Monday, November 16, 2009

Ben Smith at Politico Libels Robert S. McCain

Ben Smith of Politico, who obviously panders in unfounded rumor and libel, wrote this about Stacy McCain:
Max Blumenthal goes after Sarah Palin's co-author, Lynn Vincent, in a broadside that focuses largely on her 2006 collaboration with a conservative blogger, Robert Stacy McCain, whose views on race . . . have since made him a pariah even on the right.
I have thoroughly rebutted this smear more than once, but I will do so again.  Robert Stacy McCain has no suspect views on race.  He never has.

One of the most oft-cited sources for this big lie is that Stacy contributed commentary to a white supremacist site, "Reclaiming the South," which is no longer online.  Stacy did not contribute to this site, this site merely appropriated Stacy's arguments in favor of racial equality.  I know, because the white supremacist in question also appropriated my arguments for racial equality and did the same thing to me.  The original debate was from a private listserv; all the white supremacist did was copy and paste the text to his website.  He was so proud of his arguments that he wanted to share them with other white supremacists.

Funny, the racist site disappeared after I contacted the owner and asked that he remove my real name from his website, as I feared people googling my name would draw the wrong conclusions, i.e. that I agreed with his racial views. Indeed, this is exactly what happened to Stacy McCain.  People with an agenda now want to associate McCain with this racist site EVEN THOUGH
  • R.S. McCain's arguments were copied from elsewhere and pasted to the racist site without Stacy's permission, and
  • McCain's arguments were IN OPPOSITION to racism and white supremacy, not in favor of them.
This was back around 1995.  I remember it well.  Although there were several of us arguing against racism and white supremacy, I thought Robert Stacy McCain actually held the most liberal views on race of our group.  He even used Stephen Jay Gould's arguments to rebut the book The Bell Curve.  Personally, I thought Stephen Jay Gould something of an idiot and suspected McCain to be a closet liberal by the fact he cited Gould.  However, my suspicions have since been laid to rest by Stacy's recent comments, i.e.:
I believe that liberals are wrong about black people. Liberals are also wrong about white people, brown people, yellow people and red people. If NASA announced tomorrow that it had discovered a distant planet inhabited by purple people, anything that liberals believed about purple people would be wrong, too. Liberals are not only wrong about race, but they are also wrong about economics, crime, poverty, religion, science, war, marriage and foreign policy. In fact, as evidenced by their global-warming hysteria, liberals are wrong about the weather. Insofar as there is a "liberal consensus" on any particular subject -- including movies and sports -- then the truth is likely to be the exact opposite of whatever liberals say.
During that long-ago debate on race, I distinctly remember McCain stating that his religious beliefs in Christianity made it impossible for him to accept the notion of black inferiority.  If ever there were a good and decent man unfairly slandered by liberal/left chicanery, it is the unfair racism charges against Robert Stacy McCain.

Stacy, I would like to offer a belated apology for thinking you might be a closet liberal.  However, I will not apologize for outting you as a decent man, your outrageous reputation notwithstanding.

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