Monday, March 07, 2011

Islamophobia is a GOOD Thing: Support Radicalization Hearings

Peter King, a representative from New York, is holding hearings to determine the extent of radicalization among domestic Muslim youth.  He is being denounced as conducting a "witch hunt."  Oh yez, it's not as if any Muslims were going to open fire on soldiers at Fort Hood or plant bombs in Times Square, for goodness sake.  Or shoot people in airports, cultural centers or army recruiting stations, or run over them in cars.  Or plan dozens of other missions that have failed.  To fear Islam is called "Islamophobia" and there are now organizations formed to combat this menace, lest any terrorist be stopped before he can detonate his bomb or pull a trigger.

Islamophobia is, I suppose, the left's description of an "irrational" fear of Islam.  Just as in the 1950s - 1980's there was an "irrational" fear of communism.  Fearing murderous, totalitarian ideologies whose followers are bent on your death or enslavement -- oh yez, that's truly "irrational" all right.  Especially when you consider that much of the world has already fallen prey to these movements and have suffered the very things that you "irrationally" fear.

Any irrationality is in those who do not fear aggressive, violent ideologies -- in effect, those who are in denial about the reality of the threat.  

We have millions of Muslims in our midst and they aren't anxious to help law enforcement ferret out the fanatics who will attempt bombings and other acts of terror.  Why is that?  Possible, even probably, it is because the non-cooperating Muslims know full well that the fanatics are merely practicing Islam as it was designed to be practiced, by making enemies of all non-Muslims and working for their subjugation through treachery, force and violence.

Islamophobia is a GOOD thing.  Islamophobia may result in our physical and spiritual survival.

You go Peter King.

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Always On Watch said...

Which experts on Islam is he going to consult?

Stogie said...

Good question. That I do not know. Let's hope these hearings aren't PC'd down to ineffectiveness and that they actually discover useful knowledge.