed away from cancer, one Danny Bassler.  He was younger than I am and I never thought he would die before me.

When my older brother Ted died on Aptil 5, 2019, Danny observed “He was my best friend.”  Now perhaps they are reunited.

I have so many unanswerable questions about death.  When you’re dead do you know you are dead?  Do all of your memories and personality disappear like smoke in the wind?  Does your essence somehow survive and continue on?

Also, how does your body know when to die?  How does your heart know when to stop beating?

Monday, March 14, 2022

Russian Trolls Infest Gettr

When I first went on Gettr, a social platform similar to Twitter, I feared I would be bored.  Gettr is a conservative site and there would be little in the way of debate.  I was wrong.

Lately there have been a number of Russian supporters there, trashing Ukraine and President Zelensky and even posting official Putin propaganda claiming the Ukrainian leaders are Nazis.  I challenge them whenever I find them.  

Friday, March 11, 2022

Tucker Carlson, Russia’s Advocate on Fox

Tucker continued his strange defense of Russia tonight.  He is aghast that we would impose economic sanctions on a “sovereign country,” i.e., Putin’s Russia.  This, even though that “sovereign country” is invading another sovereign country in a war of conquest and killing people and committing war crimes.  

Tucker is also upset that we have now put sanctions on Russian oil. He’s wrong about that. Those sanctions are necessary but should be offset with a great increase in American oil production to replace Russian oil in the market place.  

Unfortunately no good solution is possible as long as the crazy Democrats control both Congress and the White House.  Somehow we must struggle through until we can change the situation. 

Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Price of Gas Today in SF Bay Area

My weekly fill up this morning cost $85.68.  Regular gas was $6.00 a gallon.

Last week it was $74.58.  The week before that $64.

Tucker Carlson Blows It

I generally like Tucker Carlson and agree with him, but last night was different.  When discussing the Russian invasion of Ukraine he really lost credibility with me.  He seemed silly and frivolous and unserious.

Basically, Tucker believes we should do nothing to help the Ukrainians survive Russia’s naked aggression.  Why not?  Because Ukraine “is not our ally” and their fate  has no impact on whether a plumber can afford a vacation in 2022.  Or something like that.

Tucker was at his worst when he made fun of Nancy Pelosi’s calling the Ukraine “Russia’s Sudetenland.”  It was a “Nazi reference,” and that made Tucker laugh hysterically.  But Pelosi’s comparison was spot on.  Both regions were previously owned or controlled by the aggressors who believed they had a right to repossess them.

Last night Tucker acted like a jackass and lost some credibility because of it.  We should do everything within reason to help the Ukrainians even if  it means plumbers have to postpone their planned trips to Yellowstone.  It is the humanitarian thing to do, and Putin is not likely to stop with Ukraine if his aggression is allowed to succeed.  

Monday, March 07, 2022


Ugh.  The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues.  I exult over every Russian tank destroyed, every Russian plane or helicopter that is shot down.  

My far less important issue is the tax season.  I’ll be glad when it’s over.  Five more weeks.  Then maybe I can learn to fly my drone and make videos for YouTube.

Thursday, March 03, 2022

Troubling Times

It is very distressing watching the evil tyrant, Vladimir Putin of Russia, invading the Ukraine, bombing and bombarding civilians and infrastructure and committing war crimes.  This kind of aggression has not been seen in many years.  The Ukrainians continue fighting and bravely resisting the World’s latest conquest minded thug. We can only hope the Ukrainians can continue to survive.

Biden gave a State of the Union address this week, and sitting behind him was airhead Kamala Harris and slippy dentures Nancy Pelosi, the latter who had a stupid and fake smile to express her joy at having an inept moron as president.  Every time Biden made some irrelevant point, the two women would stand up and applaud in transparent political theater.

What can be done to stop Putin’s aggression?  I wish we knew.