Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Enemy Within

Little Green Footballs today reports that the Koran toilet thrower has been charged with two felonies. Imagine, two felonies for throwing a book into a toilet. The student arrested is Stanislav Shmulevich. He faces financial ruin in defending himself from these ridiculous charges, brought through the activities of CAIR and the Muslim Student Union.

The fact that an unAmerican, subversive organization like CAIR can operate with impunity in the USA only shows how far our country has gone down the road to Islamization. We are being sold out - by the traitorous Left. The enemy is not only the Taliban and other barbarians, the enemy is right here in the United States. The enemy within is not only CAIR and other Muslims, the enemy is the Democratic Party and leftists and liberals (most especially the teachers and trustees of our subversive Universities) who openly throw their lot in with the barbarians who would kill us all if they could.

Yes, I do support the mass export of Muslims out of the United States. Yes, I do support the closing of all mosques in the United States. Yes, I do support the immediate cessation of any further Muslim immigration into the United States. Islam is an evil ideology masquerading as religion; it, like Nazism and Communism, must be made to feel unwelcome in these United States. Since Islam tolerates no one outside its sphere, it is suicidal and insane to tolerate IT.

To show the utter bankruptcy of liberal thought, we now have proof that most prisoners released from Gitmo immediately return to fight Americans in Afghanistan or Iraq. Liberals have been howling for "Constitutional rights" for these terrorists for some time now, for trying them in a court of law or releasing them. Liberals got their wish, and now their buddies are once again killing people.

The enemy within is not just Muslim. The enemy within is also the liberals, leftists and Democrats who give them moral and political support.

See my post of July 3rd for more on this subject, Saber Point: Liberalism Is A Fatal Form of Insanity.

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