Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Bad Week for Leftists and Liberals

The past week must have been discouraging to leftists and liberals. Some soldier called "the Baghdad Diarist" was writing awful stories about the villainy of our sadistic killer-soldiers in Iraq, which were printed on some leftist website. He was exposed as a fraud, his stories made-up fiction. Funny how the Left has to rely on lies and fiction to support their premises and causes. Their whole philosophy, world view and sense of history are all based on fiction, deceit, dishonesty and lies. You leftwingers out there must feel real good about youselves. Don't worry, your agile little minds will just alter reality like it always does, to fit your preconceived illusions. (Remember, 9/11 was all staged and planned by the Bush administration. Islam doesn't really exist. BWA-HA-HA!)

Another downer was the discovery that Nasa data used to support the global warming theory was found to be erroneous. Apparently there was a Y2K bug in the software that created the illusion that the earth is warming more than it actually is. Looks like the polar ice caps won't be melting so soon after all. What's an eco-fanatic to do? What will they do with all those reruns of The Day After Tomorrow? And will Al Gore finally have to find a job?

Then there is the awful news that the army surge in Iraq is actually working. We are winning the war. We are winning, leftwingers are only whining. Even some liberals and Democrats have admitted the surge is working and that it would be foolish to pull out of Iraq now. Some Democrats have admitted that winning would be "problematic" for the Party of Doom and Defeat. If America wins, they lose.

Now let's get to more serious problems. I'm out of cigars . Damn it!

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