Saturday, July 31, 2010

I am humbled and grateful....

Stacy McCain, a long time friend, proved once again what a stellar friend he is.  Smitty too.  They read my blog tale of financial woe and published an appeal for folks to send me money, and the response has been amazing.  Other bloggers also created links asking their readers to help.  What great people bloggers are, and those who follow them.

My wife, like me, is not used to getting paid and giving nothing of value in return, so she asked me to make a list to pay everyone back!  I will probably just "pay it forward," being extra generous in the future to conservative bloggers trying to make it.  In any case, I suspect wifey won't be so quick in the future to tell me that blogging is a waste of time!

I have offered whatever services I can to those who have donated.  Only two have taken me up on it.  One was a blogger who had a glitch in her blog format, and I helped her solve it rather quickly.  Another has asked for assistance on a graphics project, and I readily agreed to do it for her.

Fellow conservatives, I owe you big time.  If I can do anything for you, please do let me know.


Stogie said...

"...not used to getting paid and giving nothing of value in return..."

I hope you know you certainly do give something of value.

Congrats on the support you are receiving. I'm happy for you.

Stogie said...

The above comment was from me.


Stogie said...

Thanks Pas!  I appreciate it.

Stogie said...

Just hang on to hope and never give up ;)

Anonymous said...

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