Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How the Left Punishes Conservatives

This morning on the way to work I was listening to Lee Rodgers on KSFO radio out of San Francisco. He was discussing how the Left wants to punish conservatives for being conservatives. Miss Prejean is only the latest example...but if you don't embrace the leftist ideology, you are to be excommunicated from the human race, excoriated, censured, and ostracized.

In the worst examples, you are publically slandered, called a racist or an extremist. This is the method employed by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Some conservatives in the public eye can't take the strain over a long period of time and seek to get back into the good graces of the mainstream media or the public. No one likes to be hated, insulted and marginalized. Many would rather give up the fight then to undergo such sadistic treatment at the hands of the Left. They seek to resume some semblance of a normal life in the safety of anonymity and the constraints of political correctness.

One of the minutemen who was monitoring illegal aliens in Arizona had such an experience. The SPLC branded him a racist. He was totally blown away that anyone would accuse him of that, and asked them to remove this epithet from their website. Some feminist lawyer for that group replied that they would not remove it, and that he was indeed a "racist." Why was he a "racist"? Because he and his group monitored the border with Mexico and reported bands of illgals crossing over to the Border Patrol. This made him a racist in their eyes. Or did it? In any case, it was an effectve way to maginalize him, put him on the defensive, and plant large seeds of doubt in the minds of the public. He has since left the group he founded and is somewhat apologetic for his past activities. He almost sounds neurotic now in statements he has made recently. He has been neutralized.

I wonder if something like this is what turned Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs. As an outspoken anti-jihadist, he was regularly slimed by the left, ridiculed and painted as some kind of racist extremist. Today he has all but renounced the positions he once held and is busily attacking former allies in the struggle against militant Islam. Conservatives have abandoned him and his website in droves. Perhaps the pressure of the left's unceasing attacks finally had the desired effect. Some bloggers have wondered if Johnson has had some kind of breakdown. In any case, he has been neutralized.

During the Clinton era certain Republican women, like Kathleen Harris and Linda Tripp, were given a large dose of grief by the Left. Harris was described by a liberal columnist as looking like she "applied her makeup with a trowel." Tripp was treated even worse, insulted almost beyond imagination as to her personal appearance. Tripp later underwent plastic surgery and apologized for her prior appearance, saying she didn't realize how awful it was. She had been thoroughly punished for breaking the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The Left had gotten into her head and messed with it effectively.

Then there's the legal angle -- using the law to prosecute Republicans for politics. Tom DeLay was charged with "money laundering" by a ruthlessly partisan Democrat District Attorney in Texas who has misused his office to persecute Republicans in the past. DeLay was forced by the manufactured scandal to give up his seat because he was under indictment, and also so he could fight the charges. There still has been no resolution of the case. In any case DeLay's political career is over and his life may be ruined. He has not only been marginalized, but personally destroyed.

Our most recent example, of course, is that of Barack Obama who has said he will consider bringing charges against attorneys in the Defense Dept. who wrote favorable legal opinions on the use of aggressive interrogation techniques against captured Al-Qaeda terrorists. Now you can be prosecuted for simply providing a legal opinion that some Democrat may later disagree with -- and prosecute you for it.

This is truly dirty pool, but Dems should be forewarned: what you do to others can come back to haunt you. I can see Obama possibly being impeached down the road and tried for treason. It's unlikely, but it could happen, particularly if another succesful 9/11 style attack occurs on his watch.

Democrats believe that "politics is war by other means." And they are at war with America, with common sense and even common decency. Those who would mount an effective opposition had better have a high tolerance for slime, slander and abuse.

Robert Stacy McCain puts it all into perspective in his post today "Who's Purging Whom?" He writes:

Look, we've all been officially branded "Rightwing Extremists," so what's the point of this fearful, defensive, cringing quest for "respectability"?

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