Sunday, March 18, 2007

Equal Rights for Men in Tights

There's a lot of news on the blogs today about the big peacenik demonstration yesterday in Washington, D.C. Thousands of barking moonbats swarmed all over the capitol, stinking up the place with their B.O. and their B.S., with flags and signs and banners demanding the immediate destruction of America, the elevation of communism and Islamism, etc etc blah blah blah. Their message can be summed up very simply: Death to America. Sub-themes include: Equal Rights for Men in Tights. Free Drugs for Everyone. Outlaw Soap. Hell No, We Won't Work. The World Owes Me A Living, Pay Up.

About 30,000 counter demonstrators showed up to oppose the moonbats, and more importantly, to protect the war memorials of Washington, DC from defacement. Vets and patriotic bikers (Rolling Thunder and others) stood in front of the Vietnam Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial and others and scrutinized visitors. Gates of Vienna and Hot Air have a lot of pictures of both the moonbats and the Gathering of Eagles, the name given to the patriotic vets and others who came to protect the memorials.

Enough of this. The wife and I are headed down the highway towards Monterey. We know a great little seafood place on the coast where we like to go occasionally. So I'm outta here. Have a great Sunday.

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