Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The False Flag Kooks Are Out In Force Re the Boston Bombing UPDATED

It's amazing to me how many Americans are just plain nuts, bonkers, delusional -- completely devoid of any common sense or attachment to reality.

The tinfoil hat brigades are already forming to denounce the Boston bombing as a "false flag" operation.  One kooky website claims that all the wounded were "actors," that no pressure cooker bombs were set off, it was only "flash powder."  The blood on the ground wasn't the right color red, or there wasn't enough of it.  The man with a bloody stump with a bone sticking out of the end was merely wearing a prosthetic device.  And why did they escort him away from the scene in a wheelchair instead of using a stretcher?  Hey kooks, why don't you ask him?  His name is Jeffrey Bauman and he is 27 years old.  He lost both legs in the blast.  The Concord Monitor reports on WHY Bauman didn't bleed to death:
Bauman, 27, was waiting at the finish line for his girlfriend to cross when the bombs exploded. [Carlos] Arredondo was watching from nearby bleachers, handing out American flags while he cheered on members of the National Guard and a suicide prevention group that were running in honor of his two deceased sons. When the bombing hit, adrenaline and instinct kicked in, and he immediately hopped the fence and ran toward the people on the ground.

“There were so many people on the floor, so many serious injuries in the legs. It was unbelievable, people were everywhere,” Arredondo said.

When he saw the extent of Bauman’s injuries and the rapid loss of blood, he knew Bauman needed his help the most. He ripped up a sweater and used it to try to stop the bleeding from Bauman’s legs and immediately got the attention of a woman with a wheelchair. He placed Bauman in the chair and began pushing, but the fabric he used as bandages kept getting caught in the wheels. Arredondo took matters into his own hands, literally, throwing off the fabric and pinching closed an artery on Bauman’s right leg – the image of humanitarianism seen around the world.

“The picture that you see, that’s what it is and that how it happened, you know,” he said. “I was just trying to help him in every way I could, and thank God he gave me the opportunity to help this beautiful young man.”

When they finally reached an ambulance, Arredondo asked for Bauman’s name. “Jeff,” he managed to say, then spelled out his last name for Arredondo.
Carlos Arredondo, in Cowboy Hat, Saved Jeff Bauman's Life
The conspiracy crowd are unlikely to believe any of this, however.  Never mind the bits of shrapnel, the little girl who was perforated with numerous nails, the several other people who lost limbs, the four dead, including an eight year old boy.  Never mind the bbs all over the street, the dozens of injured with shrapnel, nails and bbs embedded in their bodies.  It was all a big put-on.

The people who believe this atrocity was somehow faked, are nuts.  They deserve our contempt.

See some of these kook sites here and here.

Meanwhile, check out a list of some of the bombing victims who lost limbs or their lives, here.  Yeah, these folks were all actors in the massive conspiracy, don'tcha know.  Flash powder my ass.

P.S.  Carlos Arredondo is a hero.  God bless him.


Stogie said...

Should be "Stoogie"

Stogie said...

Yo Stoogie,
I am the "kook" writer from 'Nox & Friends that you linked to in your ignorant post above. I don't normally read your self indulging blog, but someone sent me a link to this ridiculous article.
1st off, don't lump me together with our other writers and readers. Some agree with me-some don't. It's an excellent, conservative, America and The Constitution, 2nd Amendment loving, and liberal hating blog site.
So Iwant to ask you: Are you so convinced that the obama regime wouldn't do something like this ? Seriously ?
Do you not think they would stoop so low as to kill Americans (including children), to achieve their goals ?
Just because you are too lazy to do your homework, doesn't mean others are not. There is article after article, video after video, exposing this fakery. Also , the scam at Sandy Hook. How many"coincidental drills", during or near a mass tragedy, do you need ? So far there is Boston, Aurora, Newtown, OK City, West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion....etc.

Why would this administration do something like this ?The same reason they are stockpiling millions of rounds of ammo, and I can hardly get any. The same reason they went house to house in Boston suburbs, with teams of cops dragging old women and men in bathrobes and children, out of their homes at gunpoint, subjected them to body searches, all while they ran unchecked through their homes.
It's called "Preparing The Sheep For Martial Law". And apparently, since you are fine with the storyline as the MSM and WH presents it, you are one of the sheep.
If you want some eye-openers, just ask me. I have things that would make your cigar chomping, deaf, dumb, and blind, fat head spin.
As I see by the lack of comments here, not many are reading your crap anyway, so it would be just between us bloggers.
Looking forward to your reply.

Stogie said...

Terry, no I do not think the Obama Administration would do something like this. You are the lazy one who did no homework, ten minutes with Google and you could have found the name of the man in the wheelchair and how he was saved. But being a Kook with a capital K on steroids, you immediately jumped to ridiculous conclusions based on nothing but an advanced case of paranoia. And what of the 200 other people who were injured, maimed or killed in the Boston blasts? Were they all "actors" too? Your lunacy is truly breathtaking.

So it seems your delusions aren't limited to Boston, now you are claiming Sandy Hook is also a "false flag"? You seriously need medication, Bozo.

Stogie said...

And yours should be "Lunatic."

Stogie said...

The thing that scares me is this crackpot apparently has a gun!