Monday, October 02, 2017

Evil In Las Vegas: 58 Dead In Shooting Massacre, 500+ Wounded

Another monstrous psychopath has mass murdered a large number of people, this time in Las Vegas.  A man in the Mandalay Bay Hotel broke out two windows in his suite, stuck a rifle out the window and opened fire on a large crowd of people.  The people were attending a country music concert, and easy targets from the shooter's elevated perch.

ISIS, the Muslim terrorist group who specializes in murder of innocents, has stated that the shooter was a recent convert to Islam.  However, this has not been verified at this point.

The biggest question in my mind is this:  how long before the Democrats begin making political hay out of the tragedy?  I expect they will call for banning of guns, one of their favorite goals, and will find a way to blame the tragedy on Trump.

If it is found that Islam and Muslims were a factor, expect nothing to be done about it.  Guns may be banned, but Muslims will not be.

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