Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bird Business

Stogie and Friend
My two adopted adolescent Robin birds are doing fairly well, getting enough to eat, and getting bigger and flying further.  They are still unable to take full flight, and I am hoping they will do so soon, as they are a lot of work.  Most of the work involves just watching them, to see that they don't get lost in the weeds (our former flower garden prior to the drought) or bushes.  Several times I have to retrieve one of both and return them to the top of their bird cage where I feel they are safe.  I have spent all day outside for the past three days, on bird duty.

All fifty of my bait worms are gone and I have been feeding one of them chunks of cherries.  The other has grown picky and as of today will only eat what mama bird brings him.  I hope he's getting enough food.  Tomorrow I'll visit the bait shop and stock up on worms.

The birds accept me fairly well and are not afraid of me, and sometimes use me for a roost.  See picture.

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