Thursday, December 14, 2006

Denying the Hollow Head (Ahmadinejad)

The fuzzy-faced moron at the right keeps insisting that the Holocaust didn't really happen...yet. He insists that Israel will be wiped out and will cease to exist. The Religion of Piss and Vinegar has spoken.

This past week he sponsored a conference in Iran questioning the reality of the Holcaust. Well my Uncle Fred was with the US troops who liberated Dachau and he saw all those dead bodies. Worst case of the German flu he ever saw. To be sure they wouldn't be infected, the American soldiers rounded up the Nazi troops who ran the camp and promptly shot them.

Of course, Ahmadinejad is the true nasty historical occurrence that didn't really happen. I deny that he exists. It is all a clever ruse by the international worldwide conspiratorial cabal of Jews and Neocons. The man never existed at all. Look him up in the phone book. He's not there is he? Told ya.

The figure on TV was created by the same puppeteers who created Miss Piggy. They were paid well for it, I might add. Bags and bags of shekels. With this false Islamic nutcase allegedly in charge of an oil-producing nation, the cabal can then manipulate the price of oil. Every time "Ahmadinejad" threatens to blow up the world the price of oil goes up and the secret cabal just rakes in the dough.

I am an Ahmadinejad Denier. The man does not exist. However, if you see him, shoot him anyway.

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