Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jayzoo Cree, as the French Say: the Hijinks of Obama and Hillary

I am appalled at our Democrats-in-power.  Barack Obama entertaining the notion of raising taxes by Executive Order.  Obama trying to hatch a secret deal with the Iranians, which some say will grease the skids to their nuclear bomb -- and without the advice and consent of Congress.

Now Hillary has been called on the carpet for running her own email server and doing state business on it rather than on the official email server.  That's against the law, so why did  she do it?

She claims that she would have to have two iPhones or Blackberries to use two different email addresses, and opted for using just one, for convenience sake.  Horse puckey.  You can put several email addresses on a single iPhone, so that explanation is lame and doesn't wash.

The truth, I suspect, is that she was doing unethical things with Obama, things related to Benghazi and other scandals.  Her and Barack's plot to lie about the terrorist attack on Benghazi and pretend it was just a protest against an inflammatory video that got out of hand.  Yeah, that's the ticket.  It certainly wasn't because Obama and Hillary are incompetent boobs who didn't take security threats seriously -- especially with Obama up for reelection.


Always On Watch said...

And now we hear that she has erased thousands upon thousands of emails and that those deleted emails were seen only by her. No consults with any attorneys or anyone else.

Furthermore, when she did submit some emails to outsiders for scrutiny, she submitted pages upon pages of hard copy which will take forever to read and cannot be digitally searched without scanning into a machine. No doubt about it! She's hiding something -- probably lots of somethings.

I absolutely do not believe her statement about "convenience."

Proof said...

How many of those "private" emails could have been invitations to donors and potential donors to fly along with her to different exotic lands during her stint as Sec State? Her one claim to fame seems to be the number of miles she racked up OTJ.