Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Outting of Robert Stacy McCain: White Supremacist or Object of Smear?

The Left really hates Sarah Palin and will do whatever it takes to poison the well of public opinion.  So they are now trying to affix in the minds of the public some sort of connection of Palin with "racism."  It is complete bull shit, of course.

The connection they are trying to make is that Palin's ghost writer for "Going Rogue," one Lynn Vincent, also co-authored a book with Robert Stacy McCain called "Donkey Cons," a book about corruption in the Democratic Party.  They are saying that McCain is a racist and that Vincent is therefore tainted with McCain's views, and therefore the book "Going Rogue" is suspect, as is Sarah Palin.

However, as one who actually observed McCain over a decade ago, arguing against racism and white supremacy, I know that the charges against McCain are irresponsible, unfounded smear.

I have written another rebuttal of these smears based on my actual, direct knowledge of McCain.  I fear I may have embarrassed him in the process, as I have outted him as a broad-minded, racially tolerant, decent man.  He is not now, nor has he ever been, a racist or white supremacist.

As Palin moves toward a possible presidential run in 2012, the Left will revisit these smears in an effort to discredit Palin indirectly.  Therefore, I have to speak out because Sarah Palin's potential candidacy is more important than even my friend Stacy McCain or his "notorious" reputation.

Please feel free to link to my rebuttal when these false charges reappear -- and they will. The link is here.

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