Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Code Pink Crushed In Berkeley

Move America Forward's counter demonstration against Code Pink on Wednesday, October 17, was a smashing success. View the pictures of the big confrontation here.

Local media reporters seemed downhearted that their "peace" allies were so outnumbered and outvoiced.

American flags were everywhere, along with signs and t shirts, to get the message out that Code Pink does not speak for the majority of Americans.

Ah Berkeley! Long a festering wound on the ass of America. Maybe it's time to cauterize it.

Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward writes:
The pro-troop movement took back the streets of Berkeley for our troops on
Wednesday! The pro-troop/pro-military demonstration was an incredible
success and you've got to see the pictures and read the reports to fully grasp
what an oustanding event took place.

The media was dumbfounded, they could not believe so many people turned out - we've had 3 sources give crowd estimates of just our pro-troop side ranging from 250 to 325 to 500. They also were stunned that we outnumbered Code Pink in countering THEIR rally in THEIR base, the heart of the anti-military movement, Berkeley, California.

Check out the photographs and all the details at the MAF website:

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