Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The New CAIR Billboard (Photoshopped)

Pim's Ghost over at Infidel Blogger's Alliance has asked for Photoshopped versions of CAIR's new billboard, "Explore the Life of Prophet Muhammad."

Here's my version. Hope you like it. (Click on the pic to see the larger version.) I'm sure those crazy guys over at CAIR are just rolling in the aisles over this - they are so light-hearted and willing to laugh at themselves.

Yes, do explore the "Life of Prophet Muhammad," especially as described by Robert Spencer's latest book.

Muhammad's life was one of murder, robbery, rape and treachery. A more evil man never lived. How anyone in their right mind could make a "messenger of God" out of Muhammad is truly shocking. Why not make a prophet out of Blackbeard the Pirate or Billy the Kid? But then if Muslims weren't outrageous they wouldn't be Muslims.
P.S. The figures in the pic are actual Iranian citizens hanged for violating Islamic law. I thought they would make a nice touch, don't you agree?

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