Thursday, August 03, 2023

A Democrat Revolution via the Courts: Railroading Donald Trump

Donald Trump was arraigned today on a third indictment by radical prosecutor Jack Smith.  The goal of the Dems is this:

1.  Prosecute and convict Trump of crimes so that he can be jailed and made ineligible to run for president;

2.  Drain his resources by making him pay high attorneys fees while defending himself, thus damaging his chances to be elected, in the event he is acquitted;

3.  Harm Trump's reputation and sow doubt among voters, making them less likely to vote for him.

4.  Provide a counterweight to President Biden's coming impeachment and divert public attention away from Biden's massive corruption and incompetence.

The charges against Trump are very weak, according to some well-known legal experts like Dershowitz, so it is obvious the Dem strategy here is very corrupt and unjustified.  This is the stuff of banana republics and tin hat dictators, and could spell the end of our democratic republic.  

It is hard not to become enraged and depressed over this injustice.  

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