Monday, April 11, 2011

British Muslims Protest Burka France!

I think British Muslims are the most obnoxious, among those who have invaded the West.  They are the ones most prone to angry picketing and provocative signs and language, the ones most deserving of a boot in the butt on their way out of the country.  Why do we even have to be polite about it?  Western civilization is incompatible with Islam and Sharia.  Muslims need to get the hell out of the West.

This week the British burka bearing barbarians are stinking up London over the ban of the France!

Take a look at these pictures in the U.K. Mail of angry Muslims.  What better evidence of the impossibility of living side by side with these barbarians in a common country.

Hat tip:  View From the Right


Always On Watch said...

The ummah do not abide by national borders. An "attack" on one is an attack on all.

Meanwhile, the West as a whole is divided as to seeing and understanding the threat of Islam.

SSDD. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Next thing you know we'll have people in the U.S. blogging and complaining the legal system in the Netherlands.

Stogie said...

Anonymous, I certainly hope so. The Netherlands is another shining example of a western nation in the act of suicide. Death by Islam. What on earth is the matter with you people?

kate said...

Tout cela est électoral Stogie ! il n'y aura pas de respect de la loi ! les musulmans se croient tout permis chez nous en France ,et ils sont encore 27000 immigrés à notre frontière avec l'Italie ,qui sont de Tunisie , Libye,etc.. dont tous ceux crimminels qui viennent des prisons, ouvertes pendant leur soi-disant " révolutions ".Déjà que nous manquons de sécurité ,que nous ne pouvons pas vivre avec les musulmans ! Et nos hommes politiques dhimmis continuent à nous parler du " bien vivre ensemble"...C'est tragique Stogie ! Je souhaite qu'une révolution vienne stopper cette gangrène car nous sommes de plus en plus de Français excédés !

Anonymous said...

You would think that Security Agencies in U.K. would be having a fit with Burka wear. How the blazes do they scan or profile through the fabric, muslim or khaki or whatever ?

jack kreutsch...Rock County