Saturday, February 07, 2015

Defending ISIS: Obama's Assault on Moral Clarity at the Prayer Breakfast #ISIS, #prayerbreakfast #Obama

The Cowardly King
Everyone has now heard about Obama's defense of ISIS's evil at the prayer breakfast in Washington two days ago.  Obama sought to create "moral equivalence" between mass murder committed by Islamists and that allegedly created by Christians during the Crusades and the Inquisition.

In a nutshell:  Per Obama, Christian civilization is no more moral than Islamic civilization [this is pure horse puckey, but let's assume for the sake of argument that Obama is right].  Other religions besides Islam have brutalized people in past times.  Therefore, we shouldn't get up on our "high horse."

Let's see if we can come up with some logical extensions of Obama's thinking:

1.  Since other religions have also done evil things in the past, we should feel no moral outrage against ISIS for mass murdering Christians, Kurds, Shiites, beheading helpless captives, and burning a captured pilot alive.

2.  We have inherited the ancient sins and the guilt of our ancestors, and because of this, are unworthy of moral outrage.  Therefore, we cannot take any actions to stop Islamic barbarism in the here and now.  We must accept our deaths, because it is ISIS's turn to murder people; it's only fair, after all.  With any luck we will meditate on our shameful guilt before the scimitar separates our heads from our necks.

3.  Because of point #2, Obama is off the hook for doing nothing substantive to stop ISIS, and may not be criticized for the failure, nor for cuddling up to the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamic groups.

The fact is, Obama seeks to obliterate any sense of moral clarity in defeating Islamic extremism.  Without the clear sense that one's enemy is evil and his own cause is just, victory becomes more difficult to attain.  So, Obama hopes, we will do nothing instead.  The legendary "Fifth Column" is not only in our gates, but is occupying the White House.

Obama did not invent the leftist "moral equivalence" meme, but his words at the prayer breakfast last week were the epitome of this strategy, in all its disgusting falsity and destructiveness.  The left seeks to substitute moral ambivalence for moral clarity.  In the process, they weaken our will to survive evil.

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Always On Watch said...

Excellent post, my friend.

Yes, those are the logical extensions. And Obama recognizes that those are indeed the logical extensions.

For all of education's talk about promoting critical thinking, most students and way too many adults can't think critically. The dumbing down is deliberate, IMO.