Sunday, October 24, 2010

60 Minutes: Actual Unemployment Rate in California is 22%

Via Instapundit: The 60 Minutes TV show states categorically that unemployment in California is actually 22%, not 10%. This includes both the underemployed and those who have quit looking for work (and so are not counted in the "official" unemployment rolls).  The national unemployment rate is 17.5% under these same criteria.

60 Minutes also says that one-third of unemployed persons nationwide have been out of work for a year or more (and that includes me), something that hasn't happened since the Great Depression.

Aha! I'm not alone! Although it sure feels that way sometimes.


Stogie Jr said...

Liberals have got to be the most ignorant creatures to come off all fours. Yeah Hope and Change. I HOPE I can make my house payment but all I got is CHANGE in my pocket.

Most of the tech Jobs in the Silicon valley have gone overseas. GEE!!!! I WONDER WHY!!!! A 5th grader with a hand held calculator could figure out why California is going down the shitter. Well a 5th grader that wasn't publicly educated that is. GET the HELL out of there Pop! I feel like I am screaming at my wing-man who has taken a SAM Missile shot and he's on fire...MY GOD MAN...BAIL...BAIL!!!!!

EM said...

Sure, it's bad now, but only because of California's history of conservative, limited government,low taxes, low regulation, and prudent spending. It's bound to get better as soon as they elect Jerry Brown.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho hee hee hee hee hee hee hee snicker snicker giggle giggle chuckle chuckle

Sorry, that was mean, but I just couldn't help myself. Some states are just asking for it!

Always On Watch said...

I'm in the group working double the hours for less income than I had three years ago.

I'm lucky that my business is still afloat, though my business (independent teaching) is limping along.

If Mr. AOW and I had rent to pay or a house payment, we'd be screwed!

Stogie said...

Jr., grandma is at death's door and is not expected to make it to Thanksgiving. Once she passes, we will be freer to make the decision to move out of this socialist basket case.

EM, yes, most California voters have their heads up their asses. No argument there, and they disgust me as much as they amuse you.

AOW, I am happy to hear you are staying afloat. Hope Mr. AOW is doing well too.

Anonymous said...

What the previous commenter said is kind of strange. Could someone explain?
Let us all express our opinions here. Do you think random babbles like this should be allowed to hang in threads or should they be erased? Share your opinions.
There was a story about this in our newspaper. People come to steal other people's content from blogs and then publish on their own sites.
I just saw my comments being removed from some sites. I mean no harm, I'm just… sporadic.

Always glad to share my ignorance - I've got plenty.