Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ugly Fight in Berkeley - Cops Stand By While Patriots Assaulted

Today Berkely, California was the site of a massive protest by conservatives against that city for its persecution of the U.S. Marine Corps. The conservatives were met by angry Berkeley radicals intent on violence and destruction. The radicals included Code Pink.

There are some disturbing stories coming from the conservatives on the ground today in Berkeley, California. Leftist protestors, in full view of the Berkeley Police, stole American flags from conservative groups in the park and then burned the flags in full view of their owners. In one case, a Leftist attempted to cut the extension cord that powered the conservative sound system. In other incidents, conservatives were roughed up and assaulted; teenagers used their skate boards as clubs to whack women. The police did arrest some of these teenagers, but declined to intervene in all other outrages.

Right now the Berkeley City Council is meeting to reconsider its resolution that the U.S. Marines are "unwelcome intruders" in their cesspool of a city. Melanie Morgan and her group, Move America Forward, are there and intend to ask the City Council for an official apology to the U.S. Marines. Another MAF representative, Catherine Moy, has been in the thick of the confrontation and has made regular reports through Radio KSFO, 560 AM, in San Francisco. Ms. Moy has more backbone than exists in the entire wimp factory known as Berkeley, California.

Actions against this City of Treason includes action by South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, who is trying to pass a law to stop all federal funds into that city and give them to the U.S. Marine Corps. That action alone will cost Berkeley around two million dollars.

A MAF member who flew in from Washington, DC, is trying to organize a boycott of Berkeley services and companies. Catherine Moy has vowed to request an investigation of the police non-action today and to determine whether her group's civil rights were violated.

Meanwhile, the awful little city in Northern California continues to gather the contempt and anger of millions of people worldwide.
Image Credit: Move America Forward

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