Saturday, November 24, 2007

David Duke's Hatesite - Friend of the Left and Radical Muslims

If you really want to make your skin crawl, visit David Duke's website. If there's anything David Duke despises, it is Jews. He hardly mentions blacks anymore. His whole gig is attacking Israel, publishing Muslim-Leftwing lies about Israel, and promoting the Islamists of the Middle East who support his anti-semitism.

Other themes on Duke's website: support the troops, bring them home now. He links to, an anti-Israel, peace-at-any-price, 911-was-an-inside-job website, a website promoted by the fanatic Jason Raimondo and the kookish Michael Moore. Duke has an article claiming "Cindy Sheehan was right:" she agrees with David Duke that the Iraq war is a war for Israel's interests, not America's.

Duke's site advertises the fact the he will speak from Stormfront radio. Stormfront is a Neo-Nazi organization. It was created by former American Nazi Party member Don Black, who was also a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Stormfront uses the Odin's Cross as their symbol, the abbreviated Celtic Cross discussed in a previous post to this blog - except that their Odin's Cross bears the motto "White Pride World Wide."

I was disgusted to see that Dixie Broadcasting has formed a partnership with David Duke: they will begin broadcasting Duke's radio program "The Political Cesspool." I never listened to Dixie Broadcasting, in spite of my Confederate roots. Somehow I didn't trust them and now I know why.

One of the most illuminating aspects of the Klan/Nazi connection is the fact that it supports extreme leftwing causes - not conservative ones. This evil collaboration supports the "Palestinians" and opposes Israel, opposes the war on radical Islam and celebrates extreme leftists like Cindy Sheehan. Another telling point that is not in their favor: they support and promote the blooming nutcase known as Ron Paul, who is running for President as a Republican.

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cracker boy said...

you probably have not read anything on David Dukes site and if you have, you have not given it any consideration. David Dukes site is not a hate site. Tell me one thing on his site that is based on lies or hate. It is all well researched. It is about survival of white culture and race, not about hatred.
If you want to find a real racist organisation, research Zionism. They are murderers, racists, thugs and tyrants.
Please get your facts right before you start insulting people like David Duke. He is fighting for freedom of speech for all, and that includes you.