Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Some Free Advice for MICHAEL SAVAGE

Michael Savage
Michael Savage is a conservative talk radio pundit.  I have listened to him on and off for 20 + years.  Sometimes he is interesting and sometimes not.  Sometimes he supports the conservative movement and sometimes he attacks it.  He doesn't seem to prepare for his broadcasts, appears to just wing it.  His broadcasts therefore often seem to be a stream of consciousness, with Michael saying whatever pops into his head.

Savage is very jealous of conservative talk show hosts who are more successful than he, mainly Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.  This morning he was complaining about something that Rush said that was a repeat of something Savage said several years ago.  Therefore Rush was copying or plagiarizing him.  As if Rush even listens to Savage's show, let alone memorizes it for later plagiarizing.  "Rush said THE this morning.  I said THE years ago!  Rush copies me!"  (Note:  Savage doesn't name the other pundits he criticizes, but does give obvious clues as to who he means.)

Michael Savage is a political schizophrenic.  One day last week he lambasted Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a spoiled rich fratboy and said he didn't care if Kav was confirmed or not.  Today he is doing a good job of defending Kavanaugh.

He began today's show by saying that the judicial confirmation process has "liars on both sides."  He didn't explain.  He mentioned that he is not a Republican, has never been one, and doesn't even like Republicans.


1.  Pick a side.  You can't be both left and right at the same time.  You can't please everyone, and it is foolish to try.  When you do this I generally turn off your broadcast.

2.  Prepare for your broadcasts.  Your streams of consciousness are often boring.  Know what you want to talk about before you go on the air.  What do you want us to learn from you on any specific day?

3.  Stop knocking other conservatives.  Knocking other pundits doesn't make you better; it makes you look like you have an inferiority complex.


1.  Your passion for worthwhile causes.

2.  Your down-to-earth lectures & rants.  You talk like a common man off the street, and I like that.

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