Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Photos of Christine Collins

Excuse my obsessing over Christine Collins. It's just that the photos of her on the web are terrible -- almost all of them appear to have been "Photo-shopped" 1920's style, by attempting to paint in backgrounds that look putrid. For example, look at the original of the top photo that is available on the web. In the photo above left, I just removed the ugly painted background and inserted a nice light shade of gray. In the photo on the right I put in an artificial background, i.e. a 1920's armchair and a 1920's living room decor. It's not original to the photo, but looks very nice. More importantly, it gives you a better sense of the real woman as she was in life. And, (he said modestly) the new background makes the photo good enough to frame.

Same case for the photo below. See the messed up original here. I removed the ghastly painted background and inserted an even shade of gray. I also removed some fading from her face to make it a nice natural even color. Then I inserted the same 1920's background to create a second, more ornate version. This lady loved her cloche hats, necklaces and furs. I suspect she would prefer the Photoshop restorations to the ugly originals.

Anyone blogging about the Changeling or the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders (or anyone else) are free to use these restorations as they see fit. See prior post for one additional restoration.

Okay, I'm done. Thank you for your patience.

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