Sunday, April 04, 2010

New Stogie Photoshop at American Power

Yesterday I received an email from my friend Donald Douglas at American Power, requesting a Photoshop of one of his blogosphere opponents, a "libertarian socialist" named James B Webb, who runs a blog called "Brain Rage" (well he's half right, about the rage part).  His post on Easter is especially disgusting, so be forewarned.

Webb is proud of his support for Obama (he "was for Obama before it was cool to be for Obama").  His site bears a quote from Sinclair Lewis that says "WHEN FASCISM COMES TO AMERICA IT WILL BE WRAPPED IN THE FLAG AND CARRYING A CROSS."

Apparently, Webb doesn't have much to write about so "Brain Rage" has become a shadow blog of American Power.  Webb waits for Donald Douglas to post something, then ridicules both the post and Donald.  Personally, I wouldn't bother with Webb, but Donald loves to fight with these people.

The original photograph has disappeared from "Brain Rage," possibly to reduce the impact of my Photoshop.  (It always means more if you can compare the original to the Photoshop).

Here's the original photo for your amusement.  See the Photoshop at this link

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