Sunday, December 02, 2007

Living In An Insane World: More Muslims Needed

There's so much nonsense on the political scene today I hardly know where to start. Let's see, the sick and insane culture of Darfur wants to kill a sweet lady school teacher with rosy cheeks over a Teddy Bear. She allowed her class of grade-schoolers to name a Teddy Bear, and they picked "Mohammed," after the kid who actually owned the Teddy Bear.

This was "an insult to religion" so she should be beheaded. Naming the toy bear "Mohammed" was an insult to the Prophet, a crime which demands death. What would I say to these poor offended Muslims if I could? Simple: "You sick bastards."

So what is the West doing about this very sick culture and religion? They are importing its adherents by the millions. They want more of those folks over here. What, you say they hate our guts, are forming terrorist cells all over the place, and have a 20 year plan to replace American democracy with Sharia law? WELL HELL, let's open up the floodgates and get more of them over here! That's the ticket.

I see Oprah Winfrey has come up supporting Barack Obama for President of the USA. She couldn't decide between Obama and John Edwards. Hmm, which one is the biggest airhead? Which one is the biggest pretty boy without a scintilla of substance? Heck, it was a draw, so she came down on the side of skin color. He's the same color as she is so he gets the nod. If you're going to have an idiot in the White House, he may as well lool like you. Well, sort of. Obama doesn't have cleaveage like Oprah. At least she's nice to look at.

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