Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Enemies: Max Boot and Jeff Jacoby Vomit Hatred Towards the South; Time to Ditch the GOP?

Ruins of Richmond, 1865
Two alleged conservative writers, Max Boot and Jeff Jacoby, have written hateful and extremist views about the Confederacy, its heroes and its flags.  Both show unfathomable ignorance of history, as well as extreme cultural intolerance to those who value Southern heritage.  Rhetorically, they are pissing on the graves of our ancestors and advancing disunity and resentment among their own base.

Reading their screeds makes it feel like Sherman's march to the sea all over again, destruction of people and property in its path; or the burning of Atlanta just for Yankee spite, or the many war crimes against Southern civilians in 1861 - 1865.

They hate our guts.  There is one problem.

They are Republicans, and the overwhelming majority of Confederate-Americans are also Republicans.  I have been a lifelong Republican, and the anti-Confederate hysteria over the past three weeks has shaken my political loyalties to the core.  I am willing to jettison the GOP, who no longer seem the party of freedom to me.  They seem the party of hate and oppression and brute force, the thugs in blue uniforms with their giant mortars and cannons and bummers with lighted torches.  Having once burned and looted our cities, farms, private homes and even our universities, they want to complete the job by desecrating the graves of our dead.

For the upcoming elections of 2016, we Confederate-Americans can do one of three things.  We can vote for Donald Trump, not because he supports Confederate heritage, but because he isn't a knee-jerk mainstream, backstabbing Republican.  Let us use Trump as a way of getting even for the recent attacks on our heritage.

Sherman Burns Atlanta, 1864
A second alternative is simply to sit out the next presidential election, and let nature take its course.  There are around 16 million Americans of Confederate descent, and many more who identify with Southern symbols and flags from living in the South.  These are the people who make up the "Solid South," whose support is essential for a GOP win in 2016.  If the GOP excludes us from America, we can remove ourselves as voters, at least temporarily.  Time to put the fear of God into the Party of Lincoln.

Rather than sit out the election, however, I would suggest a third alternative, writing in the name of Democrat Jim Webb of Virginia, who supports Confederate heritage.  Jim Webb is a conservative Democrat and would make a fine president.

Read more about the Boot/Jacoby obscenity at Rebellion blog, here, and at the Abbeville Institute blog, here.


countenance said...

"Max Boot"

Related to Jack Boot?

Stogie Chomper said...

I was thinking the same thing!

DonaldDouglas said...

Stogie, your arguments are getting pretty stale. Is everyone you disagree with an "enemy"?

Stogie Chomper said...

Anyone who slanders my ancestors and calls for the obliteration of all monuments to their memory is indeed my enemy. Flake off Donald, we are no longer friends.

MikeT53 said...


Wow. When you turn on someone, you really turn, don't you? Not since Ed Sebesta have I ever seen such obsessive hatred focused on the South.

Stogie Chomper said...

I suspect Donald is angry with me for putting a sharp pin to his bubble of illusion.

coolcat said...

Hi Stogie Bro. I will not blow your cover. I am proud of your thread.

coolcat said...

Blue bellies lie about what caused the Civil War. Northern aggression against the South, not Slavery. The Nert approved of slavery. Abe Lincoln free the slaves, and wanted to send them back to Africa. History is always written by the victors!

coolcat said...

I checked out Confederate flag sales on the net. If you order them, you will have a long wait. The sales are through the ceiling!!

Stogie Chomper said...

Thanks Coolcat. Hope everything is well with you.

coolcat said...

I am fine. How's your eyes. I hope they are better?