Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fighting the Race Fanatics on Twitter

I was involved in a Twitter argument with a group of dumb, brainless college youths last night.  We were arguing about the extent of black crime.  I argued that it is widespread, that blacks' problems are a result of their terrible attitudes and propensity to violence, especially in rioting, robbing and vandalizing stores.

These college twerps remind me of myself at their age.  They want simplistic answers to pressing social problems.  Bias against blacks by other races can only be the result of ignorance, a lack of education, or low intelligence.  When I cited the evidence of crime statistics by race, one of my antagonists, a young, white woman, erupted in obscenities and vulgar insults.  I was not offended.  Her outpouring of bile was evidence that I had damaged her comfortable illusions.

Of course, I was denounced as a racist, a Nazi and a Klan member, as well as a windbag, and a senile old man.  None of these insults stopped me from running my bulldozer of truth over their infantile and uninformed beliefs about race.  I enjoyed their screams of pain, anguish and anger as I did so.

My iPhone battery was running down, so I plugged it in to recharge and went to bed.  Well into the night I was serenaded by the ping-ping-ping of more tweets pouring in.  I ignored them and went to sleep.

I am reading White Girl Bleed A Lot, by Colin Flaherty, and it is shocking.  Black mob violence is substantially more widespread than most people know about.  That's because black wildings are often not reported by either the media or the police.  When mob violence is reported, it is described as groups of teenagers, gang members, youths blowing off steam, and revelers.  They are not described as what they are, mobs of young blacks, both male and female, attacking Whites, Asians and Hispanics at random, beating and robbing them, for fun and frolic.  Sometimes, victims are seriously injured or even killed, by being stabbed, shot or hit over the head.

The thugs know that they will most likely not be stopped or arrested.  These incidents generally happen at public celebrations like the Fourth of July, St. Patrick's Day or state and county fairs.  Major cities where these wildings occur regularly include Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Kansas City, Portland, Cleveland and others.  Fairgrounds, beaches, parks, shopping malls and downtown areas are the most common locations.

Very often, flash mobs of young blacks will enter a convenience store and begin stealing everything in sight, carrying out whatever they want.  There are too many to stop and arrest.  They are doing what Michael Brown did in Ferguson, entering, stealing and leaving.  Except that Michael Brown had only one fellow thug with him, not a whole crowd as is the usual practice. [See video of thugs looting the same Ferguson convenience store here.]

Whatever is to be done to stop black wildings (see definition below), the very first step is to admit that the problem exists.  The next step is to publicize it and make people aware of it.  Obviously, the practice of self-censorship about the problem must cease.


1.  the practice by a group of youths of going on a random spree of violent criminal activity.
2.  an instance of this.

A List of Videos of Black Wildings, as described in the book Black Girl Bleed A Lot can be found here.


DonaldDouglas said...

Another day on the Internet, heh.

Happy Thanksgiving Stogie!

Adrienne said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Stogie.

Nothing will be done until people face the very un-PC truth. I've known this for a long time and I think you have, too.

Stogie Chomper said...

Happy Thanksgiving back atcha, Adrienne.

Always On Watch said...

I note that my public library doesn't have a copy of White Girl Bleed A Lot. Figures.

Always On Watch said...

Stogie, Does one need an iPhone to access some of the symbols in the book? My copy of the book arrived yesterday.

Stogie Chomper said...

I don't think you need an iPhone specifically; but you do need to install the scanner app on your cell phone.

Always On Watch said...

Do you know if I can get the app on an iPad? I got an iPad Mini as a Christmas gift from one of my homeschool families.

Endtimer said...

Don't confuse Libtards with the Facts!!