Thursday, January 25, 2007

Leftwing Hackers Shut Down Conservative Website

Leftwing hackers have shut down a conservative website in the San Francisco Bay Area. The website,, was created several years ago by Jim Sparkman, a conservative, to monitor and rebut articles in the leftwing San Francisco Chronicle. Chronwatch has been a training ground for several talented conservative writers, the most recent of which is Cinnamon Stillwell.

Over the past few weeks, hacker attacks on Chronwatch have increased. A hacker who calls himself “the Italian Stallion” has hacked the site repeatedly, deleting titles of articles and posting his own threatening messages to Chronwatch’s owner and contributors.

In response to these attacks, Chronwatch deleted the hacker posted articles and changed all of its passwords, but to no avail. Within hours the hackers had cracked the new defenses and posted the threatening messages, saying Chronwatch had better show them respect and leave their messages posted for all to see, or else. Cyber-cretin "Slippyfist" left the following message:

If we wanted, we could destroy this site, but I choose not to, asshole. I go by the motto "Peace Not War"

We'll be in contact. And I better see this up here tomorrow if it is taken down than there will be issues. I want my voice heard and I want my open mind to be spoken now the least you could do is support that.


Note that the above hacker bragged that his band of cyber-thugs had the ability to destroy Chronwatch altogether if they chose to do so, but decided not to. The "Italian Stallion" (aka the Horse's Ass) wrote this:

Apprently you seem a little pissed off at us. You aren't fixing your bugs like you were saying and plus your not the webmaster so please keep your mouth shut. This isn't a debate or anything so don't throw in your pointless political views because honestly... we truly don't care what you have to say. And I'm sure the webmaster can speak for himself. I am a republican and all we were doing was posting interesting points of views.. Hell I thought my little articles about the fairy tales and the liberals was pretty good. There was no need to get all pissy and delete it without atleast leaving a comment or reading it. Now let me define a hacker to you since you have this huge misconception on what a "hacker" is. A hacker doesn't sit at the computer all day and "sniff" as you put it. We find flaws and bring them to attention not only to users and their personal information in which we do have of you now... but to the webmaster to show if they did pay for their website they waisted money that should have been spent on a more secure website. Now you seem tense and we are sorry. We did nothing wrong.

Note: note to the webmaster that changing the passwords to user accounts won't help. Posting popup ads telling them to change the randomly generated passwords won't help either. It's a much greater problem than that. Now we can work out some sort of deal like a little appreciation or respect for helping you out but having guys like Gary talk shit to us when we are actually helping you and doing you a favor now that's disrespectful.

Oh and FYI GARY ... I'm a republican. So I support this site and all your views but when you make a direct comment towards us and think you know everything about who we are and how we run maybe next time you should do a little bit of research... I can tell that your views towards things don't mean shit because obviously you judge too quickly without doing any homework into a matter, you should join the democrats who like to jump to conclusions.

This is the Italian Stallion logging off until next time. And I better see this up here tomorrow if it is taken down than there will be issues. I want my voice heard and I want my open mind to be spoken now the least you could do is support that.

Note that this cretin has the audacity to call himself "a republican." He can't even spell it.

Jim Sparkman made the decision today to shut down the site until better security could be created. How long that will take is anyone’s guess.
Once again, we see the Left’s response to conservative argument is not rebuttal but forced censorship. A couple of weeks ago, KSFO conservative talk radio in San Francisco was unfairly portrayed by liberal media (like Channel 5 in San Francisco, the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury) as being “hate radio,” quoting quips out of context and trying to pass off satire as the serious positions of the radio hosts. The effort was no doubt intended to drive away the station’s advertisers, thus effectively censoring the program.
In Congress, Dennis Kucinich and other Democrat legislators are now planning to pass laws to bring back the so-called “fairness” doctrine which would censor all political talk radio and bring an end to shows like that of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Liberalism thrives in a culture of censorship, not free discussion and debate, so this is not surprising.
As for the “Italian Stallion,” the only part of a horse he resembles is its butt. In other words, the “Italian Stallion” is a horse’s ass. He is merely a thug with a computer whose ultimate destination is jail.
This episode has convinced me that I must learn as much about hacking as I can. It fits in well with my profession as a financial security consultant and fraud investigator, and I will begin this learning process as soon as possible – not to hack anyone, certainly, but to learn how to prevent hacking and how to trace the perpetrators so they can be arrested and tried.

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